How to get a more comfortable ride with a GMC Yukon

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Hi! I have owned a 2001 Yukon for a few months and it has a pretty choppy ride. The vehicle has 49,000 miles. What can I do to get a smoother, more comfortable ride?

Also, the drivers seat (leather) isn't comfortable. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dan


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    Perhaps your tires are overinflated?

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    In addition to checking the tire air pressure, Not sure if your Yukon is equipped with the OEM Auto Leveling system? If so, make sure the auto leveling Position Sensor (on each side) is operating normally and each sensor position adjustment is within the proper range, otherwise, it can potentially cause too much/little air be pumped in to each air-shock...
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    Well I keep the cold tire pressure at 35 which is recommended by GMC. Is it better to run with a bit lower tire pressure?

    Also my Yukon doesn't have the self leveling system.

    Has anyone installed Sensatrack shock absorbers to soften the ride?

    Thanks for the replies!
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    The air pressure in your tire, I would NOT go lower than what is recommended by GMC (the sticker on the driver side door jam). As far as shocks, I am not sure about the Sensatrack by Monroe; perhaps some one with experience can share his/her experience there. I have used Edelbrock Performance IAS Shocks before on my 2000 Ford Expedition, and enjoyed the shocks.
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    Thanks guys!!!
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    I have a 2002 Yukon and I installed Monroe Sensatrack shocks, and It rides softer, but I noticed that the vehicle lower a bit in the back part, because the stock shocks are very hard and keep the vehicle leveled when is louded or is towing. But I like the way it rides.
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    I have a 2002 Yukon 2wd and It shakes when is on Drive and complete stopped. I took it to the dealership and they said that probably is an exhaust problem but they don't really know what the problem is. I did a complete tune up, wash the throtle body, change the PCV valve, computer diagnostic, revise the IAC valve and everything seems to be normal but the problem is still there.

    Does anybody know how solve this problem?

    Thank you.
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    I assume the shake is much less (or almost not) noticeable when the car is moving or cruising, correct? If so, have you checked for possible vacuum leak some where in the system; if not yet, check for leak(s) first (i.e. old or hardened hoses) before spend big money on the exhaust system (i.e. clogged Catalytic converter...). Good Luck!
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    Yes, the shake is much less while running. But if the catalytic converter is clogged, don't you thing that this problem would be detected in the state inspection??.

    Thank you for the info,
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    I don't think a State Inspection is detailed enough to detect a clogged Catalytic converter. They mostly rely on the on-board computer now a days to tell them if there is any problem (almost same as if the Check Engine light is ON); unless your vehicle has a specific sensor to detect certain amount of pressure variation before and after each catalytic converter; otherwise, its hard to tell without removing them from the exhaust system... Before getting to the point of taking all the exhaust pipes apart, I was think to double check for any possible vacuum leak with a vacuum gauge, which is a lot cheaper... BTW, I did not see you mentioned anything about the Check Engine light being ON at all, is it? If the Catalytic converter is really clogged, that should cause the "aft" O2 sensor to be out of expected range from the "before" O2 sensor, that should most definitely trigger the Check Engine light to come ON... Have you also verified that all spark plugs and wires are in good condition, that can cause shake too...
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    The check engine is not ON and the spark plugs and wires were changed about 1 month ago (AC Delco brand). The motor mounts were checked as well, and they are good. The performance is very good, a lot of power, but I don't know why it shakes too much.

    How does the vacuum gauge BTW work?

    Thank you.
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    I just went back and read your initial post... I am sure its pretty frustrating trying to find the cause...

    A vacuum gauge can be used to detect low/unstable vacuum pressure in the system, which are indications of a leak (i.e. cracked vacuum hose, canister, or for some models even an improperly seated PCV valve and etc). I would think that you may be able to barrow a vacuum gauge at your local Auto Parts store (e.g. Advanced Auto, Auto Zone, and etc.; I have even came across them at Mijer, Sears and Wal-Mart stores if you wish to buy one), each gauge should come with description/recommendation on how and where to hook it up, and how to interpret the reading and response on a gauge (not all gauges act/respond the same way; but should be similar). This, in my opinion is an inexpensive way to narrow out other possibilities that can cause engine shake before getting to the catalytic converter. Best Wish!
    Just as FYI:
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    I have a 2002 Yukon SLT, 4 wheel drive, 5.3L. We have enjoyed this vehicle since we bought it in 2005. It had 68,000 on it at the time and it know has 126,000. The shocks up front seem to sway more then they use to. A mechanic that we know talked about putting Monroe Reflex Monotube shocks on the front in place of the original Bilstiens. Has anyone had experience with this change over. I have read forums for Fords and Rams with mixed results, but none of these were for GMC.
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    Another point of view about replacing shocks, although not GM specific:

    idahodoug, "Toyota Land Cruiser" #2375, 10 Feb 2003 6:24 pm
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    I have an 07 Yukon SLT with the 5.3 engine, bought used last fall with 55k miles. I was cleaning the engine area and noticed an exhaust bold sitting crooked on top of the spark plug boot. I thought it was cross threaded, but realized it was broken when I touched it. There's never been a wrench on the engine with this Yukon, according to the dealership where I purchased it. I also purchased an extended warranty.

    When I took it to the local GM dealer they told me that the extended warranty did not cover broken bolts. Had I ignored it until the manifold was leaking, they would have covered it.

    Why would the GM 5 yr, 100,000 mile drive train warranty not cover this item, in lieu of my non-performing separate warranty? They quoted me a price of $290.00 to repair.

    Has anyone else had this kind of problem with exhaust bolts breaking? The service writer did not seem surprised and even guessed that it was the front bolt before even looking.
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    I bought a used 2007 Yukon with 57K miles on it a couple of months ago. I feel like the ride on the vehicle is "rough". It seems like I feel every bump on the road and at times there is vibration felt in the seat. It feels like it comes and goes, it feels like when you go over a bump the vibration continues for a few seconds after. I also notice a slight shake at times when idling. The RPM needle never moves. I have put new tires on the vehicle (Michelin LTX 2) and brought it into 3 different dealers to have the issues looked at. When i ride with the mechanic they have all told me that the ride feels normal and there isnt an issue. I really have tough time with believing that.

    I had a Dodge Durango before, which had a great ride, so I dont know if its just me or is there something more i should be looking for -

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Ryan51, there may be multiple areas of things to look in to... but, let me ask you a couple of questions first (assuming each tire pressure is on par):
    Q1. Does your Yukon equipped with 3rd row seats; if YES, are the seats removed?
    Q2. Does your Yukon still have its spare tire mounted under the chassis?
    Without the seats and spare, the lack of their weight can make some people feeling the ride "rough" (Choppy)...
    Other than the above, I would take a look to make sure the bushings are in good shape (not dried-up/cracked) and securely mounted... (i.e. Shocks, sway bars, exhaust system, engine mount?? and etc.)...
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