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High Performance Luxury Sedans

sam775sam775 Posts: 22
Looks like a good comparison. If you had the cash
(sure wish I did) which would you buy and why?


  • woochowwoochow Posts: 1
    I just placed an order for the M5. The E 55 was wonderful also, but available only as an automatic, and Mercedes automatic transmission is a little slow to respond.
    I think the Benz may be more reliable than the M5,
    but I will probably sell it before the warantee is up. The Jag although it has a wonderful engine, just seemed too soft and I really don't like the styling.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    This is a tough comparison, being a Benz fan. I do think the M5 is the better all-out sports sedan. However I think the Benz will do all of the "normal" car things better. Things like durability, safety, comfort, reliability and resale will all be in favor of the Benz. I just don't think that those things can erase the 400HP and better handling of the BEEMER.

  • jesseliujesseliu Posts: 41

    I love my E55 and it handles very well. I can't imagine pushing it to the point where the M5 would easily out handle me. It goes almost way too fast as is. I personally like the auto because I don't want to be driving a manual all over the place. This is an everyday car and it makes a big difference. I would love to get a M5 for the weekends.
    In terms of the tranny, the AMG version of the V12 tranny in the E55 responds much better than a normal mercedes tranny.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Did you have an E500 before or is this your first Benz? The E55 is the type of car I hope to someday own. If you had a E500/500E before how does the E55 compare. The old E500/500E and the current SL Roadster are at the top of the "lust object" list for me. Not that other Benzes aren't one the list, they just don't rank as high.

  • jesseliujesseliu Posts: 41
    no I never owned a E500/500E.(sigh) I have owned numerous Mercedes in the past. 300D '78, S500 '97 (Coupe), E320 '96, C280 '96, CLK430 '99, CLK430 '99 (number2), ML430 '99. You might want to take a look at There are quite a few E500 or 500E owners on that board. I believe that the normal concensus is that the E55 is much better. Of course there will be some hardcore E500 owners that disagree. : )
    This is nothing against the E500. Its just that in terms of technological advances and all ... the E55 has superior technology.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I'll look there, thanks Why 2 CLK430's?

  • This is a superhightech version of Cadillac's STS. Don't laugh at it because it's a Caddy and because it's front wheel drive. This car the most technologically enhanced vehicle on the road (exept for maybe the S-Class). I do like the M5, but in terms of innovative material it is no match the STSi. The STSi has:

    *320-horsepower Northstar
    *Enhanced StabiliTrak 2.0 chassis control system specially adapted for the high-speed, all-weather conditions
    *High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights
    *Night Vision technology
    *Performance seating with improved lateral support and Cervigard anti-whiplash head restraint and seat system
    *18-inch open-spoke, cast aluminum wheels mated to Goodyear Eagle F1 GS Z-rated P275/40ZR-18 tires
    *Larger brakes with oversized rotors, pistons and calipers
    *Larger brakes with oversized rotors, pistons and calipers

    Stabilitrak 2.0 is the most advanced, sophisticated stability enhance program on the market today. Now it includes, active steering effort, side slip-rate control and an enhanced version of CVRSS which now includes ransient roll control, lateral support and stability control iteration.

    Sure this high-po Caddy won't accelerate as fast or handle is well as the cars mentioned in this topic. However, it well be the only all weather performance sport sedan.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081

    If this so-called hi-po Caddy won't accelerate or handle as good as the cars mentioned here, then what the hell is all that junk for then. What would be the point, Cadillac would only get humiliated trying to compete at this level. All that technology means nothing if it doesn't put the Caddy on top, it simply isn't serving its purpose. The goal of this elite group of cars is first and foremost performance. In fairness I would like to see Cadillac build a car like you've mentioned, only to see the look on the faces of Lexus, Infiniti and Acura.

  • Infiniti and Acura, what cars do they build that are better than the STS? Please tell me because I don't know any that exist.

