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Volvo C70



  • brick4brick4 Posts: 1
    does anyone know whether the 2001 c70 convertible will be offered with a manual transmission
  • c70galc70gal Posts: 1
    I have a '98 C70 HT Coupe and I have had no problems with a shimmy in the steering. I have then 18" wheels and Pirelli's. I just turned over 10K. Of course I've blown out 4 of those Pirellis already, so they may not be staying on there long enough to get out of balance. Does anyone else out there have the optional 18" rims? These came on the car and are on the window sticker as an option. If anyone has a suggestion of a better low profile tire with sidewalls made out of steel let me know.
  • volvoscottvolvoscott Posts: 26
    This has been a common complaint amongst the salesmen at our dealership. They think the answer is to balance the tires. What we've finally concluded is that these cars are sitting for too long on the lot and are actually flat-spotting the tires. So many times we will have to put a new set of tires on a brand new car. Don't let a salesman tell you it's normal, because it's not! C70gal. Check to see what michelin has to offer. As a technician, I see the least problems out of their products, and I use them on my own cars and truck. Most of the tire problems come from Pirelli, BF Goodrich, and Bridgestone. Hope this helps.

    Brick4, regarding the 2001 C70. Is there even going to be such a thing? Volvo is supposed to discontinue the current 70 series, and replace it with the new V70, S60, and the rest is yet to be seen. Anyhow, the manual transmission is available in a 2000 model. Though rare, they do exist. We had one come across our lot and we couldn't give it away. Finally ended up dealer trading it to Virgina. Anyhow, keep my posted. Thanks.

  • richc70richc70 Posts: 6
    I really appreciate your helpful ideas and would like to have your opinion on two products from ipd. The first is a magnetic drain plug with a small removable magnet which is supposed to catch and hold metal particles. The only problem I see is that if I hit my palm hard enough with this plug in my other hand, the magnet falls out. Do you think my c70 Lt needs this and if it falls out in my oil sump will this damage anything. The second is an oil pan & transmission protector made of aluminum plate. ipd shows a cracked pan in its catalogue. Is this oil pan cracking from impact (stones,rocks etc.) a common occurance on Volvos? Is it some thing I should get?
    Thanks again.
  • alvin0425alvin0425 Posts: 1
    i have 99 c70 w/ HT, it has problem of the ride and wheel shimmy as described in one ofthe messages above. does any one know what i could do to fix this annoying problem? ask dealer to adjust the shock absorber? they said they can't do much cause it is a sport car? i don't know if all the sport cars have the same problem. i personally don't believe so..or i should replace the tire from 17' to 18'? however i heard it could be worse if i do so. please reply me if u have the same problem as mine or u know how to fix it up!!! thanks a lot
  • c702000c702000 Posts: 39
    Have a 2000 c70 with 9,000 miles and the 17 inch wheels with Michlen Pilots. No wheel problems and because it's a sport car,still has no effect on wheel shimmy. On this subject has been brought up and have decided it's more likely your tires. Have the car check for alignment and make sure tires are not out of around. My car rides just like my S70 and 850 did, your car is a proven raod machine.
    Best of luck Tom
  • volvoscottvolvoscott Posts: 26
    Alvin, I'm almost going to guarantee your tires are flat-spotted, or out of round as Tom mentioned above. "adjusting the shock absorber" is not only impossible on the car, but would do absolutely nothing to correct your problem. See if your dealer is willing to work with you on getting new tires.
    RichC70, the magnetic drain plug is really a waste of money. If it did break loose, then yes it could damage parts internally. I've come across a few cars with these in them, and I immediately notice that the magnet is free of metal bits anyhow. Now, on the oil pan protector. Excellent investment. Volvo doesn't have a "problem" with this. The only problem is that people run over debris in the road. It happens. However, for $198 it's great insurance. A new oil pan is over $300. Already this year I've replaced 2 oil pans due to people running over debris on the road. Usually large rocks. If I owned a car of this caliber I'd have one on it. Hope this helps.

  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Scott or Rich:

    I would like to know what 'ipd' is so that I can look into that whole oil pan thing. As always, I am looking for anything that Scott brings up on this message board and if Scott things that this oil pan may be a good investment I think I should look into it. June 29 is the delivery date for Lisa's... er... OUR 4 speed auto/moondust C70.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #272:

    Try for Volvo aftermarket options.


  • volvoscottvolvoscott Posts: 26
    adding to rollie's post there. Go there and request a catalog. Their online stuff is a mere fraction of the products they offer. And their prices are much more friendly. Also be sure to check out the headlamp lens protectors. They are $58 a pair. They are also worth the money. I've replaced many headlamp assemblies where a small rock met it up close and personal.

