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Dodge Charger Transmission Problems



  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    Crank-I'm sorry that your having all these problems with your Charger.I have a '06 SXT and love it,and so far no problems.I found a service bulletin that sounds like your problem with your transmission.Its service bulletin #2100207,the date of bulletin is July 17,2007.It states torque converter shudder,and shift improvements.To me thats sounds like that is you problem.Tell the dealer to check the bulletin #to see if it is for your car.The high pitch noise your hearing sounds like you might have a vacuum leak somewhere in you engine.Have them check for a leak.I hope this helps.If the dealer gives you a hard time,try another dealer,even a Chrysler dealer,which ever would be closer.Good Luck.
  • got my charger in and had it fixed within 45 minutes, it was a o-ring on the sensor, what a relief , love the car so far.
  • Thanks for the reply. I'll do more digging. I did call another dealer already, and he said he would not look at my car unless authorized by Dodge to do so. I think I will though. Hate this dealer.
  • I too have had the same trouble. I have a 2006 Charger. It is currently in the shop for the second time for this problem. They said the torque converter was changed on the first trip. I also have a check engine light that keeps coming on. Said I had a carbon build up in the intake and throttle body. I had them to clean the areas. I have had the car less then four months, and it has been in shop three times so far. I like the ride and handling. Not to mention the appearance. It sure be nice to leave in my garage, instead of the dealer.

    Thanks for the heads up on the service bulletin. I will be sure to pass it along. They no mention of this at the dealer.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    jrturf35-I hope you get your problem resolved.I have a question about your carbon build up.If you have the 2.7 engine,their is a problem with sludge build up,and it also has a PVC system problem that would cause your carbon build up.Good luck,and I hope you get to enjoy your Charger.
  • I was told that I had a cracked PVC valve and that it was replaced. I've even received e-mail from Chrysler syaing that they contacted the dealer and their own technician said the car was fine, but I could bring it back again if I'm not satisfied. Go figure. Then why would I bring it back? After having the car in for service 4 times, I'm tired. I'll drive as is, and return in in 2 years when my lease is up.
  • I have an '08 with the 3.5L HO. It only has about 2500 miles on it, and I am feeling a shudder, but only when it shifts from 1st to 2nd, and not all the time. I just got it back from the shop and they said they did a software update, and test drove it and it was fine.....I still feel it!!
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    You may need to drive it for awhile for the transmission to reprogram to your driving.If that doesn't work,ask the service manager to go with you for a ride,and show them when it happens.Good Luck
  • crankeecrankee Posts: 5
    I feel your pain. The car looks great, but it's a piece of crap. Since they worked on mine, I now have a whistle that they hear, but cannot find. Sounds like a vacuum leak. I also have a speedometer needle that will ocassionally bounce to zero and come back. They told me that it was a fuse that will sometimes blow when you use the CD player. Which I never have. No more Dodges for me!!
  • crankeecrankee Posts: 5
    Thanks, but I've had the car over a year. It should have done that already. Besides, I don't want a car that has to adjust to my driving. The service manager did feel it when we took it for a ride. Didn't seem to make a difference, and nobody seems to care. I guess they're not concerned about losing business.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    Sorry to hear about your problem.I have A 06 Charger SXT and love it.Sometimes you get a bad one.If you wanted to,you could try another dealer,or call Chrysler and see if they will buy it back.As far as the Transmission learning,all cars have electronic trannys that need to be learned to your driving.Good Luck
  • Hi, well I bought a bran new 08 3.5 STX Charger last week. It only has 400miles and I have the same problem. I have not taken it to the dealer yet I want to see what real pepole are going threw first. Any advise with the weird sound from 1st to 2nd.
  • Yeah, I have had mine at a few different dealerships, and one wouldn't even admit there was a problem, the other one said they know about it, but Dodge hasn't come up with a fix it is "performing as designed". Supposedly it is a computer problem with the shift program.
  • I have a 2008 charger 3.5 with the same shutter problem in transmission between 1st & 2nd. Less than 400 miles on it. Returned the car to the dealership for repair. Was told the following day by service tech, this was a normal condition & i should drive the car more aggressive. They even put this on the service ticket. I again returned the charger for repair & they installed computer update. The shutter is still there. Have called dodge several times, only to be refered back to the dealership.
  • I have a 2007 Dodge Charger 5.7 Hemi. My question as follows: When I want to really get down on my car and have shift to 1st gear and when I punch the gas, my transmission shifts from 1st to 2nd before I want to. What can I do to solve this issue ?
  • :sick:

    I have an '06, 3.5LHO with 45K on it.

