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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • alingaling Posts: 598
    Please keep us updated on your problem. Hopefully it won't be too complicated to rectify. I don't know if this helps, but a few months ago, passenger side rear door started squeaking in cold weather whenever it was locked. They replaced some sort of bolt and it eliminated the problem completely.

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  • After I totaled my L/R Discovery, I decide to try something diff.
    I am thinking about to get a late 98 320 model, I have heard early model had lots of problem. What is the early mfg date should look for? What else should I look for? I want to heard from any experienced owner. Plese help, I want to buy one b4 year end. Thanks in advance!!
  • Contact me direct and I'll give you some suggestions.
  • Has been great. We bought it a year ago from the local MBZ dealer through the Starmark program. Standard warranty runs 'til 2002, then our Starmark year covers us through 2003. We have put about 12k miles on the truck, it now has 32k miles. We were also concerned about the '98s reliability. We haven't had many problems at all. Our ashtray (coinholder) lid was a little fussy. Sunroof tracks needed lubrication. Rear tailgate lock jammed. That's it. We love the truck. If you can get one at a good price, I would recomend(SP?) it. Others won't recomend it.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Drew, I took the ML in this AM to the service department and left it (no loaners available for 2 weeks). They had it in the shop and called me back around 11AM EST and said the mechanic could not find anything wrong and all the door locks were functioning normally. This was after I couldn't unlock the doors again this AM with the remote as well. Go figure. This was the only instance they have of a problem like this so not much to go on. Hopefully after getting warmed up all will be OK from here on out.

    They think something may have been frozen. They offered to keep it overnight and try it again in the AM, but I said I'll try it again at home and see what happens.

    I also tried everything when I got there and for now everything seems to be working fine again. Must be I have a warm blooded car that doesn't like the cold. May have to move to Phoenix like my brother suggested.
  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120

    The 1998 ML's were not bad trucks but had many more issues in general (as a whole) than the newer 1999 on models.

    In addition, understand that there were Significant Technologies built into the 1999+ ML's that you will not get or be able to modify the 1998's. ESP is one of these...if you don't know what ESP is then ask Drew (aling) to give you a link to a complete explanation. Basically, ESP is designed to help prevent the ML from loosing control and keeps the drivers intended vehicle direction in an emergency maneuver. Also, if traction is compromised suddenly that would cause possible loss of control.. ESP would make corrections (brake any wheel independently and reduce throttle) which could possibly keep one from having a very serious accident/roll over..Read up on this feature and see if you don't think you need it.

    The reason I am even saying this is because there is not much price difference if you shop between a 1998 and 1999 model. In fact, you could potentially buy a left over 2000 Model year ML320 for $35-36K. This would be a much better decision!! The hope that you would get a good 1998 ML and have no problems is much less than if you tried for a 1999 or newer.

    Let's start helping you by getting the facts...How much is this 1998 ML320 going to cost you? How many miles does it have on it? Will it have an additional warranty (are you purchasing it through a MB dealer)?

    Have you looked for any other ML's to compare pricing - from other dealers and other independent individuals?

    I honestly feel that if you purchase a 1998 you will have the worst resale of the lot with the least technology...if you educate yourself on the ML you will see that there are very good deals on much newer ML's with much less "chance" of having issues.

    Please provide us with more info. as stated above and include what area you live in so we can help you find a few options.

    I will end here and say that I drive a 1999 ML430 with @27K miles with every factory option. It is in perfect dings..scratches...and has a trade-in value of @33-35K if I'm lucky...This is WAY more than the 1998 is worth...

    Please respond!

  • mi3mi3 Posts: 2
    Can Some one recommend me a good tire pressure gauge? Some one in this form mentioned about electronic one.

