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Acura MDX (pre-2007)



  • bk1bk1 Posts: 6
    Is it safe to assume that the new Sage Brush color for the MDX is the very same Sage Brush that is already available on the Honda Pilot?

    My local Acura dealer does not know of any color changes, increasing engine size, different headlights, etc. So, I might just "choose" Sage Brush even though its "not available for the MDX" with a good secondary color choice as a backup.

    Anyone else tried ordering a color that is "not available?
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Posts: 380
    It has been my experience that AHMC does not foster the idea of dealers "ordering a specific car for a specific customer", as say a Buick store might do.

    Dealers select the models/colors in hopes of having the 'desirable combinations' on their lot. If a potential customer comes into a Honda store looking for some combination that is not on that particular dealer's lot, the salesperson has ability to search other dealers for an available vehicle.

    In the case of MDX/Pilot and other "high demand" vehicles MOST dealers won't part with ANY stock. They have a high probability of selling all units they are alloted.

    Given the relatvely low number of color/equipment/trim level options the best strategy may be to visit/contact a large number of dealers.

    As to making color requests before production starts, it is also wise to consider that the Pilot/MDX plant does produce vehicles in 'batches' by color, which leads to deliveries to dealers in 'cluster of colors' -- deliveries of first week on month may be black & red, second week white and blue, third week silver and green et cetera.

    There have been delays in the actual production of certain colors, and this may alos affect your decision to 'pre-select' a particular color...

    It seems AHMC uses the 'overseas production/delivery' thinking even for vehicles built in North America. The best strategy is to be flexible and be prepared to shop & wait.

    Good Luck!
  • hkyhky Posts: 71
    I'm looking into getting a suv and likely mdx. Have anyone in the board has any real life emergency/accident experience, does the mdx feel safe , controllable or sure-footed? I understand both the insurance and nhtsa rated the mdx good on crash, but I'm just wondering the handling of mdx in emergency situations.

    In the dfw area, there are too many tail-gaters/ aggressive drivers with cellphone on their hand and a lots of them are driving big vechicles. The suv/minivan accidents (kills all but one occupants) over the weekend @I20 just makes me think twice...

  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Posts: 380
    The MDX (and Pilot) have been designed to meet high crash worthiness standards and the results show that Acura is on target.
    5 star NHTSA side impact (ties for highest star score among tested SUVs)

    IIHS Offset Frontal Impact Best Pick (2nd of all SUVs tested)

    Tied with only one other vehicle for highest rollover resistance rating among SUVs
    To be fair, there are other vehicles on sale & coming that will match these results, but MDX has shown to be very good.

    The handling of the MDX is very good. It is much more like a sedan than a "truck". Like many vehicles, the MDX has ABS standard, and its 4WD system is standard in all models.

    HOWEVER, the MDX is not a 'miracle machine'-- it has a weight bias toward the front end, and its brakes are not those of a sports car. There are limits to any vehicle design...

    If you want to pay more you could get a some other vehicle that is even more crash resistant, and perhaps one that is even better in emergency handling, but you'd be paying more and probably getting less.

    The features of the MDX (& Pilot) must be assessed as a 'marketplace compromise' -- and as such there are few (?no) vehicles that offer the utility, efficiency, luxury, safety, reliability and value.

    Good Luck!
  • ahossaahossa Posts: 152
    I have an 01 Mdx and have noticed a shudder problem when pulling out of a parking space and Stop light. The car shudders as I get to 20mpg but above that I do not experience it. Has anyone ever had this problem?I saw someone with this problem a few posts back but no one responded. See post 4199 written by Aggie.He has the same problem
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Posts: 380
    Big differences!

    Their's is "lift off the gas pedal around 40 mph." (which is possibly torque converter lock-up disengagement) YOURS seems as though it may be related to VTM, as it goes away at "20mpg but above that I do not experience it"...

    What is your mileage?

    Has your VTM been serviced?

    This could be a minor problem with the VTM fluid, and even if not, it will be under warranty-- GET TO DEALER ASAP!
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Only had to do it once and it wasn't that severe, basically a hard swerve to avoid someone who wasn't where they should have been. The MDX does handle quite well. But it's no miracle worker. It's heavy and has a severe front-end bias.

    According to Consumer Reports, the MDX's emergency handling is roughly average for an SUV (CR scores emergency handling across all vehicle types -- most SUV's garner a "below average," as did the MDX). They did notice some fishtailing, again due to the front-end weight bias, and the lack of stability control.
  • rudy331rudy331 Posts: 27
    Once again you have proven very knowledgeable. I appreciate all your assistance. If I didn't think they would be reluctant to refund my deposit, I would purchase from another Acura dealer. My salesman has not offered any info and takes several days to reply to e-mail or phone messages. I have ordered the Havasu Blue so I am hoping that the Quartz interior is available since I am not crazy about the Ebony. When do you think Acura will release the 2003 brochure?? Thanks again.
  • To all...
    Sorry to have been away for a few days. I actually spent some time driving back and forth to Philly in my own MDX.