    Had the O ring changed at 18K (I bought it at 16K).

    Went to the dealership Saturday for an oil change and was recommended to have the throttle body cleaned, which I did. Driving away from the dealer, I had that old familiar hesitation and skip in the trannym followed by the usual service engine light coming on. This has happened in the past, with the light clearing up after a drive cycle and Dodge saying that there is nothing wrong. Started 'er up this morning (14 degrees in NYC), felt the familiar sluggishness of the very cold tranny... but she had a new trick for me today... would not get out of 2nd or 3rd gear and th eautostick wouldn't work. Couldn;t drive any faster than 50, with the engine revving to high.... so I took her back home and will drop her off at the dealership tonight for hopefully a fix under the extended warranty.

    For the record... after taking the car back home, I fired up my '99 V6 Mustang with 202K miles on it (original tranny and engine-it's literally a high speed sherman tank) and blasted off to work. If this tranny issue with Dodge isn'e rectified... it may very well be my last Dodge... ever.
  • I own a 2007 Charger and I will tell you this, this will be my last Dodge/Chrysler ever in my life. This is my first Dodge that I've owned and mainly because I would hear and witness horror stories about the transmissions...and then I saw the charger and thought it looked like a "Beast", so I went out and bought one (like a dummy). 1st. 780 mi. in, I noticed that when the trans went to 2nd gear that it would do this qurky feeling like a hesitation/jump or some madness (it still does it @ 40,000k), took it to a dealership, got the classic run around about how "CHRYSLER" has sent a fix for that yet. Aren't you a CHRYSLER dealership? Fix it!! "We can't". replies the tech inside the heated shop with about 8 other chargers that looked to be doomed. Anyway, other things I notice, if I'm driving on the freeway, the speed needle will just drop to zero, then kick back to normal. What? -oh, need I say that 2 out of the 4 speakers don't work anymore (and no I don't blast my music), I just turned the radio on (usually sports radio),and I only have 2 speakers working. One in the front, and one in the back. Now keep in mind, I have not had this car a full 2 years yet.... I'm done with chrylser/dodge/diamler or whatever or whoever they are today. My next vehicle will be.................a Honda Accord. I hear people saying "Buy American" and all that, but you know what? I'm paying the note, not them. I would buy another one if it was reliable, but for the most part they are not. The proof is in the $28,000 pudding I'm stuck with.
  • valatariavalataria Posts: 12
    I have never in my life seen a co-orperation line Chrysler,that totally refuses to rectify customers' concern when it comes to repairs that should be done when the problem is stairing them in the face. The service directior all the way down to the repair techicians. Nothing but a bunch of liers. No need in calling the Chrysler Co-orperation for assistance,because they will stand behind what the dealership tells them. Always unable to duplicate,normal operation. I will never in my life ever buy another Dodge/Chrysler product again. As soon as General Motors come out with there Camaro,this pile of crap of a dodge will be gone.
  • valatariavalataria Posts: 12
    My name is Larry Jackson from Hewitt,Tx. I bought my Charger from Sam Nay's Waco Dodge. For everyone that's interested in buying from Waco Dodge,don't. The service after the sale is terriable and they only tell one lie after the next. My Charger has been into that shop more times than I can count and I still have a knock in my engine. Diagnosed as normal operation,unable to duplicate. No need in calling Chrysler assistance,because they are only going to believe what the dealership tells them. I requested to have meeting with the district represenative,only to be told we don't have one. This has been this way since july 2007 after my vehicle brokedown at 1143 miles. now I have a knock in the engine and no one that represent Chrysler to turn to,so I will just keep driving it until 2010 when GM comes out with the new Camaro. I will never again in my life buy another Chrysler/Dodge product and will discourage anyone else from making the same mistake I made. GM hurry with the Camaro.
  • valatariavalataria Posts: 12
    Good luck with the buy back. Chrysler will never buy it back,but they will fill you a bunch of BS. They are the worst corporation I have ever delt with. Never again will I buy another Dodge/Chrysler product. This was my first and last. They are not going to do anything,because they don't have the qualified technicians to do the proper repairs. I am speaking from experience. Sell it and buy another product other than Dodge/Chrysler and save yourself some headaches.
    Larry Jackson
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