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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120

    I obviously believe in the ML and I want your experience to be a positive one. The 1st thing I would do is have a MB dealer pull the service records for this particular 1998 ML. Look for any issues there have been and if they were all resolved. Check for any body repairs... Also, check to see what factory options it had - sunroof, Bose Stereo, I assume leather interior...these are all factors in value.

    Depending on the date of Original Delivery I assume you may still have a "Factory" warranty for what ever is left of your 8K miles. If you do buy this vehicle, make sure you get everything possible resolved Before the "Factory" warranty expires. Any additional "extended" warranty may severely limit what is covered...If you could get the MB "starmark" warranty that ONLY Mercedes Dealers can offer would be best.

    My main concern is that you are buying an Mercedes product that was 1st generation and is not the same vehicle that it is today. I hate for you to play Russian Roulette and see if your 1998 is worthy. With only 8K miles and ?? months before factory warranty expiration there is little time to work out any issues. As I said earlier, extended warranties are not like factory warranties and cover very limited components depending on the policy.

    You are paying for less but will get less if you sell or trade in later..
  • Has anyone received their Navtech CD update to the 2000.1 version? I have not received mine yet, but I see that it is available on the website for $160.
  • I am a little concerned about letting loose with a Silcon Spray for Squeaks in teh dash area...Would the heat from the vents not cook the silicon and cause a really funky smell?

    I'm going to try using some rubber strips on the wiper cowlings first.

  • dagilldagill Posts: 13
    Brilliant review. I totally agree with you. There are early 99ML320's with 35-45m available in the Eastern region with a price range of $26-$29k. This would be a much better deal than a 98 although I have friends with 98 that have very little or no probs with theirs.

    PS. The wind noise is the most irritating
  • Sorry, Drew-I printed out the part number for the Mercedes drain hose for the battery box.....and lost it just when I was going to order the part. Could you be so kind as to post that part number again? Thanks---Jeff
  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120
    For more info. on ESP go to link =>

    <<A HREF="">>;

    For more info. on another standard feature in 99+ models called BAS go to link =>

    <<A HREF="">>;

    Hope this helps!
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    Man, I think we puttin serious miles on these things. We got same color and all, about the sametime in early april right??

    Is your clunk chronic? or just a one time.

    Say it ain't so...........
  • Victus, did you get an answer to the heating problem on your ML? I have an appointment with the regional sevice manager and tech rep next Monday to talk about the problem. So far the dealer is making rumblings about it being "normal operation". Like you, once the car has been run, shut off and then restarted, the temp control works like it should, so the problem is only on cold starts. Since hot air continues to blow, even with the fan turned off, I have found that turning the temp control to the last click to the left (recirculate) shuts off the heat, so I can at least keep it from giving me the full sauna treatment.
  • Mike,

    I wonder if we have the same slight problem, mine is like a bed spring sprung on an old bed or a muted guitar string. I leaned on the passenger seat the other day and the noise happened, but not again?

    Engine rev
    I get at stop light a noticeable engine down rev sound, yet the rpms do not budge? it's like a heart murmur to me? My 99 ML did not have that MB, said no error codes on seat belts. Diagnostics did not detect my SRS system aler light coming on a few days later.
  • Bargamon, wasn't your unit delivered from (Maitland)=Orlando I think your ML was the one I sat and enjoyed some Merlot and a cigar (just kidding.)

    The sound clunk - bed spring noise is not @ every stop but more than one time in a day.

    It is not an inside the passenger compartment noise, outside Left tire area, maybe a shock or something.

  • Mine was built on 12/1/00, Capri Blue (special order), M1, M2, M7, Bose, heated seats. How long can I expect it to take to receive in San Francisco? Is two weeks realistic?
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    I think you're the first w/ that color. Can you take pictures for us? :-)

    Delivery depends on too many things. It can vary from 2-4 weeks.
  • I was wondering what those strange stains were on the ceiling! yeah I remember.

    So far so good, General tires not wearing even, insides have more tread than outside. any ideas?
    So many people here these days, someone should have a quick answer.
  • gotcha! sorry aling!
  • I picked up an MB tire gauge during my last trip to the dealer. It is digital with auto/on-auto/off features. It displays in half-pound increments and costs around $20. Tell your friends and family - it would make a nice stocking stuffer.
  • Jeff - I missed my appointment two weeks ago and have not been able to reschedule due to my other car problem. However, I've been documenting my ML hot air problem both on paper and on video tape.

    I do notice that the hot air problem gets worse when the outside temperature is below 38 irregardless of interior temperature. One time I even had the Radio Shack thermometer reporting 160 and then flashed "HHH". I guess it means Hot and the thermometer reached its maximum measurable range.

    The problem seems to be when my ML tries to adjust the temperature, it's using the outside temperature and ignores the interior temperature. Perhaps the interior thermostat is not functioning, disconnected or does not exists. Once the car is warm or the outside temperature is above 38. Everything seems semi-OK.

