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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid



  • mollymaxmollymax Posts: 25
    Is the names of my female cat and Max my male cat.............I'm a male. Anyway you are right about the bolster's filling up with air and holding you in the seats during turning maneuvers. Wish my Z06 Corvette had that option. The massage function is pretty wife likes that on her back. The ventilated seats are "COOL". Another nice option is the 6 disk CD player that you load from the dash. The GPS is not as good as the Magellion Roadmate 700 (understatement).
  • suntan1suntan1 Posts: 6
    Deepest apologies, mollymax! My bad! :blush: you're really making me wonder if we shouldn't have gone with the DD seats rather than the leather upholstery and wood steering wheel....sigh.
  • mollymaxmollymax Posts: 25
    When I used the cats names I didn't think it too much about it, but now I guess I should have. In the long run the DD seats could be a liability if the air bags or air pump fail. Enjoy your leather seats ..............and the wood steering wheel looks real rich.
  • sacguysacguy Posts: 27
    Don't know where you are located but I got my 2006 E350 at $2700 below invoice at Laguna Niguel, CA. Good Luck!

    This would be the deal of the century, there are no incentives or marketing support money on the 06 E350. The invoice, less 3% holdback, is the dealers actual cost to purchase the vehicle from MB. On a completely loaded MB E, the 3% would amount to about $1,800.00 less than invoice. So the dealer is selling below cost to this gentleman at $2,700.00 less than invoice and this does not include the dealers advertising, overhead, vehicle prep and commision costs. At that price the dealer may not last long!
  • suntan1suntan1 Posts: 6
    Maybe he means the MSRP. As you know, the dealers tend to stick that page of details with the MSRP price on the window of the new cars. Maybe he thought that was the "invoice"?

    Separately, is the dealer's invoice price really the *actual* price that the dealer pays MB for the car? I mean, do they get other "discounts" like maybe bulk discounts, etc, that would lower the unit price in a way that is not reflected on the invoice? The reason I ask is that the dealer showed me the invoice for my new E350 and the price he offered me was around $500 below that. I don't really think he would actually sell me a car at a loss, would he?
  • mollymaxmollymax Posts: 25
    See title above.........
  • mollymaxmollymax Posts: 25
    Is now the base price MSRP with no options.
  • 1st time MB owner. Would appreciate comments on what to expect next 20K, I only drive 8-9K per year. Thank you.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Does anyone know when MB stopped the free scheduled maintenance program. Is this like MB where they did everything for free including brakes? Or is it just for oil changes, rotation, etc.? I like the look and feel of the E-class but with options I'm looking at around $55k for a new one. I'm looking at 03 or 04's for arounf $40k. Anyone know when MB supposedly fixed alot of their electrical problems? Also, if I buy used, how do I know if all the electrical problems have been fixed? Which year new body E-class had the least amount of problems? Thanks
  • mollymaxmollymax Posts: 25
  • scooby6scooby6 Posts: 9
    Your deal is about the same I received. I paid no money down other than first month payment. 39 months at $725. So my total costs over the 39 month period are $28,275 compared to your total cost over the same period of $28,322. So in the end, our deals are near identical as far as cash out. Mine has the Premium package (DVD + prem stereo+ DDSeats), Sunroof Package, metallic paint.
  • Just bought an 02 E320. Has 25,600 miles and is in just perfect condition. Paid $29.700. I also bought the extended warranty which takes it till October 2008 for an additional $2,700 with tax. After hearing of all the electrical issues I bought the warranty. Did I do OK?
  • Is that out the door including tax, destination, etc
  • Hello guys, great BB..I am looking to lease a new 2006 E-350. I live in the NY/NJ market. I have been seeing some internet deals at around $399 per month. Are they to be believed? I mean I am looking for a pretty good deal, I am willing to put some money down.

    Any give me an idea on where I should be a on lease for an 06'

  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    Guitarplayer.... I have a 2000 E430 sport with 30,750 miles... looks like you got a great price for a 2002. In my opinion, I think the 2002 and earlier models have less problems than the new 2003 and newer ones.

    I have had very few problems' I'll have my car six years on Oct. 16th. Recently, I had the back window regulators replaced on both sides. I don't understand why they break? At $275 each, it's no picnic!

    Other than that, my "E" has been really good and reliable. The air is ice cold. I just had new brake pads put on the front.

    I think you will have a wonderful experience so keep us posted.

    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • rayngrayng Posts: 70
    Is a quote from a socal dealer for an 06 plat blue with 524 sunroof and 6-disk changer plus destination for $47359 or $51693.58 otd a good deal?
  • Does anyone know whether dealers will "deal" on the MSRP less 7% for Euro delivery? I'm looking for combination of parktronic and lighting package on a CDI (along with quite a few other "goodies") and cannot find a 2005 available.

