Question on TSB: Toyota Sienna Door Welds Causing Clicking



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    Yep, supposed to be one of the best extended warranties they offered at the time. I am not through with them.
    They said they only would have covered up to $500 of the weld, but since it is the door, so sorry no help at all.
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    I have the same problem too. I have the 2006 toyota sienna CE. Mine just started a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was just the hinge and I put WD40 thinking that it is just getting rusty but unfortunately after a few more observation i noticed that a part of the door wasn't welded good and that thing is the one making the noise.
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    Has anyone started a class action suit, yet?

    It seems there are two major issues:

    Driver door weld popping

    Sliding doors quit working

    Please, I am ready for a class action, because I have been battling with Toyota USA about this issue and they said the would pay for half, as long as it was determined that it was not our fault. That would make us pay almost $1,000 just for our half alone - not good enough in my estimation if it's a known factory defect!
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    I'm in. They know it is a defect that is why they did the TBA and extended the warranty to 100 k miles, or 5 years. Conveniently just under the years this problem seems to show it's ugly face. You think it just needs Wd 40, but no, the problem is huge! Look at how many are affected. How can this be our fault? You would think they would step up and realize that they did a horrible job on the weld and take care of those of us who are affected. No one should have to buy a new door, on a six year old car. We have bought a lot of Toyota cars in our family. I even got my Mother, brother, sister and daughter to buy Toyotas. NEVER AGAIN! I talked to Toyota Care, They could care less! :mad:
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    Oh, and another thing, who knows whether the new door after we shell out 2k is going to have the same problem? :sick:
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    Where did you find the information about it being dangerous? I'd like to know more about my crappy door.
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    article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that reveals the automaker will voluntarily fix the front doors on 600,000 units of its Sienna minivan (current model shown above) built between 2004 and 2006. Apparently there may be an issue with the door check mounting panel on both of the minivan's front doors. The door check mounting panel is the piece that keeps the door open, and if the part fails the door can swing freely and unexpectedly shut – obviously a concern for parents with kids. Toyota has traced the problem back to bad spot welds performed at the automaker's Princeton, Indiana factory.

    Toyota will be sending out letters on Nov. 2nd to owners of said Siennas explaining the problem and offering to fix it. To do so, Toyota will offer what it calls a "warranty enhancement" to these vehicles, covering the cost of these door repairs on Siennas up to five years old with 100,000 miles or less. Though a bad spot weld on the door check mounting panel would normally be covered by the Sienna's standard warranty, that only lasts 3 years or 36,000 miles. Toyota has also said that it will reimburse owners who have already had the doors repaired on their own, in some cases at the cost of thousands of dollars.

    Curiously, Toyota is not calling this a recall. Of course, what automaker wants to refer to a problem with one of its vehicles as a recall if it doesn't have to? As long as Toyota takes care of the Sienna door problem to the satisfaction of its customers, they can call it a Happy Happy, Joy Joy Service Encouragement Bulletin.
    HEY, why didn't I get that letter?????
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    It seems that a lot of us could write what everyone else has written, especially about how poorly and unwilling Toyota USA & the dealerships are at taking responsibility for this. I have contacted the Oregon State Attorney Generals office and they have written back that they are looking into this and have contacted Toyota (not sure if it's the dealership or the main corporation in Torrance, CA or both). We live in CA but are close to the Medford, Oregon dealership. I spoke with the service manager and was treated very rudely, even though I was near tears of frustration (yes, I'm female, my dad passed two years ago and I'm helping my mom with this issue). I ended up calmly saying to the service manager, "I can't believe you're arguing with me about this." Hung up and wrote to the Oregon State General Attorney's office right after.

    The State Attorney's office wrote back the next day that they're looking into this and to that they are seeing if other people are experiencing the same issue so that they can see if there is cause to take further action. They also stated that they are contacting the company. I sent them links to the forum discussions, youtube videos and hope that they see this is a big issue. I've heard that there are over 3,000 complaints regarding this issue.