    I actually wish that they would allow for a medium to dark interior with the white as well. I just prefer more exterior / interior contrast. I'll be letting everyone know the exact combinations just as soon as I can verify them. I don't like to guess because I want the information I offer everyone here to be accurate. Correct, there is not supposed to be a Base Trim level, with navigation or entertainment system, for 2003. I can't imagine that you'd see the Perforated Seating look disappear at this point. I'll post more details once I have them.


    It is actually easier to sell MDX custom ordered. All a dealer has to do is take future production orders against their factory allocation. Lets say a dealer has 55 clients with MDX orders and they normally receive 15 MDX's on their monthly production allocation. (A 3-4 Month wait time) When they get their next allocation of MDX's for production, they simply specify each MDX to be built exactly as it was orderd by the client. You really just go one at a time down the order list. Occasionally, extras can become avialable to the dealer that they have no control over. In this case, dealers usually just sell the MDX to the first client that wants it.

    Trim Level and Color combinations on MDX's are actually built several times during the production month, not just once per month. This is why two clients ordering the same trim and color for production in a particular month can actually have their MDX's built at different times.

    I've never seen a delay in order times because of a color selection. Acura will literally build the MDX's ordered exactly as requested. I could just as easily request 15 White with Saddle Touring editions as 1. They'll fill the orders regardless. I often have 8 or more Silver / Ebony Touring with Navigation MDX's ordered for just one month. That's what's most popular in my area. The only exception is when a color will no longer exist, such as Deep Mahogany Pearl. When this happens, dealers are told several Months ahead of time to allow for existing clients orders to be filled and to alert new clients that cerain colors are no longer going to be available. This enevitably causes some people to search everywhere for a dealer that has their particular color combination still available.

    You're very welcome. I don't know why so many clients have trouble with salespeople on MDX's. People love the vehicles and the salespeople are compensated after all. Ordering and taking delivery of an MDX should be a great experience for everyone. Its my opinion that too many salespeople and dearerships rely on the strenght of the vehicle and its popularity rather than focusing on the client. I guess some salespeople mistakenly assume the vehicle is so great that they don't have to actually do any work.

    You should be able to find out about your Quartz interior soon. No dealers have received their color sharts for 2003 MDX's as of yet. Tomorrow is the allocation for the 2003 RL, 2003 RSX and continuing allocation of the 2003 CL & TL. I'll keep you posted.

    Jamie S.
  • Any more news on the 2003 MDX's? My dealer is sticking to "we won't know anything until September". I'm going to have to change my order for a base with navigation because of the new 5 model lineup you mentioned. Would appreciate any additional news you may have what interior(s) will be available with silver, any factory options and the new features will be for 2003.

    Thanks from all of us.
  • will4271will4271 Posts: 187
    I was wondering what's the cost for it?

    Did it differ from dealer to dealer?

    Is it worth it?

    Have anyone brought it?
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    Honda is such a reliable vehicle. Wouldn't it be a waste of money since you will likely never use it?
  • will4271will4271 Posts: 187
    I thought that same way also. But after checking out the Ody discussions, there were lots of transmission problems in early models (99-01).

    THe MDX is essentially the same car as the Odys but I wonder if the experience is better?

    Just on a fact finding mission.
  • slockoslocko Posts: 107
    after waiting for 6 weeks almost 7 for a pilot without a vin number, i decided to test drive the mdx. i already own a 2002 odyssey with nav and love it. great family vehicle for anyone with more than 1 child.

    i wanted a pilot for my 50-60 minute drive to work everyday. my 97 dodge stratus es is a good car but when you start spending so much time behind the wheel everyday, you begin to want more comfort. these days it seems like everyone drives a truck, van, or suv. you get stuck behind them and you can't see anything.

    i walked into the acura dealer near my house with little more than curiousity. they had a silver with navigation like my van. there were two people ahead of me test driving the mdx. i patiently waited and once i got behind the wheel and drove it, it was love at first drive.

    they wanted 3k premium. i said no way. i told them i wanted that one that I test drove. silver with nav. base. salesmanager said how much. i said msrp. he said 2k plus msrp. i said msrp. he said 1k plus msrp. i thought about it. it had navigation and it was silver. both things i wanted. instant gratification won out and i said you have a deal. he gave me wheel locks, roof rack, and sidesteps for $900. I know I was overpaying on those items but it was late already and i was getting tired, so I got him down to $900 from $1500 and called it a night.

