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2001 - 2006 Honda CR-Vs



  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    Actually, spotted 2 of them today. They look a lot porkier in real life, IMHO. The tail lights are a big improvement over the previous version. I was so afraid they'd give it the frosted glass treatment that the new Civic sedans got.
  • conixconix Posts: 7

    I'd like some opinions from all you experts out there.

    I just purchased a brand new 2001 CR-V LE (SE in US) which I like everything about it so far EXCEPT driving it.

    Few days ago I posted a message complaining about streering wheel vibration. Someone suggested that I should check the tire pressure, and it should not be set too high. Acutally, they were originally set to 26PSI when I first picked up the car, and I set them to 28PSI for better fuel consumption just like many people do. I did feel the vibration in either case.

    Now my complains & observations are :

    * Streering wheel vibration - it's felt worst around 80Kph, seems worse going up hill, the vibration isn't so noticeable beyond 110kph

    * Noise - I was told that CR-V is noisy. But frankly I did not expected it to be this bad. I understand engine & tire noise due to lack of sound proofing. However, there seems to be some noise coming from wheel(s), not tires, probably from bearings. When the vehicle reaches around 100+ kph, the streering vibrartion is less noticeable like I mentioned above, but there's some other noise that developes as the vibration fades away, the noise getting worse at higher speed. I originally thought this noise was engine noise, but I'm just under 3000rpms cruising on highway, and I reach that point many times in city driving and never noticed any engine noise that bothered me. This noise is very low frequnency noise

    I'm no longer suspecting wheel balancing problem. I'm suspecting something else, such as Wheel Bearings, CV joint, or transmission.

    I'll definitely take it to the dealer and have them look at it. The problem is I usually don't trust these mechanics. They are the ones supposedly already checked everything (as part of Pre-Delivery Inspection) before the delivery. If the experts don't see the problem and I do, what's up with that?

    So far my CR-V has been a big disappointment. Any help would be greatly appreciated..

  • Why do subies have to spoil every party, telling us how their shrimp-like cars' wheels will never spin in the snow. Who cares.

    Only problem with new CR-V seems to be price (in Canada). Up about 8%. Too much.

    Why did canucks get leather and external temp. guage and yanks didn't? This seems like odd marketing.

    Conix: older model CR-V is noisy, but almost bulletproof. You must have got an (unusual) lemmon regarding vibs. Take it back. Mechanic at Honda siad it is the only vehicle he never fixes! New CR-V is much quieter than 91 model - too bad. When you kick the old one, she barks. New one just motors on out.

    Canadian Auto Journalists chose Liberty as new SUV of the year, eh? I wonder if that was before or after the Escape-like recalls.

    BTW, priced new CR-V versus Vue. Vue is expensive at upper end (also lacks leather), plus depreciation will probably be bad. Despite CR-V price increase, is it a better buy? Best in small SUV?
  • sluglineslugline Posts: 391
    You can tow the RT4WD CR-V behind a motorhome, as varmit said. In short, you must start the engine, row the levers through all the gears, put the vehicle in neutral, then leave the ignition in the accessory position. This must be repeated each time immediately before towing, or every eight hours. Full details are in the owner's manual, or on This site is highly recommended for every Honda owner; Honda releases all sorts of vehicle-specific info to those registered there.

    Meanwhile, if your RT4WD CR-V needs to be towed because of accident or breakdown, it must be on a flatbed towtruck. Keep in mind that the RT4WD hydraulics are active any time the CR-V's wheels are spinning, even when the engine is off.
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    conix: I don't know about your dealership, but I think some dealerships use lesser-trained techs to do the dealer prep, and keep their top techs available for repairs, where more expertise is needed. So it is worth letting them have a go at it.

    Good luck with sorting out your vibration problem. Doesn't sound normal.
  • conixconix Posts: 7
    Well, I test drove both 2002 and 2001 model. I really did like the ride in 2002 model better, but this car is supposed to be my wife's, and she hated 2002's design, both inside and outside, which I agree with her, especially the interior part. Besides, the new one was going to cost almost CDN $5000 more, and I did not like the hole in the wheel well at all.

    So I picked up 2001 model. I have a couple of friends who bought them (CR-Vs) in the first model year, and they both love it, which was the reason that motivated us to shop for CR-V. I just hope that the problem is something minor, not mechanical. The wheel balancing problem alone can cause all the problems I'm experiencing, and I'm hoping for this to be the case.

    I told my salesman 2-3 times and specifically asked him to make sure that I don't have either WHEEL BALANCING problem or ALIGNMENT problem when I receive the car. If it turns out to be wheel balancing problem, well, what should I do to him?

    I live 30Km away from the dealer, and my workplace is even farther. I did this on purpose, because my wife's work is near that dealer, and I did not expected to go back to the dealer for service this early..
  • varmitvarmit Posts: 1,125
    A word of advice. Always test drive your vehicle before you sign papers.

