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Buick Enclave Audio Problems



  • eemsueemsu Posts: 6
    Mine and other detailed experiences with this problem can be found through google search "gm high pitch noise". I don't know the current status of the service bulletin below but you probably should talk with your service center manager about #PIT5166 and check, hopefully the instruction to service is no longer inaction. I see someone posted on June 10th this year:
    "GM Service bulletin #PIT5166.  New radio installed today and sound is GONE!!!!!"
  • augrisaugris Posts: 1
    Mine is a 2010 model and I also have this problem. Audio makes a pop sound and audio/nav screen goes blank and all audio, to include blinker indicator noise, shuts off. Usually it works again if I park for awhile and restart the engine. Other times it will come back on its own after awhile. It makes a loud clicking noise and then everything comes back on. I have to reset the display clock after each incident.
  • It only happens about 20% of the time, but it is annoying and definitely a safety concern: here is a video, if anybody can help, it would be great:
    watch ANY of the enclave videos of how the radio and turn signals are somehow tied. Dealership has replaced radio and the entire instrument panel in the past two months...2012 Enclave Blinker Noise Missing
  • It was so refreshing to read some of these posts. My dealer made me think I was going crazy. Didn't think to Google "Enclave radio issues" until now...
    I purchased a 2013 Enclave in May of this year. A couple weeks later I had to bring it in because my radio wasn't sounding right. So they replaced the amplifier. When picking it up from service, I started noticing a very annoying popping sound and I thought it was bad tweets, so I brought it in again. It didn't do it all of the time, and it was more noticeable with blue tooth than any other source. I was told it was a compatibility problem with my phone carrier and the car. So I purchased an mp3 player, and I was still experiencing issues! I brought it in again, and they kept it for three days, only to give it back to me and say that they had not found any issues. Thinking it was just me, I went ahead and upgraded the sound system. It sounds awesome now, but still the popping sound, and now, once in a while it'll do a really loud pop as if it had blown up and it resets, dumps out the DVD, reboots...the works. I don't think is fair that I wasn't helped and I'll potentially end up having to buy a new receiver when I see that related issues have been reported in the past and it appears to be known. What is the next level if service refuses to help me?
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