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New Honda Insight 5-passenger Hatchback



  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    In case you hadn't seen these already.


    and on Motor Week to air this Friday morning (1/30/09) on Speed Channel

  • The March '09 issue of Car and Driver magazine has a very good review of the 2010 Insight.

    One of the items that caught my eye was the 68dB interior sound level ay 70mph cruising. That is a commendably low number for what thus far has been called an "econobox". Quietness conveys a luxary impression and C&D noted that this is a quiet car at speed.
  • How can everyone comment on the car when no one owns one yet? Karen: I have read a thousand blogs. A lot are good and a lot are stupid. I have an Insight on order already. I will get one of the first ones in my area. I will get the real cost and the real gas mileage as soon as almost anyone. Then we can talk realistically about the car. Remember, the car is what it is. It is not a fast, great cornering, chic magnet. It is an economy car. Asking for ridiculous options probably is not going o happen. It is a car for the future. It is what most people will be driving in 5-6 years. The fuel and co2 mandates are coming. Gas will go up "drastically" again.
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    But, if you read Karen's post I think you'll see that she's asking what research each of us have done on the 2010 Honda Insight. As in, " If you are in the process of researching a new or future Honda Insight". Since many people use Edmunds for the purpose of reseach they probably want to know if Edmunds was used and what other sites were also looked at. She's talking "foreplay", you're thinking "consumated".
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 370
    Is the Insight any better of a deal than a similarly-equipped Fit?

    Insight LX at $18,500ish vs. