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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid



  • orangemborangemb Posts: 1
    As we're talking about pre-owned E320, my dealer offered me $5000 off residual to buy my E320, a 2001 with 58000 miles. The pr4ice will be about 24k plus tax. Is this a good offer for me? The car is in great condition.
  • 2006e3502006e350 Posts: 1
    Would appreciate you sharing name of dealer and sales person in NY. I'm looking to order in the next few weeks.

  • reuel3reuel3 Posts: 114
    Please do not ask for or post the names of sales people or other dealership staff in our forums. The policy prohibiting such activity is clearly printed in red at the bottom of the page, and posts containing such information will be deleted.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
  • rocky6rocky6 Posts: 1
    I just bought 06 E350 4MATIC from denver, co dealer. Glauser Mercedes-Benz was by far the best deal I have seen. They have some sales people that do the internet sales, they know exactly what i wanted and did not mess around with price. Straight up and honest. Easy to do business with! Would recomend to my mother-in-law, I know she would be treated right.
  • ed4040ed4040 Posts: 17
    Can you please include details on your transaction? I know someone asked for the salesperson, which is not allowed, but you can share other details. It would be great if you could provide the dealership and the options included.
  • homebrew65homebrew65 Posts: 1
    I am close to signing a 39 month, 45K mile lease for $551/mo (+ tax) with fees of $1,000 due at signing (plus first months lease payment). Can anybody provide insight into whether this is a good or bad deal. The car is a 2005 E320 with a sticker of aout $53K.

  • poloypoloy Posts: 3
    im in sacramento area im willing to drive to the bay area if they can match the cars direct prices. i' ve tried 2 sacramento dealership they said cars direct prices is not realistic.
  • ed4040ed4040 Posts: 17
    Is this a 4Matic or rear wheel drive? Based upon what I've seen in the NY area it looks like a great deal. I've primarily looked at 4Matic's, so if it's a rear wheel drive I'm not sure.

    I'm currently looking at a 39 month lease with 15K/year for a 2005 E320 4Matic with 7,000 miles on it. The dealer says it was an executive car. The pricing on this deal is $660/mo(w/tax) and $2,369 due at signing.
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    "I'm in sacramento area I'm willing to drive to the bay area if they can match the cars direct prices. i' ve tried 2 sacramento dealership they said cars direct prices is not realistic."

    Why not give some dealers in Southern California a call? They are VERY competitive down there. Try Penske Motors - West Covina, CA. Also, Fletcher-Jones, Newport Beach, CA.

    Know exactly what model, options and colors you want beforehand and then deal only with the Internet/Fleet Manager over the phone or by e-mail! Most of the better ones will cut to the bottom line up front, and those that require a nudge may only need a small nudge to sharpen their pencil.

    Even if you later decide that it's too far to drive, perhaps you can get a quote (in writing) that you can use as leverage at a dealership nearer to your home.
  • skim123skim123 Posts: 1
    just bot a e350 4matic wagon fairly well equipped for $2000 under invoice in the NY/NJ/CT area.
  • poloypoloy Posts: 3
    Thanks to your advised but finally i got my E350 @ Stead Motors in Walnut Creek which is the price $500 below invoice.
  • poloypoloy Posts: 3
    Be Careful if your buying @ Mercedes of El Dorado hills in California. Appearance package of E-350 premium leather is already included per and i bought mine with appearance package from another dealer interior premium leather is also included at no CHARGE, MB of El dorado said i have to pay extra for the leather which is $1500 more and i told MBUSA to verify that their is no error on the web site. I even inform the dealer(MB of El Dorado) but they still insist that there is an extra charge. Mercedes Benz of EL DORADO your HONESTY is???
  • samusamu Posts: 8
    I am looking into buying a e350 or e350 4matic depending on price. I just wanted to know what people are paying for this car and what kind of deals they got. any help would be appreciated since its been a while since i purchased a new car. thanks.
  • That s a great deal!
  • acenjacenj Posts: 58
    Just picked up a E500 4matic w/ sunroof, htd seats, cd chgr for 55K. I couldn't bring myself to getting into a 06 350 when i get the larger engine for basically same price.
    The 500's have 4500 fact to dealer (when financing through MB)...

