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High Performance Luxury Sedans



  • I hate to be the one to tell you, but you probably can't even get a 2000 M5. My dealer in Denver told me that they had 9 deposits and are getting 6 cars. 3 people will have to wait until 2001 MY or try to find used. Also, as these cars are in very high demand and few are being made, get ready to pay MSRP if you can find one.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    No dice, there will be no deals on any M5's for at least the first 2 model years. Your best bet is to get on a couple of dealer's waiting lists and hope someone else backs out.

  • Has anyone heard a rumor that the transmission fluid on the M5 needs to be replace every 1500 miles???
  • Thanks for the info,, I guess I will have to wait until 2003,, I have a problem paying sticker for a car,, even on the 1995 Porsche I got $5K off sticker, for $55K on a $60K sticker in Jan 95.

    I will keep monitoring the papers, net and Autoweek for any good deals,, I hate to say this,, but I saw a new 2000 Camero SS (320 hp) and it brings out the 70's in me,, it looks good and I would love to test drive it. I bet that would satisfy my M5 urge for a few yrs and at $28K to boot. I know this is a sophisticated BMW forum but,,, does anyone have these desires,, I am 48 and still have a penchant for the old pony cars....
  • But there's nothing wrong with serious horsepower. Granted it's no BMW (but isn't priced like one, either), but you know that.
  • Mike, I know that,, but they are hard to find like the Bimmers,, some dealers dont have any and the ones that do,, wont negotiate,, Horsepower is still a sought after commodity. I guess I will hae to get autoweek and start calling chevy dealers all over the usa to find a reasonable SS Z-28. good luck getting your Landcruiser someday,, Don
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Hey, I've never driven in any of the vehicles. (Although i did ride in a Jag VDP once or twice).
    Anyway, my decision on which one I like best was made out of pure vanity. I think the Jag's beautiful. I think a couple of years down the road I'll end up getting one of the old series III XJ6's and putting british parts into my monthly budget :-) ANyway, I'd love to have any of the cars we've discussed here.
  • I have a '93 M-5 as well as an '86 M-6. both are great! I will consider serious offers. contact me by e-mail for further info.
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    Why are you selling them?
  • I realize this is a month old, but definitely can tell you the Colorado post is correct. Right now the brokers who handle all the high demand hard to get autos are selling the M5 for 10K to 14K OVER list. This is common on first year limited production cars like Vipers, NSX's, Porshe Turbos, etc. The first to have must pay the price. I put my name on the list at the local BMW dealer nine months ago...My M5 was built last and is awaiting shipment. Due to arrive in February. I am paying MSRP. I tried to get an E55...same deal. Put your name on the list and wait. Drive it for 5000 miles and you can sell for what you paid. There is a very long waiting list. You might see some M5's in Dupont Registry. Pick up a copy of the Registry and see if you can find an E55 or M5...noone's giving their's up! Better luck buying the 2001 M3. That car will outperform the new M5. The test drivers and engineers say the new M3 is the closest thing to driving a street legal touring car. I bought the midsize BMW because I needed to carry a few passengers once in a while. The smaller M3 with over 300 HP will be the rocket and has the handling too. The car will look (looks)superb. Good luck.
  • Do you really know this to be true? I know so little about the new M3, but if that is the case...I don't know what else to say?!?!?
  • towerttowert Posts: 3
    I have owned a 1999 Jaguar XJR for a year now and am sorry that I leased. I have discovered some issues about it that the biased press don't share. Read about it at my homepage I can't wait for my lease to expire so that I can get into the new M5! Actually, I keep running into the Mercedes S500 when I travel (which I think is much better looking than the E55). Haven't seen any in my hometown of Vancouver yet so I'm not sure if they are sold here. I still need to check up on the performance specs.
  • Words from a BMW engineer. That is where I received the info on the performance of the 2001 M3. The M3 is the "touring car". Smaller, lighter, and better HP-to-weight ratio. Just depends on what gearing the car winds up with. Normally BMW balances the 0 - 60MPH with incredible 50 to 100 MPH acceleration. Also, I do not know if they will actually do it, however it is rumored that BMW is considering putting the 400HP engine in a select few of the M3's. That sounds like a good story I know, however the engineer and European press has verified the possibility. The car will be for Europe only. As you may know, their version of the existing M3 already has 320HP. When the new model arrives, the proposed 320 to 340HP that the US car is supposed to receive will not excite many folks in Europe. Of course the European M3 is more expensive than our current 'sedate' 240HP model, but we always seem to get the crumbs from the European table. By the way, the production European M5 was dyno tested at the North American test facility at approximately 440HP. Sadly I am told that the US version is not the same.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    I just ended a 2-year lease on a Titanium/Nimbus XJR (Special order color combo) And had 39,000 PERFECT Miles out of it. If it hadnt been in a bad accident and repaired I would have bought it. Absolutely amazing vehicle.. amazing power.. Smooth.. Quiet.. comfortable.. wow.