    Toyota USA has agreed to pay half and the service manager thought they were 'generous.' What's generous with leaving us with over $1,000? Generous would be replacing our van with a new van of equal model number - XLE Limited. Can't believe we invested this much money for a poorly made car. Doing the right thing by fully covering the costs, providing a rental car, paying for our hotel expense (we live 75 miles away) would only be doing the right thing - paying only half is actually stealing from our livliehood, when it's a known factory defect issue.
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    Thanks for posting this. The curious thing is that they know it began with the 2004 models, which would make the five year warranty null and void, as in my case. We have approx 75,000 miles on our van, well under the 100,000 mile mark. This warranty should be 5 years OR 100,000 miles (and not whichever comes first).

    Yes, they are attempting to make it seem like they are being 'generous' as in our case by paying half. What's generous with leaving us with over $1000 for our half when it's something that was not our fault and beyond our control?

    Class Action Suit anyone???
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    Please let me know if there is a class action on this matter because I have the same problem too. Thank you and goodluck to us!
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    I just took my car to the local body shop today. He said in the last year, they have fixed at least 50 of these. I don't live in a huge town. That is pathetic. My estimate was just under 2k as my door is definitely not repairable. This just stinks! Had I got a notice in the first place, I would have known to get it in right away. At first you just think your hinge needs to be oiled. Who could ever imagine that you would be needing to replace your whole door because of Toyota's shoddy welds. Getting madder................... :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    The driver side door on my 2006 Sienna just broke. I will be seeing the dealership tomorrow. I know I am outside the time period. I'm really curious what the Richmond, VA dealership can do? :mad: :cry:
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    I have mine eight years now and also had the same problem everyone is talking about with the drivers side door. well toyota gave me the door but still pay about 1,200.00 to have it installed and painted. please someone let me know if there is a class action going on i would really like to stick it to toyota!!!
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    I have been in email communication with a representative from Toyota USA. They have agreed to pay for half and the service manager at the dealership said he thought they were being 'generous' by offering to pay for half. What's generous with leaving us over $1000 for our half of the bill? Not to mention, it's 150 miles round-trip to the nearest dealership, they're going to keep our car for 3-5 business days and give us no loaner? Seriously! Nothing is generous about this - giving us a new van would be generous!

    Please, anyone know anything about beginning a class action suit? I've contacted Oregon's State General Attorney, as suggested by one website on steps to take to get this fixed. If one person has success, because of these steps, that's good but what about the rest of us who are stuck with a huge bill and/or a temporary fix at a lower cost? The state attorney's office wrote back that they would investigate this and if it seemed that there were enough consumers affected by this, they might take action. My suggestion is that everyone should write to their own State Attorney General's office, reference as many sites concerning this as you can---these discussion forums, this site: etc.

    Let your attorney general's office know that there are many, many consumers affected by this and that it has been determined that this is a factory defect, and that the defect often doesn't show up in some cars until after the extended warranty ends. Toyota should have offered us 5 years or 100,000 and honored those cars that are under 100,000 miles. Are we being penalized and punished for not driving our cars hard enough for the problem to have shown up within fives years, it would seem.

    Does anyone on here know an attorney or is an attorney who might be able to see about creating a class action suit?
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    Someone created a facebook page for the sliding door issues with the van and stated that if they receive over 200 people, they can start a class action suit. Has anyone created a facebook page for this particular defect? If so, please send us the link and if not, I'm willing to create a page.
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    I went ahead and created a facebook page for this issue: ?skip_nax_wizard=true

    For anyone interested.
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    Let's create that page........
  • snw219snw219 Member Posts: 9

    I posted this earlier but here's the link for the created facebook page about this issue: ?sk=wall
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    Thank you for the information regarding the article in Milwaukee paper. I'm heading to Wisconsin in a few days for a position and hopefully, Wisconsin will be friendlier than my local dealerships.

    There are three dealerships - two are 75 miles away and 1 is 150 miles away. All three were supposed to call me back with information and not one of them returns my call, unless I call them again - and even then, they say they will call me back and haven't. I'm not being rude with them, at all, and have actually had good conversations with them. Total neglect, which seems to have been the problem in the first place, that got us to this point.

    Will Toyota redeem themselves?
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    My door broke today, I contacted Toyota consumer Affairs and they told me that the vehicle was out of the 5yr/100,000mile warranty period, and there was nothing they can do!

