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Volvo C70



  • brunejebruneje Posts: 13
    Congratulations on the marriage, when I got married (16yrs ago) my grandfather told me that "He never knew happiness till he got married..........then it was too late" slight exageration on his part because he revered the ground 'grandma" walked on, much happiness to you.
    I took home the car that I eventually purchased, , everything has been great so far, I still have not been back to get them to install the summer's on it, hopefully the weather will get warmer, pot holes will be fixed, and I will be driving it with the 17in tires. Im continually awed by the stereo, find that the car drives incredibly "tight" and comfortable.Two adjustments I need on it so far one a noise fix. I have a clunking noise emanating from the area around the glove compartment. The second one Im not sure of, and maybe someone can give me direction, in the manual it says that the STC light should come on when you start the car, to indicate that it is working, nothing shows up?
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    The Traction Control is a wierd thing as far as consistency of lights go. If I remember correctly while you are driving, the light should be off. The light on the dash is on when the STC is actually disabled. UNLESS the light comes on briefly during a situation when the computer says "Hey, we need the STC to kick on at this point" at which time it does. To sum up. Light off, good (enabled), unless in slippery situation.

    Totally agree about the stereo. One thing to keep in mind. I always have mine on Pro Logic unless I have people sitting in the back. Lisa scared me one day by saying it sounded like the back speakers were blown when she was sitting back there. When I listened to them and not the front, they did sound hollow but that is how it is supposed to sound for optimal Pro Logic in the front two seats. I just change the mode when I have 4 people in the car so everything sounds crisp to everyone.

    Tires.... once you get those summer tires on there, remember to take a 90 degree turn at about 50 mph. THAT's FUN!!!!
  • brunejebruneje Posts: 13
    Thanks for the tip on not putting on prologic when you have passengers, I just came back from a long highway trip and the car was just great, but one thing is windnoise, it was very noisy, there does not seem to be any leaks around the window, but loud windnoise seems to be emenating from around the front of the side windows, around the mirrors on both sides, any thoughts on that ?
  • soledocsoledoc Posts: 52
    Still wondering if anybody out there has any early reports on their experiences with an '01 C70 coupe in manual transmission and 16" tires. I'm waiting to take delivery on mine.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333

    There are times when I have wind noise from the front windows and the sun roof but have only noticed it when the temperature is 'crisp'. For the front windows I just roll them down an inch and then roll them back up. That immediately takes care of the problem. The sunroof is quiet when the interior slide is shut. Never had that problem in the summer. Think it seals better at that time of year. Unless of course you're doing 125mph. We were on our way down to Indianapolis one day, Lisa was on the phone with her sister and it started to get noisy. She said "Why is it so noise.... OhmyGod!!! We're doing 125!!!!" Then I heard her sister say it on the other line to which Lisa's brother in law wanted to get on the phone and talk to me. (goofy Audi freaks!). So needless to say, 125mph is when it gets loud in my car. Either from Lisa or the wind noise.

    I'm sure the 01 coupe is just like the 00 and solid throughout. You do have a 5 speed tran instead of the 4 speed in the 00. However, as for the 16 inches, I think you will be fine. I just would wonder if it will corner as nicely as the 17 inch.
  • jcarpijcarpi Posts: 17
    I have 17" wheels on my 00 coupe, and I've noticed that the turning radius isn't as tight as I'd like. The mechanic at the dealer said it was because of the front wheel drive and the larger wheels. It's a small price to pay for the wonderful traction and stability on the highway. Cornering at higher speeds is good and tight.
  • brunejebruneje Posts: 13
    Im bubbling with anticipation, Im like a kid who is looking forward to day when he does not have too wear the winter galoshes anymore. The snow is melting fast this week and the frost is coming out of the ground, so soon it will be time to get the dealership to install the 17 in summer's on the car for the first time. Im driving with 15 in snows (Gislaved) all around . I have always been impressed by the turning radius of Volvo,s compared to GM's and Ford's, and from my figuring that will not change when I go to a 17in radius tire...right.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Turning radius may change un-noticeably with the 17 inches. But as jcarpi indicates with the traction at high speeds.... 90 degree turns at 50 mph are fun.
  • I have found a 2000 C70 Convertible with less than 2,000 miles that was badly damaged, sold through a salvage auction, repaired through a body shop by replacing a clip on the back, right corner of the car. The negotiated price is $30,500. It looks great, however I have some concerns. The car no longer has the Volvo warranty, the steering wheel shakes at all speeds, there is air noise on the passenger side between the top and the windows, and there is an oversteering in the wheel when turning strong to the right and left in a parking lot.

