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High Performance Luxury Sedans



  • rentschlrentschl Posts: 69
    When you look for the M5 in Edmunds' new car listings, it's not there.

    What's the reason for this?

    Is it listed in some other, special location?

  • lovemyclklovemyclk Posts: 351
    The e39 M5 is not currently in production (ended with MY2003). The e60 M5 (MY2005) is forthcoming. e39 M5's should be listed as used... I mean "Pre-Owned" cars ;-)
  • rentschlrentschl Posts: 69
    So then there was no M5 for 2004.

    Is that correct?

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    That is correct. It was discontinued in June of 2003.

    You can find a 2005 M5 Future Vehicle section at this link: -*
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    A colleague of mine with a 2002 M5 has seen the value of his vehicle go up over the past 6-8 months. Claims he could sell it for at about $3,000 more today than he could have in september of last year. He attributes this to the controversial design of the new 5 series and the fact that there is no 2004 M5 to buy new.

    A friend of his is not having the same good fortune with a 2002 E55 which he has been trying to sell for a month in advance of his 2004 E55 arriving. He's dropped his price from $55k to $46.5k and, as of yesterday, still no takers. By comparison, a local Porsche dealer offered $53k for the M5 outright, whether or not he bought a Porsche. He thinks $57.5k is possible in a private party sale.

    P.S. Both cars are mint with 35k+/- miles.
  • pablo_lpablo_l Posts: 491
    Just comes to show that the market for high end cars is tricky, ad anyone who buys one thinking of it as "investment" is running a risk due to unpredictable market changes. It basically just means that is your friend with an M5 is remotely interested in selling, he should take one of the great offers he's getting now. The new M5 will blow his older model away, controversial design or not, and people in the market for performance sedans want that - performance.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Not sure I agree with your assessment as it applies to the E39 M5 vs. E60 M5. I am sure the new model will offer impressive performance, but I for one would prefer the previous body style and cleaner interior to one based on the current 5 series with i-drive and funky interior aesthetics.

    And, as for "blow away" performance, at what point does this become a bit ridiculous, especially for a 5 passenger sedan. The 2002 M5 gets from 0-60 in under 5 seconds and has lateral grip that compares to my S2000. I'm not sure how much better the E60 M5 will be, but I'd be more inclined to keep a 2002 E39 M5 than trade up in performance and down in style. Subjective, for sure, but a lot of others appear to share this opinion.

    I do agree with your assessment as it would apply to the E55. As best I can tell, the new 2004 is a substantial improvement over the old in all categories. However, wonder how long it will be before it becomes usurped by an E65?
  • The E39 M5 set the standard for performance/luxury sedans and that's why it's a classic and the 2002 E55 is not. I agree with the both of you, but I think the E60 M5 will "somewhat blow away" the E39 M5 in performance based on that V10 500 hp and I'm sure the tourque has to be somewhere around 400. Not to mention the car is lighter, because of the extensive use of aluminum. I also agree that this engine placed in the E39 would have been an instant classic. Look what Dinan did to the E39 M5, giving it 470hp and 0-60 times of 4.1-4.4s. With no turbo or supercharger, but the conversion cost about $30,000. I "love" the E39 design and I "like" the E60 design. But you know how it is "my car is faster than yours". I also think the E60 545 and M5's pure perfromance level will negate the Banglization of BMW. I've never really thought of the last generation E55 as a special car, it always trailed the E39 M5 in every comparo and probably in every category, but still a great car. Lastly look at those E60 M5 pics and just look at the additions made to the body of the car, especially that front air dam, bulging tire wells, and those quad pipes out back. P.S. How come Audi is not producing the RS6 anymore, was just a one year thing.
  • e350v10e350v10 Posts: 92
    Anyone know what the M5 pricing will be?

    I was thinking it would be around $75-80K (E55,RS6).