    I will post something as soon as I make some headway with this Company. San Diego,CA
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    I was in the same boat. I was able to secure the bracket with a 1/4 x 3/4" Allen head bolt. Access is really difficult but the bracket on the inside of the door is actually a "U" shaped bracket and a hole can be drilled on the face of the door. The entire interior panel and speaker has to be removed in order to secure a nut on the back of the bolt. I purchased all stainless hardware and a stainless nylock nut. I also used blue locktight on the bolt. If you drop the nut inside the door there is no way to get it out without removing the door (which you need to prevent if possible) I coated the sheet metal parts with paint to prevent rust. I used tape to secure the nut to a wrench during installation. I finished in about an hour, getting the interior panel off took more time than drilling the hole and mounting the nut and bolt.
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    That's great that you were able to do this. If I were more mechanically inclined and had the right set of tools, I would attempt this, too. There is a facebook page created for this specific issue, if you're interested: - g-noise/101820339938012?sk=wall

    you might have to copy and paste the web address - it looks likes the hyperlink might be cut off by the text-wrap.

    This is in case we are able to get a class action suit for Toyota to repair the defect at their cost or reimburse those who have had to pay for it themselves.

    Thank you for taking the time to post about your repair with the details.
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    I had the same problems with my 2004 Toyota Sienna. I actually bought it used last June and had problems such as the sliding doors freezing, driver's door weld making the popping noise, and the trunk randomly closing on me while I was unloading groceries! After reading many posts online about this, I became very discouraged that it was going to be expensive and a pain to solve. NOT TRUE. I went directly to the closest Toyota dealership (Toyota Vanderstyne on Ridge Rd, Rochester NY) and they were excellent!

    Igathered my facts, printed out the recall article about the faulty door welds in the front and let Toyota know I was aware of this recall. Now although my Toyota had passed the time limit for the recall 5 yr. or 100,000 miles from original owner purchase. I bought extended EasyCare warranty with the car and it covered everything! (minus my $100 deductable)

    The problem with the sliding doors was that they were freezing up due to cold weather (we live in Rochester, NY). I left my car there for the day and Toyota put silicone spray on the sliding doors top stop them from freezing, washed my car for free, gave me a free can os silicone spray, replaced both my driver & pass. door welds, and fixed my trunk. Apparantly there was a recall for a part on that also. My warranty covered $1100 worth of work! Toyota took care of the legwork for me, made me feel valued, and had my car up & running in a day. My advice is to go directly to a Toyota dealership, even if you didn't buy your car there originally, they work with these problems all the time and know what to do. I love my Sienna and Toyota hasn't screwed me yet, so stay positive. :)
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    My 2004 Toyota Sienna van has the following problems:
    The spot weld failed and if you look at the metal - the metal actually has TORN!!!!
    The Side power sliding doors have failed - was told it would cost $1900 to fix. Was told the motor died but you can actually hear the motor run. My husband took the door apart to make it a manual one (Toyota wanted $300 to do this) and it is a $100 cable part that has a plastic covered cable that stripped.
    The Sonar goes on and off - no rhyme or reason - just all the time.
    The rear hatch door will come back forcefully on your head (it IS run by a motor) when the weather is cold.
    I can NOT believe Toyota put out such a bad product. NEVER, NEVER had this sort of thing happen with my Toyotas before!!!!
    Dealerships in Albuquerque do NOT want to fix anything under recall or service bulletin!!!
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    I have the same problem but i have a 2003 Sienna and it happened to the front passenger door. Any suggestions on what i should do? I purchased extended warranty but that expired. Thanks!
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    are you saying that you drilled a hole through the outside skin of the door, an made the connection?

    Gary Anderson 650 678 1634
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    I hopoe you get this. Get them to check the sonar button. After years of trying to figure out why mine keeps going off, its a defective board or something. I can lightly touch the button now and it'll go off.
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    So my 2006 Sienna is doing this clicking thing too...after I just paid $582 to have the steering sensor replaced that was causing the skid control to come on for no reason (another TSB "repair" that Toyota would not name a "recall" and would not pay for).

