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Cadillac Catera Maintenance & Repair



  • golfchicgolfchic Posts: 6
    I had the same problem with my 2001 catera, only it died in the middle of the highway, started then drove 1 mile died... it was the FUEL PUMP.
  • golfchicgolfchic Posts: 6
    I am having similar issue, the TCS and ABS lights come on and the speedometer needle wont move nor is the mileage adding up... what the HECK is it... anyone know? oh, now the backlights where the oil pressue is went out. HELP!!
  • Did you ever find out why the gearstick was shaking? Mine does the same thing, I have put money into this car and it run great except for the gearstick shaking.
  • golfchicgolfchic Posts: 6
    the lights are going crazy, my powersteering fluid drained out, the tires wearout every 10 miles... and because the tie rod is stuck on it, no one will do an alignment. plenty of water in the car, but light is on... brake light on... does anyone have answers to this lemon of a car?
  • hdog1123hdog1123 Posts: 2
    I recently had a problem with my ac going out on my 1997 catera. I took it to a local shop and they said that the high side hose was faulty. It was leaking the freon out, but for some reason they did not have the tools to fix it. So I had to take it to the dealership. The freaking hose cost $323 without labor, as a result I had to pay 877 to get the hose replaced and the entire system recharge. The AC blows perfect now without any problems. It sounds like you may have to get a dignostic check on the ac system. That's what I had to do in order to fix my problem
  • hdog1123hdog1123 Posts: 2
    I am having a simuliar problems with my 97 Catera. My trans service light comes on and my car want shift correctly, but if I turn the car off and back on the car shift perfectly until the light comes on again. I took it to the dealership for something else, but I had them to run a code check and they said it was slipping issues with the tranny, but it only slips when the light comes on. The dealership said that I needed to replace the entire tranny, but it just seems odd because the tranny shifts perfectly until the tranny service light comes on.Any suggestions.............
  • dray1997dray1997 Posts: 2
    I own a 1997 Cadillac catera with 83,000 miles; I have the same problems with my car like the rest of you. Suggestion, we should all get together and file a class action suit against GM for ignoring our complaints. They have not been helpfull at all. That will teach em.
  • adam1995adam1995 Posts: 2
    my 1998 cadillac catera has an electrical problem, my radio and interor lights work when the ignition is not turned over, but do not work when ignition is turned over and car is running,,,,,please help me know what is wrong , how to fix it, and if it is a fuse, where the location of that fuse is
  • adam1995adam1995 Posts: 2
    where is this fuse located,, under hood, steering wheel, ?
  • rsavoiersavoie Posts: 2
    Just bought a 98 Catera, engine just rev's when it shifts fron 1st to 2nd. in D2, second gear holds just fine. when shifting out of 1st to 2nd, 'nothing' ! changed tranny oil & filter, no luck. Any suggestions?
  • cbl41015cbl41015 Posts: 1
    My Catera had bad control arm bearings that caused it to jump into other lanes and steer itself.
  • rsavoiersavoie Posts: 2
    Having trouble with tranny. DTC codes are P1700 ( manufacture control transmission) & P0730 (gear ratio incorrect). Any idea what they mean, and how to fix them? thanks, Ro
  • joey1127joey1127 Posts: 2
    Hi hdog1123,

    The CATERA is not a happy camper in the states. It's a great car in GERMANY where it is known as the OPEL OMEGA, but it just seems to not like American life.

    The Tranny is actually slipping, THAN the light comes on. The light does not cause a slip, it's the other way around. This is a problem that has been reported off and on. Some have said that by having the tranny fluid pumped out and replenished, it corrects any tranny issues.

    My 98 will redline on first gear when it's cold. I have been told that changing the fluid will correct this, but there is no light coming on so I'm not going to worry about it. As the tranny in these cars are sealed, working on them is a pain AND will cost a fortune! As all the parts are German, they come from an importer in BANGOR MAINE and man are they expensive.

