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High Performance Luxury Sedans



  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    Anyone knows anything on the 2001 model year E55?
  • ivory1ivory1 Posts: 1
    I went to the BMW dealer this weekend with the intent to order an M5 and they simply brushed me off saying there aren't any available nor are they taking names for a waiting list. If this is the case, it seems BMW should pull the car from their website. I don't know if the problem is a local one or if this is a nation-wide quota problem. Does anyone know what the real situation is regarding M5 availability?
  • kappamankappaman Posts: 47
    Yes, they are available for sell. I've seen them in the Tampa Bay area. I know a salesman at Ferman BMW in Pinellas Park(Phil) who actual sold on to the Mercedes dealership in Clearwater. Isn't that something.
  • mtl3mtl3 Posts: 22
    Don't expect to see these in the Sunday auto ads.
    They are few and far between and going for well above MSRP.

    I saw one in a magazine by a private seller that had a delivery number. He indicated that he was entertaining offers above $90k.

    It sucks. But, that's the way it appears to be.
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    My rich daughter is hoping to lease an M-5 this fall to drive clients around in. I warned her that it only comes with a six speed manual trans, but it didn't faze her. I also said her clients had better buckle up 'cause it accelerates like a rocket sled. As for American made SUPER sedans, there really are none to speak of. However, the Holden Commodore SS sedan, made in Australia, could give the M-5 some serious competition if it were imported to the states. It's got the Generation III (LT1) engine that makes at least 360-370hp, and looks like the '96 Impala SS.
  • movitnamovitna Posts: 1
    I've been a long time fan of BMW sedans but just made the jump to Mercedes with the ordering of a 2001 E55. This car replaces my 89 BMW 535i and 87 Porsche 911 turbo. I was talked out of the BMW M5 by my German counterpart (Guido Frensemeyer, Mov'it) who sees XJR's, M5's and E55's on a regular basis coming in for brake upgrades. The M5 in Europe is having engine related problems and the brakes (even the 2-pc Euro rotors) are not capable of handling the weight and performance of this BMW super sedan. I drove an E430 was impressed with its performance and suspect the E55 with 100 ft lbs of extra torque should be quite capable. I will replace the brakes on the E55 when I get it (we should have the new Porsche ceramic composite brakes by then) but see no need to alter anything else on the car.

    I hope Mercedes continues to evolve this product with further engineering updates but have not heard anything from any of the automotive publications.
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378

    I am glad you are ordering an 2001 E55, I have a silver version on order for September delivery.

    I test drove a 99 E55 last night with 6,600 miles. It was a blast. The gas was very sensitive at first, I zoomed to 60mph in a couple of heartbeats. It felt glued to the road, much better than a BMW 528. I was very impressed that there were no chassis or tire noise. I had been concerned that, with the low-profile tires, there would be plenty of tire noise. But, I was surrounded by comfy seats and the sales-guy let me drove for nearly 30 minutes at speed up to 90mph. I thought the brakes were terrific, why would you want to replace them with Porsches??
  • jesseliujesseliu Posts: 41
    Just wanted to add that I've not had any problems with a 99 E55 brakes. I have taken it thru some hard cornering in the mountains and where my old Prelude with upgraded brakes had quite a bit of fade, the E55 had absolutely zero.
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    So I read in Automobile magazine today that MB will likely put out a super charged E55 with 450bhp in 2002. Okay, should I cancel my 2001 E55 with only 349 and wait another 1.5 years???

    I don't think so ! 450 is a little too much, indeed!
  • mwfmwf Posts: 1
    My S-Type has stalled twice within a mile of morning startup. Occurred both times while in a slight right turn.
    First happened at about 2k miles. Then today with about 3.5k miles now on it.
    Anyone else have this happen? Any thoughts?
  • powerisfunpowerisfun Posts: 358
    I can't believe how ugly the MB E55 is. I just saw a picture of it for the first time. No offense to owners, I'm sure there are reasons to own one, but to me looks sure isn't one.
    The BMW M5 is actually pretty nice looking. What the heck was MB thinking?
  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    it's just the E class with sport package, nothing ugly about that!!! the AMG is a phantom type car, it'll crush any other car at the stoplight with a sligh push to the gas
  • carman_00carman_00 Posts: 2
    The M5 is the greatest. It has great performance and is way better than the Jag and MB
  • shoesshoes Posts: 131
    I have an order for a 2001 E55 as well and mine is due in August. As far as I know they are changing almost nothing. One addition to the option list is the active comfort seats from the S-class.

    I have the same concern you have- will they trump the current car in 2002. My guess is NO- first of all, they will probably wait until 2003 for the E-55. I hear that Mercedes doesn't want to produce many of these cars because they lose money on them. I think they will have lots of customers for the new body style and won't need to produce their image product right off the bat. I hear also that when they do the next E-55, it will be a supercharged V-8 and not a V-12. In any case, the fact that these details are not set seems to support the idea that we will have to wait until 2003 for the next E-55.