    Do you have any advise on purchasing this car? I've never owned a Volvo (loyal Honda fan), but love the styling of the C70 convertible.

  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    2000 C70 Convertible.

    If it was me, I would stay away from it. The best thing that you could do is take a mechanic to the car and have him check it out. Not having that warranty is a major deterrant.
  • dfwk2500dfwk2500 Posts: 68
    Damaged C70:

    If has had a salvaged title, I would not touch it. I suspect there was more than just the replacement of a rear clip. Most salvaged vehicles need close to 80% of their pre-accident value in repairs. My wife drives a 99 C70 convertible, and one of the things we agreed when she bought it (new) was if it was ever in a serious, or semi-serious accident (regardless of whether it was totaled) we would replace it. I worked in a dealership in high school and in college and feel that a car that needs significant structural work will never be the same. That goes double for a convertible. Ask a Ford body shop tech about how the convertible Mustangs they repair drive after they need extensive work. I also think 30k is way too much for that car with a salvaged title. Some of the dealers around here (Dallas/Fort Worth) are advertising similar cars (that have not been in an accident, but have approx. 12k miles) for about the same price.
  • Purchased a new fully loaded (cold weather package,Grand Touring package, Stability traction control package,17" Canisto wheels),HPT Venetian Red coupe 12-29-00 for about $38.5k USD (Northern California) MSRP was $39325, I offered about 3% profit over his cost & it was eagerly accepted.
    A lovely car BUT lst 3 months were hell! The windshield was improperly installed, was in to the dealer 6 times before it was fixed properly, each time returned with grease on seats, coffee spilt on console, fingerprints everywhere, scuff marks on door kick panels, just awful, service dept did not return phone calls, buying a first new car in your life (NEVER AGAIN!) and spending the first 3 months in cheap rental cars and trying to get Service Dept to return calls.

    I bought this car based on my experience with my '91 740 but the difference is chalk and cheese,
    my faith in Volvo has been shaken badly but now I have a full payment book. Resale value of the C70 is a joke (I already knew this but decided to buy it anyway) and believe its problems are now finally sorted out, the turbo is worth it for high speed passing, the ride is good, side & rear visibility is awful, front legroom is not the best for me (I am 5'11") the steering wheel feels perfect and the dash and instruments are done logically and and totally visible and user friendly, but I have some severe reservations about build quality and durability of this car
    based on my experience so far. My feeling now is I will never buy another new Volvo and probably never a new car, ever again, and who could blame me? It has 1600 miles on it at this point.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333

    Perhaps you should move more east. Don't seem to be as many problems over here. They must have done something to the interior of the car over the last year as I am 6'1" and have no problems with legroom, rear or side visibility.
  • jcarpijcarpi Posts: 17
    I'm sorry you've got a lemon dealer. I really don't think it's the car so much as total incomptence and sloppiness at your dealer. Can you find some other dealer nearby? My dealer is outstanding, provides free rental car while working on the car, free car wash after service, and never a spot on the inside. That's the type of service you should expect when you pay that kind of money for a car, and you deserve it. Complain to the sales manager, then to the area supervisor for Volvo. If necessary, keep complaining until they provide you the service you should expenct from a quality car dealer.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Couldn't agree more with the above statement. I went to the Chicago Car show when I was debating about the S4 and C70 and the Chicago dealer that was at the show was a total turn off. I ended up buying the car 30 miles away in the suburbs (which for Chicago is about a 15 hour drive) because the dealers out there fought so hard for your business. I think that it is as equally important to scope out a dealer after you have made a decision on the car you are buying.
  • He folks, I'm new to the list and a proud owner of a new Black I/beige top, beige leather, 5spd.

    I really like the car, made the decision over the Audio TT Roadster also, Audio S4 both were also manual tarns.

    Does anyone have insight on Volvo Dealers in Houston...Service experiences?

