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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid



  • cmc15cmc15 Posts: 6
    I am looking to lease an E350 in NJ. Dealer quoted me $749 incl. tax for 39 mon 12 K miles with about $2000 out of pocket. Base car with prem 1 pkg and metallic paint. This seems rather high to me. Can anyone offer a comparison?
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106
    Little bit high.

    Did you check out Ray Catena.
  • cmc15cmc15 Posts: 6
    No not yet but I did think of them today. I have 3 weeks to turn in my present car...... so I have time to do research. I will probably hit Morristown and Globe also. Any experience with any of these dealers ?
  • I just test drove the E350 today and have questions. I was told the Bluetooth connection was extra and the brochure says you have to have an approved phone as well. Does anyone know what the cost and approved phones are? Should this extra charge be in the final price when I am getting quotes?

    The salesman did not tell me there were 2 modes of driving, Sport and Comfort mode. When I gave him feedback on the car (I said steering was odd) he told me I was in Sport mode and that I should test drive it again in Comfort mode later (he had an appointment). Any comments on that? BTW,dealer is in Newport Bch, CA in case you have comments about that.

    I avg 8k mi/year and am thinking of buying the car vs leasing it. Would I be better off with a pre-owned since the car will be a dinosaur before it has 100k?

    Lastly, is this a guy car? I really like the way it looks but it seems geared for a guy.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,338
    just test drove the E350 today and have questions. I was told the Bluetooth connection was extra and the brochure says you have to have an approved phone as well. Does anyone know what the cost and approved phones are? Should this extra charge be in the final price when I am getting quotes?

    Bluetooth was about $300 extra for the adapter. I had them throw it in to my lease deal. I believe the dealer has a list of approved phones.

    For 8K miles of driving per year, consider the 27mo. or 36 mo. lease. Just my opinion.
  • djkidocdjkidoc Posts: 4
    Could anyone share a dealer in the Westchester/Connecticut Area that gave them a great deal?
    I'm looking for purchase a 350 4matic with P1 package..
    Is it really possible to buy @ invoice price? or in the ballpark of invoice? If so, how do you go about doing so?
    If anyone did so in the tri-state NJ/conn/NJ please let me know the dealer and I'll buy my 350 there.. thanks for your help..
  • briannebbrianneb Posts: 4
    I was able to purchase the E350 I wanted from Mercedes of Beverly Hills... it came with the P1 package, wood package, and an Ipod conncetion. The sticker was approx 54500, and I paid 49800, which was just slightly under invoice, with no extra charge for the wood and ipod extras... Hope this helps anyone currently looking!
  • djkidocdjkidoc Posts: 4
    how did you approach the dealer? did you just say I'll give you 49,800 for the car? did the dealer just offer that to you? I would appreciate advice on how to approach and get a great price like you did.. btw congratulations.. thanks for your advice..
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106
    Did you get the Sports Package?
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,338
    Did you get the Sports Package?

    Keep in mind that the SP is a no charge extra on the E.
  • ed4040ed4040 Posts: 17
    Hi All,

    I'm looking at leasing a E350 4matic with the P1 package, sport package in Flint grey with ash interior. A dealer in the NY area quoted me the following two options:

    27 month lease 15K miles
    $820/month including tax
    $2,000 out of pocket Includes first payment, acquisition fees, drive off, etc.


    27 month lease 15K miles
    $3,400 out of pocket Includes first payment, acquisition fees, drive off and taxes paid in advance(that's the additional $1,400 at drive off)

    The purchase price is $54,400 and they're telling me the money factor is .00175 and the residual is 67%.

    Do either of these sound like a good deal? Thanks in advance for your insight!
  • david2udavid2u Posts: 33
    Sunrise Motors on Long Island.

    E350 4 matic
    P1 package
    Sport Package
    Headlamp washers

    39 month lease with no money down (taxes and fees paid up front)
    15K per year.


    Or purchase for 53,100
  • cmc15cmc15 Posts: 6
    What was the total of the taxes and fees up front?
  • Looking at two Certified Pre-Owned E500s and need some pricing guidelines.
    2004 E500 w/sport pkg. dealer list $39,900 miles 31k
    2003 E500 w/sport pkg. dealer list $36,900 miles 38k

    Any insight as to what I can walk out of there paying? the '04 is the color I want, but the '03 gets me closer to what I want to pay-$32k.

  • viscorviscor Posts: 2
    Am looking at leasing this car in Illinois for 36 mos, 15000 miles.
    What is the MF & Residual?
    Any discounts, what are the other upfront fees?
    Thanks for your feedback.
  • osu18osu18 Posts: 18
    What is a good discount on this car off MSRP? they do not seem to be moving very fast here in South Florida. Is the Bluetec a better choice with similar equipment in terms of net pricing despite the +$1,000 versus the gas one? Anyone with information and MF and Res on a 27/27K prepaid lease?
    Appreciate in advance any help...
  • lleecpalleecpa Posts: 35
    Hi - I am considering to purchase vs lease a E550. My 2001 E430 is approaching 100,000 miles so time to trade that in. Any suggestions on "must have" in E550, price, discounts etc? We have enjoyed our 2001 E430. We have test drive E550 and love it as much as our Porsche Caynne S.
  • konskons Posts: 2
    It looks like you got a really good deal. The deal I got quoted is below and I am wondering if I should keep trying or just take this one? It looks like you got a great deal.

    I appreciate the advice.
    Also, if you have some tips on what to say when negotiating I would really like to hear it. It seems you are really good at it.