    next day i went back and as i was waiting for the finance guy to do the paperwork i started talking to the salesguy. nice young kid. he was telling me that after he sold me the mdx he sold the floor demo to a couple for 3k premium and on top of that the demo had tons of upgrades at inflated prices. he told me that their commissions are caped so the premium is pure profit for the dealership.

    i have to say this suv is deceptively large. it doesn't look it, but in the garage next to my ody you see how big it is. it's taller and almost as long. when behind the wheel the rx300 looks small. i just love my mdx!!!!!
  • rn4funrn4fun Posts: 3
    I am in Colorado and did extensive research online and in person and over the phone before ordering my MDX. After driving it I knew I wanted it and went about finding the best price, and the best service. I ended up going with the first place I walked into. The salesman offered me a loaner until my vehicle arrives (I have a lease that is due) which will be for at least five weeks. This will be at no charge to me. He also contracted with me to come to my place of employment and trade cars with me when the MDX needs any service, and then to return it serviced by the end of the day. No charge for this little perk either. I queried him as to changes in color, interior and such for the 2003 and he said the only thing he has heard is that the silver will be offered with a gray interior and that there will be a navy with saddle. I didn't care for the saddle color so went with the Havasu with ebony. Chose the Touring with navigation, $40,232.00, and a destination charge of $199.50. The only thing I will have put on the car is the rear windshield deflector, which they offer for $239.00, I searched the web and called all other dealers and their price is way above this. I am pleased, it has been hassle-free! All other dealers I called wanted a $1000.00 non-refundable deposit, my guy asked only $500.00 and fully refundable at any time until delivery of vehicle. Also the dealer I ordered from had October delivery dates for a 2003, the other two in my area said I would for sure be looking at December. I asked him if there would be a green color choice and he said no. Of course all this is still speculation but it is getting fun to watch for what the real choices will be....
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Posts: 380
    The pricing for 2003s has not yet been released, nor have orders been accepted by the factory, AFAIK the MDX orders for 2002 all have been input and the 2003 is not yet 'on-line'.

    Same goes for prices on DIO, though I suspect a 2002 rear deflector should fit a 2003.

    I think that the combination you want will be available (Touring/Navi Havasu Blue/Ebony) BUT there is no guarantee it will.

    I hope everything works out fine for you, and hope you will report back here with good news, but I'm wondering what sort of recourse/back-up plan you have in place?

    Further, based on the fine information from jamiestockman it seems likely that the factory allocates perhaps 4 vehicles per week to a moderately busy dealer, did the other dealers indicate that your Decemeber delivery was based on them ALREADY having 30 pre-orders each? DO they also have $30,000 is "non-refundable" deposits?? Seems very high...
  • Ruddy331:

    Sorry to have missed your question about 2003 Brochures. No, they're not avialable yet. I've tried as recently as yesterday to order them, but the distribution company Acura uses doesn't have them yet. Typically, dealers receive a sample copy about the time they have to submit an allocation order for a new model year run. I'd quess that will be in a few weeks. I'll let you know.


    I don't know why your dealer isn't better informed. I'll be letting everyone know the exact combinations when they are known. At this point, it seems the odds are in favor of everyone seeing a 260hp MDX for '03. I'll post a complete of changes once I have them in writing. I just completed the most recent Acura allocation, but 2003 MDX's weren't on it. There was a notation on the order by Acura stating that 2003 MDX's will appear on the next order allocation. I'd assume that will not be for a few weeks.

    I'll be posting everything here once it can be confirmed. I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

    Jamie S.
  • bodydoublebodydouble Posts: 801
    I'm surprised you managed to fit both the Ody and the MDX in the same garage. Those are two WIDE vehicles. I think the MDX is within 1.5 inch of the width of a Ford Expedition!

    BTW, did you previously test drive the Pilot or were you just assuming the Pilot wouldn't drive as nice as the MDX?
  • rodeodawgrodeodawg Posts: 19
    I got my 2002 SS MDX yesterday! A deal fell through, so I got it a month early. Great buying experience with Lewis Fite at Gary Force Acura in Brentwood (Nashville), TN. No pressure (why would a MDX salesman pressure), and I got in and out of the dealership surprisingly (suspciously?) quickly.

    They offered me the Acura Extended Warranty for $1,800. Any comments or suggestions on the price and/or the necessity? I'd appreciate your input, because I hope this is a long term vehicle (that's what my wife has said about each of our last 3 cars).
  • psnl1psnl1 Posts: 1
    My wife and I picked up our 2002 MDX w/ Touring Package this past week. The sales manager talked about a paint protection product called TST 5000...quoted at $495 plus tax. The product is guaranteed to protect again acid rain and other potential environmental damages for 5 years. Plus, supposedly there is no need to wax the vehicle. Anyone have any experience with this product on a MDX or other vehicle? Thanks for your comments!
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