    That noise doesn't sound like "normal" CR-V noise. Unfortunately, there are a number of things that it could be. Some CR-V IX members posted a problem with a "buzzy vibration" at specific rpms. You can read about it here. And these are the alignment specs for the CR-V if you want to check on those. Now, if you were experiencing a "clunking" sound from the front of the car, I would recommend that you check out this, but that fix hasn't been needed in quite some time.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,652
    << Why do subies have to spoil every party, telling us how their shrimp-like cars' wheels will never spin in the snow. Who cares. >>

    Apparently many CRVers and Subie fans here seem to welcome the comparison, otherwise the discussions wouldn't be occurring.

    I believe the reason there are so many Subie posts here are do to the fact that: A) Subies and CRVs are often cross-shopped, and B) some of us Subie owners enjoy the discussions here, and have stuck around. I participate on a regular basis in several forums, in which I don't own that type of vehicle in which the topic is about.

  • artdechoartdecho Posts: 337
    Actually, the CR-V and Liberty tied in the compact SUV class.....Liberty got the nod overall when all classes of SUV were combined.
    I believe the CD's "street start" is what a typical driver would do to get a 0-60 time, as opposed to the normal 0-60 testing where the engine is reved and then the clutch is popped.
    This would account for the more "real world" type figures (around 10 sec) as opposed to the posted 0-60 times of Car & Driver etc of about 8.5 sec.
  • I had a chance to check out the new CR-V a couple weeks ago. I actually liked them, I didn't care for the first gen model. The styling looks similar to the last gen, but it looks wider, rounder and meaner. The interior was roomy enough, but I didn't like how the center console looked, and some of the materials were very hard. Any problems with CR-Vs yet outside of the recall I heard about earlier. Which colors do you all prefer, I personally like the dark blue color. Thanks in advance.
  • My 2002 V is great. I'm so much happier with it that I was with the 98 Civic I had. I am used to a console-all the hondas I've had have always had them but the center tray is nice enough for what I use it for. I have had mine since Nov 23 and have been getting 24-26 MPG so far. I have read on some forums of people getting better than this so I hope as the engine breaks in better that my mileage (not that I'm complaining) might go up a bit more.

    I got the Satin Silver. But...I would have gotten the red if it came with the black interior instead of the tan (ewww!)
  • That's why I like the Blue color the best, but I also like the red color as well. I wonder if I could have the dealer install aftermarket leather?
  • bailiebailie Posts: 12
    Any Canadians out there who may know the invoice price for the 2002 crv auto ex? (not Leather)
  • jrdwyerjrdwyer Posts: 168
    Has anyone here used the CRV in light duty off road use? Such situations as driving through pasture or crop fields, steep gravel or dirt roads(aka appalachia), rutted roads, etc. The specs show 8 inches of ground clearance and the departure angles look o.k. from pictures. And the new 2.4l should have enough low end, especially with a 5 spd. Does the 2002 engine get any sort of skid plates and is the muffler protected? Are the tires somewhat agressive or just road tires?

    I am looking for a small sport ute to replace my sedan, and I don't really need the toughness or heaviness of a Jeep Liberty. I would prefer something like the 2002 CRV with its decent gas milage, better on-road manners, and good build quality. It will be interesting to see what the next Suzuki Vitara/Chevy Tracker will be like and also the new Forester. Thanks.
  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    dudka, please share your info. nmnazareno posted a message about a month ago stated 7/100k $0ded for $535, did he give you the info for that? Thanks

    No he/she never contacted me about the qoute. mine is from a finance manager from a dealership in vermont, the qoute is for 2001 cr-v se for $730 with $50 deductible for 7 year/100 000 mile coverage. you can call town and country honda in berlin vt, at 802-223-9700, and ask to speak with Chip Worthen. Tell him that David Budek told you to give him a call about the honda care warranty. hopefully he will remeber who i am, :-) he will fedex you the papers to sign, and will charge your credit card, and you will get the paperwork from honda finance directly in about a month or so.
  • Try this link from for a long list of trips, most with pictures.

    From personal experience the CR-V does just fine off road, assuming you're not taking it boulder crawling. I've driven my '99 CR-V EX 5spd through fields, dirt roads, gravel roads, snow mobile trails (covered with snow), and a healthy dose of mud and shallow streams. The earlier CR-Vs had a front skid plate available as an accessory, I don't know about the 2002. The muffler and rear differential are not protected on the earlier CR-Vs, again I don't know about the 2002.

    Good luck!

  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    MT TOY had automatic transmission 2002 CRV, and it (or any other vehicle in the test) didn't get stuck anywhere as they mention it, so it may do okay for some offcourse driving, but certainly not boulder bashing.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Just learnt that a European magazines mentions possible launch of Honda's mid-size SUV placed between CRV and MDX, sometime in 2002 Summer. The prototype may be on display at Detroit Auto Show.
  • I hope it looks good. I am tired of the Ford Explorer and the Toyota 4Runner, I am dying to see just what Honda has in store for us with this new Honda SUV. Please don't let it look like the Passport I hate those SUVs (We own a 1995)
  • Thanks for the info :)
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