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Mazda MPV: Problems & Solutions



  • Brilliant--The problem is solved--Thanks
  • I am interested in your problem related to the Overdrive. Our 2000 mpv with 65K miles has been bucking like a mad cow. Everywhere we bring it, people give us a different answer.
    1. Torque converter clutch solenoid
    2. Missfire from #2 cylinder
    3. Transmission replacement !!! yikes!!
    4. Tune Up
    5. Cat converter plugged

    This what seems like a missfire, happens even when the car is in park, which leads me toward bad plugs or some other timing issue.

    Do you have any suggestions for me? I really appreciate it.
  • HELP!
    Problem: fog lights did not work so i traced the wiring back from lamps to relay to the switch on my dash. that took about 2 hours. now the wire on the other side of the switch (the +12v side) i could not find where it went (other then going into a massive maze of a wire harnesses) so i hooked it up to the aux. fuse in the fuse box inside by my feet. it works great and will turn off when van is turned off. bbbuuutttt.... the engine light comes on now every time i start the van. Q,is the wiring so sensitive that its finding it a problem or did i screw it up. Q, can this be disabled. please,someone help me.if this poses no problem in itself it still may mask a real problem that may come up later.
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    The CE (an engine symbol) will illuminate for the following reasons (from page 5-27 of the 2002 Owners Manual):
    • The fuel tank level being very low or approaching empty.
    • The engine’s electrical system has a problem.
    • The emission control system has a problem.
    • The fuel-filler cap is missing or not tightened securely.

    You can have the code(s) read at a local AutoZone, typically for free. That's the best place to start, since it will tell you what is wrong. You might have accidentally unplugged something, or perhaps it's coincidental that there is a real issue with something.

    Also, OBDII can NOT be disabled. You can disconnect the battery to clear the light, but if the condition still exists when you restart the van, the light will illuminate again.

  • Brilliant--The problem is solved-- jiggled wiring harness and tweeked the fuel switches, no more engine light.
  • My 2000 mpv's right drivers air vent pumps out cold air while the others are blowing hot. this seems crazy to me considering that all the vents are tapping off the same conduit behind the dash. Now i have taken the face off my dashboard and saw that there is no blockage ( diapers,toys,paper etc.)and it is blowing the same amount of air as the others so i can't figure out whats up. can anyone clear this one up for me. give me all your hot air! ha-ha-ha.
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    According to mpvclub, there is a TSB that will address this - it's an adjustment to the venting system to direct the warm air in properly. Nothing major and should be addressed via warranty.

  • OK I'm stupid... whats the TSB ?
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    technical service bulletin

    it's just a document from corporate that explains details of a repair procedure. it's not a recall.

  • THANKS where do I find the TSB
  • My 1994 MPV is great but....
    After driving on the highway for around 5 minutes I start to hear a strange buzzing or humming noise up front. You can only hear it when you are accelerating. If you stop at a stop light and then start up again the noise is at its most obvious. If you get off the highway and drive around the city for a while the noise goes away. At one point I took it on to a quiet part of highway and went 140 km/h for about 10 minutes. The sound was fairly loud at this point. I stopped, got out and looked under the hood. I gave the engine a bit of gas and could hear the noise well, (normally you can't hear the noise under the hood), it really seemed like an exhaust noise. When this noise happens there seems to be no affect on the performance and the vehicle runs perfectly otherwise. I haven't taken it to a dealer yet. I would like to figure out what it could be first. Anyone have any ideas.
  • my guess is fuel pump about to fail...
  • I had the same problem with my Quest and several of my friends have had this problem. We all were told the same thing. When you put say 87 octane in your tank it may really have been 86 or not quite 87 so your engine light comes on when the fuel circulates. The auto people told all of us to put in one tank of better octane and after about 25 starts the light will go off by itself. They also said the 25 starts doesn't have to be 25 trips. They suggested I start my van, turn it off and do this 3 or 4 times and when I got to 25 restarts it turned off. This occurred several times and the restarts always did the trick. Also, when you put your gas cap back on be sure it "clicks" a few times to create the correct vacuum seal for your vehicle.
  • Hi there,