  • c702000c702000 Posts: 39
    oil pan protection. I have a new 2000 c70 and unless you lower the car, do not think you need oil pan protection. Unless you are going off road (just kidding). Have own the 850 and the C70 and they all sit high enought,do not think you have to worry. I spent my money on 17" wheel and cd changer and maybe down the road a rear spoiler. Hope you enjoy you car as much as I (8,000 miles and it's perfect.
    best of luck.
  • I've checked all the postings and haven't seen this question. I've test driven the C70 along with other convertibles and wonder if C70 owners have been bothered at all by reduced visibility on the coupe and convertible (in the rear sides (right in particular). I've never been accustomed to using only my mirrors due to the blind spot. The dealer said some people just never adjust to this. Any feedback?
  • burmazburmaz Posts: 1
    Did every one know that the Volvo C70 is hand made! I just figured that out on Volvo's UK website. Thats why they are so expensive. 8-12 people make each car. They only mad 15,000 C70's last year not just for the USA but for every other country as well. The Volvo C70 can be considered a little rare. It is made at the same factory as TVR.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,375
    Interesting, but I don't see how 8-12 people could make 15,000 cars a year, do you?...that's 312 cars a week, or each of the 12 people buildng 26 cars in 5 days! (no time to go to the bathroom?) They must have screwed up the math at the website, or their idea of "hand-built" must mean some hand assembly of the convertible top components...i.e., some things that the robots don't or can't do well. Relative to a Camaro, it's certainly a little rare, but 15,000 is a lot of cars in terms of future collectibility (if that's what you were driving at--don't mean to put words in your mouth). It's more than all of Ferrari production of all their models for instance.

    Funny, I myself don't feel secure when I hear "hand-built"...Mercedes are built by robots and they do a hell of a job, but people can and do often make mistakes handbuilding cars. But it's a lovely myth and I don't mean to rain on it too much....just going off at the mouth here.

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  • gcamp11gcamp11 Posts: 4
    I have a '99 C70 5 speed. I am thinking of uprgrading the performance. Has anyone doneny upgrades to their C70? How are the results?? Any and all advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  • benny2benny2 Posts: 3
    For performance enthusiasts, I can send a report on my C70 at Laguna Seca and a photo in the Corkscrew. My car has all the IPD upgrades, 5 speed, 18" HRE wheels. Send an e mail.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    OK. I got the IPD manual for the C70 this weekend and salivated a bit before thinking about things. I have no problem dropping $1150 in order to increase my horsepower a bit. Is it definitely worth the investment or should I just be happy with the 236hp that I have already.

    Another question would be...
    Is it going to be easy for me to swap the computer back out before I take the car in to be surfaced and will they be able to tell that I had been playing around with my car?

  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post 3281:

    schuhc, if you want to be able to swap the ECU out of your C70 prior to service visits you will be spending over $2,000 for the unit. The price you quoted includes a swap of your original ECU. If you want to keep the original ECU IPD adds about another $1k to the price as I recall (or at least they used to). If this is still the case, you might want to wait until your original factory warranty expires first.


  • jeremyc70jeremyc70 Posts: 1
    Hello all I just found this board and I am excited to see how other like their C70s. I am 17 and I was in the market for a BMW M3 but I looked and looked and finally relised they were not that appealing ( they looked good and were fast but nothing else ) So I ended up with a 1998 C70 with 8,000 miles. I have had it about 2 months and here are some things that im sure you would like to know about my car.

    It it blackberry ( the kinda maroon purple color ) with black leather.

