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Question on TSB: Toyota Sienna Door Welds Causing Clicking

04exaccord04exaccord Posts: 2
edited December 2013 in Toyota

I own a 2005 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited. Awhile back, I received an TSB announcement for possible clicking noises due to some of the door welds breaking off.

Well, I am getting very loud clicking noises and I'm afraid I'm affected by the TSB.

Has anyone had repairs done due to the TSB? If so, can someone tell me what it all entailed?

I called one dealer around me and he said it will take the 3 days because they have to send it to a body shop to have them take the doors apart, weld around the doors, then possibly repaint the door due to the paint being affected by the heat from welding.

Just want to get some confirmation from others. I have to be honest, I want to get the problem fixed, but I'm not looking for to getting new paint on the Sienna. After market paint jobs are never as good as the factory paint jobs in my opinion.




  • I ahve a 2004 over 100K miles....Toyota won't repair this defect. I finally got annoyed enough to fix it myself..It's not too difficult with the right tools..When the door is fully open it aligns the door check carrier perfectly. With pressure on the open door you drill two 3/16 holes top and bottom directly on the spot welds. You'll need an angle drill to do this. Install two Steel (not aluminum) pop rivits top and bottom....Done!
    'Hope this helps,
    Steve Zeman
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    If it ain't broke...

    The latch mechanism makes noise, so make sure your noise isn't "normal".

    Go to a dealership and ask to see a brand new Sienna, then play close attention to the noises it makes to open a power sliding door in perfect condition, and compare to yours.

    If yours is working fine, it may just be unnecessary.
  • This has nothing to do with the sliding door! It's a design defect with the Driver's side door That Toyota is well aware of. They voluntarily fix the problem if your car is under 100k miles..
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The OP didn't specify what door it was...
  • Leave it to "the Forum" to validate my complaints!! I mentioned this to my husband last week- all of a sudden, it sounded like the driver side door was 100 yr old, rusted out old vehicle. It "clicks" and sounds like it is going to break. I'm assuming that the door weld is the issue. Thanks for identifying this. Now, the car is still under 100K, but it's 4 yrs old (2005 model) so I'm hoping it will be fixed free of charge. On another note....

    I thought I'd just take a moment this morning to register some dissatisfaction with my 2005 Toyota Sienna. Now- for most of my life, I have been a Toyota loyalist.
    HOWEVER- I have not been too pleased with the Sienna. First- we had issues with the cooling system. We've had various mechanical issues (tailgate; back up sensors, you name it). Now, this door weld problem. Mechanically- it just doesn't live up to our Toyota expectations. And my chief annoyance complaint- the LOCKOUT on the Navigation and DVD. Yes- I eventually figured out how to override the lockout on the Navi, but what a hassle.

    I think Toyota needs to start paying attention to these quality issues and consumer complaints. I love it when it's working well- and yet, I'm not sure I'd buy another.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    See if this helps with the lockout issue:
  • Actually- I did figure out how to override the Navi lock out. It's the fix where you go to the Volume screen, and you touch the upper left corner, lower left corner, upper left corner and then you get the hidden menu. It really does work. But not for the DVD; and you have to do it every time you start the car. It was great, because of course I found how to do it on YouTube. I also found a great video on YouTube confirming the door weld issue.

    love the social media. No better way to confirm a car problem then to watch and hear someone else's.....LOL
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    you touch the upper left corner, lower left corner, upper left corner and then you get the hidden menu

    You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around...


    Cracks me up. The routine to completely disable stability control (say, for an emissions test on a dyno) is similarly crazy.