    Who wants to wait two years to enjoy the best car in the world. Buy the 2001 and sell it for what you paid for it in two years, then get the 2003.
  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    the M5, while a great car, according to I think car and driver or motortrend is trumped by the E55- the E did 0-60 in .1 sec more but it had an automatic, so the E would be faster than the M with a manual. Also they agreed that the E 55 had better handling for the most part and was by far more comfortable. The E has a gigantic cabin compartively, though stark. THe E gets its power from the gobs of torque that teh engine produces. The M might have more horsepower but torque is the force that gets acceleration. Plus the E looks more stealthlike.
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    if it makes you guys happy, then indeed the E55 is very ugly. In fact, the engineers at Daimler Benz must have drop the ball since 1994 on their design of this vehicle, which incidently have sold 1.5 million units worldwide (as compared to 2 million plus for the 5 series BMWs).

    So, if you want the uniqueness in ownership, and a real UGLY car, and you have around $90,000 in cash, go for the E55. If you like to shift knobs to the point of growing corns in your palm, have $95,000 laying around, have real skinny short friends (who will love the tiny back seats...), then grab the M5 (get the aspen silver...).

    Finally, I drove the E55 extensively, and beauty is indeed 'within'! That, my friend is why Julia Roberts married Lyle Lovetts years ago...
  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    you really need to make more sense called the E class ugly and sells less than the 5 series knock the M5 because it has a manual transmission and small interior
    3. then you say you drive the E55, but want a green M5
    make up your mind and stick with one car!!! if you dont like the E55 styling, live with it or give it to me!!!
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I've been reading the last few posts, very intersting. I would say the E55 is the better real-world car. It has less stress on it's engine and drivetrain than the M5, which has seen some engine (supposedly) problems in Europe. The M5 is the better car for the track, maybe...depending on who you ask. For me I would naturally take the E55, because of Mercedes' greater inner strengths and longevity. They are both great cars, worlds ahead of anything from Japan or the U.S.A. Only Jaguar's XJR and Audi's S6 can sit at the same table.


    The S6 does come to the U.S. for the 2002 model year. We get the S8 this winter (around December) and a W12 version of the A8 sometime between now and next spring.

  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    when is the new A8 coming out? it seems odd that Audi is adding so many more variations to the A8 at the end of the model cycle.
    also, what's the deal with the new big VW D type?
    why is volkswagen trying to conquer the luxury market now with audi already doing that?
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I would guess the 2003 model year for the U.S. The S8 is a definite, but the W12 version is not. From what I have seen the W12 version may make it here by spring 2001, it will be short lived if it does get here.

  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    if audi is bringing the S8 in a few months, when is the S6 coming. since i havent heard much on the S6 it seems surprising that they would bring the slow selling A8 platform sports car but not the A6 sporty version.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I forgot what issue it was, but it was in Automobile Magazine. The A6 is "younger" in its product cycle so they aren't in a rush to bring the S6. The A8 is nearing the end so it's now or never for this generation S8. Makes sense because they just launched the 2.7t and 4.2 versions of the A6 and Audi (like MB and BMW) trys to introduce a new model every year in a range to keep interest up. Just like they did with the A4 line. I would say for the 2002 model year we will get the S6 and the entire A6 line will be face-lifted.

  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    what would they do to the A6 to facelift it? i know many people dislike the A6 rear lights, but i love them!!! the only possible change would be to replace the white line with a white dot like the TT... the front and sides are perfect. and the interior is beyond reproach other than the screenless nav. when is the screen nav coming to the US? i've seen the allroad with the screen nav so i know it must be soon, and will the A8 and A4 get the nav too? no one has said anything about this in Edmunds so i hope someone will have an answer.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I would say that the rear end of the A6 will be painted all the way down, especially in the middle under the bumper. The license plate surround needs to be smaller too and the surrounding area should be body color. Interior wise the car is almost perfect, can't imagine what they would do there. No idea about the Nav systems. Where is "Quattro_pearl" maybe he can answer some of these questions.

  • I think they will have Zenon high beams in addition to the Zenon low beams and no longer offer the older style lights. I have seen a picture somewhere but can't remember where. As for other mods I don't know.
  • I was very interested in the M5 but cooled off a lot when a buddy of mine in Germany returned his M5 after a few thousand kilometers with oil consumption of roughly 1 litre per 200 km. He said it made sounds like a washing machine with rocks in it, and confirmed your reports of engine problems in Europe. The M5 may be just fine over here as most owners drive them in the city as status symbols and never open them up lest they scare themselves silly. With this sort of use the M5 could last forever. NOTE: BMW had the decency to give my friend a full refund of all monies he paid for his M5 which is more than could be said for many manufacturers. Most would try to fix the car again and again. He thinks BMW thought he would just eat up more engines and thought this was the least expensive fix.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I think most of these "problems" are happening because people are not waiting for this monster of an engine to warm to optimal temperature before spinning it to redline. I still wouldn't hesitate to buy one if I were so able.

  • jesseliujesseliu Posts: 41
    Doesn't the new M5 have a RPM management program that lowers the red line when the car is cold and then gradually allows you to go higher as the engine warms up.
    The new M3 will have this feature as well.

    So ... I don't think the problem is occuring as you mentioned.
  • reeddowreeddow Posts: 1
    My dealer tells me that the time to order a e55 is
    12-24 months. Whatup with that? is this true ?Thanks Reeddow
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    I have been waiting for my 2001 E55 since 2/00. My New York dealer tells me that I am one of the first to order the 2001's. Mine is due in Sept or October. So 12 months is not too outrageous. I hear that in California, it's more like 15-18 months.
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