    This van is costing me more than it's worth lately and I am thinking a new vehicle with monthly payments might cost less over the next few years!

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    I have a 2006 Sienna and both my doors were making the popping sound. I took it to the dealership and they said the recall had expired. I didnt know recalls expire? Well now the popping noise is gone and the doors swing open freely so dont park next to me. Now my windows will only go down a quarter way before they hit the medal (i think). This is the last Toyota I ever by. Its a shame i realy liked toyota until this happend.
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    Safety recalls don't expire - but warranties do. Maybe that's what he meant.
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    This wasn't a recall, it was a warranty enhancement and they do expire. I took my van to an auto body shop that Toyota recommended and they were very familiar with this problem, having repaired quite a few. He welded my door and only charged me $75.00 (and washed my van and vacuumed it!). Door is like new, so it might be worth a price quote if Toyota can recommend someone who can do welding...I will call the 800 number anyway to see if they will re-imburse me at all.

    I had my passenger side window quit working on me (only went down like 2 inches and not back up) and I had that replaced last summer, it was expensive. But I suspect my boys whacked it hard with a frisbe (?) and cracked some plastic clips inside, but who knows...Good luck!
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    $75 is the lowest I've heard of for this repair. Where are you located and what's the name of the body shop? Thanks.
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    I too have just experienced this problem. About two weeks ago our '06 Sienna LE (83k miles) drivers side door began creaking, so I lubed the door check with some silicone to no avail. Then the creaking turned into cracking, and eventually loud popping. I disassembled the door only to find the entire door check assembly moves. Upon further inspection, I found where the internal spot welds had failed, which I find exceedingly odd since I take immaculate care of my vehicles (both of which are Toyota's; for now).

    First thing I did.... snoop around the net. Lo and behold, tons of information pops up. This info triggered a memory of receiving a similar notice. I rifled through my glovebox for the owners manual/warranty package and discovered a notification title "2004 through 2007 Model Year Sienna Front Door Check Mounting Panel Warranty Enhancement Notification" (with no date of publication). This defined that Toyota will offer a "5 year/100k mile OR whichever comes first" coverage. Ironically, just below that it states, "If you have not experienced this condition, please insert this letter into your Toyota Warranty Information booklet for future reference". Now that the failure has occurred just outside of the coverage period, I had reason to go and look for it. :mad:

    So I contacted my local Toy dealer only to be told they can do nothing for me since I'm outside of the 5yr/100k mile "enhanced warranty" period. So, I contact Toyota Corporate @ (800)331-4331, who are very empathetic but inform me they cannot do nothing to help since my vehicle falls outside of the specified "enhanced warranty" period. Please pass the facebook link along as we need momentum for further action. There's 4 Toyota's in our family, which will be out last if this is how they choose to treat their customers related to manufacturing flaws. The Sienna currently has a second "warranty enhancement" (Rear Liftgate Strut) notice, and recall (Spare Tire Hoist) associated with it. :sick:

    Please announce the Facebook and Google site to everyone you know with a Toyota. This topic needs momentum if it is to gain recognition and remediation!!

    Facebook: - - - - - - - - - ?skip_nax_wizard=true
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    I'm dealing with the same problem: driver's door popping noises. Dealer said it's a broken weld, the whole door has to be replaced at the cost of close to $2000, it will take 3-4 days, no loaner provided, everything at my own costs.
    I've sprained my leg, trying to get in and out.
    I've dealt with Toyota corporate - no assistance. TOTAL RIP-OFF!!!
    2004 Sienna with only 56,000 miles.
    Recommendation: Call Office of Defects Investigation, NHTSA, 1-888-327-4236
    Check out
    We should get media attention to this problem, obviously it's a manufacturing defect, as someone said, it's a matter of WHEN the weld will break, not IF it will break.
  • belovedangelbelovedangel Member Posts: 4
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    I'm dealing with the same problem: driver's door popping noises. Dealer said it's a broken weld, the whole door has to be replaced at the cost of close to $2000, it will take 3-4 days, no loaner provided, everything at my own costs.
    I've sprained my leg, trying to get in and out.
    I've dealt with Toyota corporate - no assistance. TOTAL RIP-OFF!!!
    2004 Sienna with only 56,000 miles.
    Recommendation: Call Office of Defects Investigation, NHTSA, 1-888-327-4236
    Check out
    We should get media attention to this problem, obviously it's a manufacturing defect, as someone said, it's a matter of WHEN the weld will break, not IF it will break.
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    Also check out,,
    Just google "Toyota sienna broken welds", many people are having this problem and out of warranty. If all of us report this problem to NHTSA, hopefully, it will gain momentum.
    These reported complaints help car owners prove that a safety failure is the automaker’s responsibility because it is a recurring problem. SO, THE MANUFACTURER MUST ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY AND PAY FOR THE REPAIR!!!
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    Sorry, haven't checked this thread in a bit...I am outside of Boston and the repair shop is Dudley Street Auto in Arlington. Door still working super (2004, not 2006 Sienna, woops, typo previously). $75.00 total to fix, I wouldn't spend $2000 to get a whole new door! OUCH!