    I understand drive dynamic seats are no longer available in '06 vehicles. So, either someone somewhere has just the '05 I'm looking for (preferably white with almost every option) or I order it. Seems like Euro delivery beats all the other "deals" one can negotiate, or am I wrong about this?

    I live in Oregon.

    Any thoughts? :confuse:
  • I bought my '96 E320 with 35K miles in 2000, so far it's a joy to drive. I change Mobil1 oil every 10K, new spark plugs every 30K, transmission oil every 60K, other than that it's been trouble free. I heard that this engine has a chance to have a head gasket problem, probably less than 50/50 chance, but more prone than other engines. Other than that I am not aware of any inherit problems,. Take care of your car, it will love you back
  • its a know fact that most e classes have regulators problems only for the rear windows. see is you can find a service /recall order on this problem. i worked for mb and this was a common complaint. sometimes they will extend warranty if they have alot of complaints on a perticular problem.
  • they stopped it this yr 2005 it did not include brake pads only bmw includes pads..
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • Just posted on the other topic as well, I got the advertised E350 lease deal at $549/month, 39months, $2950 down, 10K year.

    I have been driving MBs for 7 years now and they always have mucho electrical problems. Was not a problem when it was under warranty but cost a lot to fix out of pocket. Had a headlight that went out recently, not fixed by replacing the headlamp itself. The dealership traced the problem to some kind of sensor and charged me $250 to fix it. Apparently, it was the sensor that senses when the headlight goes out, funny, but I don't need a sensor to tell me that.

    My last car was needing several more electrical fixes, so instead of paying to fix it we decided to trade it in instead. I think that's how we're going to go from now on, just keep leasing so we won't have to worry about repair costs.
  • I have been researching E320's for about three months now, this is what I have discovered - 2005 is the year the scheduled maintenance stopped. 2002 (before model change) and 2004 have had the least problems, but, that's not saying much. I've been trying to find someone that has a 2004 pre-owned that has gone through the recalls for 2004, which is for brakes and electrical. I've seen allot of issues about new, but, not sure about pre-owned. The dealership in south atlanta would not work with me because they said they couldn't make money off of me. Fortunately, I knew to buy a warranty from an independent company, have my own financing and had no trade in. Then, after I provided them with proof that other dealers are selling the 2004 for 10K less than they are, they would not budge.
  • The dealers in Atlanta are not competitive with the prices in other states, and I am wondering if anyone has had a good experience with a dealer in Atlanta or can recommend the dealership in Nanuet, Smithtown, or have even bought one from a Lexus dealer, and had a good experience. Their prices are so much better, but I don't know if the Lexus dealers have fixed the recalls, etc Looking for a 2004 E320, pre-owned..........
  • I am in the market for a new mb e350 and was quoted for $2750 off invoice. the reason is if you finance thru mb credit they are giving $2000 off the price of the car. The dealer is willing to take a hit on their holdbacks. I hope this might help somebody out buying a new car. FYI
    I 'm in the san francisco bayarea
  • I'm going to pick my e350 today. I ended up paying $4800 off invoice. autobahn motors and sf mercedes were extremely competitive with each other. :)
  • miymemiyme Posts: 6
    i just left a mb dealership this evening where i was berated for not relenting in my offer of $44,000 for a 2005 E320 whose MSRP was 43888. Please keep in mind that this 44 was "out the door"; am I off-base or was that not a fair price to offer? If not, what should one expect to pay---reasonable deal-wise on an 05 w/ interest included....Anyone?
  • miymemiyme Posts: 6
    i just left a mb dealership this evening where i was berated for not relenting in my offer of $44,000 for a 2005 E320 whose MSRP was 43888. Please keep in mind that this 44 was "out the door"; am I off-base or was that not a fair price to offer? If not, what should one expect to pay---reasonable deal-wise on an 05 w/ interest included....Anyone?
  • I thought there was a $3000 dealer holdback/incentive on all '05s. I could be wrong. However, it seems you ought to be able to purchase for under MSRP. What price were they asking?? Perhaps you ought to look at other dealerships...
  • coccacocca Posts: 7
    A private party is willing to sell a White w/beige leather 2003 E320 w/11k miles RWD. It has leather, moonroof, heated seats.
    He says he will consider $33,500.
    Is that a good deal for a NJ car?

    Also, I live and work in alot of hills. Is this thing going to be o.k. in real world snow when they don't plow and I need to get to work (25deg. grade) or home (25deg. grade w/a left into my driveway!!! - turn plus giant hill!!!!!)? Am I going to leave it at the bottom and walk??? HELP :confuse:
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