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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid



  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    MSRP - $56,825 ( $52,550 plus premium package with pan roof - $3,500 plus destination and delivery $775)
    Selling price - $52,075.97
    10,000 miles a year.
    They have a program for 7500 miles a year - payment will be around 20-30 less.

    Good luck.
  • jjdowjjdow Posts: 20
    Ok, I have a 24 hour loan on an E500 demo in Houston. Its Pewter and Charcoal. Has the Premium package and 5700 miles.... Dealer Demo... Has never been titled. I'm trading a 2000 CLK430... time to back to a 4 door. So far this car is as fast as my CLK and handles almost as well.

    List w/ Destination is $64,175. I have them down to about $53,700. PLUS they are maybe going to give me $23-24 for my pristince 6 yr CLK w/ 67000 miles... the best I've been offered so far.

    How does $53-54K sound for a demo thats never been titled?

    Thanks !! jim
  • johndix60johndix60 Posts: 21
    Am considering purchase of a 206 CDI with Premium Pk. and would greatly appreciate any recent pricing information.
  • donnymacdonnymac Posts: 14
    Hi, for any of you shopping for the E350S Wagon, here is what I just got and what I paid in Southern California:

    E350S Wagon, rwd (not 4matic)
    Metallic paint
    Premium package
    Automatic liftgate

    MSRP: $57,235
    Price paid: $46,384

    In hindsight, it may have been possible to push the price down further, perhaps to $46,000 even. As always, it's hard to know.
  • crocenzicrocenzi Posts: 1

    Can you disclose the name of the dealer who sold you the E2350 Wagon? CarsDirect is slashing $10K off of the MSRP, and some local dealers here in Orange COunty are willing to match their price, but sounds like you did even better.
  • jaybird12jaybird12 Posts: 10
    Looking for some insight on this lease deal.

    Lease for 27 months/ 10k yr
    06 E320 CDI
    premium pkg w/ panoramic sunroof
    wood/leather steering wheel
    60/40 split seats (needed for my mountain bike)
    sirrus radio pkg

    list $56,655
    sell $51,300

    $2700 cap cost reduction.
    lease $499 month.

    What do you think??.
  • cezcez Posts: 5
    hey 1....mSRP too high....2...put no money down
    thats what i think. ive been trying to get a benz e350 leased in the past 2 wks. but, the dealers have been screwing with the money factors. forget that. might just wait to lease an M3. C
  • donnymacdonnymac Posts: 14
    I did the fax approach and basically told the dealers that the was the starting point for bids. I ended up buying at South Bay MB in Torrance, because they had a large number of the wagons in stock and were willing to compete on price. Other dealers, such as Beverly Hills, Caliber (in Anaheim) and Downtown LA Motors were all willing to beat the price, so my guess is that you might be able to push them to more the $11k below MSRP. I don't know if the $5k in dealer cash that was available on wagons during May is still available in June, however.
  • donnymacdonnymac Posts: 14
    There is no benefit to you to making a "down payment" on a lease. Assuming the money factor you're getting is below a 5% APR equivalent (take the money factor and multiply it by 2400 to get your APR), you're better off keeping your $2500, putting it in a high yield money market fund and paying an extra $100 a month over the next 27 months. Better yet, push the dealer to drop the $2500 from the purchase price.
  • donnymacdonnymac Posts: 14
    Judging by the price, it looks like the $5000 in dealer cash on the E350 wagon remains available for June (presumably in anticipation of the arrival of the 2007 models in July or August). You can search South Bay MB's new car inventory and they're part of AutoNation, so you can probably push them to the lowest price you're gonna get. See if you can get $12k off the MSRP or $7500 off the "invoice." Good luck.
  • melirumeliru Posts: 5
    Been proposed a deal on a 02 E320 MB Certified pre-owed with 47K miles. The vehicle was placed into service June of 02 so its got a month left on the original warranty. The options are as follows. Purchase the vehicle uncertified for $20,300 or certified for $21,500 with the 12 mo 100K warranty, another option is to add the 2 yr CPO warranty for a total of 3 yr 100K miles but the price jumps to $23,595. Financing is at 4.9 for 60 mo through MB financial. Your thoughts and opinion on this deal would be helpful
  • johndix60johndix60 Posts: 21
    Bought a new 2006 CDI with metallic paint and premium package for $49.6K. Buying the inline diesel was a factor.
  • I recently leased a new E350 wagon, and I got a $10k discount.

    MSRP $57,075

    Negotiated price $47,035

    Silver Star in Thousand Oaks, CA

    Happy Shopping!
  • mynextcarmynextcar Posts: 30
    I am considering buying an extended warranty for my 2002 E320. I am concerned about buying from 3rd party companies. If anyone got one, please let me know what's your experience? Is extentded warranty the same as MB's manufacture warranty? Thanks
  • rajeerajee Posts: 24
    I have a deal on an 06 MB E350 with premium package and only 600 miles for about $41500. I'm in NJ the car's in FL. I would have to pay for transport, taxes and other costs so realistically I'm looking at 44,500.... The hitch is that this was a manufacturer buy back with a transmission problem - which is now repaired... we're talking a 'lemon' I guess ....and I gotta shell out 40k or so from the bank account because there's no attractive financing offers right now through the dealer (it's not MB)

    The question is - I intend to keep it for 5-6 years at least... Will this lemon issue really affect me as a private seller 6 years from now or should I jump on this deal ...

    In comparison, I see 06 E350 with about 10k miles (still 'new' really...) for a little more... about 43500 but hoping to haggle that down .... I would think this would cross the 46k mark with fees and stuff ... But this would qualify for 2.9% financing right now (the other one does not ebcause it's not an MB dealer) ... This car is in NJ itself so that saves me transportation costs and gives me in person haggling/test drivability...(is that a word lol)...