    I'm #1 on a waiting list, but the dealer said the MSRP might be around $120K!
  • mbukukanyaumbukukanyau Posts: 200
    With $120K you could get yourself a CTS_V something else like a 540i. Two cars. Tommorow. It’s your decision
  • e350v10e350v10 Posts: 92
    That kind of money opens up all kinds of options (e.g. Turbo Porsche).

    If it is at that price, I think BMW will have a difficult time selling them.
  • e350v10e350v10 Posts: 92
    That kind of money opens up all kinds of options (e.g. Turbo Porsche). Or 540i + Range Rover!

    If it is at that price, I think BMW will have a difficult time selling them.

    But the 6 Series is $80K to start . . .
  • The 645i is about $70,000 but the other models coming later with smaller engines will be "cheaper". I think I read that the enrty 6 will be around $55,000 with a 6 cyl. The M6 will have to be around $85,000, still less than A CL500, CL600, CL55, and the M6 drop top about $95,000 They will have to keep the M5 near the E55 and RS6. E39 M5 MSRP was about $71,000 in it's last year, it's first year I think it was $69,500, so I would assume closer to $80,000. MSRP's for the other 5-series' have not gone up that much. $120K is definitely a dealer markup and they probably will get a some of us.
  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    I currently drive a XKR convertible and before that a XK8 convertible. Although I have only seen the pictures and intro articles on the 645i convertible I am very interested. If the price is in the mid 70's it will be very competitive and may spell trouble for Jag sales since performance and features shoud surpass or equal the Jag. for much less money. Has anyone seen/driven the convertible yet?
  • mbukukanyaumbukukanyau Posts: 200
    You could also look at the XLR and the SC for the heck of it. I think the XLR is a good first attempt worth consindering.


    I have never owned a luxo vehicle but I sat in many being an auto nut. I was very impressed with the XLR
  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    It may seem strange but one of my considerations for a convertible is trunk space since I drive to and up the coast frequently. Every summer I do a 2-3 week road trip up Ca 1 from Orange county to Monterey for the Historics and then further into SF,Napa and parts North. I appreciate the amt. of space I now have with the top up or down. My driving up the coast is with the top down. When I looked at the SLR and SC 430 I noticed there is almost no room with the top down. With the SC430 you need the run flats for any space either way and I am concerned about not having a spare if you were 100's of miles from a Lexus dealer. I have also heard some complaints re ride with ride/handling with the run flats.
  • mbukukanyaumbukukanyau Posts: 200
    I drove up the road with a Mustang convertible in 2001 and had a really good time.
    There was this little place we stoped where they make woodfire Salmon Pizza.
    I believe a lady from New Zealand was baking. I envy you. Coming from one of the most beautiful places on the planet (Kenya) I must say California and the US in general is a very beautiful country.
  • larscalarsca Posts: 60
    I just saw a brand spanking new M5 drive by on PCH in Laguna Beach, CA. I do mean the new V10 M5, not anything else. The car was silver, but the lower 3'rd of the car where the body molding would go was just painted black all around the car. This made the car look very much like a regular 5 series at first glance, then maybe you'd think it was in the middle of some paint job or body molding repairs. But then you notice the 2 double exhaust pipes protruding out from behind it, and you conect the dots.

    Anyway, I am damn sure this was the M5 concept that's been shown at car shows around the world (not THE car, but one like it of course). I can only assume this car had just come back from desert testing in Arizona or something, and now was heading to the BMW North America HQ which I believe is in Irvine?

    Unfortunately I didn't have a camera handy, nor was my car parked close enough for me to give chase. And I didn't hear the exhausts so I couldn't hear the V-10, if that's what it was.
  • wynoochewynooche Posts: 3
    Just had Sirius radio installed in 2004 E55......the sound is fantastic....display shows through command center....even stock prices etc. on CNBC
    The car comes prewired...antenna is on the trunk lid but looks ok.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I'm reading a similar article at Germancarfans. This new M5 is going to inhale this segment.

    The E55 will become the "E63" for 2007 most likely with a 600hp 6.3L V8. The next RS6 is supposed to have a 500+hp V10 from the Lambo Gallardo. What next?

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