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Porsche Boxster and Boxster S



  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    What are the prices, options and your preferences? Did you drive them? You can probably get a far better bargain on the 04 S. However you will have a new car and full warranty with the 05. This is the spring season in a new model year which means a low point in buyer advantage. How is your must-have factor? Hope it’s high because Boxster resale is not good and they can take a while to turn over. If there is any chance that you will not like it, don’t even be bothered. A short term romance can be costly. It’s a great car but it comes with realities.

    Boxster reliability is good but not stellar. There is a small risk factor for getting one that will require an engine replacement and other less toxic but annoying problems, but I repeat the risk factor is small. Wish we knew accurate figures but I don’t think anyone but Porsche knows. It’s too early to assess 05 reliability although I haven’t heard of anything abnormal.

    As far as driving, either one is apt to please depending on your expectations. Boxster S reviews have always been spectacular and as stated in my previous post I think the current non-S version is perhaps the best it has ever been. So if you are passionate about these cars and can get past the fact that they are in no way, shape, or form a part of your investment portfolio then jump in and enjoy the ride.
  • chile05chile05 Posts: 2
    I live in Chile and here cars pay high taxes.

    The S year 04 has about 5K Mi, and comes with Bose, all leather, 6 gear shift, PSM, 260 Hp, etc and an asking price of U$75M.

    The brand new Boxter comes with standard equipment and goes for U$65M.

    I do not know if there is a big technological change with the new models, I understand that in terms of safety (airbags, etc) the new models are much better.

    Sincerely I have no idea which way to go. Any ideas are very welcome. Thnks
  • I am looking at an '06 Boxster or Boxster S and being promised 3% off MSRP on base and options. How's this compare to others' experience? My home is in MD.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
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  • sakanukisakanuki Posts: 1
    I am 58 yrs old and have owned and driven a wide variety of cars but have never owned a Porsche . . . Corvette, Miata, BMW 635, Eclipse Turbo, Acura RSX-S but no Porsche. I have always had in my mind the ideal "feel" for a sports car and everything I have driven always falls short on some dimension. Recently I sold my Miata and my Corvette and have been pining for a convertible. So off I went to my Nissan dealer for a Z test drive and it felt heavy without the nimble feeling you look forward to in a sports car. A very nice price but didn't have a solid feel for some reason. So, at a friends suggestion, I visited the Porsche dealer to test drive an '02 Boxster S since I felt a used price might fall in line with the new prices of the RX-8 and 350Z. Well, it was a revelation. I have never driven anything remotely like it . . . Pure automotive nirvana and the closest to the ideal sports car I have always held in my mind. The torque and the suspension really did make you feel connected to the road with your hand, feet, and butt. . . Can't describe it, you have to experience it. That test drive made me a Porsche convert and more understanding of the high price of these automobiles. By the way, I have had extensive experience with the Honda S2000 and there is NO comparison with the Porsche. The Honda is like a super duper version of my Miata but shares no similarities with the feel of the Boxster. My advice to anyone thinking of a sports car and listening to the endless debates and automotive press comparisons, is to just go out and drive one and you will know what I'm talking about. By the way the Porsche Dealer's price on the '02 S still seemed outrageous, but I will own one of these fine automobiles before the year is out and I can't imagine ever wanting to drive anything else. By the way, I have not drive the standard Boxster but the bucket of torque on that S was delicious.
  • I am debating between a new 2005/6 Boxster S and a 2006 911 cabriolet (both base and S models). The Boxster is immediately available (unless I want to order a 2006) and comes at a 3-7% discount to MSRP, or roughly $58k for the Boxster S. The best I can do on a 911 is $1-2k under MSRP, or roughly $85k to $95k for the 911 base/S respectively.

    However, and I would like other opinions, I believe the actual cost of ownership over 3-4 years between the 911 and Boxster S is not that different, given the poor resale value of the Boxster compared to the 911. I figure the Boxster S after 4 years will have lost roughly $28k+ in value (around $30k in actual trade in value) whereas the base 911 will likely be worth at least $50-55k, meaning a similar amount of depreciation.

    I can comfortably afford either of these cars, so the better deal appears to be a 911 over a Boxster S, given all of the additional features, luxury and performance.


    I considered using the Boxster depreciation to my advantage and trest drove several used Boxster S models that were low mileage and well maintained. I even drove a new leftover 2004 Boxster S being sold for $48,000, with a sticker of $57,500. However, if you think there is no comparison between a 2002 Boxster S and a Honda S2000, then there is similarly no comparison between the 2002 Boxter S and the completely redesigned, more powerful 2005 Boxster S (which uses many of the 911 suspension and chassis components).

    If I were on a more limited budget, I'm not sure I wouldn't take a new Honda S2000 over an "outrageously priced" 2002 Boxster S. I do not believe that, even with low mileage, a used Boxster S isn't going to hit you up for expensive maintenance and big depreciation. Certainly less depreciation than a brand new Boxster S, but also, unfortunately, much less of a car. If you prefer not to believe me, don't test drive a 2005.
  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    If you want to get killed on depreciation get a new Boxster now. Otherwise wait for the end of December and January. Also, there are plenty of bargains on used Boxsters where you take advantage of the depreciation on your purchase. But the real bargain is in the car. If you are going to worry about how the Boxster compares on price with the 350Z, S2000 and Miata, forget about. You pay for Porsches—always did, always will. If you can’t have the enthusiasm as demonstrated by sakanuki, you’d be better off buying something else.

