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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • 2014 E350 RWD 24mo, 12K/yr lease
    Residual is 68%


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  • In TX as well, looking for an E350 Sport. Any luck with any of the Houston dealers on getting a reasonable deal on this vehicle instead of double MF's? This may drive me to a Lexus GS350 F Sport as they are actually dealing around town.
  • Not Texas but I picked up a '14 E350 in Columbia Missouri for $560/mo. Taxes and maintenance included. 1st month due at signing. MSRP was around $62,500. I received over $10k off.

    I believe the residual was around 70% and the money factor was .00148
  • 27 month lease
  • Invaluable forum when researching a new vehicle. Thanks to those who share their experiences.

    I closed this deal over the weekend in the Bay Area. A little high on cap cost reduction and I can't seem to locate the final MF, but overall I'm absolutely thrilled with the deal:

    2014 E350 sedan w/ sport package, P1, keyless go, parking assist and drivers assist.

    MSRP $63,610
    Gross cap cost $52,795
    Cap cost reduction $2,200

    27 month least @ 27k miles - $3,400 out the door, $499 / month including tax.

    Good shopping!
  • Hello,

    I am wondering if anyone has the December numbers for a 27 month lease of an E350 4Matic with 10,000 miles per year.

  • Hi, if you could, please post the Dec numbers including MF for a 24/27/36mos 12k/15k lease for models above. Thanks a lot!
  • I am in the market for a 2013 leftover e350 sedan BlueTEC. One dealer whop has none stated I should get $12K off MSRP as the lease opportunities in the '13's end at the end of the month.

    Anyone have how large a discount I can expect on the model. I'll end up leasing, but I negotiate on the selling price. I am in So CA.

    Thank you in advance.
  • I have been looking at the same car, but in the north east. The best I've been able to do is 47,900 selling price for a 58,265 MSRP 2013 Bluetec. To be honest, I didn't pull the trigger because I don't think it's that great. People are seeing $10K off MSRP for the new 2014 E350 gas cars so I feel the older body style should be even more of a discount. Also, the residual and money factor for 2013's are not that attractive relative to the 2014 so the leas isn't really too much cheaper than just getting a 2014.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    Keep in mind that the 2013 BueTec is very different than the 2014 BlueTec because they changed the engine.

    I just (reluctantly) turned in a leased 2011 BluTec because the residual was far too high to consider purchase. I leased a gas 2014 because the new diesel just doesn't have the same feel, sound, etc....and because there was no high residual on the 2014 diesel. In 2011, the residual for a 24 mo lease was about's diesel has a residual of 68%, the same as the gas models (12K/24-27mos). Additionally, I don't think the 2014 diesels have the promotional mf being offered on the gas e350s.
  • MB/car mfg push cars which they have tons in their inventory. NOT on the left overs. this is especially true on leasing, both in truck money and money factor.

    13s are good to buy, not lease. dealers are doing great deals on 14s becasue they have money from Germany to push the sales. leasing on 13 is kind of like leasing an used car, the low residual, plus high MF will push the pmt way high
  • I was also looking at the 2014 e250 BT. Seems that the dealers are not pushing it. I had to find the product on the web, after visiting 3 MB dealers - no one mentioned it after saying I want a BT vehicle.

    After driving the e250, I was not that impressed as my 2012 ML 350 seems a better drive.

    Now looking at the e350 2014 gas wagon - shame they do not make that in a BT.

    Seems that the 4 dealers that I found out have 3 or more 2013 e350 BT are not to willing to make an easy deal.

    I was told 12K - $14K should be taken off MSRP to make up for the New Year coming up in a few weeks.
  • I am putting together my first MB lease and need a little help.

    Are the MF and residuals the same for an E350 and an E550 4matic sedan? I was having trouble finding a car with leather and other options I wanted as an E350 and it was suggested that I look to the E550 as they come standard with leather - and I found one with the other options I want near me.

    I know there was a good program (mf / residual) for a 27 month lease in November.

    Could someone let me know if the E350 and E550 get the same MF and residuals?

    What are the December numbers? Would want 24 of 27 months with 12k or 15k miles. Please post them if you have them.

    Could someone also let me know what the reduction in MF is if you go single pay lease with MB as I would probably do that as well.

    Thanks for all the great information!
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 262
    550 will be much more expensive than 350, at least 50% more. All you get with 550 is a very powerful motor and an available adjustable air suspension.
  • 2014 E350 4Matic 24 mo, 10K/yr lease
    .00142 MF and 69% residual

    I don't have the 27 month special numbers, but in the past, Mercedes has used the 24 month residual for 27 months.... that's what I would guess.


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  • 2014 E350 BlueTec 36mo, 15K/yr lease
    Both models use Mercedes standard money factor.

    57% is the residual for both models, as well.. Add 2% for 12K/yr

    24mo, 15K/yr residual is 68%


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  • 2014 E350 4Matic 24mo, 15K/yr lease
    .00142 MF and 66% residual

    2014 E550 4Matic
    Standard money factor and 65% residual

    The 550 would be much, much more expensive, as another member noted..


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  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    edited December 2013
    yes, 24 mo rate is good for 27 mo lease...and the lease can be extended up to another 6 months at the end. mf for e350/e350 4matic is .00142 and you can reduce that to .00132 using autopay. Multiple security deposits can not be used with the .00142 rate...but that promotional rate is better than using the standard rate with multiple security deposits (I tried it both ways).

    The e550 and blutec and I believe the wagon use the standard money factor but you can take off the.0001 for autopay and give up to 7 muliple security deposits which will reduce the rate by an additional .00049.

    either way, don't forget to include the mercedes maintenance in the's treated as a feature so you only pay the difference between the price and the residual value...not the whole amount.

    I just leased an e350 last week....went through all the options...
  • Thanks for all the helpful info....

    I am not really trying to get a E550 but someone suggested that since I wanted a number of options and leather I would have an easier time finding one configured the way I wanted. If it fit in the same program would not be that bad as car had an increase in sticker of less than 5K and you did get the bigger engine - but with the higher MF and lower residual it gets hard to justify...

    One quick question just for curiosity. From other posts I believe the standard MF' which would be used on E550 would be .00225. If one wanted I assume they could do either a MSD reduction of .00049 or a single pay which would reduce it by .00080. Would the MB system allow you to do both put up MSD and then do a single pay lease? Seems unlikely but curious if anyone ever tried.
  • Hi, could you please share the details of your lease agreement? I'm interested in leasing a 2014 E350 BT

    Also, some clarifications if you could: what does "7 multiple security deposits" means in terms of $ value? is the standard MF .000142? can you explain the maintenance feature?
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