  • Thanks to everyone's posting on this forum, I was very comfortable walking into the dealer today to sign a lease on a new E350. Perhaps, I didn't get as good a deal as some ppl in the forum, but I'm very happy with the deal i got and wont have any lingering buyer doubt on the price (the feeling that we all know so well). MSRP $56,690 - E350 - Granite Gray, Entertainment Pkg, Sunroof Pkg, DVD navigation. negotiated price = $51,211 (about 10% off). Plus a good deal on the lease (I currently have a C class that's not due until early October). MB Credit pay for 3 of the 4 months i have left on the lease and also cover the $350 disposition fee. I end up paying for one month of the C class after it is returned, but not bad. New lease pmt is $619/mo + tax for 39 months. $4800 due at signing (included 1st mo pmt, and 2299 cap reduction, etc.) 12,000 miles/yr. Money factor works out to be .0025. (this is based on adding to the $599/mo special they have that ends this month.). This is in Southern California. I think i could have knocked a bit more off of the price, but the salesman was really very good and straight forward with no gimmicks, so i just asked him to pay for the 1st major service. For about $50 more a month, I'll be driving an E-class instead of the C-class.
  • damienwgdamienwg Posts: 39
    What are they for the '05 and '06 Es? They have to be significant if people are getting spotted prices well under invoice.
  • damienwgdamienwg Posts: 39
    Dealer holdback and factory incentives for the '05 and '06 Es?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • jimbresjimbres Posts: 2,025
    How much over or under invoice are folks paying for E350 4matics in the NYC metro area? I live in western Suffolk County on LI. The closest MB stores are in Huntington, Smithtown & Roslyn.

    Thanks for any guidance.
  • Don't know where you are located but I got my 2006 E350 at $2700 below invoice at Laguna Niguel, CA. Good Luck!
  • rbpjrrbpjr Posts: 2
    What would that price be and what options did you get from dealer at Laguna Niguel. I might have to drive there myself. Lives in LA, and salivates for an E350.
  • suntan1suntan1 Posts: 6
    Hi! I'm wondering if anyone has any knowledge about the utterly confusing Premium Package options on the E350? So, I was offered two cars to choose from by a is in Brilliant Silver and has the Premium Package that includes the Drive Dynamic Seats but does NOT include Heated Front Seats (available as a separate option). The other is in Iridium Silver and has the Premium Package that does NOT have the Drive Dynamic Seats, but DOES have Heated Front Seats as part of the package. To add to the confusion, the MBUSA website refers to the first package as the "Premium Package" (and does not show the second as an option) while the 2006 brochure does exactly the reverse! *mind boggles* The dealer was telling me that the reason for the discrepancy is that the Iridium Silver E350 is the "second batch" of E350's coming from Germany while the Brilliant Silver E350 was the "first batch". Does any of this make any sense?

    Separately, does anyone have recommendations (and/or negative/positive experiences) with any MB dealers in the Boston area?

    Thank you so much in advance for your kind help!
  • mollymaxmollymax Posts: 25
    My E-320 CDI 2005 premium package came with heated and ventilated dynamic seats with "massage". On a recent trip to Mesa, Az. averaged 35.3 MPG city and hi-way driving. Very happy with my Mercedes dealer.
  • mollymaxmollymax Posts: 25
    I wonder if it is worth it...........I have lots of CDs.
  • rbpjrrbpjr Posts: 2
    What happened mightyjoon?
    Cat got your tongue?
    We're all waiting for more specifics about your Laguna Niguel purchase, Message #150
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I'm not in the market for a E350 but that doesn't seem right for a brand new vehicle.
  • suntan1suntan1 Posts: 6
    Well, I was offered two packages by Flagship of Boston; both at a few hundred dollars below invoice price (and slightly more than four thousand, I believe, below MSRP). Both are brand new 2006 E350 RWD (not AWD). The differences between the two packages were that one was in Brilliant Silver and had the Drive Dynamic Seats but had just leather inserts and a regular leather steering wheel while the other was in Iridium Silver and had Full Leather (as opposed to just leather inserts) and the Wood and Leather Wheel option but only had the regular seats (non-Drive Dynamic). We went with the second option even though they were the same price because my wife preferred the full-leather option and found the Drive Dynamic seats odd (and this car is essentially for her).

    We'll be taking delivery of our car this week, and I'll be sure to update the forum on our experiences with our new E350.

  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    What are Drive Dynamic Seats? Are they like "sport seats" like some cars have in sport packages?
  • suntan1suntan1 Posts: 6
    Hi, kennynmd! Mollymax said above that she has them on her CDI so she may be able to describe them better. From what I understand (at least from the salesman), the side bolsters of the seats fill with air and bolster up during sharp turns so that you are kept in place. There is also supposed to be some sort of massage function, but I didn't quite understand that, honestly. Again, maybe mollymax is in a better position to elaborate further.

    I just got so confused when the salesperson showed me two cars with two premium packages --- one corresponding to the website and one to the brochure --- that I finally decided (wisely!) to let my wife make the decision!

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