    Let me know your result with the MB rep. I'm curious to hear what/how they can qualify this as "Normal". BTW, I couldn't get any of my other cars to generate such high heat, not even my home furnace.
  • Joe - you'll need to call NavTech to register if your dealership hasn't done it for you already. I've just recieved my 2000.1 update last week. I was also told that there is another update coming out next April.
  • BTW, NavTech sents me the 2000.1 update free of charge.
  • Scotty - the other area you may want to check is the bottom of the A-pillar on the outside of the truck. There is a black rubber flap at the bottom of the A-pillar that's supposed to be tagged under but sometimes it's rubbing against the A-pillar. In my situation, the noise is like rubber rubbing against rubber and I thought it was from the dash or the vent. Not until I had to open my window (due to high interior temperature), I found out that the squeak was actually coming from the outside.
  • I too have the dreaded dash squeak and a rattle (ml430 '99). I think the squeak is the defrost vent that doesn't seem to fit quite right. Also the rattle was coming from the wiper cowling vibrating at anything over 35mph. In addition I get severe wind noise from the door seals, particularly the driver's side at the top of the door frame (I can put my fingers through the gap past the first set of seals). The service guys bent (yes bent) the door to make it a tighter fit at the top. They claim it just isn't shaped exactly right and bending it slightly decreases the gap the seals have to fill. Maybe I also need to try the old acquarium tube trick.
  • aj17aj17 Posts: 3
    I have been reading this site for 2 months now. I finally saved up enough money to purchase a 2000 ML320 and pay cash for it. Up until now I have owned Ford products exclusively. I have been driving a F150 for the last 4 years for work and have put on 102,000 miles. Don't talk to me about rattles or squeaks. My ML also has a rattle from the dash when it is cold, big deal - turn up your radio. Heat, try going 20 days without it because the ford dealership is too busy to fit you in. I will take a little more heat any time.

    After looking at all the repair records for my 150, especially those done in the first 6 months of ownership, I am extremely happy with my ML.

    So my advice to all you whiners is to relax and enjoy the great vehicle that we have all purchased. And count your blessings it is not a Ford.
  • aj17 - Been there done that, but can you beat an engine replacement at 20,000mi? Ford that is, not MB.
  • I purchased my new 1999ML320 in Sept of 98. When I drove it off the lot it had a problem. You could start it while still in gear. 3 trips in to the dealership fixed it. Then the ignition had problems and had to be replaced. Would turn over and not start. 2 trips in to dealer and that was fixed. Took management out to Western Open golf outing to show off my new truck and one found a stress fracture in the back panel drivers side next to the back window. 2 trips to dealer to fix that. Rear windshield wiper broke. 2 trips to dealer for that. It rarely comes back washed from the dealer and now they charge you "gas" for the loaner they give you to do the warranty work on your truck! Plus they give a small compact car to drive while they have your MB. Just before 50,000 turned over I took it to another dealer to have it checked over well. Having trouble with "noise" sounding like from ignition. Ended up being a blower and that was replaced. Would whine and RPM's build up before shifting into 2nd and linkage was replaced. Rear wiper started "clunking" and that was replaced again. The day it turned over 50000 found the weatherstripping around sun roof had clip broken. Going to pick that up this week. I think there were other items but seems I can't remember them all!!! I love the ride, the amenities, the look but am having lots of problems with my 1st Mercedes. Hubby is still driving my Jeep Sport with 150,000 miles on it 125 miles a day with only a water pump replaced in 6 years other then regularly scheduled maintenance. I now change my oil in my ML every 3000 cause I don't trust it to be OK. A Mercedes mechanic suggested it and I don't think it's a bad idea. I hoped to keep my ML for years and hand it down to hubby and buy myself a new one! Can't say I'll do that now.
  • I think it would be interesting to survey all the ML owners on this forum to find out whose ML is trouble free and whose not during the first year of ownership.
  • aj17aj17 Posts: 3
    When I purchased my 1997 Mustang Cobra I drove it home from the dealership (approx 6 miles) and parked in front of my house for about 20 minutes. When I came out there was a large puddle of transmission fluid under the car. I called the dealership, but because it was a Saturday they couldn't do anything until Monday. After keeping the car for 10 days and putting a new (rebuilt) transmission in it I drove it for 2 months before trading it in.

    My wife's subaru outback needed a new engine at 13,000 miles. She put on another 70,000 miles on it before we got rid of it.

    My point here is you can get a lemon with any manufacturer, however, you can reduce that possibility by purchasing something a brand with a good rep. Hopefully, this will not be my last MB. After giving Ford some many chances (6 new vehicles in 10 years) I will only give a brand one chance to get it right. I am tired of spending my hard earned money on crap.
  • Read somewhere here about streaking windshield wipers and can't find the post.
    Did someone say you should clean them with lemon juice?
    I've tried cleaning the blades with windex, but they still streak when using the windshield washer.

    BTW..just had the fog lights activated at the dealership. I installed the PIAA H3's myself.
    Seem's kinda strange that they're supposed to be illegal in MN (according to Roberts site) but yet the dealer didn't bat an eye. Just put it on the computer and activated them.
    Oh well, I'm certainly not complaining.

    To Robert..excellant site, lots of good detailed instructions.
  • cpt1cpt1 Posts: 3
    Earlier today my '00 ML 320 with 800 miles displayed the check engine oil light while my husband was returning from the store. The light remained on for five minutes and was replaced by a warning which said minus two liters. We are taking it to the dealer in the morning to get it checked out. They said that it is either a broken sensor or too little oil due to the factory failing to top it up. We will check the dipstick later. Anyone out there with a similar experience? I hope that this is an isolated incident.
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    Man you like black death when it comes to cars.

    Good luck with Ml. Sound to me like any car you buy turns to S--t.

    2000 ml320, 15k, only a "wavy" center armrest (bubble). Knock on burl..........
  • mlx52mlx52 Posts: 72
    I ordered all-season floormats from the MB collection web-site for my new ML 320. However, when I received my order confirmation I found that it was backordered. Does anyone know how long it will take MB to ship a backordered item?

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