    I would get this car into your Caddi dealer QUICK. From my experience, if you let it go, a host of other things will go wrong. My 98 now has 104k and it is needing repair ALL THE TIME at a minimum of $500.00 a visit! Remember, owning a Caddi is a luxury, not a right...

    Best of luck,

    Joe Aschwanden
    1978 Coupe De Vile
    1990 Eldorado Biarritz
    1998 Catera
  • joey1127joey1127 Posts: 2
    Yup, That is an expensive repair to. The entire control arm has to be replaced as you cannot just replace the bushing itself. I had the same issue with my 98 + the front wheel bearings were going out. Total cost of that repair was around $2,300.00. YIKES...
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    Is anyone's Catera ageing gracefully? I still love mine,but it gets very gentle use by my wife..Our 2001 has only 33,000 miles since new...I love the way it drives...I am stunned,though,how many unhappy posters I see on various sites...
  • dbarreradbarrera Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 catera last year my water pump went out and
    I took it to get replaced well the tech did not reconnect my hoses and BOOM engine out I have tried for the past year to find an engine or see if someone would buy it off me and people just laugh the funny thing is I see them all over the place out there.I loved the car but it cost me a fortune to mess with and I dont have the luxuary to fix it
    it has 101000 leasther in great cond.carpet in great cond.
    what I want to know is if I can put a 2000 engine in it or is it even worth fixing. Please give me some advice :confuse:
  • cadcadgirlcadcadgirl Posts: 3
    :lemon: :mad: :sick: I have a 97 Catera with 88,001 miles. I just bought it in January and from what it looked like that it was really well taken care of. So far I have put in $1300+ just this month. So first there was a rattle in the exhaust system $650 muffler replaced cat converters still good. Had to take it back the next week because it kept shuddering in idol and would feel like the whole car would lift up and then the check engine light came on so I took it in again. $600 to replace the coil pack and fuel injector cleaner. Drove it a day and then the light came on again took it back and replaced all the spark plugs. $110. Got it back and it was still not as much but still shuddering in idol at times. Then took it on the freeway about 10 miles it lost power the check engine light came on and then it started to shudder even when you press the excellerator. They came and picked up the car and it has been hooked up to the machines for two days like a hospital patient. The diogastic tests keep coming back as a miss fire PO33, Check of spark plugs check of ignition and wires, noted rear set has a dead ignition signal #3. They think that it might be the computer system and need to rebuilt or replaced. They said that the fuel injectors are still good everything else seems to check out and with everything that they have just replaced it feels like the car has basically been overhauled. HELP PLEASE! if anyone has had simular problems and have been able to fix it please let me know!
  • j5fj5f Posts: 3
    I got rid of mine. Luckily I had taken out an extended warranty which covered quite a bit - though not everything. After 4 years the extended warranty company shelled out close to $8,000 in repairs - this is not to mention what Cadillac paid to replace the entire head assembly plus I put in quite a bit of my own money. I traded it in with only 70k miles and got a whopping $2,500. The car is/was a total piece of junk - and GM has lost me as a customer.
  • j5fj5f Posts: 3
    I hate to say this but you need to cut your losses and get rid of it. I had my computer for the emissions system (yes - emissions has its own computer) replaced 3 times in one year. It is a $1300 part - and this is just for emissions. Every time I fixed one thing something else would go - it was never ending - a money pit. The only way to stop the bleeding is to get rid of it - buy a Honda or Toyota. I bought a Honda.
  • cadcadgirlcadcadgirl Posts: 3
    Yea, I know unfortunately since I only bought it in January I am a little stuck without it running. I need to fix it so that I can sell it and pay off my loan so I really need to know how people are able to fix the problems. I work for a Ford Dealership and have already gone over with the guys in finance that if I was to trade it in as it is now I would end up with $500+ car payments to eat up the negative equity and to trade it in as is would be about $1000. I bought it for $4000. So I know that I have to sell but I can not sell till I get it fixed and no one seems to know how to fix these. I just need to get it running... Just so frustrated!
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