    Had another weird thing happen, the heat shield (whatever that is) came loose and it sounded like my tail pipe was ready to fall off. Drove into Toyota and they removed it (said it was old and the bolts couldn't be tightened) for FREE! Said I didn't need it for now. Well, I feel like I hit the lottery, twice...waiting for the next big expense though...
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    How long did it take to fix the door? For how long did you have to leave the van at the shop? Is your driver's door working fine as before without the popping noise when you open and close? $75 sure beats $2000. Thanks for sharing the info.
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    I dropped the van off around 7PM after they had closed and left the key in the drop box. They fixed it the next day and it was done I believe by like noon or early afternoon. The guy said he had to take the door off and apart to fix it, so half a day seemed reasonable. The door is perfect, no noise or problems. The guy said if it happens again just come back and he'll take care of it. No way I would pay $2000 with this van at 106,000 miles. If you can't find someone to fix it right away, the door should not fall off, it just will swing in the breeze so be careful! The noise is the most annoying thing, I think. Good luck!
    PS - I do seem to recall this should be fixed early, the longer you wait the worse it gets and if it is bad enough they may not be able to save it with welding...
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    I took our 2004 Sienna to a friend, and he fixed this for me for $50, but I gave him $80 because I felt he was being too good to us. He (1) removed the door panel; (2) removed the little hinge attached to the car frame so the door would open wider; (3) pre-drilled a hole through the place where the bad weld broke; (4) screwed a bolt through the hole. Problem fixed! It was a simple fix that I recommend having a professional apply due to the difficulty of removing the panel. The hardest part was simply removing the door panel, since there are quite a few screws holding it on, including one hidden underneath the door window controls console (that you have to pop out to see/reach the screw).

    So.. moral of the story: It's a simple fix. Don't weld. Just drill a hole and fill it with a steel bolt.
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    Having the exact same problem. Time for Toyota to issue a recall and fix the problems.

    Toyota North America
    Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
    19001 S. Western Ave.
    Torrance, CA 90501 USA
    Toyota USA Phone Number: 1-310-468-4000
    Fax Number: 1-310-468-7800
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    Same issues with my 2005:
    1) Failing hinge welds on driver door. Dealer did "Toyota-approved" / temporizing repair job under 'warranty enhancement' in 2008, which is now failing. Dealer now telling me I will have to eat the price of replacing door or go somewhere else (i.e., a body shop) to try my luck on another repair.
    2) Driver's side sliding door failing: won't open when it gets cold and needs major manual help when it is warm, will not open on its own. Dealer is fixing something on that today for $400 (details to follow). Apparently, Toyota is just now issuing an 'enhanced warranty' for rear latch assembly and cable assembly issues for 2004-2010 Sienna's, so I am hoping my repair will be covered under that. Make sure you ask your dealer if this is your issue. I did not get any letter about said issue (nor the door hinge issue for that matter).
    3) Rear hatch closes randomly after opening: This occurs most often when it is cold. No help on this from dealer or Corporate HQ.

    Called NHSTA (888-327-4236) to report all three today. Felt good, but doubt it will amount to anything.

