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Volvo C70



  • Haven't owned a Volvo for 25+ years but am now considering the C70 convertible -- hate to give up the Miata but really need more than 2 seats and a little more comfort wouldn't hurt....found a 2000 C70 HPT convertible with just about every available option and just over 1700 miles. Dealer's wife's car who now drives the 2001 version...Don't need all the options and wouldn't get them if I were ordering new but if the price is listed for $51k+ and dealer is asking $46.5 which seems ridiculously high but, like I said, I really haven't followed the Volvo market for many years. Before I make a similarly ridiculously low offer, can someone tell me what this car should really sell for in central New Jersey?
    also, curious about the HPT engine -- how many years in production, what's its reliability record and what are the biggest differences from the LPT? If ordering new, I'm sure I would lean towards the HPT because that's apparently the only way you can get a manual transmission in a C70...any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  • this is a know problem with Volvo's, it is not the bulb, you will notice the bulb is not burnt out. The problem is with the socket that holds the bulb. I would think any dealer would help you, it take 2 seconds to replace, you do not have to leave the car. I have had one replaced and I need another.
  • According to Car and Driver. 'some standard luxury features have become options. The 197-hp light-pressure-turbo option has been dropped for the coupe but retained for the ragtop.'
    I have the '99 coupe HPT and it's great. I have absolutely no problem commuting to work everyday and I have the power and performance when needed.
    it's an awesome car.
  • Is the difference between the HT and LT motors just a different wastegate setting?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,579
    The solution is another dealer or a visit from a factory technician, I think.

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  • I am looking for a used C70 Convertible, a 99 or 98 model. Would anyone have any suggestions as to where I might look. I looked under dealerships in Kentucky, but their inventory list did not reveal one. Also, could anyone tell me just how expensive it is to have these volvo's repaired? I test drove one today and find myself thinking no other car can match this C70. I love the way it drives. Any other suggestions also as to what other convertibles I might try. Thanks so much to anyone who can help me. Suzanne
  • ndssndss Posts: 2
    I also have a C70 HPT and have had problems with starting the car as well as rough shut downs. I have gone to the dealer several times but was told that they could not help me unless they could reproduce the problem. The problem is intermittent. For example after dinner one night I tried to start the car, it turns over but will not start. I usually try about 2-3 more times and usually wait about 1-2 min then it starts up without a problem. Sometimes it starts and then stalls, again it is very random. Also I have noticed that the car leaves a funny smell on you when you drive it. After several trips to the dealer I have found out the the design of the condenser on the a/c has a tendency to grow mildew. This in turn creates a sulfur smell that I thought was more like a fuel smell. To make a long story short Volvo will do nothing to help nor will the dealership. I called Volvo and was told to expect a call, a call that never came. This is the third and last Volvo I will ever buy and I advise anybody to do the same. As far as I am concerned the car is a great looking and driving turd. If anybody is interested in purchasing my turd with only 18,000 miles on it please let me know. At first I thought I simply had a lemon but after talking to several people the problems are all to common. I tried to use the lemon law but did not due to the pain in the a** factor. To make a long story short my car has been at the dealer on several different occasions for over 45 days where they added to the mix by cracking the windshield, scratching the car, and putting two nails in the tires after the tech took it home for the weekend. Thanks Volvo!
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Glad I don't live wherever you're living. As far as my 2000HPT goes, have yet to have an issue and it has been a pleasure driving it. Only thing that annoys me is the fact that there is a lot of brake dust but that's due to the design of the brakes.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333