    I got quoted:
    MSRP $56,215 They took off $4,215 and saying that it's their bottom line. The say that the residual is at 60% and can not be increased and the money factor is .0018. It all came out to $699 a month for 33 months w 15k a year.
    Drive off is $1913.13:
    1st month $743.38
    Bank acquisition fee $795
    Tax 39.75
    Registration fee: $335
  • ygarygar Posts: 1
    I just picked up a 2007 E350 4Matic today, and I can't say enough good things about the experience.

    I was comparing the car to an A6 Quattro, which of course is a totally different driving experience, but I drive more in the city where the cabin comfort of the MB blows the Audi away.

    I got a flint grey, Black leather, P01 package, with Ipod integration (yet to be installed), msrp was $57,700 and I got it for $52 even - they matched Audi's A6 price.

    Residual was 60%. 33 Month lease at 10 k a year, $686/month and $1298 total down (tags, fees, first month).

    I got the deal, said I wanted to think about it, called them back about 5 hours later and said I was on my way back and I wanted the car. When I walked in the sales manager told me that the car was out back being filled and detailed for me, my salesperson was waiting, we flew through the paperwork, she walked me through the car while the finance guys got my papers ready, walked into finance and was done in 10 minutes.

    No hassles, no re-negotiation, no hidden fees, no surprises - and I love this car. Totally the way buying a luxury car should be.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    That sounds like a really great deal. Congratulations on your new Mercedes!


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • waggywaggy Posts: 6
    2007 e350, P1, sport,53715 msrp, southern cal
    33months /10k miles yr
    $4850 at signing, $499+tax/mo
    just curious
  • scottinkyscottinky Posts: 194
    one of my local upscale used dealers has a beautiful E320 wagon for sale. Loaded up!
    Sat., Nav those vented seats. Car has 42K on it, still under factory warranty. I currently
    have an 03 Nissan Pathfinder, which has no warranty left, and has been a reliable
    SUV, although somewhat expensive for regular maintenace (brakes, belts, etc..)
    am I asking for trouble to consider such a trade? Doing all this reading on these boards
    scares the hell out of me.

    Update - I went and looked at this car, and while nice, appears "used" the dealer
    told me he is getting a Tectite 4Matic wagon in this week with new brakes and service
    by the local MB dealer. They are asking 31K for it, and it has 42K miles.
  • abindraabindra Posts: 5
    I was waiting for 2008 models to be out so I can get some good deals on 2007 E320 or E350. It is not clear what is going on.. The mercedes benz home page gaves crazy numbers on 2008 leases. MSRP difference between 2008 & 2007 only $1200. Why? Other luxury brands are passing on considerable discounts post July/4th.. why not mercedes... I was tracking price gap in Accura RL & Mercedes 320 and the gap has widened by more than $7000 making me very confused if I should wait for Mercedes prices to come down...or entertain agressive Accura sales guys. Please advice on the outlook..
  • bmwcrzrbmwcrzr Posts: 17
    As of July 15th 2007, Mercedes Benz is submitting new rates, due to the unpopularity of their July rates.
  • bmwcrzrbmwcrzr Posts: 17
    Hi NCVOL

    You might try posting this question on forums... I have had much success there.

    Good luck
  • darrinadarrina Posts: 1
    I just found a great deal on a 1992 190e 2.6. It would be my first mercedes and my wife is concerned that the cost of repairs would be too high because it's a Benz. Is this true, are parts and shop rates extra ordinarily high? Forgive my ignorance but i thought picking the brains of actual owners would be a good way to get the real story.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    If you don't find anyone to chime in here, you can ask your question here: Shifty, I need your help!

    Mr.Shiftright has vast experience with older imports.

    He can give you an idea of repair costs and also an opinion on values.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • abindraabindra Posts: 5
    Dealer in North Texas is quoting me lease for 33 months + 10000 miles (all taxes & TTL included):
    - $670 monthly with+ $8300 down on E350 + P1-pkg + panaromic + extras totalling $57325 MSRP

    The Edmunds & Mercedes Lease calculator tells me that right price to pay for this MSRP is: $619 monthly + $6000 down (all taxes, TLL included). This is very close to MBUSA summer special leases.

    Please advise what I should I pay. Why is the approx. $3000 difference in advertised leases and dealer quote. The leases I am getting on BMW 5 series for 2008 & 2007 BMW are even better then the lease calculator numbers above.

    Please share your experience and advise right price to pay.
  • cars16cars16 Posts: 9
    Just picked up my car last Friday, Aug.10.
    Got several quotes from internet --I never visit or call. All only by email, usually when I buy car--
    2008 was hard to deal compared to 2007. I guess if you can find stock what you are looking for 2007 w/ right color,option, then go with it. I got quote 2007 w/ below option except w/ black color for $45,100.

    I just go with 2008.
    2008,E350 RWD w/ P1 package, flint gray, ipod, sport package(no extra charge), head lamp washer

    base+destin. = $49,900
    +Tax (8.65%??) + Docs
    = $54,375

    BTW, I was trying to buy bluetech (diesel) w/ 4matic.
    The dealer said it is not legal to have new diesel in CA except used car 8,000 miles or more.
    And they didn't wanna talk about 4matic saying it is not available in CA.
    Do you think it is true or [non-permissible content removed] ?
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    I remember reading about Bluetech not being available in CA and a few other states. Also, MB has not made 4Matic with Bluetech (or CDI before it) on E class.
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