    It has the 18" BBS wheel option. When I got the car it was perfect for about a month , then one night after dinner I came out of a restaurant to find that the sidewall on the back left tire was cracked ( Parelli P Zeros ) . So I went to discount tire and they told me the others were already worn so it would be a good idea to get new tires. So I drove it for about another 2 weeks and the tires got progressivly worse , as did the shimmy of the sterring wheel. And a noise when I braked. The shimmy I noticed from when I first got the car, when I went over bumps I could feel them in the sterring. And I also noticed that the more people I have in the car the harder it is to steer ( Am I crazy for thinking this ? ) So I feel the shimmy worse when more are in the car. Anyways I have replaced the tires with Goodyear Euro T/A's . And the ride is better and smoother but the shimmy is still there. The only problems I had with the car so far besides that is the sunroof would rattle because it was off the track. SO they fixed it but when I went to pick it up they wanted to charge me $73 for labor because they said that it didint need parts it needed adjustment so I got upset and they agreed to 1/2 the cost with me but I still was not happy that I had to pay. Well now that I have told you guys alot of stuff ( some of which Im sure you will think is useless ) . I would be intrested in hearing what other owners have to say about theirs and things they have learned about them from ownership. Thanks
  • merajmeraj Posts: 2
    hey you'all...i REALLY like the c70 and like what is has to offers, but i am looking for a brand new one or one with only a few K miles on it. i want it fully loaded and i want the high output turbo (the one with 236 horses...) and want the 5 speed. i was wondering what kind of a price should i offer? i know these rides are not selling off the showroom floors (due to CL-S, M3, S4...etc...). so what do you think i can get one for!? overall, how are you owners thinking of your purchase? thanks for your help and opinions!!
  • merajmeraj Posts: 2
    thanks schuhc...i am probably going to get one from chicago too! anyone get these rides for cheaper though!?
  • c702000c702000 Posts: 39
    I order a 2000 C70 (LP), 17" wheels (must have)and after owning 850 850t and the C70, think you are better off with the 2000. They have had a couple of years to improve production and work out their probelms with th 1998. Have 9,000 miles and not one problem and it will do 140mph. Total cost was
    $35k. Iknow more HP would be better, but for cruising,some auto crossing, and just fun it's hard to better for the cost. If you order from the factory (the way you want it) think the cost will be less and the dealer does not have to worry about paying inventory cost. Personally think it's worth getting brand new and pay a little extra, than buying the older models. I have been buying and driving Volvo since 1976 and this is the best one, for looks,quality and bang for the buck. plan to keep this one along time. best of luck, it's great to have a car that you will not see on the road every day, different is nice.
  • richc70richc70 Posts: 6
    I went with to buy my 2000 C70 LT Convertible. Priceline charges you $50.00 and does your bidding for you. They found me a dealer who would accept a total of $500 over total (car plus options all at invoice price) invoice price.
    Shipping was extra, but if you want to buy new how can you beat getting the price you are willing to pay. I like the car although I only have 1400 miles on it.

    Has anyone put an ipd aluminum skid plate over a convertible's oil pan? The convertible has two cross members that appear to be in the way.
  • QX498QX498 Posts: 9
    Hello Everyone

    Was wondering what a fair price would be if i want to sell my 1998 c70 turbo with 25,500 miles.
    Any help is greatful. If anybody is wondering it is in Rhode Island.

    R. Geoffroy
  • shiftodshiftod Posts: 3
    I was just at a Volvo dealer in Nor Cal, and they are out of stock for C70 coupes...but they have a 1999 C70 HT with 21,000 miles on it. I haven't test driven it or any C70 yet, but I noticed that with the windows down all the way, the door does not close with an authoritative this the same for all C70s or a problem on the car? The door panel just doesn't seem super solid as in other volvos...finally, the offer price right of the bat is $33,900, any advice on the price and if I should hold out for new one? Thanks peoples...
  • c702000c702000 Posts: 39
    read item #287 this might help
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333

    Got a call from the dealer today. The HT coupe that I ordered (with Lisa's specifications) arrives today and will be ready to pick up tomorrow. The question I have is... Should I feel guilty that she will be in New York and not be able to pick up the car with me. I think that this is a good trade-off for her not allowing me to get a 5 speed manual.

    Can you say..."Lisa honey, don't call me from New York Tuesday night because I will be having an auto-affair until about 3:00 am Wednesday.
  • pyeskepyeske Posts: 2
    Well schuhc, you too should be a happy owner by now! My wife and I picked up our nautic blue 2000 HT last month in Sweden and we love it to death. We immediately put over 2k miles on it (keeping the engine under 4000 rpm's, of course)driving through southern France. Even the frenchies could not keep their eyes off of it!

    The factory delivery is very worthwhile- Volvo handled it all in a classy way.

    This is a car we will keep for awhile...
  • guccioneguccione Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 HPT and find that the rearview mirror has alot of vibration even when stereo is low. Has anyone else experienced this? I have 22K miles and no other problems so far.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Noticed a noise the other day when I picked up the car. Best way to describe it would be a sound as if the wheel was not connected on the the bolts and it scrapes accross the threads of the bolt.
    Only happens when the car is being drive for the 1st 10 (maybe) minutes. Does not affect handling, breaking...
    Took it to the dealership yesterday (50 mile drive) and the serviceman got in with me but we didn't hear a thing. He indicated that it might be 'morning sickness' where there are particles that get stuck on the disk. He said that if I hear it and give it a firm break and that should clear it up.
    Heard anything like this?

    Mirror Vibration:
    12 miles on mine. Not a lot of shake but does shimmy.
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