    Called Toyota HQ (800-331-4331) they told me about the 3 enhanced warranties (front door weld, sliding rear door latch and cable assemblies and said they had nothing on the hatch door). Offered me a $1000 'customer loyalty assistance' towards the purchase of a new Sienna. This essentially gave me the message that I should cut my losses on this lemon and take my chances with a new Sienna. Bravo Toyota! Way to dodge the issues. While we have loved the Sienna( despite all the door issues), I am not sure I will be staying a "loyal" customer.
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    We just discovered the same door weld break that I've read so many of you describe. Very frustrating that Toyota sent out 600,000 letters to extend the warranty for an obvious manufacturing defect like this.
    A weld breaking on the inside of the door is not a normal wear issue. This is a Toyota after all - I might have expected this on our Chrysler products - but even those didn't have weld problems. We're the original owner of this Sienna and have had 7 other Toyotas in our family! Never have we had any problems with welds on any of the cars and this one has less than 100K - barley broken in by Toyota standards.

    After visiting my dealer to find out that 1) it's a weld break inside the door and not just a silicone fix, 2) When I asked why a weld wouldn't be a safety recall or a TSB at the very least, he mentioned that there was a notice sent (though I didn't get one) but it only extended the warranty to 5 years.

    After getting a $500 estimate I looked it up on the internet with LOTS of details about similar issues. I called and reported the safety defect to NHSTA. I also called Toyota corporate at the number listed before my post. They opened a case and offered to have a customer relations manager call me next week. The local dealer did mention that they fix many of these and the Sienna is the only car they have seen with this issue. We'll see what they offer, if anything. Their future with us is riding on it.
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    I've got the same problem with a 2005 Sienna. We have the extended warranty, but last winter when we tried to address this problem, the dealer's body shop said it wouldn't do the weld, even though it was authorized to do the work by Toyoya's inspector -- the body shop said it needed to replace the entire door (!!!) which Toyota wouldn't cover. Toyota said, take it to another dealer. Another dealer's [I think this service guy asked if I had had an accident] body shop said the same thing.

    Why they can't just do the weld to make the repair isn't clear.

    But we're stuck between Toyota who say this small weld will fix the problem and the dealer's contractor, who says it won't. We're going to complain as per this board and try to make something happen.
  • ttekcol1ttekcol1 Member Posts: 2
    Heard now twice from dealer. Toyota corp says they will not offer ANY money toward repair. Dealer at first said they would have helped if I had done all my maintenance with them. Now offered to knock $100 off $500 the repair. This is our 7th toyota but will most likely be our last. Our hondas have never had this kind or treatment from the manufacturer.
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    I have had the same issue with my '06. Toyota is mailing me an offer in writing (as I demanded, not easy to get) and will see what they offer me. Dealer said new door was needed @ $2200. Not a happy camper. If the offer is less than complete fix at no cost this will be my last Toyota. I have been a loyal Toyota customer for 30 years. I guess profits come before quality and customer service now.
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    Just wanted to add to the list of complaints about Toyota. I too had a problem with door clicking and went to dealership in San Diego. I was told the only solution was to have the door replaced for $2000. My vehicle was over 100,000 miles and older than 5 years. I took it to a small shop who tried to weld the door. It lasted only for one day. I returned it and they rewelded it again. It lasted a couple of months and now the clicking is back. I agree this certainly lowers the resale value of an otherwise pretty decent vehicle.
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    Horrendous experience with Toyota Consumer Affairs and my purchase dealer (Piercey Toyota San Jose CA) on this issue.

    They refused to help citing a lawsuit settlement agreement that prohibits them to assist in anyway (after extended warranty).

    Toyota Consumer Affairs is terribly bureaucratic. They don't return phone calls, no emails, don't get to work after 9:30am, always on vacations, etc..

    This is my first time using them. I own 3 Toyotas as recently as a new Camry this September - I am totally appalled by their treatment to loyal customer. Probably no Toyota for my next car since they don't standby their quality and customers.

    Has anyone heard about this lawsuit?
    Any suggestion on the next step?
    Should I just go to local body shop and fix it myself?

    Thanks for your advice!
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    Did you ever get a response from Toyota?
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