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GMC Envoy Headlight Problems



  • lasdouglasdoug Posts: 12
    First of all, thanks to all of you that responded to my cry for HELP, way back when, regarding my 1999 Envoy Headlight Problem. Without your feedback and support the fix would not have been possible, would not have been able to tell my mechanic where to start. Of course, when I called the GMC Dealers (THE EXPERTS) for assistance on changing out the 99 Envoy HID Lights to Conventional Lights, they were flabbercasted and did not know if it was even possible OR they knew what to do, but would not tell you, for it would mean loss of big $$$$ in their pockets....WHATEVER!!! To make a
    Long Story Short (PROBLEM FIXED) with a total cost of UNDER-
    $ 200.00 to change out BOTH HID HEADLIGHTS to Brand new
    CONVENTIONAL HEADLIGHTS (Now can go to any Auto Parts Store and buy a $2.00 blub if one goes bad) WHEW!!!!
    ***Running out of room (SEE PART-2)
  • lasdouglasdoug Posts: 12
    Sorry Bout That..........................
    1- Purchased 2 BrandNew Headlights From; (651-644-3456)
    *LEFT (Headlight) Partslink GM2502174 (Part # 14-00535L) $ 64.00
    *RIGHT (Headlight) Partslink GM2503174 (Part# 14-00535R) $ 64.00
    SHIPPING $ 14.75
    ARRIVED 2 days later (Perfect Condition) for TOTAL ( $ 142.75 )
    I managed a (No restocking Fee-Return Policy) !!!!!!!!!!
    2- My buddy (Did NOT HAVE TO CUT ANY WIRES)
    3- Removed Each Assembly (Easy remove clips behind assembly
    that pull straight up- the light can be pulled out-dangling)
    4- Uplugged the (Harness Plug from Ballast) Ballast located below
    Headlights/Behind Bumber). He layed on his back and got under
    car with a long screw driver to help unplug the plug from BALLAST.
  • lasdouglasdoug Posts: 12
    5- Driver side (EASIER to UNPLUG from BALLAST - BUT- HARDER
    to connect HARNESS PLUG to NEW ASSEMBLY)
    6- He connected the Harness Plug from EACH BALLAST and
    connected the plugs into the NEW L&R ASSEMBLIES.
    No wires to Cut. The Drivers Side -Harness Plug after removal from
    Ballast had to be maneuvered below AC Lines in order to reach
    plug-in on NEW ASSEMBLY. Buddy says the job is DO-ABLE!!!!
    7- My PAX SIDE (BALLAST) was bad, dont know about IGNITER.
    8-Kept Drivers Side HID ASSEMBLY (Still Good) if you want it Free!!
  • lasdouglasdoug Posts: 12
    My E-Mail is if I can answer any questions
    or if you can use my Old (Drivers Side Headlight Assembly). Its your Free. Also if in the Dayton Ohio area- My good mechanic will change out your HID Headlights for Conventional ones. Thanks again for all
    that responded to my earlier request for info on this matter-It really PAID OFF.
  • cprincesscprincess Posts: 1

    You are a life saver. I bought a 2000 Envoy in April 2010. The headlight went out and I thought it would be an easy fix. Longer story short the dealer said the part would be $786 for the driver side headlight because it was a H.I.D. Igniter and ballast Headlight. I said there is no way I’m paying that much for 10 year old SUV. So I have been searching high and low for a solution on the net and there you appeared. I called the website you suggested and they have a GMC Jimmy headlight in stock and Kerry the sales associate remembered you and said she is glad everything worked in your favor.

    Well have fabulous Memorial Day and I hope everything goes as well for me.

  • lasdouglasdoug Posts: 12
    Best of luck changing out those over priced headlights. Have a good mechanic do it, he'll figure it out, FOR SURE. My mechanic was great and figured everything out by reading past POSTS on this site. Took him about an hour, maximum.That headlight place I purchased the lights at, where great to work with, and I remember KERRY, she sounded like a "BABE" !! Wish I could see her pic !!!
    I think I actually like these NEW conventional headlights BETTER, than the original HID, they seem just as bright !!!
    GOODLUCK. Shame on you GMC for putting these high priced
    headlights on a low priced Vehicle in the first place, it isn't a LEXUS!!
    You've caused alot of headaches, to alot of us.
  • robo2023robo2023 Posts: 1
    I,too, am experiencing the vary same situation with my 1999 Envoy. What a shame that a company does this to their customers. It's no wonder people don't trust companies like GM anymore. We can't afford to buy the parts let alone have it fixed.