    You may want to look for a 2000 model as I understand that they were still working out kinks in the 99 and 98 models (check the posting right below yours. My guess is that is a 99).
  • No. 337, schuhc, I thank you so much for your advice. After reading what everyone else has had to say about their C70 models, I agree with you. Too many problems for me to put that much money into one. A dealer called me tonight with a white C70 convertible, 13,000 miles for $34,000. Now, I'm afraid to make the purchase. In fact, I won't do it until I read more about this model. Maybe I'll wait until next year and get a 2000 like you suggested. Is the 2000 supposed to be a better car? Suzanne
  • Another question to you or anyone, if you do not mind. I will be paying cash for whatever car I buy, but am interested in what repairs might cost for the C70. Remembering back to my younger days and my SAAB, what a lemon, I could have sold a kidney for what it cost me. I don't want this mistake to happen again, and to 335, above, I can relate to what you are saying and am so sorry you got stuck with a lemon yourself.OH, HOW FRUSTRATING. Makes me sick that we have no laws protecting us from this and like you said the "lemon" law is such a hassel, with not that many good results, I hear. Anyway, could someone tell me about repair costs before I bite the bullet in the future and maybe buy a 2000 model since the 99 models are causing common problems. Thanks again. Suzanne
  • ndssndss Posts: 2
    My advise to you is to look at the Mercedes CLK 320. The car is basically the same layout but all service is included for 4 years 50,000 miles. Also I personally love rear wheel drive. It also comes standard with ESP. This basically will prevents spinouts. I think they price out around 40,000. I also own a ML320 and my experience with service on the car has been fantastic. Also lifetime roadside. There are several other goodies check one out. Good Luck.
  • I have owned 7 Volvos since 1976 and currently have a 1999 C70 Coupe. Absolutely no problems with this great car. Probably the best I'm owned. We also have I a 1999 V70. It's been my experience when I have had a problem with my Volvo it's either been solved or made worse by the dealer. Any time I've had a frustrating problem switching dealers has resulted in a solution. The Volvo product is really solid but bad mechanics can turn one problem unsolved into a series of related problems souring you on the car as a whole. Ask your factory rep. who they bring there cars to for service. They can't tell you which dealers have poor service but I bet you the answer to the question won't be the dealer you're working with now. Be prepared to travel.
    Stick with it it's a great car.
  • c702000c702000 Posts: 39
    I now have 16,000 on my new c70, with "no"problems. Have owned Volvo's for tghe past 24 years. This is the best I have owned, the C70 started as a new design with a new factory and assemblers, after reading all the inputs on the internet, believe this car has improved greatly. I looked at the CLK, but believe I received more car for less money. Believe, like the last post, that having a good dealer,like I do, makes all the difference in the world. Best of luck, think you should drive both cars and see which gives you the most joy of ownership. I did and bought the C70 Coupe and saved some money.
  • ranaldranald Posts: 147
    Do *not* buy a C70 with a shimmy.

    A friend of mine has a C70 with the 17" alloys
    and low profile tires, and he developed a shimmy
    that Volvo service couldn't fix. Tire balancing
    did nothing- problem was bent rims, both right
    side rims were bent. After replacing the rims
    the car was perfectly smooth.

    Recently the shimmy has come back. The rims
    are too soft for our roads here, it seems.
  • If you change again switch to 16" rims with at least a "50 series tire" This will give you more tire sidewall to absorb road shock.
    Aluninum wheels look great but the real advantage is unsprung weight. 17" wheels are really just for image.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333

    I would advise against the CLK 320 vs. the C70 but my reasons are probably a bit different than what is posted in 340. I compared against the 320, and the Audi S4. Drove all 3. With what I wanted (Got it loaded) the CLK did not drive $5,000+ better than either the S4 or the C70. As stated above, CLK 320 had rear wheel, and as I live in Chicago I was not going to do that with the snow here. Also wanted something that was not a "dime a dozen" and I can go weeks without seeing a C70 on the road but see 320's regularly. 320 was also not as comfortable interior-wise as the C70 was.
    S4 was competitively priced vs. the C70 and I loved the fact that it was all wheel drive. Had problems again with the "dime a dozen rule" and how close it looks to the A4 as well as the reliability issues that Audi has had in the past. Had the S4 been out for 3 years here, I might have considered it more.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333

    Unfortunately I can give an estimate to the costs of the repair of a C70. 9/30 rear ended someone doing 5 mph. Nose was down, broke my Grill, Passenger headlight, bent the hood a TAD, and scraped up the bumper.
    Replaced Headlight $282 though I've seen them for $260 at IPD.
    Grill assembly was also in the $200 range.
    Whole fixing cost $1,400.
    That includes the sanding and refinishing of the bumper. The blessing is that in Illinois we have to have front license plates. I refuse to put one on because I have this thing with Sports cars and front license plates. They plugged the two holes and it is just one beautiful bumper now. Don't expect to get a ticket as the cops will only be seeing my back license plate on this car.
  • c70fanc70fan Posts: 2
    I have had a 98 C70 coupe - high pressure, for almost two years now. I have had no problems with the car at all, and absolutely love it. Very comfortable, fast, well equiped, and simply awsome stereo. As for the brake dust that one person mentioned, yes, it made me crazy. I'm very picky. So I ordered a set of dustless pads from IPD. They really are dustless! And they work fine. That fixed my only problem with the call. Well, except that I now need a four door and will probably sell this and buy a new S60. By the way, I'm not an old line Volvo guy. This was my first. Believe it or not, I traded a Z-28 Camaro for this car, but have owned many sports cars and sports sedans - mostly japanese. The C70 is the best I can get without the stigma of showing up for work in a Mercedes or BMW. I don't work in an industy that would easily accept seeing me in one of the status symbol cars. With the Volvo I get the satisfaction without B.S.
  • My father just bought a 2001 C70 Convertible. He loves the car, but has a weird problem:

    The signals won't turn themselves off after turning corners.