    Thanks in advance
  • First of all , thanks for the help every 1.
    My plan was looking for a 99 ML430, but i can't get a used one with brush bar, running board & hitch.
    I came across this one 98 ml320 with the stuffs i needed. it's 42k miles. And i am going to get a extened warrany to 100k miles regardless. & this one ask for 26900 without the warrant. this can save me 7k if I buy a 99 ML430. (exclude the extened warrant, of course). Only diff is the yr & no ESP. Btw, Can Aling or anyone give the url to the esp in depth site!!
    Once again, thanks every 1
    Waiting to become a ML owner or back to a Discovery owner!!??? :) :p
  • I have a 2001 ml320. I have the auto lock activated which locks all the doors at about 9 mph. My question is as soon as I reach my destination and turn the engine off and open the driver side door, all the four doors are unlocked. Is this normal? In my Camry, only the drivers side door unlocks unless you push the unlock button.

    Also, my ML320 has the rain sensor. With the wiper in the intermittent mode(the mode recommended for the rain sensor to work), any time I turn the engine on or off, the wiper goes through one cycle. Is this normal
  • 00 ML 320 Approaching 15K

    After stopping at a traffic light/stop sign, there is a clunk noise coming from the Left Front wheel area.

    No steering or handling problem!

    Also preparing for the first "A" Service any and all tips appreciated.

    I did change to synthetic @ 1K and will have the oil and filter changed.

  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120

    I obviously believe in the ML and I want your experience to be a positive one. The 1st thing I would do is have a MB dealer pull the service records for this particular 1998 ML. Look for any issues there have been and if they were all resolved. Check for any body repairs... Also, check to see what factory options it had - sunroof, Bose Stereo, I assume leather interior...these are all factors in value.

    Depending on the date of Original Delivery I assume you may still have a "Factory" warranty for what ever is left of your 8K miles. If you do buy this vehicle, make sure you get everything possible resolved Before the "Factory" warranty expires. Any additional "extended" warranty may severely limit what is covered...If you could get the MB "starmark" warranty that ONLY Mercedes Dealers can offer would be best.

    My main concern is that you are buying an Mercedes product that was 1st generation and is not the same vehicle that it is today. I hate for you to play Russian Roulette and see if your 1998 is worthy. With only 8K miles and ?? months before factory warranty expiration there is little time to work out any issues. As I said earlier, extended warranties are not like factory warranties and cover very limited components depending on the policy.

    You are paying for less but will get less if you sell or trade in later..
  • Has anyone received their Navtech CD update to the 2000.1 version? I have not received mine yet, but I see that it is available on the website for $160.
  • I am a little concerned about letting loose with a Silcon Spray for Squeaks in teh dash area...Would the heat from the vents not cook the silicon and cause a really funky smell?

    I'm going to try using some rubber strips on the wiper cowlings first.

  • dagilldagill Posts: 13
    Brilliant review. I totally agree with you. There are early 99ML320's with 35-45m available in the Eastern region with a price range of $26-$29k. This would be a much better deal than a 98 although I have friends with 98 that have very little or no probs with theirs.

    PS. The wind noise is the most irritating
  • Sorry, Drew-I printed out the part number for the Mercedes drain hose for the battery box.....and lost it just when I was going to order the part. Could you be so kind as to post that part number again? Thanks---Jeff
  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120
    For more info. on ESP go to link =>

    <<A HREF="">>;

    For more info. on another standard feature in 99+ models called BAS go to link =>

    <<A HREF="">>;

    Hope this helps!
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    Man, I think we puttin serious miles on these things. We got same color and all, about the sametime in early april right??

    Is your clunk chronic? or just a one time.

    Say it ain't so...........
  • Victus, did you get an answer to the heating problem on your ML? I have an appointment with the regional sevice manager and tech rep next Monday to talk about the problem. So far the dealer is making rumblings about it being "normal operation". Like you, once the car has been run, shut off and then restarted, the temp control works like it should, so the problem is only on cold starts. Since hot air continues to blow, even with the fan turned off, I have found that turning the temp control to the last click to the left (recirculate) shuts off the heat, so I can at least keep it from giving me the full sauna treatment.
  • Mike,

    I wonder if we have the same slight problem, mine is like a bed spring sprung on an old bed or a muted guitar string. I leaned on the passenger seat the other day and the noise happened, but not again?

    Engine rev
    I get at stop light a noticeable engine down rev sound, yet the rpms do not budge? it's like a heart murmur to me? My 99 ML did not have that MB, said no error codes on seat belts. Diagnostics did not detect my SRS system aler light coming on a few days later.
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