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Honda S2000 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Gee, you expect a car salesman to tell you the truth :surprise: ? They are trying to sell you something they have on the lot so why would they tell you or admit that there is an 06 coming? Seriously, lots of folks were afraid that 05 would indeed be the last year - based on the terrible sales or late. In fact, Honda even had to resort to really cheap lease rates to move cars this summer.

    Folks have posted the scans of the 06 brochure and now Honda has posted some info for themselves:

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Thanks to dwynne for the link to the 2006 S2000 information.

    As for getting a better deal on a 2005, I don't know how much better than $30k or about $500 under invoice you will get. But given the changes for 2006 and the benefit of a newer model year, I would be tempted to wait. I suspect that something like $500-$1,000 over invoice on a 2006 would be achievable, at least come November/December. And that difference would likely be made up completely at trade-in time 2-3+ years down the road.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I am not sure I like the changes to the wheels or the steering wheel or the seats (I will wait to see them in person), but having stability control and the longer powertrain warranty would be enough to make me wait - I think.

    That said, I am a lease guy - and only gave up my 01 S for a new 05 S this year due to the cheap least deal Honda is offering. The $299 a month promo payment assumes a net cap cost of $29,376.41 - so getting the car for $30k or a little less gets you "real close" with nothing out of pocket.

    This deal is STILL going on (through 10/3/2005) for 2005 S2000s if you can find a deal on one.

    Like you said, I think it may be a LONG time to find an 2006 S for $30k AND get this cheap of a lease deal too.

    But if I were going to pay cash or finance, I think I might wait for the upgrades....

    They mentioned rain for the first time in about TWO WEEKS on the radio this morning, if I does rain later in the week it will be the first time in around 17 days. Me and the new S have been "loving it" :D

  • I did quite a bit of internet shopping before I found the best price for the Southern California market. This was my first automobile lease, so I didn't qualify at the super-preferred tier 1 rate, but with some pleading to American Honda Credit by three separate finance directors, they eventual got my initial turned down response approved at tier 2 (preferred). So the deal I got:
    36 mos lease
    15k miles
    $387.47per month with $0 down, and dealer paid DMV, doc, and first month's rent

    This is deal is equivalent to $640 below invoice. The only profit was from the $994 if dealer holdback. If you have excellent credit with a FICA of 720+ you could do the same deal for about twenty dollars less. Best of luck
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Well, as of 7 days ago, I am the owner of a new 2005 911 S Cabriolet. It had been 16 months since I traded my 2002 S2000. At various times while shopping, I thought I might end up with another S2000. But our financial situation allowed a splurge, and both of my daughters fit (for now) in the back seat of the 911. That alone is worth the slight ($65k) premium.

    As much as I will be enjoying our new "family sports car" as my youngest refers to it, I will never forget our Honda S2000. It was my first real sports car, since my old 1984 Toyota Supra (hatchback) was more of a sports coupe/GT. I still smile when I see other Honda S2000's on the road - especially Spa or Rio Yellow ones. And believe it or not, in the first week of 911 ownership, I haven't had as many comments or compliments as I had that first week with the S2000. Not that I care much, but it was funny having people gawk at a Honda.

    So for all of you fortunate enough to own an S2000, congratulations. For all of those considering one, you would be hard pressed to find a better sports car for under $55,000, let alone $35,000.

    Best wishes to all.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Never have owned a Porsche - probably never will. The lone area dealer is a pain to deal with for sales or service. Friends have them and swear by them - and it is a way to say "I have arrived" - and have super driving dynamics.

    For the $65k "premium" I could get an RX-8 w/GT package (w/4 doors and a back seat) AND an S2000 AND have a nice chunk of change left over.

    Oh, wait - I DID that :D

    I splurged on an M5 a few years back. Super car, but lots of problems for the few miles I put on it. Sold it and my 01 S2000 and got 3 news cars (the 05 S, the 05 8, and an Accord for my wife). Splurge cars are fun, but I have had bad luck with mine - the M5 and a C5 'vette convertible.

  • If I were ever to step up to a new toy, it would definitely be a Porsche. But I am only 32 and 60+ grand on a car is way out of my budget :( but I agree that owning a Porsche is like say "I've made it". Congrats on your purchase!

    Good to see you jumped over your typical run-of-the-mill Boxster and went straight for the 911, good choice.
  • jsamof00, I too live in SoCal and am intrigued by the deal you found - Will you share the dealer name? Thanks,
  • You can get these deals at Power Honda Costa Mesa (Sebring Silver) or Carson Honda (Yellow).
  • If you're looking to get an S2000 on the cheap, you can get great deals now that we are heading into winter. I was offered $29,000 on one, which is a little less than the dealer's cost, even taking into account the holdback. They want to clear them out to make way for the 2006's, which I fear you may not ever be able to get a great deal on, because production will be limited.

    Personally, even with the great brand new 2005 deals, I opted for a Certified Preowned. It's a 2004 in the color combination I wanted, with 11k miles, brand new tires, and the 7 year/100,000 mile warranty for only $25,000 even. That's not much higher than trade-in value, and it's lower than private party. It's in great condition too, except for a small scratch on the rear bumper and another small one next to the headlight. Well worth it for the $$ savings and the added warranty coverage. The dealer even showed me in his computer that they were in the hole about $900 on it.

