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Dodge Challenger 2008 and Later



  • johnjake25johnjake25 Posts: 2
    i saw a challenger R/T yesterday and fell in love with the style but i had a few questions.
    When i was at the dealership the dealer told me that two cylinders shut off when driving slowly and that i would get approximatly 30mpg with the r/t is this true?
    How expensive is the average maintence on this vehicle?
    Is the vehicle very reliable?
    is there any benefits for buying a 2010 or are there any differences between years?
    and finnally I have not heard any good things about the dodge nav system. is it any good or worth buying? how does it stack up to other brands like fords nav?
  • tc16tc16 Posts: 3
    Wow, I am a little late on this but I'll try anyway. I am looking to purchase a Challenger as well. I would be surprised if the RT would achieve 30mpg. I believe (dont quote me) that the advertised MPG is 16/25 for both the auto and manual. I find this suspect since the manual does not shut down the unneeded cylinders (although this may be made up for with the 6th gear of the manual).

    I don't own one so I can't speak of the reliability although I would love to hear some comments from those that do.

    I am juggling whether to go new or used. The question I have is the difference in warranty between 09 and 10. The 10 has 5 yr 100K mile warranty I believe but I don't know if it is transferable to second or third owner.
  • Hello again, why yes you were slightly late to this discussion.
    Anyway I ended up buying something else . I drove several challengers and they were very nice and if things had been different I think i would still buy one.
    I chose not to because i was afraid of the reliability of other dodge products and had a hard time believing this would be any different.
    Most challengers I have seen are very low mileage and the owners have a second car. I was not afforded this luxury at the time.

    I looked at a new challenger also but personally I would suggest used. I did not like the dodge dealers service areas in my local area they seemed to try to rip everyone off on everything and i didnt want to fight over price.
    But the challengers did not seem to sell to much under msrp.
    However now that we are in the new year the used ones are much lower in price.
    so I would suggest looking at used i do not know if your looking for a loaded challenger or even thinking of an srt but when i was looking i was able to find decent deals on many r/ts and the srt were alot cheaper than the r/t.
    so if its not going to be your daily driver i would even suggest looking at the srt even if the gasmileage is less you could save a bit in the initial purchasing.
  • thesrcthesrc Posts: 1
    I'm very late to this party but will share what I know. I purchased a 2010 SRT8. It's a six-speed manual fully loaded. A Blast to drive. Anyway, as for the cylinder deactivation, that occurs on the RT with the automatic when you're cruising on the highway. As for city driving, not sure if the same happens. Mileage on the highway is not 30mpg but more like 26mpg - in a perfect world. As my car is new, I can't answer the maintenance question. The same goes for reliability. As for 2010 vs. 2011 - the 2010s are finished production. Any you find are what's left of the 2010 stock. 2011s should start appearing shortly. Unfortunately, its the 392 signature series of which the US gets only 1000. I'm guessing the dealers will be marking those suckers up quite a bit. Also, the initial run only comes in two colors, blue with white stripes and white with blue stripes. The navigation is spot on. I have had many systems and this one works well. The only thing I don't like is it can't be programed while moving. I guess the passenger inputting an address is considered dangerous. :) Since I haven't used Ford's navigation I can't compare the two.

    The thing is this: I wanted a fun car. This car delivers in spades. It's spacious, fast and enjoyable to drive. The six speed took some time to get used to but it is rock solid. No regrets buying this baby. As someone said. "this car is simply righteous!" I would have to agree with this statement in whole. If you're worried about reliability, then looking at one of the other brands may be the way to go. If you like driving and appreciate the whole retro theme and like a good old fashion kick-butt engine without any gimmicks, then give the Challenger a look.
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