    Spiritinthesky... the Boxster always shared components with the 911, not just the new one. From the front end to the back of the seats they have been virtually identical. Major differences—engine displacement, stroke and aspiration, engine placement and rear suspension. The debate never ends with many claiming the Boxster is superior in handling.
  • dyldyl Posts: 8
    I know some people would think you cant compare between them. Since I still debate between the base boxter 05 and the new C6 I would like to get comments from members that have experience .

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    It's a safe assumption that you haven't driven the Boxster, or you wouldn't have misspelled it - twice.

    The analogies of a sledgehammer vs. a scalpel have been used to compare the Corvette and Boxster. But you need to get your own butt into each if you are serious about ever buying one.
  • 12361236 Posts: 34
    Just test drove the 05 Boxster S & loved it..I would like to order one but I am not sure if I am getting a great deal, any advice would be appreciated.

    Base Model..................54,700 (Apparantley there's a price increase on the 06)
    Seal Grey Metallic.............825
    Stone Grey Full Leather...2,095
    Bose System w/windstop.1,185
    Bi-Xenon Package...........1,090
    Tiptronic S......................3,210
    Heated Seats.....................480
    19" Carrera S Wheels.......1,550
    Leather Steering Wheel.......490
    Sport Chrono w/out PCM.....920
    Floor Mats........................ 115
    Misc..................................910 (destination charge)

    TOTAL............................67,570 (Plus Ca Tax & Lic apprx 10%)

    Seems a lot for an entry level Porsche?
  • jhuttojhutto Posts: 4
    I have just bought a 2002 Boxster S but do not know the radio code and the dealer (non-Porsche) does not either. How do I find the code?
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,914
    Yeah.. seems like a lot.. But, I wouldn't call it entry-level.. that would be the Boxster..

    Things I could do without:

    19" wheels... Just bling.. 18" not big enough for you?

    Sport Chrono? Not sure what that is, but $920 is a lot for instrumentation..

    Tiptronic? $3210, and your car will be worth less on re-sale than one without it.. I understand that an automatic might be necessary... but....

    I just knocked over $5K off your car, right there... ;)

    Lastly... Did you negotiate a discount? You aren't paying sticker, are you?


    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • lemmerlemmer Posts: 2,676
    "Sportscar International" had an editorial this month about increasingly large wheels. They used the Boxster as an example of a car where the optional wheels (19") caused an overall decline in performance and drivability on normal roads.
  • denniskdennisk Posts: 3
    I also just bought a used 2000 boxter S w/o a radio code. My porsche specialist mechanic referred me to the a dealer and they were able to look it up. Same thing w/ a previous Mercedes radio code.
  • denniskdennisk Posts: 3
    The Nav CD that came in the 2000 Boxster S does not have my housing development on it. It's has a copyright of 2001 and our development was new in 2002. Are there upgraded versions available? I assume the new DVD versions will not work for me.
  • dslstldslstl Posts: 6
    Wondering if anyone can comment on this lease on new '05 boxster. MSRP $49.9k, cap cost of $47k w/ 47% residual, 10k mi/yr, nothing down.....$725/mo including sales tax; is this residual realistic? everything i've read on Boxster is it has above average residuals.

    also, anyone know about the engine TSB...porsche replacing defective engines.

  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    dslstl, you might also want to ask Car_man in the Lease Questions - Ask Here topic about the lease offer.



  • trometrome Posts: 17
    What is the term of the lease? If it's 3yrs the residual should be in the high 50's. You can get 6-9% off MSRP on 05' Boxsters so your cap cost should go down to about $45.5 or so

    Don't let them trick you. Negotiating a lease is no different than negotiating a purchase. The first thing you do is work on the price ( cap cost). In fact, you don't even have to say at that point if you are buying or leasing because it really makes no difference. The price is the same regardless. Residual value is stated and not negotiable. If it's too low, walk away and tell them why. The third item is the money factor ( interest rate). Edmunds has a great explanation of leasing math. Learn it and be prepared.

    I thought about an 05' Boxster at 40k or so but I think I may just spend 30k on a new Mustang GT cab and put 10k in my pocket. In a surprising anomoly of the market the new Mustangs are actually selling for MSRP and the Porsches are being discounted heavily. Who would have guessed that?
  • dslstldslstl Posts: 6
    Thanks...will do
  • dslstldslstl Posts: 6
    Lease term 3 yrs;; I tried to get 8% discount ($46k), but they balked so I walked; they have already call me twice, but I did not take the call.

    My wife and I really like the car.....our children are in their early 20s and we want a weekend sports car for ourselves...I am trying to resist, but................

    We are also considering new vette...your Mustang GT idea is something to consider...thanks for taking the time to respond
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