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Acura RSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,697
    beg to differ....just a different perspective, that is all.

    For several years I commuted 300 miles/week through heavy traffic with a stick shift, no prob. I agree with you regarding the manumatic thing - improves the situation a little, but for me the bottom line is your transmission is still slipping most of the time.

    My Acura dealer just invited me to a "new owner's clinic" - free food and "a chance for service staff to get to know me"...I skipped it. What service does this car need anyway? Hardly any...

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  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    For several years I commuted 300 miles/week through heavy traffic with a stick shift, no prob. I agree with you regarding the manumatic thing - improves the situation a little, but for me the bottom line is your transmission is still slipping most of the time.

    This is a common misconception amongst many people. The term "slushbox" has been passed down through the generations and it still is stigmatizing the auto tranny today.
    Having built up racing automatics for my old street rods in my previous life, I know how the automatic works and what it is capable of.
    For one thing there is only slipping when the gears are changing...similar to the clutch in a manual.
    "slipping most of the time?"....hardly

    My Acura dealer just invited me to a "new owner's clinic" - free food and "a chance for service staff to get to know me"...I skipped it. What service does this car need anyway? Hardly any...

     I was the "poster child" for my Acura dealer because I was bringing it in for it's scheduled maintenance every month and a half to two months....they got to know me quite well. They also learned alot about the RSX because I bought one of the originals and they were basically learning how the car "responded" to mileage and age by using my car as the guinea pig.
    Now that I don't drive as much I never see them any more...maybe once a year....*sniff*...:-)
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,697
    a pretty slick operation over at my local dealer, which is not to say I will miss them much! :-P

    I see in the manual that Honda recommends 10K oil change intervals unless your driving is MAINLY of the kind I don't do. Also states specifically to leave the break-in oil in for the entire first interval. Asked the service guys when they would change the oil. Their answer? "There are only three states in the country where the non-severe driving conditions exist, and this aint one of them. Change the oil every 5K max."

    Now I must admit 5K is my standard normally, but the devil's advocate in me is inclined to follow the book from Honda and go with 10K.

    Oh yeah, and by slipping, I meant not in lock-up, which is the case most of the time in most cars under 35 or 40 mph, and is also the case if you are on the freeway and floor it to pass, at least for the first few seconds.

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  • I'm looking to buy a new RSX, but I'm seeking advice from other past-RSX buyers. I went to Ryan's Open Road Acura in East Brunswick, NJ today, and the salesperson quoted me $19k for a 2003 (new, no mileage) base manual w/ leather. $19k seems a bit steep for a leftover, especially considering '05s are coming out in, what, six months? However, I didn't get a quote on a 2004. I figure an '04 would probably run me about $22k, so better to spend the extra $3k and have a new car. Can anyone give me some idea on how much I should spend, as I don't want any extra features. Also, can anyone recommend a dealer in central New Jersey to me? Bridgewater Acura, Princeton Precision Acura, Open Road, and Ocean Acura are all within 30 minutes of me, but if I can get better service (and a better deal) somewhere else, I'll go anywhere. Any advice anyone could give me would be appreciated.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,697
    sticker on a base w/ manual and leather is only $21K, not $22K. You are, in effect, saving about $1250, maybe $1500 to buy the '03. I would definitely insist on an extra $1000 off if it were me...we are already almost at April 1 here. If it is not too big a stretch, I would go for the '04, but an '03 base manual with leather for $18K is a bargain I would look at seriously.

    2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • cheebacheeba Posts: 1
    Recently purchased a 2004 RSX Auto for $20,100. The vehicle was purchased from Springfield Acura in Union NJ. The buying experience was haggle free and fast. I recommend this dealer if you want to fair price and pleaseing buying experience.
  • purplehatpurplehat Posts: 2
    Always have driven Hondas but now interested in a 2002 RSX, cloth seats, 13,000 miles, looks new. They are asking $17,750. I offered $17,400. Is this too much. Charcoal gray, stick shift. They tell me I'm getting a good deal at this price.
  • purplehatpurplehat Posts: 2
    Also, Honda is offering me a 2003 Honda Accord, leather seats, rear spoiler, no miles for $22,000. He says he took $4,000 off the price, like I should be lucky.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,697
    is a V-6, right? Sounds like that is a better deal than the RSX, which is already two years old regardless of miles. The Acura should be another thousand cheaper, IMO.

