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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • How do we know if our VIN # is affected?
  • grumpfishgrumpfish Posts: 19
    Last night I gased up the car to shy of 3/4 of a tank then drove home, which isnt far. This morning I noticed that the gauge says its just shy of 1/2 tank. The station prety much sits level, not on a hill or anything, as I drove home I saw the needle dropping and figured it to be due to acceleration, and I didnt smell gas to indicate faulty fuel pump issues so let it go at that. I've also noticed that no matter how much gas I put in, the gauge doesnt go past 3/4 of a tank.

    I have noticed that my "new" Altima has been using alot of gas lately but thought it was my imagination. My sis in law also got a new Altima and she says she's noticed the same thing. We both have just over 2,000 miles, way too early for something like this to be going on.

    I'm not the best at being a mechanic but I do know about keeping the air filter clean and proper air inflation in tires (usual things one expects to get better mileage).

    My question is if anyone else is experiencing loss of mpg in/out of California as they recently changed the gas here in LA to summer blend. That being a joke in itself...

    As if it isnt bad enough I'm drivng a carbeque :lemon:
  • grumpfishgrumpfish Posts: 19
    Treat us to rebuilt engines? I have less than 3k miles on it now, why would I want an engine with potentially higher miles on it and who knows what other history of problems it might've had in the past? I won't stand for it and neither should anyone else. If that's their stance then they should allow us an option to get out of our loans and leases or compensate us :mad:
  • Yes grumpfish, that's what I am going for, once again, want to join me, let me know how to contact you or you me and I will make it happen...
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    are always an automaker option for warranty repair. Read your warranty supplement booklet.
  • grumpfishgrumpfish Posts: 19
    I called my stealer today and he told me that the affected cars were mostly bought by Enterprise car rental to be used as rentals, then at the end they decided not to purchase the whole fleet that they ordered. The remaining unbought cars were then somehow mixed into the batch for consumer purchases and now here we are.

    My brother says in Japan theres a law (strict smog law) that says engines must be replaced after 25,000 miles and not to be surprised Nissan won't dump those engines into the US market (our replaced rebuilt engines) and years from now not be surprised that there will be a consumer lawsuit against them for doing this illegal action (dumping). They have to do something with those engines I suppose if this is true or if this is what they are planning to do, rather than replace new. Me I'd rather have a new car, one you remove an engine its never the same, seals dont sit flush and other things go wrong. jmax i think u can find me on my carspace with this same user name.

    The kicker here is that my VIN isnt even on the list, I checked my oil today and it was almost bone dry - just under the bottom of the H hash mark. My last oil change was April 29th and here we are June 24th. So anyone who thinks they're clear because their VIN isnt listed, keep tabs on your oil
  • flacousaflacousa Posts: 1
    Mine is less than two months old, haven't hit the 1000 mark and already had to add ½ quart of oil.
    As you stated we bough a new car, we don't want a rebuilt engine, anyone who ever had major work done in their car knows that it will never be put back together as when it was built.
    We are a Nissan family, I traded a Maxima for the 2006 Altima, my son drives a Maxima and my daughter a Murano, if they want to keep our loyalty the least they could do is give every owner who bough the cars in question a new car, fix the one we returned and sell it as a used car.
    We will be happy and the buyers of the used cars will be happy.
    They will save the cost of the loaner car we will need while they repair ours and also their reputation.
  • grumpfishgrumpfish Posts: 19
    I have driven Nissan's for over 20 years myself and despite the 4 or more recalls from my last Altima, I remained loyal. How long after this, is up to them.
  • bduffy56bduffy56 Posts: 3
    I have an '06 Altima w/ 3500 miles. Just received the notice yesterday. Yep, my VIN is one of the affected ones. Checked my oil today and found none on the dipstick! It's in the shop now. Just bought the car 2 1/2 months ago and don't like the idea of paying off a piece of crap car for the next 4 years. I've owned multiple Nissans as has my family without problems. I guess when it rains, it pours! If Nissan doesn't come up with anything better than a replaced engine, then I think a lawsuit may be in order. I'm sure the decision to replace the entire car will take a bit of planning on their part since so many are affected and I'd like to give them the chance to do the right thing. I guess we'll see what pans out over the next few weeks, but I'm not holding my breath.
  • I just got an offer "I could refuse" from Nissan, a new motor...whoop de doo! Agreed, having to pay off a car with a new motor after 2900 miles in my case and 3500 mi in yours, is poor at best. Keep in touch with me if you like, as the lemon law states 'you have to allow the manufacturer to repair', a repair is one thing if it's a muffler, or failed aircon, but an entire motor???? I think that's pushing it too far, but I have advice that they can do it....I think if more of us stood up and didn't roll over and went through the motions nonetheless and 'worked on it' in the background, we could have a case.
  • bduffy56bduffy56 Posts: 3
    Even if the car runs right w/ a new motor, what about the fact that the resale value of my care is down the tubes because it doesn't have the original? Nobody in their right mind will want to buy it! Heck, I don't even want it anymore. If Nissan would just give me back my down payment and what I've paid so far on my loan, I'd be happy and probably put it toward a 2007 Altima. Right now, I feel like I've been sold a $25k piece of junk! I just hope Nissan makes this right. If not, legal action is in order.
  • bduffy56bduffy56 Posts: 3
    Anyone know anything about car values after having original motor replaced. I think that is an essential aspect of this. If there is proof that resale value decline in vehicles w/ replaced motors. I'm guessing it's a lot different than replacing an original muffler.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,629
    There shouldn't be any affect on resale value if you don't have the original motor. It's not a '58 Corvette and the next buyer won't care I don't think.