    I am very interested in the drivers side assembly if you still have it. Let me know if it is available. Thanks for your input!
  • lasdouglasdoug Posts: 12
    I am sorry, I ended up giving the remaining drivers side assembly to a neighbor, who has a friend with the same headlight issue. I tried to convey to the neighbor, how much happier his friend would be to just (CHANGE OUT BOTH HEADLIGHTS) with brand new conventional headlights, but his friend wanted to try this old HID headlight first.
    Sorry bout that--and--good luck with your FIX. For less than $200 my belief is you will be happier with a complete changeout to brand new conventional---I was !!!
  • I have a 1999 Envoy. I love this car. Bought it used runs like new but I too have the headlight problem. Your solution sounds great. I even have a mechanic living behind my house who says he would install the conversion kit on both sides. My problem is where to get the parts. We live in Ohio and the only parts places near us are Auto zone and Advanced Auto Parts. I'm not good with all the parts stuff. Any suggestions. I also don't have any credit cards. Any help would be awesome.
  • lasdouglasdoug Posts: 12
    I see your problem. The only reason I ordered OnLine was because the 3 or 4 Junk Yards/Salvage yards in the Dayton area did not have the Conventional Headlights. Right after I placed the order Online,
    one of the local Salvage yards, I think it was RIVERSIDE or Clayton, called me back and said they could get the Conventional Headlights from Online and I could pick them up in person. Try some LOCAL junkyards to you and explain that you need to pay by cash or check, and I'll bet they will order the Headlights for you and have them delivered to their location so you can pick them up. (Give them the number of the place I purchased mine)- you'll see in my prior posts all the information regarding where I purchased mine online. GOODLUCK
  • s15jimmys15jimmy Posts: 5
    If you have factory HID headlights on your Envoy/Bravada and the bulb and ballast go out you find out real quick that the only available replacements are from GM and you have to buy a new ballast/HID Bulb because of design change. The cost from GM is over $1,000 dollars for the set. If you want to keep your factory HID system I have a much lower cost alternative and still be OEM equipment. I have purchased factory Bulb/Ballast to keep my GMC Diamond Edition factory HID lights operational but will never again. Below is what I purchased (Mostly From Ebay)

    1. Philips D1S Bulb Xenstart ($50.00 ea) Ebay. 2 ea
    2. Philips Xenstart ballast (Cadilac XLR) Same Ballast as what you get from GM. (Price Varies) 2 ea
    3. Pair of D1S Bulb Holders. ($30.00)
    4. Pair of D1S Cables 49CM (SUV $75.00 for a pair includes shipping. You have to modify the bulb holders to mount to the mounting screw locations of the headlight. You will also have to mount the ballast and connect the ballast to the factory harness. May have to splice the connector in.

    If any one wants pics just email me at
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    If any one wants pics

    Pics would be great - if you post them on your CarSpace page then future visitors won't have to try to track you down for them. Thanks!
  • s15jimmys15jimmy Posts: 5
    Posted PIC's in my car space page.
  • s15jimmys15jimmy Posts: 5
    I also have an after market HID solution. I pulled two 9006 bulb retainers off of 4 headlight (late 90's) GM sedan. I removed the mounting flange from the original bulb and used that to secure the 9006 bulb retaine to the headlight. Now any 9006 bulb will work including 9006 HID conversion kit. I plan on selling this set of hedlights on ebay with the 9006 bulb retainers included. I posted Pics of this modification as well. This would be the least expensive way to keep the HID by using a 9006 conversion kit.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Nice! Here's the link.
  • s15jimmys15jimmy Posts: 5
    The ballast connector is the same as the 9006 bulb. Update: In order for the bulb retainer to fully seat in the headlight i have notched the retainer where the 3 mounting posts are and dremeled out the area where the alignment pin is on the headlight. I need to add a spacer to compress the retainer now. Having the bulb sit further in the headlight will get the optics correct as possible.
  • I have a 2002 Envoy. Recently my headlights have been decided to be difficult....sometimes they work and other times they don't and I have to use my highbeams.

    Somewhere on this forum, I read to change the #46 (headlight module) and #45 (air control module) and thankfully it has solved the problem - PARTIALLY.

    My headlights now turn on when I unlock the car AND they turn on when I manually turn them on. HOWEVER, they still don't work in the automatic position.....not a big deal as at least I can drive at night again without blinding anybody.

    But can anyone tell me what this means, what the problem is and if it is something that has to be done by a mechanic, how much it will cost?

    ALSO, do I need to switch #45 an #46 back to their original position or can I continue to drive like this without anything else going wonky on me?

    If I MUST switch them back, then does that mean that I need to buy another #46 ?

