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High Performance Luxury Sedans



  • isn't it unbelievable that these cars can command such bucks??i had 4 leads on attaining one of these cars,,but 3 of them fizzeled,,,one is the r.i. deal i mentioned...the second was the owner of my dealership was willing to sell his incoming e55 at $86k,,but he backed out couple days later..and third another dude was willing to sell his place in line (sounds to shaky),,i finally settled on the private owner who had the 2000 e55.this guy bought the car,as i found out,3 weeks prior to when i bought it, for 6 grand above msrp...he thought he could make more bucks than he did.turns out he only made a couple grand off it.anyway,even though your car has got 8500 miles on now are in possesion of damn hard car to come by,,i'm sure they kept it in pristine condition..what color is the car?enjoy the car!i know i am.
  • Fortunately, the owner kept the car perfect. It's silver with charcoal interior. I got him to throw in a CD for free, but I had to pay for the phone. Driving the car is such a blast. I drive on several isolated long and winding highway onramps. I can accelerate through a 30 degree curve to 120mph in a matter of seconds The car corners incredibly well at high speed and brakes on a dime. It is truly a technological and engineering masterpiece. Of course when the wife and kids are strapped in she thinks its a tame luxury sedan!? I won't pop her bubble.
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    MSRP is 70,300
    destination is 600
  • I just got a 2001 E55 last week. It is probably the best combination of power, speed and comfort of any vehicle I have ever driven. It is the first Mercedes I have ever bought and I was amazed at how well it handles. It clearly rivals the BMW's I have previously owned. Does anyone really know what the 0 to 60mph is? I have read reviews that go as low as 5.0 sec. and as high as 5.4. Just curious.
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    I ONCE DID A 5.0 IN A 99 e55
  • Was this at a track or under what conditions.
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    At a training track with an instructor at my side. Pavements were dry and wind was calm.

    The best was the 5, the worst was near 5.5.
  • man ,,,you really get screwed...when you add on options after purchase of player for my e55 was 900bucks and phone is gonna cost me another 1500bucks..i think this option package for both cd/phone is about 1700 bucks.
  • no doubt. my phone is going to be aroung $1900 when it gets here. the digital phones for the '01 e55 aren't even here yet. my dealer says 2 to 3 months before they arrive.
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    When you're doing 130mph and making 70 turns, you really shouldn't be on the phone....
  • I agree, but it is a voice activated, hands free phone so at least I have both hands on the steering wheel. Now if they only made a real radar jammer so I could truly play with my car life would be great. I did just buy a Valentine 1 which I am told is about as good as it gets right now as far as detectors go.. Do you guys know if there are any better ones on the market
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    Did you get in built-into your visor or rear-view mirror?