    I'm thinking I have no clue which to go for ...

    I'm also thinking the one that can be financed can also likely be leased ... if I want to take things easy on my wallet for now ... with the intent to purchase the car at the end of the lease .... What money factor and residual should i look for? I was told .0023 and 70% for 27 months on brand new cars ...

    The other question is ... does the car in NJ have the Nav (premium package or not) ...the online ad says yes but the guy on the phone sounded confused as all hell so that's not helping me! ...

    PLEASE HELP ... (I think when I put it on paper the second one is more logical hahaha but the gut was leaning towards the first one initially)... :confuse:
  • you should be getting great deal on 06 e350 since the 07's are just about here.

    shoot for 15% or more off msrp, anyting less isn't a good deal. wagon should be offering more discounts.

    work with the fleet manager to get the best deal, you can usually get in touch with the fleet manager by asking for quote online.
  • coreyh9coreyh9 Posts: 5
    looking to buy E350 Matic with Premium package. Where or what is the best price near Western NY (Rochester or Buffalo) area? I'm willing to drive 300-500 miles to save a bundle. Thanks.
  • New '06 cdi with metallic paint, 6cd, sunroof - msrp 54,775, purchase price $46,775 with 1.9% financing for 3 yrs. Good deal?
  • How many miles are too many on a new car? Buying a new cdi with 80 miles on it. Didn't think about it either way...should that concern me?
  • Sounds pretty good to me. I just picked up a Pewter 06' e320 CDI w 526 Premium Pkg, Sirius for $47,500 plus a $398 delivery handling fee. I think that is a junk fee. I also opted for the 1 year/100k Mercedes extended warranty for $1900. I love the car.
  • Thanks for feedback. Sounds like we got about the same deal...about 8k off msrp...
  • By the way, I haven't picked up car yet and I'm trying to get info about the auxiliary plug in that's allegedly in the glovebox and to which I can supposedly connect my iPod. Do you know anything about that?
  • todd53todd53 Posts: 47
    2006 E320 CDI
    -Premium Package
    -Sirius Radio
    -Iridium Silver (Metallic Paint)
    -MSRP listed on Window Sticker: $55,965

    With no negotiation on my part, dealer came back with a price of $50,500 + TT&L. Car still has shipping plastic on it and only 16 miles. Seems like a pretty reasonable deal to me, but please give me your feedback.

  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 2,548
    2006 E320 CDI
    -Premium Package
    -Sirius Radio
    -Iridium Silver (Metallic Paint)
    -MSRP listed on Window Sticker: $55,965

    With no negotiation on my part, dealer came back with a price of $50,500 + TT&L. Car still has shipping plastic on it and only 16 miles. Seems like a pretty reasonable deal to me, but please give me your feedback.

    You can lease the same equiped 2006 E320 CDI for 27mos. for a one total payment of $19689 all inclusive (includes 8% local tax but does not include the second year's license). I would go for that and when the lease is up, go for a 2008 Bluetec diesel.
  • I just leased a 27 month new E350 from Downtown LA dealer with the following data:

    E350 sports package, 15K/year mileage allowance, premium 1 package, full leather option, metallic paint, MSRP about 56K, deal as follows:

    $3800 cash down included 1st payment
    $600 / per month for 26 months.
    $0.25 for extra mileage.

    Residual about 39K

    I don't know if this was a good deal, any guesses??? They told me just the 15K per year (instead of 10K per year) added about $60 per month, seems expensive...

  • I want to buy a 2006 e350S Wagon and live in West LA. As the 2007's are coming out this month, what do you think I should offer. As your post was in June, I amy be able to get 15K off the MSRP if I pay in cash. Thoughts?

    More importantly, have you had any problems with your vehicle. Various family members have purchased/leased a Mercedes over the past 4 years and have many electrical problems with various models. I am hesitant to invest in a Mercedes as the quality seems to have gone down since GM bought them out. We had a diesel Mercedes when I was growing up and it never had anything wrong with it - lasted 15 years!!! Too bad they are not made like they used to be. Please let me know your thoughts.
    Thank you
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 2,548
    More importantly, have you had any problems with your vehicle. Various family members have purchased/leased a Mercedes over the past 4 years and have many electrical problems with various models. I am hesitant to invest in a Mercedes as the quality seems to have gone down since GM bought them out.

    I had a 2003 E320 and now a 2007 E350 with no problems (thus far anyway with the 2007).

    ?GM never bought them out.
  • petrie3petrie3 Posts: 47
    And it seemed like both companies' quality declined after the merger. Hopefully on the upswing now.
  • tuffy72tuffy72 Posts: 12
    Hello, and thank you for reading this. I'm new to the forum experience but I have been watching your forum for the last year or so. I've finally worked up to the Mercedes. This will be my first one and I would like make sure I can get the best deal with your help. I've pre-arranged financing at my bank 3.90 for 60m I plan on putting up $18k myself to keep my payment cheap. I've spoken to the manager in Baton Rouge told him I would be paying cash. He offered invoice price and mentioned $3500 cash back if I buy this month. However I am in Military in Bahrain and won't be back until 2nd of November. Would waiting until I got back get me a better change of a deal since the 07's are comming in the next week or so? Or should I make the deal now becuase the cash back program will be over? The TMV price with the options is saying $55k. With the new year comming out can I get it cheaper?, I am willing to travel :confuse
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 2,548
    First of all, it's a great car. I'm not so sure that the price break offered to you wouldn't or couldn't be available to you after the end of the month. You may want to pursue that. I heard that the '07 Bluetec diesel won't be available till next Spring (?)

    Thanks for your service to our country and good luck.
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