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2014 Volkswagen Jetta Prices Paid and Buying Experience

steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 40,845
edited February 1 in Volkswagen
Welcome to the Edmunds discussion dedicated to 2014 Volkswagen Jetta leasing questions.

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  • Hi guys I am a totally new to car buying so I really need some advice on these two quotes:

    2013 Jetta SE basic MSRP 20,910 Driveout 20,000

    2014 Jetta S basic MSRP 28557 Driveout 18000

    I am in TX so the tax is 6.25%. Do you think this two price is good or not?
  • Is that MSRP on the 2014 correct? (28557)

    The later model for $2K less sounds better if you are trying to save money, but is there something in the SE that you really want? I believe the engine in the SE has more horsepower. Does that make a difference to you? Sound system? Are the items on the SE worth the extra $2K?

    Also, check the MSRP here at Edmunds or on the VW site.
  • Oh it should be 18640, the SE has cruise control and more power.Yes I think in a long run I will prefer a 2.5 engine. Is 20,000 a good price?
  • I received quotes for two models this time: 2014 SE conn/sun (auto)and 2014 SEL (auto). How do these look? I actually got the guy to come down, after they sent this quote, to $20,518 on the vehicle selling price for the SE. @stever @rrocks

    SE.jpg 79.9K
    SEL.jpg 105.6K
  • pika206pika206 Posts: 2

    @libroman, both will be fine, but if you could get either for the same price, does that sway you to the 2013 se? we bought our 2013 se for 18,000 and it had leatherette seats and steering wheel.

  • ksmoksmo Posts: 2

    2014 Jetta SE with Connectivity, Automatic. Couple of port installed accessories, i.e. winter mats, etc. MSRP $23,055, paid $18,800 before taxes, 0.9% APR also. $4,255 discount from sticker. Hope this helps someone. You probably could have done a little better if you wanted to haggle back and forth for a week. VW is pretty aggressive, wanting to move '14 models off the lots.

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