    2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • tast31tast31 Posts: 5
    I'm in the North Carolina area and have called my local dealerships and they are all quoting the '04 RSX base model, auto trans, w/leather at MSRP. This is my first car do I negotiate? I see that others paid about 500-1000 over invoice, although those posts were about 6 months ago. Would that bargaining stance still hold power? Where do I start?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,697
    sometimes they won't quote competitive prices over the phone, because they have little hope you will ever walk through their door. Start by getting some internet quotes, then visit a couple of the best deals with the internet quote printed out and in your hand - make 'em bid against each other.

    RSX is now three years old and sales have slowed - I would be surprised if you couldn't get a better deal than folks were getting six months ago.

    2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • tast31tast31 Posts: 5
    Performance Acura of Chapel Hill gave me a good deal after they saw my TMV reports off of I am a satisfied driver!
  • capaccionecapaccione Posts: 11
    I purchased an RSX from Springfield Acura. The deal went well and the salesman (Doug) was extremely helpful and professional. If you do your homework with all of the pricing, the deal will go through. I went to other Acura dealers in central NJ only to find them rude, incompetent and overpriced.
  • restonhamrestonham Posts: 9
    Purchased a black 2004 base RSX, cloth with automatic at just below invoice from Bell Acura late last week. Extremely pleasant folks to deal with and the triple witching time helped - start of a holiday weekend, decent inventory and end of the month. Being only a few months from the '05s probably had some effect also. Let them make the first offer and then counter with a few hundred below invoice (for Acuras - for American cars, start at a few thousand below invoice :-)). They will not throw you out of the dealership. If you can, check the dealer's on-line inventory before you go - that way you know if they are loaded with cars or only have a few - makes a big difference in your bargaining ability. Internet quotes from several dealers will help also - you don't have to buy from the same dealer you will get service from.
  • alkrollalkroll Posts: 3
    How have people's experiences buying an RSX (Type S) been in the Chicago area? Any places to be sure to avoid; any places that have treated you especially well?
  • joshsjoshs Posts: 22
    In answer to your query:

    I bought an RSX-S in the Chicago area (west suburbs) just last year (August '03), and I ended up having four dealerships bidding against each other.

    McGrath (sp?) was by far the worst: they kept talking deal, but they lowballed my trade-in, they saw five hundred under MSRP as a 'great deal,' and they were rude.

    Muller was absolutely neutral. I remember almost nothing about them, because of how average they were.

    Continental Acura was friendly and more than willing to haggle/deal, but they didn't have the color I wanted (Arctic Blue). No complaints, though. If Napleton didn't exist, they would have gotten my business.

    Napleton Acura (Elmhurst) was where I ended up buying. They were friendly, they offered a good deal (my trade-in was given well above what Edmunds suggests and the purchase price was under TMV), and they didn't play number games. Even their F & I guy was low-pressure.

    I'd be surprised if you got anything but frustration at McGrath (the whole dealership was run like something out of Confessions of a Car Salesman). On the other hand, you owe it to yourself to check out Napleton.

  • alkrollalkroll Posts: 3
    Thanks, JoshS, for the response. It may be a few months before I actually buy, but it's always good to know which dealers treat their customers especially well.

    Here's another question: Since Honda/Acura sells cars without factory-installed options, it's hard to get an idea on what to pay for the options that are offered. Edmund's, alas, does not list prices for dealer-installed options.