    Those of you in the greater DC area, I highly recommend Shockley Honda in Frederick. Very helpful, friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgable. Cut a great deal, too... better than any other one I could find online, even searching country-wide and going so far as to make an offer on several.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Are you guys sure about that? Dang, I was going to wait till March or so to sell my Integra so I can get an '06 S. This means there won't hardly be any discounts if there aren't enough cars to go around. Usually limited production means that the S is on its way out. '06 might be the last year then. I hope not. I would like to see a new more powerful S in the next couple of years.

    I auto-xed a white '05 a couple of weeks ago that my friend bought in early September. It was an awesome experience. I always wanted one but that single 55sec. autocross run made me want one very badly. I almost matched my modified Integra's time and my Integra has race suspension, LSD, bigger sway bars, etc. and race tires. The S2K was completely stock with the factory tires. The course was however a little faster than a typical SCCA course. The club was a private club and non-SCCA. I was impressed by the S's handling capabilities out of the box (with no Konis or expensive adjustable shocks) as well as the braking, but the 8K redline came up very fast several times and I kept hitting the rev limiter which I didn't like because it slowed me down. Shifting up to 3d and back down to 2nd again was not an option because it would have hurt my times even more since I 'd only be in 3d for a second or so. The brakes also took me by surprise and found myself braking early a couple of times at the first half of the course and getting back on the gas! I did get used to them pretty fast and started braking later and deeper. I also noticed it wasn't as tail happy as an '01 that I had been in (another auto-x run but I was in the passenger seat). The '05 felt more neutral but it exhibited some unexpected understeer at high speed cornering (more than my Integra that was on R tires) most likely because of the tires and me driving over their adhesion limit (overdriving the car).

    Anyway I was at my local Honda dealer today. The sales manager said they won't be getting any '06 models for another couple of weeks. They still have two '05's left over! I was thinking of offering them $28K but I was afraid they might say ok. Without selling the Integra first, I would have had a hard time making the payments since I just bought a new '06 Civic for my very long commute and a CRV for the wife a few months ago.
  • I leased an '05 Silverstone Metalic in June and got the rack rate at the time - $299/mo. I did not take a hard line on negotiations because: 1. Peak drop top season. 2. Terms were reasonable, although as I read in this column, they could have been better. The dealer did throw in a Honda car cover and wheel locks. 3. I had test driven an '02 two weeks earlier and had to have one. I have owned numerous sports cars and sport sedans, but the S2K is a totally different driving experience. It is a great combination of handling, performance and style. If anyone is looking for a new, never titled '04, black on black Murray Honda, DuBois PA has one that can be bought right.
  • Any good deal on '05 s2ks found around Bay Area California? btw, when is the '06 comin out?
  • I just sold a '00 911 cab for the '06 s2000. Dont get me wrong the 911 was nice but for some reason the s2000 is more fun to drive and I felt more comfortable in it. The 911 is not a very maintanence free car and it can sometimes get annoying to have to bring it in to service. The s2000 feels more a part of me when I am driving and that is why I made the switch. Driving until it snows here in Chicago. Then I will go with my 06 CRV-se that I just got as well by trading in my 98 Land Cruiser another great car but horrible gas mileage.
  • 2006 S is out now... dealer in my town has one in stock.
    Going to testdrive tomorrow but worried that they might bring down the price to invoice price being very limited edition and such... :(
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,356
    You are worried that they might bring down the price to invoice?

    What exactly would you want to pay for it?

    Just curious...
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I'm guessing that the previous poster forgot the word "not".

    Last weekend marked the 4th anniversary of my purchase of a 2002 S2000. I bought it for $32k ($880 under MSRP), which was a great deal at the time, considering the Edmunds TMV was still $36,000 ($3120 over MSRP). I traded it 2.5 years later in May 2004 with 19,000 miles for $23.2k on an Acura TL, but could have sold it privately for $25k+/- if I wanted to go through the hassle.

    The fact that one could buy a 2006 limited edition S2000 for less than I paid 4 years ago for a 2002 does, IMO, make the S2000 the best sports car buy out there.

    I debated with people on the RX8 forum that were convinced that that car would continue to sell at MSRP long after it was introduced. Some foolish buyers paid full sticker. There are now brand new 2004's sitting on dealer lots that they are unsuccessfully trying to sell at $7,000 under MSRP. The RX8 was a 3-6 month fad and is now a dud. If you bought one of those, your depreciation is at leat 50% more than an S2000 would have been. Same goes for the Z4.

    The S2000 is the real thing. If Honda set the MSRP at $40,000, it would still be a bargain. Compare it to a base Boxster if you need proof. So if you can't squeeze the last nickle out of the dealer's profit, keep the big picture in perspective. The 2006 S2000 will likely hold more of it's value than any other car you could buy 2-3-4+ years down the road.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    I really enjoyed watching the S2Ks having the Boxters for breakfast at the various auto-x clubs I belong to. In '05 the SCCA moved the S2000s up to A Stock (from B stock) so now it competes against the Boxter S (Corvettes & other fast cars). At the Nationals this year the S2K's beat all the Boxter S's!
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I have no doubt that the S2000 would outperform the old (pre-2005) base Boxster with 217 hp. It would be much closer on the new base Boxster with 240 hp. But, as much as everyone here knows how positive I am on the S2000, there is just no way it can compete, performance wise, with the new (2005+) Boxster S with 280 hp and 236 ft-lb. In all categories - handling, braking, acceleration - the Boxster S is significantly above the S2000. As well it should be for nearly twice the price.

    I can't explain the race results you quoted. But it's not the capabilities of the cars.

    P.S. For what it's worth, the Boxster S managed to edge out the Ferrari Enzo to take Road and Track's honors for fastest slalom speed ever recorded. I suspect that may be short lived once the Cayman is tested.
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