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Acura MDX (pre-2007)



  • Only accessories I got were the mud flaps, the cargo cover, and then the mats. Think the Moon VIsor kind of "scrunches up" the front "face" of the vehicle ... . Think the running boards, while they may (matter of opinion) look cool ... get in the way when exiting. I think I will look into the rear air deflector. I have heard they are on back order nationally, but can be obtained from "Tim at Hondaword". Think I'd probably have to have dealer install... Hope this is helpful!
  • ahossaahossa Posts: 152
    Very spacious and like the Suv overall.However, one sour note i realy hate is wind noise when driving over 50MPH on highway. I'm a stikler for quiteness in a vehicle and Iam very disappointed at the level of noise in the cabin. In city driving it's okay. I test drove the Highlander and it'a a very quite vehicle however, I did not go on a highway so I don't know if you will hear wind noise and road noise.My advice to anyone buying a MDX is take a test dive on a highway to see if the level of noise is acceptable.I also heard crosswinds on the roof rack at 60 MPH in NYC (Grand Central Pkwy and Long Island Expwy). If i had test driven the MDX on a highway I would not have bought it.
    For those of you comparing Mdx to Highlander; Here's the Difference:MDX is a better value. It's sturdier, wider, longer,better quality materials and 2 most important things are1> it's priced just $1600. more than a HL 2. MDX comes with a better warranty 4yr/50,000 miles as opposed to HL 3yr/36000.miles. The Hl is way overpriced. It may feel like a Lexus, a cousin of Lexus but it's not a Lexus.I hope people resist paying MSRP for HL.
  • (In particular, ucsdtriton and mdxed)
    Regarding THUD sound: I am still experiencing daily the strange THUD sound under my left footwell when making a right turn. My appointment is next Wed. (24th) and will post what they diagnose.

    Thanks a lot for ncsdtriton of the whole updating posting. You are the lead and pioneer of THUD issue. You and we will get more support from more MDX owners. My last 6 digits VIN is 507977. I live in Sunnyvale, north California. Let's do it together, if we have to "...get money back or another car."

    BTW, ncsdtriton: I saw another MDX owner complaining the same problem in acuramdx.ord. His/her name is losangshopper. Is that you ?
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    Glad you like the MDX!

    1) Your item #1 said the MDX was just $1600 more than the Highlander. Are you using the Base or Touring Model as the reference?

    2) Sorry about the wind noise, but you helped confirm my suspicions that the cross-members making up the roof rack add some definite wind noise at highway speeds. I saw a post in here a couple weeks ago from someone who said he was going to remove the roof rack on his Touring MDX. You might consider that option if you find no functional value to it. I have a Base MDX without a roof rack, and although it isn't as quiet as a Lexus, I don't have a problem with the wind noise. I would venture to say that I hear just as much road/tire noise as wind noise.
  • Hi ncsdtriton,

    I forgot one thing. Yesterday I called ACURA Client Service 24x7 phone line and did talked with a tech support engineer. Based on what he said, so far there is no record of this THUD sound problem. But in your posting, you said that your dealer talked to the ACURA engineering headquarter and change your car's strud tower... Do you think that ACURA is really aware of the issue?
  • rgrosergrose Posts: 4

    Thanks for the advice about third party roof rack. MDX rack is not much to brag about. Do you have any contacts for third party rack?
  • The cargo cover has TWO positions:

    One behind the second seat
    One behind the third seat.

    Both are identical in how the cover "snaps" or compresses into a little detent. There are four plastic covers which pop off with a screwdriver for the two positions.

    Perhaps whoever installed it didn't pop off all four, but just got the front two? (can't imagine the dealership messing this up, being as they are the experts on this vehicle...)

    Once you get used to it, it is a snap to compress the whole thinh with one hand and pull it up to the window, release, them turn it to get it out.

    To my knowledge, both the cargo tray and Cargo liner are user-installed.

  • Why does the factory rack have such a bad reputation???

    Most vehicles which carry Thule/Yakima/etc are NOT "adjustable", nor is adjustment necessary for any of the carrier accessories made by these manufacturers. All these accessories are made with the assumption that the distance between bars on different installations will vary, and they will fit on any spacing within reason.

    Go ahead and justify the base model, but give me the factory rack any day over the tubular contraptions from yak/thule.... Plus, if you think they will be quieter than the factory, I doubt it.

    Any specific issues?

    Lets discuss.

  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    What are you comparing to when you say it has a lot of wind noise? A car? :-)
    You're pushing a giant box against the wind. ;-)
  • nyckidnyckid Posts: 16
    I bought my MDX from the same place you did (Rallye Acura). I got the base, however. I drove mine on the Grand Central Parkway (Northern State) and the LIE. I have the moonroof visor and the wind noise is comparable to a midsize sedan from Toyota or Mitsubishi. Maybe you should get the visor.

    If you know of anyone that has an MDX with the visor, ask them if you can ride in it when they go on the highway. See if there is a difference.