    Also, I would love any direction on performance modifications to the C70 to increase handling and horsepower


    C70 BB-5
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,203
    Really depends on where you live. DeMontrond on North I-45, Nils Seflet(sp)on I-10 West, Momentum on 59 South, Star Motors on Old Katy Road, and Volvo of Clear Lake on I-45 South. I'm on the northside and use DeMontrond. Have had no problems and they're open on Saturday for Volvo service.
  • duleyduley Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 c-70 convertible with 17" Pirelli 6000's. At 20 mph the tires send a deep vibration thou the car that actually rattles dash parts. It smooths out nicely until 60mph when it comes back and builds to a noise level so that you can't hear the radio or carry on a conversation in the car with the top up. Thankfully it is more noise than vibration at 60-65, but it is at a point where the dash now rattles from the 20 mph vibration and my ears won't take going 60 or more. Anyone else have this problem with their tires or car?
  • Hello, I'm on the verge of buying a 1998 HT Coupe (Gorgeous car with 24K miles). I'm hoping someone can provide some insight into the durability of these turbos. Does anyone know the typical life expectancy of them, or are they not usually a problem?

    Also, any particulars to look out for before buying the car?

  • shelgershelger Posts: 2
    I am also buying a 98 I 70. The turbot is not running all of the time so it should have a
    life comparable to the major engine components.
    Scab has been making turbot for years and they last forever. I'm curious; what is the price of the 98 you are buying?
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,203
    Duley, I have the same tires on my 99 C70 convertible, and have noise too, but not the severity of yours. Mine stops around 20-25 MPH. It's most noticeable when slowing, kinda like a low roar. Above 25MPH I don't hear it, and there's no vibration. What is your mileage? When new there was no noise, but the noise started around 10k. Dealer said it was tire noise from wear, but he replaced the wheel bearings while in for the 15k check up, but it didn't really help, so I assume it is the tires. Your noise appears to be something different. Would think a visit to your dealer is in order, and definitely have them ride with you. Tmart
  • duleyduley Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply tmart. I have just passed the 10000 mile mark. The noise is getting progressively worse. Like yours mine stops at about 25mph but then comes back at 65. I want to avoid having the dealer tear the car apart looking for a problem when it is the tires. If you run the car on grass you get no noise at 20mph. At any rate- I am going to the dealer this week and hopefully they will offer a solution, even if it means prorating a new set of a different type of tire.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333

    Have not researched it but I think I recall a couple of posts back that the Pirelli's were succeptible to (forgive the golf terminoligy) getting 'out of round' if they sat for extended periods. My tires have been wonderful and have been through a lot given all the Chicago Pot Holes. I'll take a look at them and let you know what kind they are.
  • I'm thinking we'll settle at $27,500 or so. And you?
  • shelgershelger Posts: 2
    I am hoping not to go over $25,000.
  • My local dealer only stocks the HPT C-70 convertible which I felt that I had to floor to get moving. Another dealer suggested the LPT as a better alternative for city driving. I'm coming off a lease on a V-8 SUV, so have forgotten what a car is supposed to drive like.

    Also, anyone have experience with Volvo. dealerships in Englewood, NJ, Manhattan, or Nyack?
  • Also, what is current pricing?I saw someone posted $38.5 back ii December. The best price for the HPT with the two options (cold weather and stereo)_ is about $44,500
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Almost forgot. The tires that I have are the Michelin's and I think they are called the "SX" or something like that (have to look again). It is my understanding that the Pirelli's are a bit soft and can get 'out of round' if they sit long enough. I have 20,000 on the 2000 and it does sit in the garage for several days (sometimes a whole week). Add to that the Chicago Pot holes and I am thrilled with these tires and their durability. Plus they still stick on those 55 mph 90 degree turns. Have only gotten them to squeal once on a turn and that was a small chirp.

    Sounds like 44K is a pretty fair price for an HPT.
  • brunejebruneje Posts: 13
    I finally had my summer's put on last week for the first time (2000 HPT Coupe)on the car I just purchased,what a difference from the snows, and it does really hold the road and the "propus" rims add incredibly to the look of the car. When I picked up the car I was surprised that the tires were Michelin's, because of the talk on this forum I presumed that the original tires were Pirelli's. Good to hear that you have 20000 miles on them and that the tread is still good. I know this is hard to say, but how much tread to you believe is left in mileage. Also you were saying it spends a lot of time in the garage, is that your garage, or the dealership?
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    We do mostly highway driving but I am assuming that I have probably another 20k to 30k left on the treads. Although thanks for asking, I should check those. I'm a big fan of Michelins as I used to have a 73 TR6 and those old Michelin Red Lines were the one thing on the car that worked consistently. In fact, they outlasted the car (which isn't a big surprise given that it was a TR6).

    Don't know if I should dignify the Garage question. As we live in the city we only use the car for shopping and going out to the suburbs (gotta love Pub trans in Chicago). The car has stayed in the CONDO GARAGE all week and may go out this weekend depending on what we are going to do.
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