    I have a 2001 LX with 30,000+ miles on it. For the past month or so I've been experiencing symtoms that sort of indicate the original struts are being worn out - the ride is not as stable as before (during suspension rebound especially) and there is considerable nose dive during braking. I then realized that all four tires were under inflated at around 33psi (I normally keep them at 35). The unstable ride and nose dive effects seem to have been lessened after I inflated the tires back to 35psi, but I still think the ride is definitely softer (in a way that is not as stable) compare to when I first thought the ride was a little stiff after first bought the van. How long do the stock struts last in general? Have anyone replaced their OEM struts that soon, at 30k miles? I thought struts should last longer than that, and I understand the lifespan of struts depend on driving conditions/habits. I will admit I'm not the most "easy going" driver on the road (thanks to the responsive handling the MPV possess), but I sure do not want to believe the OEM struts are shot already at 30k miles.

    Another thing I should mention, I had the front tires replaced (they were Dunlop's before) at around 28,000 miles when I experienced vibration from the front. The ones I'm riding on in the front now are Generals. Could the different brand of tires affect the handling characteristics so much that, it gives you the impressions that you're riding on bad struts?

    I've spoke to my nearby dealer and my '01 LX is already out of warranty (technically over the 3-yr period), so none of the parts/components on the car are convered anymore. Anyone has any idea/opinion? Thanks.

  • We have a 2004 MPV with less than 6000 miles on it and our transmission gave out while I was driving on the highway. It would not go into any gears, not even reverse. i read that other people had transmissions replaced. How long did it take? They have had our vehicle for sometime and not sure when we are getting it back.
  • bob57bob57 Posts: 302
    From experience with my '01 the MPV is very sensitive to tire pressure and possibly brand of tires.
    Mine came with Yoko's which weren't bad. I changed to Michelin Symmetry at 30K miles. That changed the handling. It took me a month before I found the right tire pressure for these (37psi) and the van handled fine after that. I was disappointed with the tire wear and noise but handling was still good. I just put on two Goodyear Assurance tires on the front and not sure I like them yet. They are smooth, 80K warranty but the handling changed - again. I might have to mess with the tire pressures on these too. I'm not a General Tire fan so I won't comment about yours.... :))
    I just rolled past 71K miles and haven't seen evidence of shock or strut wear yet. I drive 95% at highway speeds so lack of a lot of cornering, potholes, etc., might play a factor in my case.
  • Hello i bought a 94mpv 82K mi. I need a tech manuel. can I download from an internet site? also i have a clicking noise on the drivers side above the valve cover,( the Port shaped like a backwards c) i do not think it is a lifter because the clicking in not consistant, but it sounds just like a lifter. And also what kind of v6 is this all I know it says 18 valve v6
  • Just about brand new MPV 04 ES Bought it from Galphin Mazda in Valencia California Already had it in the the first oil change on time @ about 4500 which the Mazda tech said that's fine. Now about a month ago the Tranny started slipping now its to the point that when you are taking off from a light & the card is shifting into 3rd it will gerk the car & when doing around 50mph if you give it gas the RPM will race up a little til it catches gear. There is even a burning smell coming from somewhere under the hood alomst like rubber. Checked the fluids they are all fine. Its covered up to 50k so I'm going to take it in I just have not had the time & they won't let me drop it off on a Friday & give me a loaner over the week end because they say the car won't be worked on for 2 days & we can't let you drive a loaner for that long...Comon I just bought a brand new van from you! Anyone have any Ideas as to what it could be that is causing this...


  • Have an 04 bought from Galphin Mazda in Valencia CA Aug 1st has about 7500 miles on it & its starting to have tranny problems as well. From what you are saying it sounds like Mazda will not do anything if I take it into them. Just wanted to know if you have any more info. I have also noticed a burning smell coming from some where under the hood almost like rubber. This started a little after the tranny started acting up.


  • tccmn1tccmn1 Posts: 278
    I just replaced the original Dunlops at 38K miles on my MPV. They were worn bad, although even. I replaced with Bridgestone Turanza's and it seems to have much better ride and traction. The Dunlops did not last long by my thinking...should last closer to 45K miles at least!! The tire dealer carries Dunlops but stated that they really do not last long on tread life.

    Heater: Anyone else have problems getting heat? I turn the dial up and it seems to take forever to get heat to come out. Is this the thermostat or is it the temp control??

    Thanks, TC
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