    Thanks so much!
  • citafacitafa Posts: 1
    I followed the same fix described by message 54 from smittygirl1966, and it worked for me too. I have a 2007 Envoy, and yes indeed, switching the #46 module with the #45 module did the job. Both low beams are working again. But, my question is the same as smittgirls1966, do I have to go buy a replacement for the other module; better yet, what is NOT WORKING since I switched? Help.
  • Hi I have the same problem with my 1999 GMC Envoy the left side low beam went out I have no idea how to replace this manufacture HID igniter/bulb wherever this with just regular hid lights can someone please help me up or if anyone has an extra system i can buy
  • Ugh. My turn to be screwed with this situation. We'll see what my mechanic says on Monday.
  • pepito51pepito51 Posts: 16
    edited March 2011
    I plan to replace some headlight bulbs with Sylvania Silverstar Ultra. Any problem with those? Are they too hot?

    Which is which in the 2002 Envoy? One of the bulbs has a sort of silver "diffuser" over it; is that the low beam? Would it be possible for someone like me to screw up and put a high beam bulb in the low beam socket and vice versa, or does the low beam bulb only fit in the low beam slot and the high beam bulb in the high beam slot :)

    And which is the DRL--the high beam bulb or the low beam bulb? Thanks for info.

    Oh one more question while I have your undivided attention. If I decide not to use the Silverstar and just go with some stock bulbs, what brand are the OEM bulbs and what retail places can I get them? Are they a GM brand?

    Mine have lasted 9 years (90K miles) and still have no problem. I just don't want the Silverstar Ultra to overheat and melt any harness, etc. Has that been an issue? Maybe I should go with a lower price Sylvania and not the Ultra, or even the OEM/GM brand that has done well?
  • I to have a 02 envoy i would be driving on a highway and my low beam would go out but i can use the high beam and fog lights no problem . If stop and turn off my truck and wait for 30 to 45 minutes they are back on has any one found a sulation to the problem please send information everyone that is having this problem this isn't safe for our family's . Thanks and be safe out there !
  • pepito51pepito51 Posts: 16
    edited April 2011
    I have seen this discussed in a couple of forums, for both Envoys and Trailblazers. It's even been discussed a couple times in this forum.

    Assuming your fuses are OK, the likely culprit is Relay #46 in the under-hood fuse box. To test that hypothesis, people have suggested that when the lights go out, one swap the suspect #46 relay with the adjacent cooling fan relay #45 (they look alike and may be the same part). If the low beam lights come back on, then that is further proof. If you continued driving with the relays swapped, the "Check Engine" light might come on, but should go away once you switch them back and put a new Relay #46. I myself wouldn't keep driving with them switched since it's possible that the cooling fan would not operate properly with the bad relay; I would use the switch only for a test.

    Relay #46 is called an HDM relay. HDM means "headlamp driver module". It's more expensive because it is a solid-state relay. The relay costs $35-45 from a dealer; may be harder to find at auto parts retail stores, but you might luck out at some Autozone, OReilly, etc.. According to my web searches, the GM part number is 15016745 , but you ought to verify that for yourself. It should be clearly marked on the relay.

    If you want to see how common this problem is, do a Google search and input "hdm relay #46" without the quotes, or search on "relay 15016745" without the quotes. After reading those threads, makes me want to get one of the relays to carry in my Envoy as a spare...
  • art61art61 Posts: 1
    Has anyone had a problem with the headlights remaining on after the engine is shut off? This is on a 2004 Envoy, XUV...........tnx
  • meehancmeehanc Posts: 1
    Lately, I've been replacing my low beam headlights about every 6 months. I noticed today that my headlight went out again and when I went to replace it, the pin in the connector was burned. After reading the previous posts I'm worried that this will be more intensive than I thought. I know I'm looking at a new harness and lamp, but what else am I looking at? Is this a known problem on 2006 Envoys? Any permanent fixes?
  • i have the hid problem and i want to change it to the 9006 bulbs what kind of car could i get the bracket from to mount the bulbs and im having troubles finding the pics of the convestion could you also send me a link thank you so very much
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    S15jimmy hasn't logged on for a while and the link is dead now. All he specified was a "late 90's GM sedan".
  • I want to say THANK YOU to all who posted about the dim headlights going out on 2003 Envoy. Already I have spent 135.00 and did not fix problem. Mechanic told me to bring to dealer it was body module. So I started searching and found this site and yes the problem was relay #46. Thanks so much for sharing. I love this site and will continue to come here when I have a problem. Apparently this vehicle has problems with lights. THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLESSINGS TO ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • My headlight connection keeps frying, so I replace the connection cords from the headlight to under the hood. Any thoughts on what is causing this problem? Dealer is no help.
  • I have the same problem with my 2005 Envoy XL SLT. How much is it going to cost to fix this problem?
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