    If I were in your shoes, my only complaint would be the worry after major surgery---that they plug everything back in right and don't have pieces left over.

    So when you get the car back, be extra vigilant for a few weeks, about leaks, rattles, etc.
  • danutucdanutuc Posts: 5
    Yes, I had to replace the throttle body at aprox 65k miles, just driving down the road and it died on me, then started and wouldn't go past 10 m/hr. had to do it at dealer, cost about 700bucks including labor i believe
  • danutucdanutuc Posts: 5
    I've been having this problem for a while now, the wheel shakes. I've changed the wheel bearing, i've balanced the tires, got the aligment done... nothing fixed it still shakes, what else could it be? it makes a "thumping" noise as well, which made me think that the bearing is bad, 92k miles (a friend with maxima, same mileage has the same problem, we've changed the axle on his, didnt help) Help.
  • bob1952bob1952 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply, just replaced mine last week and on it's way back to shop today. Ser. eng. light came back on and running terrible. Like being held hostage with these guys. Also mafs went out a while back and cost nearly $700 to replace. Have driven Chevy trucks since mid 80's (on fifth one now) anywhere from 120K to 205K miles and never a problem with engines or drive trains. First and last Nissan.
  • danutucdanutuc Posts: 5
    well its really the only major problem i've had with the car other than the normal maintenance, i've been really pleased with the car so far, probably best car i've had so far; i've had a 01 chevy silverado 1500 as well and started noticing problems w/it at 50k; terrible gas consumption as well. had a s10; brakes went out on me going into a major intersection thank God i stopped in time, i was about to kick the bucket.
  • danutucdanutuc Posts: 5
    I just remembered when i had the problem i rented the computer at autozone; it gave me two codes, it said it could either be the throttle body or air/fuel regulator... something like that; the air/fuel thing was about 750 just for the part; dealer said the same thing they ran a diagnostic.
  • pendapenda Posts: 1
    I am newbie please bear with me. I purchase a 94 Nissan Altima with manual 5 speed transmission 1998 with 23,058 miles on it. After reviewing the disucssion board this car has had every problem discussed. AT 38,000 miles I had to replace the starter I questioned the dealer about a starter going bad at 36,000+ miles and was advised some parts go bad. Replaced starter. At about 55,000 miles the clutch needed replacement this was starling as well. I previously owned a 89 Nissan Sentra and did not replace the clutch until 102,000 miles. At 65,000 or so miles the AC started making a strange noise and I was advise the air conditioner pulley was the problem. Repaired the pulley and the air conditioner worked about a year at the present time it does not work. Since I live in Seattle I decided I could live without the air conditioning. Seattle only has a few weeks hot weather that warranted the air conditioning a year. At 75,000 miles I was advise that there was oil leaking from the timing belt cover $800.00 to repair at the dealer. Did not know a good private shop or mechanic so it was repaired at the dealer. 92,000 miles it needed a new starter again. I once again question why did this vehicle seem to need so many starters. Dealer pretended they never heard of a problem with starters on the Altima's but the tow truck drivers new all about it. These Altimas are bad on starters they seem to know the problem before attempting to jump it. No problems with vehicle until 142,000 miles the distributor needed to be replaced barely got it off the freeway during rush hour. Replace distributor and 1 week later it needs another new starter replace starter. That is right this car has had 4 starters. Replace starter and one week later still having starter problems sometimes it would start and then sometimes it would not start. Demand that mechanic replace starter at no cost. (4th)starter. At the present time this vehicle has a blower problem it works on some settings and iintermittedly I now know it is the Blower Resistor Assembly thanks to this forum. I am also expericing the same problem with clock whenever I brake "Message 1198. I would like to know how to take care of this problem and the air conditioning it does not come on at all. Also I notice that the other posts indicated the same problems but at much higher mileage and this concerns me. Although I have spent far less on this Nissan than other vehicles I have owned but more than I have spent on a 87 Sentra and 89 Sentra. Any ideals or suggestions. Other than the problems listed above it seems to run well and I do wish to keep it. I do maintain the vehicle I religiously have the oil change every 3000 miles and if I suspect anything is wrong off to the shop it goes.
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