    These are supposed to remain secrets, only for mechanics to troubleshoot, but inevitably the power of the internet takes over, and people find out.
  • rcalircali Posts: 1
    Where did you hear that they would fix the car if it was under 100K Ours is 9 months out of warranty and has 65K on it and they would not fix it and they said it would be $900 to spot weld it back and the spot welds could fail again and in this case you would have to buy a new door with the part already bolted on.
  • adiehl13adiehl13 Posts: 28
    Our Toyota dealer DID fix the door. I went in with the problem "diagnosed" from the internet and they did not charge me. Ours is a '95 Sienna XLE with less than 100K and out of warranty. I would tell your local dealer that this is being fixed (can you find an official recall anywhere?) and let them know that if they charge you for this obvious Toyota issue, you will contact Toyota corporate...consumer affairs etc. I would think that with all the bad press lately that they would do this. Make it a "Safety" issue!!
  • milcar1milcar1 Posts: 4
    My Sienna is a 2005 with 68,000 miles. I have the door clicking problem. but it is more than a click. Toyota had extended the original warranty to 5 years and / or 100,000 miles instead of doing a recall. They call it a "Warranty Enhancement" My vehicle is over the five year period, although the milage is OK so they will not fix it. The problem is a manufacturing defect that Toyota is unwilling to address. It is an engineering flaw with the design of the plate welded to the door that causes the door strap spot welds to break loose. Typically just outside of the warranty for many owners. Toyota has issued a Technical Service Bulletin, (TSBNV003-7.pdf) but refuses to issue a recall to fix the issue most likely due to the number of units and dollars involved. Rewelding the failure points is not recommended as they are prone to fail again sooner than replacing the door. My estimate from Power Toyota of Cerritos, CA is $2418.49 to replace the door. It is not a matter if you will experience this door failure, but WHEN. For a $26,000 to nearly $40,000 per vehicle it is unacceptable for a company that markets itself as a manufacturer of reliable and quality products. This is a situation of a company that is having tremendous growth and will not take care of the customers who have helped propel that growth. I am on my forth Toyota. I have a beautiful Toyota Avalon XLS WITH 80,000 miles on it. I am a Toyota backer, but after this I am not so sure. To the person who riveted his plate, I sencerly wish him luck. Consider getting a different vehicle before it occurs again or you lose significant re-sale value. You can call Toyota Consumer Affairs at 800-331-4331 about your issue, though few if any have been successful doing this. Let others know about your experiance with Toyota's defective door welds. Good Luck
  • My 2004 (now since traded in) had the driver door weld issue back in 2006 or 2007. The dealer first tried to claim there was no issue. This was Longo Toyota, The a few weeks later, the door would not open at all. They then said the cost to fix would be about 1,800. I then said, great because my Platinum warranty (7 years/100000) would cover that issue. That was checkmate, and they fixed the situation and I paid nothing. That issue was the first sense I got from Toyota that they were getting cocky or greedy (e.g., denial of the issue, jacking up the cost, etc etc). Prior thereto, I was a satisfied Toyota customer (i.e., 1996 Camry, 1998 Avalon and then the 2004 Sienna and also a 2005 Camry).

    I just bought a 2011 Sienna, and as noted from another post, I now regret that decision. That will be the last Toyota I ever purchase for at least 10 years.
  • milcar1milcar1 Posts: 4
  • milcar1milcar1 Posts: 4
    I really do not have fault with the Totota. I had the Sienna up to Alaska and back. It performed beautifuly. I have fault with the Toyota Corporation by the way they treat there long time customers. I could easy drill a couple holes in the bracket and put a couple rivets in it and sell it. Then go buy a Honda mini-van. But I will not do that temporary repair. I would be screwing the next person who buys it. I am not like Toyota. I have to sleep at night. To bad, because I really like Toyota's.
  • Ours is a 2004 Sienna XLE w/ 89,900 miles. Went to the dealer yesterday, complained about the door....the service dept told us they had fixed alot of those but ours was out of warranty. Called corporate headquarters.....basically told us we were SOL. So sorry I purchased a Rav4 last year. Guess we all need to start making alot of noise including going to consumer affairs. Post your issue wherever we can. Let's chalk up another issue for Toyota.
  • adiehl13adiehl13 Posts: 28
    Oops- I forgot. We have the platinum warranty as well, so earlier when I stated, "they fixed it out of warranty" that was misinformation... SORRY. The only way I would buy another Toyota would be if they made the Sienna a hybrid. That's what I've been waiting for. a more fuel efficient/more environmentally friendly minivan with all the bells and whistles.
  • milcar1milcar1 Posts: 4
  • madandpissedmadandpissed Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    The door started clicking a couple of months ago and now it closes by it self. My son was standing near the door when it clicked shut by itself. My husband pulled my son before it hit him!! If my husband was not standing close to him he wold have been seriously hurt. Beware!! I have a 2006 Sienna and I will never buy another Toyota. My door is broke and clicking and toyota corp will not fix it. They cliam that it is not a recall but an extended warranty. A notice that as an orignal owner I never got. I called Toyota Corp and they basically dont give a ****. They are waiting for a recall. I am 3000 over the warranty and they won"t fix it. I have never posted anything in life. I am doing it because TOYOTA just really dont give a ****!! I will not support a company that thinks so little of its customers. I am so disappointed. My family has never bought anything but Toyotas and as a total have purchased over 50 vehicles from Toyota. We will never buy another car fom them!
  • I am very disappointed in Toyota. I did not receive a letter in '07 about the door. Two weeks ago my door broke. I looked it up on line and found that it was a problem with a lot of vans. I took it in to the local dealer and they said my warranty ran out in April. My mileage is under 100,000 and they contacted the SE Regional rep and they would only pay for half the door which is over $1,000. I took it back to the Toyota dealership where I bought it and they just gave me the run around. I called the Toyota care line and they said sorry they would only honor the SE Regional agreement. I am so disappointed. I can't afford to get a new door so I have this $30,000 van that I am not wanting to drive because of the door. The frame has cracked and I am afraid of it. I am telling everyone about my bad experience. I thought I was buying a great van that would last me a long time. I have learned that name means nothing. I will not buy another Toyota.
  • yatesjoyatesjo Posts: 186
    The VW van is just a rebadged Crysler with a nicer interior. VW isn't exactly renown for reliability on their own and is only a half step up from Chrysler. Like the most of the European brands reliability is sub-par and even worse than Ford and GM.
  • Totally agree with your statement. We have a 2005 Sienna and our dealer indicated their hands are tied as well. They indicate it would cost between $2K and $4K to repair.
  • I had the pleasure of getting my Sienna before the miles. So what a year later it started doing the same thing. Called Toyota and No Can Do Anything For You mister. It was repaired at Toyota of Valdosta. They don't know how to repair it or they just mend it till you get rid of it. No more Toyota Mister.
  • Hey Steve how long did this repair last? I am about to perform the same thing.
  • keritkerit Posts: 2
    I'm absolutely sick to my stomach right now after reading everyone's disappointing outcome with this driver door problem. I too have had problems with the driver door (not the sliding door but the driver door!). 2004 Sienna bought new, summer 2010 the door started squeaking when opened, then clicking, and apparently as it got worse...loud popping sound when opening and closing the door like the door was going to fall off. My mechanic was kind enough to go online and find a cheap 'fix' for this and welded the hinge for about $100. I have been SUPER careful with the door ever since obviously because he told me it could definitely break again and probably would. So, now 6 months later, my husband just got home after driving the van and the hinge must have broke again...THE DOOR WILL NOT OPEN MORE THAN A 1/2 INCH!!! So he was therefore force to use the passenger door and crawl over the console. We have owned several Toyotas in the past. When we sold our 1994 Corolla, it was such a reliable quality auto my husband said he'd "sell that car to Jesus himself". If I have to replace the door on this van for $1800, you can bet I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER TOYOTA!!!. Yes, the weld is a temporary fix....only temporary.
  • Kerit- I could have written the first part of your email (I posted a while ago and still follow this thread). we also bought a new 2005 Sienna XLE fully loaded etc. I have to say, after researching this on-line, I printed out the discussion, and went right to my local Toyota dealer (Carousel Toyota in Glen Mills, PA), and they fixed it free of charge. Believe you me- I was geared up for a fight- ready to march into the showroom and start saying loudly that no one should buy a Toyota if they won't fix known problems. But- I actually had not one single issue with the dealership fixing it. It could also be I had signed up for some "gold" service thing, whatever that means. But I hadn't bought it from that dealership, so at the very least I expected the, "well, you'll have to take it up with the dealer you bought it from."