    Has anyone bought an RSX or RSX-S and gotten the rear spoiler? How much did you pay for it? (I'm talking about the smaller, relatively understated curved spoiler, not the really tall rectangular spoiler I've seen in a couple of photos.)
  • aylagirlaylagirl Posts: 11
    We are purchasing a 2004 RSX, automatic, with leather, in Greensboro, NC for $21,252 (not including tax, tag & title). Got some quotes over the Internet and then called our local dealer and told him that the lowest price would win (and I don't mind driving 100 miles or more for a good deal). I then told him that, of course, I hope he gets the business since he's local and I'd certainly be bringing the car back to him for servicing, therefore, I'd like to establish a good relationship with him from the beginning. He came back to me after 15 or 20 minutes with the price above. He also had one with a cloth interior for $20,309.77

    How'd you do with your purchase, btw?
  • gary1476gary1476 Posts: 1
    For a 2004 Acura RSX automatic, cloth, with tint, I paid 19,050 + TTL + Sales Tax etc, drive out of 20,500. I got this price as an internet quote from David Mcdavid in Plano TX. I recommend this dealer, the whole experience was smooth and haggle free.
  • the_manthe_man Posts: 15
    I recently purchased a RSX Type-S. The color as you guessed it is red. Red is the best color in the world. I got the car for around 23,000 dollars from Acura of Avon. The car is a great little runabout sports car and it has room for my skis and musical instruments which is always a plus. I am very satisfied with the car except for the horrible tires and the lack of an armrest. However I am getting new tires and wheels as well as a center armrest.(don't get a boomerang armrest because your arm will always rub against it while shifting and it can't fold up). Overall the car is a pleeasure to drive weather on country backroads or onlong straights while letting the throttle go full out.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Congrats!! Be sure and click on the H&A banner at the top of the page for various accessories. Enjoy!
  • jasonkjasonk Posts: 1
    just bought a 2003 RSX at the Ann Arbor, MI Acura dealer. 11,000 miles, black, black leather, automatic, paid 17,900. Seemed like a fair price, it's a beauty.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    And welcome to the Forums...

    Be sure and check the Acura RSX discussions now that you are a proud owner:

    Acura RSX - Maintenance, Problems & Solutions

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    Best Hot Hatch - SVT, Civic Si, GTI, RSX, Mini, Beetle...
  • types04types04 Posts: 5
    Just bought a 2004 Acura RSX Type S in Arctic Blue Pearl. $22,600 - maybe a little high, but paid extra for the color and the fact I got a great price on my trade in (over a thousand more than another Acura dealership was offering).
  • 2005 Acura RSX info available at
  • Gary,
    We are purchasing a 2004 RSX automatic, cloth, w/o tint from a San Antonio Dealer who gave us
    cash price of $19,799 +ttl+ sales tax for a drive out price of $21,263.68. We had originally got a price at David McDavid in Plano for the same equipped RSX for $100 above the price we are getting from the dealer in San Antonio. You said that this was a no haggle price you received from David McDavid. My question is: Is your RSX a new 2004 without mileage and not a demonstrator. Evidently your no-haggle price is better than we received from the same dealer.
  • ralkralk Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2005 Acura RSX Type-S, Vivid Blue Metallic for 23,100, before tax and plates. You might be able to get a few more hundred off, but I felt it was a fair price being it is a 2005 model purchased in September 2004.

    It is a fun car to drive. I recommend it.

    Good luck. Hope this helps people in the market.
  • Hello everyone.. I have been reading the post and love that edmunds has a forum.. (edmunds newbie)

    I have talked a dealer down to 19800 + tax for a NEW 2004 rsx manual with leather. Is this a good deal? I see that it is right at invoice, but not sure if the market has changed for the 2004 yet. Thank you in advance for all the advice and help.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,997
    It doesn't look like there's much of a manufacturer-to-dealer incentive right now, so that may be as low as you can get. Depends on how much time you want to spend haggling, but my guess is that you won't get much more than $100-200 off that price unless the dealership is stocked full of 2004 models.

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  • Im going down to the dealer tonight to either get it or walk. he says that im getting it for 19500 plus a docking fee which brings it up to 19800. and Im going to try and get a spoiler thrown in for free.

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