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Mercedes Benz R-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Why are you shifting? Isn't it an automatic?

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  • herisheris Posts: 15
    I have an '08 R320 and I drive in C mode. You can 'shift' the "little thingy" on the column or just push the button down by the emergency flashers to change driving modes. Better watch those fingers driving or you can change modes easy. Glad my fingers aren't too long.

    I get much better mileage driving around town in C mode -Vs- S mode. Example: I went from getting 19.7 miles/gallon driving around the island to 24.9 going from s moce to c mode. On the highway, I switch to S mode and get upper 29's. I suggest reading the book. I haven't read it all myself, so this is a kick in the pants for me, too. My excuse it that it's a bear. :) But boy, do I love this car.
  • I am not shifting, but I experimented with the button that is located on the right side of the steering column...noticed that it displays numbers from 1-6 next the D (Drive) display. I did read a bit in my owner's manual on this, but I wasn't sure when one would use this...perhaps in slippery situations, but I live outside Orlando, and I probably won't be using this much. Not sure what this is exactly intended to do. Anyway, I did switch from C (comfort) to S (sport) to see if it was any different. Thank you, Heris, for mentioning this. I shall immediately change it back to see if I notice anything different. This is my 6th Benz...(S, E, SL, 2 MLs). Just prior to my Pacifica (really, I loved that car!) I had a ML430, and I didn't notice it was that bad on gas (of course, that was when it was around a buck a gal), so I thought that this couldn't be much worse. I am still experimenting. Thanks for the feedback.
  • Just a footnote...I love it too. I think my 9 year old son loves it more! He loves the Pan roof, etc. I am glad I paid $30k for it because I don't think it's $20k more car than the Pacifica. That was a bargain at $28k. Of course, that's when Benz owned Chrysler, and I could tell there was a lot of Benz blood in the design of that vehicle. I actually would have gone back to Chrysler, but I am not sure what direction the entire company is headed now that Daimler divorced them...

    I have to laugh..yes, I did call it the little thingy, didn't I? I'm a chick, what can I say? (but always have been a gearhead).
  • Sport is definitely going to use more gas... It might be more fun, but you are going to pay for it..

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  • Thanks very much for letting me know that. I am really trying to tell the diff between S and C in the actual ride. I am paying attention to the tach and when it shifts, etc. It seems to fight itself when it initially shifts upon takeoffs from standing starts. So winding out in first gear can't be doing the gas mileage any favors either. I had such a bad experience with my last Benz, I am amazed I talked myself into a go of it again, so I am a bit gunshy to get enamored immediately. The test drive was the bomb, so I obviously loved something about it, but I am paranoid about having a bad time with it. I summed it up that it will be a dog because it was assembled in Alabama, just like my ML's, and that the assembly process is just not as good as if it were floated over from "the homeland." Maybe just my silly paranoia creeping up again.

    I already had an incident that soured me. I was driving the day after I got it down the Florida TPike and the "check oil levels at next fueling" prompt came on. I called the MB Roadside Assistance...I was on HOLD for 35 minutes on the side of the road before anyone even picked up.Tell me if I am wrong, but this is supposed to be a luxury car company and stellar customer service should be paramount and expected. In my mind, this was absolutely unacceptable. Well, this didn't help my overall perception of MB, and I got to questioning at that point why I didn't get a Lexus, which I was very close to doing. However, the man told me that because it was just changed (obviously, part of the CPO program), I should get it checked out and perhaps there is too much oil. I didn't get it checked out, but it seemed to "right" itself. But the entire experience annoyed the snot out of me. Not a great way to start off a honeymoon!

    Please, please someone tell me I will love this car! I truly want to.
  • We have an 08 R350 and love it after 3,000 + miles. We get around 21mpg on trips that combine city and long highway stretches. Pretty good for a vehicle this size. Everyone is right in my opinion: keep it in C "comfort" mode and you will get much better mileage.

    If you are "winding it out" while in C from a standing start, you are not in first gear. Among other reasons, the C mode gets better mileage because you start in 2nd gear (if I'm off on this point, I'm sure someone will correct me).

    As far as the Pacifica having MB genes, not really. The Pacifica and R were both almost fully designed and engineered when the MB/Chrysler merger/takeover occured. Both vehicles were so similar that MB changed the timing for the R and Chrysler launched the Pacifica as the "new" type of vehicle at the time. It took a while for Stuttgart to get the R design differentiated enough to take it to market. Hence the delay between the R and the Pacifica.