    Anyone else in here have a problem like that with their C70's? Also, after driving this car, it feels VERY HEAVY. I haven't been able to put the pedal to the metal (break in period), but can't wait to. I want to see how fast this thing picks up speed.

    Will let you know next time I get to borrow it! :)

    Who knows when that will be! :(
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    One of the wierd (weird?) things I learned about my C70 is that the turn signals click off only after the steering wheel has been returned straight.
  • Thanks to everyone for your very good advice. I am once again thinking I will go on and buy the C70 after reading more replies. Thanks for the suggestion on the Mercedes, but I cannot stand driving a car without front wheel drive. I think I will go with the 2000, since there does seem to be some kinks with the 99. AGain, thanks everyone for all the good information. Suzanne
  • The C-70 is great but I see lots of hesitation in your posts...and those of others. The Mercedes is wonderful, if you have 9 months to spare waiting! The Saab just doesn't measure up. So why not go for the one that will make get you NOTICED? Get yourself an AUDI TT ROADSTER CONVERTIBLE. Sure it's only got 2 seats. But it's GREAT! I just ordered mine. Can't wait!
    See comments from real people at Click on "audi forums" and then on "TT forums."
    These folks are more passionate about that car than a drunken Yankees fan!
    Good luck!
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Understanding that I am biased but....
    An Audi TT? I'm sorry but you have to be kidding.
    I was going to list all the pluses of the Volvo over the Audi but there is not enough time in the world as the C70 and TT just shouldn't be compared. If you were looking at a Miata I would say go with the TT but, as you are looking at the C70, you would logically compare with the S4.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #352:

    schuhc, I certainly agree that a C70 to TT comparison is inappropriate but I'm not sure that the S4 is the right comparison either. The C70 would certainly win in comfort and style but in the performance arena the S4 is best compared to the M3. Personally, I like the C70 high pressure turbo coupe but it would get stomped by a S4 or M3 any day.

    When and if there is a new 'R' version C60 based on the 300 hp AWD S60R it would be much more competitive in my opinion.

  • jefflkjefflk Posts: 2
    The C70 has them. I have a 2000 convertible, HPT, standard transmission that I bought in Dec 99. I have had comments on this car continuously since I got it. Friends of my wife will tell her they saw me driving around. One friend's child saw me and told her it was a really cool car. The friend tells her kid she knows the owner and the kid goes "WOW". I'm driving and someone yells out "Where did you get your car?". I have 3 people at work following me around drooling. Comments from lots of others. Women, men, kids all love it. I didn't buy the car to draw comments but it's a lot of fun. On top of that the car is fun to drive. The standard really kicks. The key for the HPT is to keep RPM above 2500. The standard makes that easy. Off the line its got good acceleration but once it hits about 15mph/2500 RPM - ZOOM. I've had no significant problems. A window switch needed replacement. I also got the 17" alloy wheels. They really enhance the look. I noticed a little torque steer under hard acceleration but almost completely eliminated it by adding a couple of pounds air to the tires. I rides just a bit harder but the handling is superb, even in wet weather. I'm one happy driver.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333

    Couldn't agree with you more. The C70 is not up to the performance of the S4 or M3. Then again, you would not compare it to the A4 in less it was the C70 LT. When I was comparing I compared with the S4, which I liked. The only things that made me go Volvo were cargo space and the layout of the interior. Had the S4 been out for 2 or 3 more years and I didn't need the trunk room, I would have gone for that.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    After wiping the tears from my eyes after such a beautifula testimony (none of which I have seen for either the S4, TT or 320), I am now ready to field this question.

    It is my understanding that you are to take both of the rear window buttons and snap them up AT THE SAME TIME.
  • schuhc: I've tried snapping up both rear window buttons at the same time. No luck. They still stay locked. Not an earth-shattering problem - more of an upset to my kids when they sit in the back seat and want to put the window down.
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