  • Reason why 2 CLK430's was because of transmission problems and others too numerous to mention. Obviously the reason why I traded up to the E55.
  • I'm jealous, i wish I had as many cars as you!!! Anyway, what other cars did you consider besides all those MBs? Just curious.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Infinit and Acura cars have better build quality that Cadillac, that's it. A Caddy STS will outrun, out-handle and humiliate any Acura or Infiniti 4-door. Infiniti's Q45 looks like a future Lincoln TownCar. Infiniti is the sorryest of the 3 Japanese luxury cars. No argument there. I would have to probably choose the STS over any Acura or Infiniti 4-door. Although the RL screams quality in its body and paint.

  • I was thinking M5, Jag XKR, Porsche 996, Porsche '96 turbo (USED), Lotus Esprit, Ferrari 355 (USED), S500 '00. M5 and Jag lost because they weren't out yet. Porsche 996 lost because its slower and when I went to test drive it it had numerous rattles and creaks. Porsche '96 turbo lost because too expensive. Lotus Esprit lost because Wife wanted E55 instead, said that Esprit wasn't practical. Ferrari 355 Lost because same reason as Esprit(Not to mention a bit expensive).
    S500 lost because its just looks like it built for OLD people. And, I don't think I'm that old yet.
  • benzo1benzo1 Posts: 2
    Can you tell me how the E55 and the M5 ride on the rough roads .Because were we live the roads are really rough in certain areas.
  • Can't comment on the M5 but the E55 still has a very smooth ride. Its amazing considering the rims and tires and stiffened suspension. My mother has a 96 E320 and it rides almost the same.
  • fastekfastek Posts: 1
    Seriously considering an E55. Has anyone checked availablity on the 2000 models yet? Thanks...Rick
  • Has anyone found a reasonable way to buy the E55? The system seems to too demand driven to get a good deal. Maybe a lease or a trip to Germany is the only way to do it. Thanks... LJ
  • Only reasonable way is to order one and wait. Either that or pay a premium to get one now.

    Of course you could buy a used one ... I've seen a couple.
  • Even the used ones are 10k over MSRP... like $79k for a 99 with 4kmiles... hardly a bargain. Maybe if the stock market crashes, the greed factor will disappear for hot E55's
  • Honest, I am not trying to crash the market just to get a discounted E55....
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 273
    I am in NYC and Yesterday I ordered E55 for February delivery and it was the best the dealer could do. He also mentioned that I could have one immediately for 5K over MSRP. I ordered black car and did not really want a black interior but it seems that E55 comes only with black/black or black/white leather the latter I saw on C43 and did not like. Do you guys know where can I find more information about ext/int color combinations available for E55?

  • Go to mercedes web site. You should be able to build one there. By the way, the interior colors for a 2000 E55 are different now. The SILVER/Black combination is gone.
  • Did the dealer give you MSRP for the February order? If so , that's well worth the wait.
  • shawnxshawnx Posts: 3
    Does anyone when the M5 will become available?
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #24:

    shawnx, I stopped by Herb Chambers BMW in Boston 2 days ago to ask this question and was told, "Spring if you order now".

    [email protected]
  • kp11kp11 Posts: 22
    bottom line with cadillac is that its american... no way can an american car face up to the european and japanese cars... can u seriously say that the cadillac can face up to the ls400... i don't think so.... it can't even stand up to the gs400

    anyway getting back to teh subject, i would eliminate the xjr just because its not as sporty and refined as the other two... the other 2 are very close... depends on what u want... the m5 is more aggressive and u have the fun of a stick shift, but if you want a car thats almost as good as the m5 but in my opinion a bit more comfortable, i'd opt for the e55... just my opinion...
  • kp11kp11 Posts: 22
    audi is coming out with its s8 which is supposedly a more aggressive and sportier a8... however does anyone know anything about htis car, as if it is as good as the m5 or the e55...
  • The S8 goes against the S55 more. The car from Audi that fits in this grouping would be the S6 not the S8.
  • How would the E55 perform in a New England winter? At a minimum I would think the performance tires would need to come off, but what would be the cost in terms of handling? Would I be better off just putting the car away for a few months each year?
  • Shawnx, the boat with the first M5s for the East was due in port on Sept 19 and the dealer should get the first one on the 28th. As you might imagine the buyer has had his order in for two years and the dealer has ten orders for a projected six deliveries. I am waiting on a list with about 20 others for a call to look at it before it goes out the door. Chances of getting one this model year are almost impossible.
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