    I heard that the passport from Cinn-micro can now be built into the S and E class, just above the steering column, for another stealth placement of detectors.
  • no I did not get it built in. The information I read indicated that placing the detector as high as possible on the windshield yielded far superior results than the in-grill or hidden radar. luckily in Texas Radar detectors are legal. although having it installed in the rearview mirror is certainly interesting.
  • I'm considering installing a K40 radar detector with a laser diffuser in my E55. Anyone have any info on cost and effectiveness??
  • shoesshoes Posts: 131
    I just took delivery of a 2001 E-55. God has loaned me his personal transportation.
  • denniswadedenniswade Posts: 362
    Let's hope he doesn't get PO'd when you DRIVE it as though it were his personal transportation!!
  • I just bought a incredibly good looking 1997 BMW 540 completely face lifted with all the possible whistle of a 2000 M5 including an AC Schnitzer engine kit. The car looks identical to a 2000 M5 but better because it has a AC Schnitzer lowering kit (2.5" ground clearance only). It even has a GPS with TV (by the way this featire is not even available here - why ? it switches of as soon as you start runing anyway, but hey, government has to do something right?) , integrated phone and anything else you can imagine,or think! I had a new 2000 S500 MB before for a few months but I cannot compare the two. Even if this is not a straight M5, I have not felt so much power ever before !
    The only problem is : I have it in Europe and I want it here now !
    Help me anyone ! What do I need to do to have this monster looking and hi performance feeling beauty in my garage where it belongs?
  • What a Friday I had today. Out of the blue a Mercedes dealer where I just cancelled an order for a E430 Sport a couple of weeks ago gave me a shot at a new 2001 E55. Of course, I had to make up my mind in minutes because every other salesman on the lot was burning up the phones trying to find a buyer of their own. Do you think I hesitated? Hell no! I ran down to the dealer with the biggest check I've ever written for anything, including my house (and I live in Silicon Valley so my house isn't cheap). I originally wanted an E55, but I almost settled for an E430 Sport after every dealer said either the wait was three years or there was no chance of getting one. And I didn't want to pay $25,000 over MSRP for a used one. The car was available only because the guy who originally ordered decided not to purchase it. I don't know why because he could have immediately sold it for at least $15K more than he bought it. I cancelled the E430 because I was going to give the redesigned Lexus LS400 due out in October a chance to compete. I knew it couldn't compete with an E55.

    All I can say after two hours or so of driving it is that this is one powerful, yet refined, car. The speed is amazing. The new Timeport Dual-Band voice-activated digital phone is really great. No Navigation is shipped with any 2001 Mercedes yet. I think there are doing a complete redesign of the one from last year.
    I look forward to talking with you all.
  • I was just at Smythe down in San Jose asking a question about my lowly C43 and took a cruise through the showroom. I didn't talk to anyone, but [non-permissible content removed]-u-me these are used.
    CL - $125K
    M5 - $89K
    E55 - $91K
    E55 - looks like the same one that has been there for at least eight months - $86K

  • Makes the $83K I spent on a new 2001 E55 seem like
    a bargain.
  • The 850 looks great, indeed !
  • I actually bought my 2001 E55 at list price of 71,300. My dealer will not sell cars above list. I am amazed at those prices, but I do love the car.
  • shoesshoes Posts: 131
    Hey guys, maybe we should meet some night out on Highway 280 or 101 and see how fast our E-55's really are.

    I only have about 300 miles on my 2001 but the vehicle seems pretty close to perfect. 18 MPG on my first tank, but who buys this car for the mileage.

    Any problems so far from you?
  • Ordered my M5 in Germany in May and it's arriving on a ship tomorrow. While in Germany, I looked around at dealers and other sources for accessories like mudflaps/rain guards/schmutzfangers, whatever you like to call them, and came up with zip. It appears there is virtually no aftermarket source for M5 "stuff!" Does anyone have any leads?

    Have read all 244 postings re the S8, Jag, MB & BMW comparison controversy and am comfortable with my M5 choice. I had money down for a year and a half for a MB CLK55, but my wife nixed it recently because she didn't like the appearance of the rear quarter panel lines and couldn't see out the rear window when we test drove a CLK 320. She also liked 4 doors, though it wasn't an overriding factor. Converted the $ to the wait list for the AMG 320 SLK. Maybe she'll be able to see out the rear window on that one! Any rumors on that MB?
  • Add my 99 E55 to the little get together as well!

    I live in Los Altos.
  • Gee, I think I'm out of my league here. I drive a lowly Y2K Lexus GS400. Cheap seats and slow comparatively. Oh well, when I grow up and my ISLD stock goes back to $150 from the current $27.

    Try the link below and get the catalog. I have had good luck with them buying items for the Mrs. Z3.
  • I see a brown one in the downtown area a bit, is that you? I'll wave from my lowly C43 next time. I live in Mtn. View.
  • No, I have a Silver with SIlver/black interior.
    THe Licenseplate isn't very original but here it is E FIVE 5.
  • Cool. I'll keep a look out.
    Take it easy.
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