    I have a 2000 on order and this time Im buying it and keeping it, besides.. by the time it comes in my divorce will be finalized! =D

    If i have gotten 102K almost perfect miles out of a 95 Vanden Plas.. and 39K perfect ones out of the XJR.. tells ya something.

    Yeah the R did have Axle tramp, but only under full-throttle acceleration in the rain. And you had to TRY to get it to do it. You might as well complain that the car skids in the snow when you take corners at above the posted speed.

  • Have you ever thought of waiting for the CLK 55. It's not a 4 door sedan but it looks better. I have a CLK 430 and it has been a great car. The E55 just looks like a regular sedan. The CLK series definitley has a more unique look to them and you still get all the horsepower, handling and luxury. The back seat has a reasonable amount of room and if your not planning carrying alot of people all the time you might look into it.
  • Have you ever thought of waiting for the CLK 55. It's not a 4 door sedan but it looks better. I have a CLK 430 and it has been a great car. The E55 just looks like a regular sedan. The CLK series definitley has a more unique look to them and you still get all the horsepower, handling and luxury. The back seat has a reasonable amount of room and if your not planning carrying alot of people all the time you might look into it.
  • Bill, my R exbited axle tramp under moderate acceleration. The only time I have to "try" is when I have a full load. When I'm by myself, especially with traction control off, it constantly produces vicious axle tramp (unless you nail it off the line in which case one wheel spins free and you go nowhere). I reproduced it with the dealer's mechanics in another customers car to find out if it was just mine, and they were amazed at how violent and easily reproducable it was. Perhaps yours was the 6? If so, yes, the axle tramp wouldn't have been an issue.
  • Thanks for the tip, bziegler, but I need a four door otherwise my wife won't go for it :(
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Well C&D just did a comparo, M5, E55, and XJR. Naturally the M5 won, with the Benz being called the best "automatic transmissioned" high performance sedan you can buy.

  • Will Audi ever import the fantastic S8 to the U.S.?
  • For the whole weekend. I drove it some 300 Miles. I had to do a few things for him, and he lent me the car. I love this car. It was a 99, and was silver, with black interior. And everything was in KLM's. It was direct form Eruope. This car is soooooo fast, and handles great. I relly want one, only in my dreams though :( The car handeled bumps very well, as wasn't bad on gas. It fit 5 people in the car with no problem, and the trunk swallowed alot of luggage. Only a few gripes. There was no cassett/cd player. It was just the radio. Also the cruise controll was arkwark to use. This car aslo had the 5 speed tiptronic. It was a little of a pain to find drive. I thougt I was in drive a few times, and was in first only. I had to get a feel for wher the shifter was for D. But this is a nice car. I very happy I was treated to this experience. :)
  • bad_roobad_roo Posts: 3
    It was a beaut, I'm tellin' ya...
  • I sold the Porsche,,, tried to get a M5 or E55 but impossible,,,so I ordered american and am happy, my first Am car in 15 yrs... Camaro SS Convertible,, SLP performance pkgs,, abt 360 hp.. It should be fun messing with the German cars on the roadways,,, I get the car in May,,, The German's need to get their act together and get more cars available for the US Public!!! I really wanted one but couldn't wait 6 to 8 months,, summer is almost here. Anyway, keep up the postings on your cars,, maybe I can reiterate my experiences of riding with the big guys this summer.... ps,, I saved $50K,,, invested the diff in GE,,hope it splits (3 for 1) soon and goes back up to $120. "ain't life grand!!!"
  • yearightyearight Posts: 9
    If anyone is interested, I was just over at Smythe European in San Jose, CA and they had 3 used E55's. Two with 20K mi, one I think had 9 or 10k. All way over list, cheapest (HA!) was $81K.
  • powerisfunpowerisfun Posts: 358
    The Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
    '94-'96 Chevrolet Impala SS

    BMW's/MB's are way overpriced.
  • yearightyearight Posts: 9
    A while back, I went into my local Pontiac dealer to inquire about about the GTP. He didn't know a gol-durn thing about it. "uhhh...try the web sight.." Yea, right. I just got a C43.
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