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Mercedes-Benz C-300 European Delivery



  • rick92rick92 Posts: 14
    sorry for the delay. I will send it tomorrow at your email.
  • rick92rick92 Posts: 14
    sent today..... sorry for the delay :shades:
  • Mike02,

    Picked up my C300 4M w/ P1 & MM on Feb 6 & drop-off on Feb 10 in Stuttgart. Black Forest package. Cost me an extra 75Euros for Harms to pick-up on a Sunday at the Graf Zepellin w/ 16 Euros for parking. Brought my Garmin w/ Euro SD card v9. No problems except when we got to Telfs, Austria. Garmin couldn't find the Interalpen Hotel. But as soon as you exit the autobahn and get to the roundabout, there are signs to point you in the right direction.
  • mike02mike02 Posts: 13
    I just got official word from MB that Austria passed a new law prohibiting cars without winter tires entering the country until April 15, and as a consequence MB refusing any reservations in Austria in that time frame.
  • Mike02,

    Is there any official Austrian website that indicate this? I am planning to go Austria by myself (outside of the Black Forest package).

  • mike02mike02 Posts: 13
    My schedule is such starting March 3:
    Stuttgart - Baden-Baden - Strasbourg - Lausanne - Munich (7 days total).
    Any quick suggestions on what to see and how to drive best among those places?
    Thank you!
  • glass08glass08 Posts: 1
    I am picking up a C300 in March in Germany. Does anybody know if it is possible to get the European-shaped tags once I'm back in the United States? I've seen several BMWs in Texas with those plates, but I'm not sure how they are obtained.

    I know that's the style of plate we'll have while driving in Germany, but I'm just curious if it's possible to get that style back in the US, specifically in Texas. Thanks.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,601
    No state issues Euro sized plates.

    The ones on your car while in Europe will most likely still be attached to your car upon it's arrival in North America. Ask you dealership to leave them with you. Possibly you could get away with running one on the front but if you require both front and back plates, expect notice from the police.
  • robr2, that is exactly what we discovered when we took delivery of a Porsche 928 at Stuttgart1n 1979. To our delight, the car was delivered to us in California with the same beautiful black-and-white oval Gerrman plates that we used while driving in Europe!

    We realize this information is somewhat dated; we'll update it for you later this year, after we pick up our new C350 Sport (in April)!

  • willy007willy007 Posts: 12

    Just would like to let you guys know about financing. It is possible doing it without going through MB financing.

    - I am picking up my C300 in March 24th. So, when I placed my $2000 deposit initially at the dealer, I was supposed to pay in full by February 24.
    - I finished up the auto loan paperwork through my credit union, but they cannot issue a check without VIN number.
    - So, I let the EDP specialist talk to my credit union directly.
    - On February 24th (the day I was supposed to pay in full), I came to the dealership and signed a paperwork, indicating that the car will be under my credit union's ownership, since I will be financing through that credit union.
    - On February 29th, my car finished production and the VIN number is issued. The EDP specialist informed my credit union, and the check is issued from my credit union, sent to the dealer directly.

    Bottomline, if you are financing outside of MB, have the EDP specialist talk to your financial institution directly. I think MBUSA have some grace period for the full payment, as long as you have the loan finalized through a financial institution by the 1-month date, with the check (from the financial institution) pending upon the VIN being issued.

    My 2 cents.

  • kengarookengaroo Posts: 25
    Does anyone know when Mercedes let you order the 2009 for the European delivery? I would like to take delivery toward the end of August and I was hoping it could be a 2009 model. Otherwise it would defeat the purpose of the discounted European Delivery because by the time the cars arrives in the US, the 2008 model would be on clearance sale.
  • I'm going tomorrow, April 2nd, to order a new 2009 C300 4MATIC Sport through my MB Dealer (European Delivery Program), to pick up at the Sindelfingen Delivery Center, in Stuttgart, on August 1. The earliest delivery date for C300W, C300W4 and C350W is July 31st. I been told by the MB dealer that the 2009 C 300 model
    looks the same as the 2008 model but will have now memory for the seats. My new car will have Package Premium I & II, Multimedia and iPod Integration Kit. It seems that, so far, the GPS that comes with the car can'nt work while driving trough Europe. The GPS hard disk comes only with the software to work in the US. I plan to take a portable Magellan with the European software to gide me along the european roads during my three months vacation, before return the car to the drop off local in Madrid.
    This is the 5th MB car that I pick up in Suttgart.
    If I have more news about the new model I will let you know.
  • After your vacation in Europe, when you leave the car at the drop off local, you can bring with you the european front plate. Just leave the rear one. When you leave the car, just confirm that. Only in drop off points like Milan, from where the car will be driven by road back to germany for shipment, you have to leave both plates. In June 2008, I left my EDP MB E350 4MATIC in Auto Turistica, Madrid, to be shiped back to the US, and I brought the front plate with me. Exactly eight weeks later I received the car at my US MB dealership with the European rear plate still attached.
  • kengarookengaroo Posts: 25