    Some of the earlier posts indicate that there is a marked difference with the roof rack on it, also. I suspect that the rack is causing most of the noise. It is not very aerodynamic....... that is one of the major reasons why I didn't get it.
  • ahossaahossa Posts: 152
    I am comparing the ride to the Toyota Highlander.I have never owned a Suv before so MAybe I am not accustomed to that noise level but the cabin was loud.I was impressed with the supression of noise by Toyota in the HL. To me it appears that Acura did not put enough noise reduction padding in the cabin so as to keep the SUV affordable. It's not engine noise I know that for sure.
  • I have a base MDX. Before I installed the roof rack, the wind noise on the MDX is not very pronounced. I thought that it is about the same as the ML320. After I installed the roof rack. I am very sure that it ii noisier now. I would say that it is about 20 to 30% more. But even at this level, it is still much quieter than other SUV I have tested, with the exception of the RX300, X5. I hope that this would help.
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    You said in the previous post that you didn't take the Highlander on the highway, so you're comparing apples (Highlander under 40mph on road) w/ oranges (any SUV on highway)...
    In the C&D test a while back, the X5 was quietest on the highway, followed by ML320, then by RX300 and MDX. The ML320 has *lots* of wind noise once you get over's that big box through wind problem again :-)
  • pd88pd88 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know how easy or how difficult to install a roof rack on a MDX base model? Dealers charge $400 - $500, but the A&I Motor sell the "Roof Carrier Kit" for only $135. Is it roof rack? Thanks.
  • mdx1mdx1 Posts: 63
    Referenced Post

    The FM radio in the MDX is not as good as the one in the RX300 I test drove and is actually worse than my 12 year-old Camry LE's factory radio. The problem is the lack of clarity. But the radio in my '98 Sienna is even worse than the one in the MDX.

    On the other hand, I consider the CD sound quality on my Touring MDX to be very good. It played all my CD-Rs flawlessly. My MDX as delivered had a subwoofer rattling problem and was solved after my dealer replaced the subwoofer.

    I don't consider myself an audiophile type person (my stereo worthes a lot of less than my MDX!) but I do enjoy good sound when I hear it. My home system consists of a pair of ribbon speakers, a Velodyne sub, a B&W CC6 center channel and a pair a B&W 601 rear surround speakers.
  • I too have noticed the thud usually when making a right turn. It appears to come from the left wheelwell. I will be taking it in to the dealer this week and will post the results.
  • It seems to be an Acura pattern that a first year vehicle is noisy. I liked everything about my 1991 Legend except the excessive road noise. Acura put more sound insulation and thicker window glass in Legends in succeeding years. It's a good thing I won't be interested in an MDX for a year or two. I'm sure they'll be quieter by then.
  • There have been 3 or 4 extended explanations on the roof rack install since october. Check the archives.

    It requires only hand tools, no drilling or such. Yes, the roof rack you buy from Tim in NY or from A&I is a factory rack without having to waste your time at the dealership. For someone mildly handy, it should be a "push". (By the time you drive to the dealer, drive to work, drive to the dealer, drive home.)

    Nobody has posted any problems with an install...

    Roof Rack Tirade:
    While the X5 and M roof racks "look" more aerodynamic, and they are- how do you attach anything to them??? Looks like you add cross bars, THEN carrier parts. Once you add the cross bars, noise on the round or square bars goes up (plus an extra few hundred $$$). Plus it starts looking like a lincoln-log deal. I may be wrong, perhaps there is are integrated aerodynamic cross bars not pictured where I'm looking. Being a functional kind of guy, I like the fact that the MDX needs no other fittings or bars to work.

  • Long term readers and posters here know that I detest traction/stability control systems because they hinder forward progress, whereas VTM-4 and VTM-4/Quaife do not. Take a look at the February 2001 issue of Popular Science, p. 34. Frank Vizard, the author of the piece, says "A long sweeping left turn became a slide, putting the ABS-equipped vehicle [the Highlander] into a snowbank that was the last barrier before a deep ravine. I suppose the moral is that even with an electronic distribution system for braking, auxiliary braking power for emergencies, and skid control, snow sometimes wins. Ironically, the traction-control system--which can't be turned off--kept the vehicle stuck in the snow, right front wheel spinning madly. We pushed it out...I was wishing it was more truck-like...with a more traditional 4WD and better traction."

  • The same issue of Popular Science has still another story on fuel cell research. Hundreds of millions of dollars are going into this rat hole; heck even Honda is investing here. According to the story, also on p. 34, the tank-to-wheel energy efficiency is around 22% for the latest "breakthrough." Ridiculous. A much more efficient and less expensive method would be a Stirling cycle engine or a Satz engine (modified gas turbine engine in which each mechanism both compresses and expands the working fluid) combined with a CVT. The MDX's 5-speed automatic transmission (transaxle) is super smooth ("silky" in the phrase of the automotive journalists), but it still cannot match the efficiency of a CVT. Get working on it (and the Quaife front differential), MDX engineers.

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