    Enjoy the vehicle for what it is: not a sports car (even though it has manual shift buttons), but sporty for the segment. I suggest also that you read the manual, as painful as that is.
  • After three Corvettes in my 20's and a 1998 500 SL (then I found out I was pregnant...there goes the SL!), I am done with sports cars, which is why I loved Patty Pacifica and now Ugly Betty Benz. I shall keep it in comfort, because, at my age, I am built for C for Comfort! LOL

    I have slowly been sifting through the manual. I think studying for the bar exam would be easier! Man, it seems like there is more to learn with this than any of my prior experiences with MB.

    Thanks to all with comments. Can't wait to go for a Comfortable drive with Betty.
  • Got a message on the dash..."Service "C" in 27 days." Okay, how much is THIS going to set me back? I am still in American Car World, and the last oil change I got cost $29.99! Haven't owned a fine German motorcar in four years, so can someone take me back to MB world before I book the appointment?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    Read your owner's manual to verify that you actually need the service C. I paid $122 for an oil change on my 07 C350. They did nothing but change the oil and filter and top off fluids--no inspections or anything else. I won't be going back for routine oil changes, but will have repairs done at the dealer.
  • From what I see, that is a normal oil change price! Eee gads, as I said, I have been in American car mode for the last 3 years...$30 for an oil change. I just bought this thing, and it is a CPO, so I can't imagine the oil needing changing already. I only have 400 miles on it after it was delivered to me.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I know its kinda late but are there any rebates or incentives on the 08's? There was none according to this website. Thanks
  • Yes there is still 9000 back from MBUSA for the r class 4matic if you can find one. Dealer shoudl sell at invoice basically about 13K off plus low APR

    Good luck
  • d5ad5a Posts: 64
    Was quoted a price of 38,500 on the road for a new end of year 2008 awd r350 with pk1 sunroof ipod 7 seat and heated seats. does everyone think thats a fair price or could i do better? :confuse: car sticker is 50,760. dealer said they would not make any profit on the car at this price, it be employee pricing at 38,500 on the road. Should i beleive them?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    If "on the road" means tax, tags, and everything, I'd run to the dealership.
  • d5ad5a Posts: 64
    Yes got them down to 36,200 then add tax and tags. its an 08, new last one. Black on Black (not what i would have picked but hey) awd, R350 gas with some options. pk1, heated seats, sunroof, ipod and a few other things. Has anyone heard of them being marked down even more? I have the car on hold will be picking it up on monday but want to get a feel for what people are paying. Even at 36,200 plus tax and tags its still alot of money to be parting with so planing it on keeping it a long time. Hope its a good car. Wanted to wait for the desil but know i couldn't not get a 09 desil down this far in pricing. Any ones thoughts would be helpful.

    Thanks room! :blush:
  • cary28cary28 Posts: 53
    My 06 R350 lease is ending this month, and I will really miss the luxury and comfort of this truly amazing crossover vehicle. Our family had quite a few road trips, including numerous drives from Northern Cal to San Diego, ski trips to Lake Tahoe, and enjoyable jaunts along the Pacific coastline.

    The R350 is really a hidden jewel in MB's lineup, and those of us who have lived with this car have learned to appreciate its stellar features. Its a luxury vehicle in the true MB sense(not like the ML/GL SUV class), with a solid body for smooth quiet drives. Ours was loaded to the gills with almost every option, which is what we will really miss after the lease. I still get a kick every time I sit behind the wheel, knowing it is still a unique car that gets a lot of notice on the road.

    MBF is offering a buyout of around $31K, which includes all tax and fees. I haven't started to negotiate with them, but will call them back tomorrow to give it a last attempt before the inspection on Thursday. It is a shame to let it go, since I only have around 19K miles on the odometer. My target is to get them down to under $22K, possibly even $20K, which would make it attractive when I calculate the total lease payment was only around $12K(really low mf and discounts in 2006 for a 27 months lease, and I used 1 pay lease to minimize my out of pocket cost).

    One concern I have about keeping this car is all the "gadgets" which will increase cost of ownership. I had no idea how expensive MB dealerships are until I paid $700+ for a "B" service, which is nothing more than an oil change with brake fluid recycle and tire rotation, along with the usual inspection and fluid top off.

    Any comments or suggestions on how to deal with MBF would be appreciated.
  • skr2skr2 Posts: 32
    Hi d5a,
    Where are you located? Can you post the dealership name and city please? Is this the R350 4dr All-wheel Drive 4MATIC Base?
    thanks in advance
  • d5ad5a Posts: 64
    Located in maryland. I did purchase the car and love it. the car is a well loaded r350 with all wheel drive. pk1, ipod, heated seats, seven seat option. Called other MD and VA dealers and no one could beat the price or no longer had 2008 in stock. What state are you located in?
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