    Does MB dealers put any mark ups on European Delivery (ED) vehicles? I read that it is normal for BMW dealers to charge between $1,000 - $1,500 for ED vehicles as their profit.

    Also are there any standrad fees that MB charges when you purchase a vehicle either from the dealer or ED? Such as advertising and training fee like the BMW. I have never purchased a MB before and I want to know ahead of time what kind of fees are assoicated with the vehicle before I start the negotiating.

  • Hi. Just do this way.
    1. Go to; 2. Choose the model you want; 3. Build the car, choosing the exterior and interior colors, options and packages.
    From the total amount that shows up you deduct the delivery/transportation fee of $825.00 (not charged for european delivery) ; now from that new amount you take 7% discount. Finally contact any MB Dealer. The dealer will confirm the amount value that you got through the MB Web site. Usualy you need to order the car about 4 months in advance, pay a deposit of $2,000.00 when ordering and pay the balance in full, at least one month before the pickup date in stuttgart. The European Delivery Package includes one hotel night for two, two taxi vouchers (Airport to hotel + hotel to Sindelfingen), one voucher for lunch at the delivery center (You can eat there or take out the lunch with you), and 15 days compreensive insurance. If you plan to drive the car in europe for more than that two weeks, at the time of the order let them know that you need, for instance, one full month, two or more months road insurance, but never more than six. Last year I paid $680.00 for two months. Within the validity of the insurance you have to take the car to one of several drop off points. I drove my E350 to Madrid and got it back home exactly 6 weeks later. If you leave in Massachusetts or nearby, I may be able to get you a good deal.

  • reyesdareyesda Posts: 3
    took delivery 4/1 on my C300 4M from Fletcher Jones MB Newport Beach. German tags were in the trunk. But the Duetchland (D) Sticker and the Austrian toll sticker was gone. The did an excellent job cleaning the car.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    You can do all that directly at MBUSA,com by going to their European Delivery page and building the car there - and it gives all the details of the program, as well as the correct OSD price without the math.
  • e2009e2009 Posts: 23
    The insurance provided by MB only covers the vehicle? Does MB sell liability insurance for the driving in Europe? I read some place that there is a European GPS available on loan from MB that must be returned when the vehicle is left at the drop off location.
  • e2009e2009 Posts: 23
    I used the MB site to order a 2009 E-Class. The site will prompt to any dealer in the United States. The site request requires that a valid telephone be listed with your name and address. I requested a reply by E-mail from the dealers that I contacted in different states. Every dealer called. I do not think they read past your name and phone number.

    The E-Mail usually goes to the Internet Department of the dealer. Some of the representatives were not aware of the European Delivery Program. One dealer told me they do not sell cars for exports. Some dealers felt the E-mail have been sent to the wrong state.

    The prices are not available for the 2009. The dealer I selected completed the request with the options that I selected on the MB forms. I sent the deposit and the vehicle will be delivered to a local deliver near my home. The vehicle will be available a few days after August 1, 2008. We delayed the pickup date a few days in case there in a delay at the factory.
  • We picked up our C350 Sport AMG at the M-B factory near Stuttgart last month. We drove the optional Rally Package, handing over the car five days (and 700 miles) later in Munich. It was a memorable experience -- we even collected a speeding ticket on an Austrian Autobahn!

    Here are some pictures we took when we picked up the car. Click: Kundencenter

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