    I would go to your local Toyota dealership with a print out of this issue. I would simply say this is a Known Defect, and if they won't fix it, you'll go to your local news station etc. If they don't know how to fix it, HAVE THEM CALL MY DEALERSHIP. I haven't had a problem since they fixed it. Also, any Toyota dealership can look up this problem in their systen. Good Luck.
  • wynonawynona Posts: 1
    A fellow posted earlier that he had fixed his with new steel rivets.

    I performed the same procedure on my 2004 (130,000 miles) using extra hard bolts after drilling out the spot welds. Use only high quality drill bits. Access is not easy with wrenches and drill but certainly do-able.

    My rider side front door had the same problem when the car was 2 yrs old, repaired by Toyota with new welds ( my money later refunded by Toyota). So far, 80,000 miles later, their repair is still holding OK.
  • steph19steph19 Posts: 1
    My Sienna is having the same door clicking problem. Took it in to the dealer i bought it from and they say its some warranty enhancement issue that only last 5 years. My Sienna is a 2005 also. I have 72000 miles on my van and never recieved a notice on this.
  • rlmarkowrlmarkow Posts: 3
    I bet there is alot more of us out there......welcome to the wonderful world of getting screwed by toyota. I have a 2009 RAV 4 limited edition with 15,000 miles on it.....I seriously am looking into trading it in for a KIA while it still has some value.
  • mgullonmgullon Posts: 1
    Our 2004 Toyota Sienna's driver door started to have the popping noise a couple month ago. I finally decided to bring to dealer only to find out it was a known defect. The first guy in Toyota dealer in Redlands, CA, told me on the phone that he is pretty sure it is under 8 year warranty. But when I got to the dealer, a different guy told me it was 5-year and showed me the doc. So we are out of luck. To fix it cost $497 - not sure how long it will last, to replace the door, about $2000.

    For such a obvious defect, Toyota is not taking the responsibility. NO MORE Toyota cars in my family!
  • mark_phxmark_phx Posts: 1
    I too have recently experienced the front driver's side door problem. Of course - the 5 year "warranty enhancement" has expired. The dealer offered to pick up 1/2 the cost for the repair which was $452.00. I declined and instead filed a complaint with the NHTSA and BBB. Neither complaint got me anywhere but I still refuse to pay over $200 for a design flaw that Toyota knows about and does not do anything about. Well - that's the last Toyota for me. :lemon:
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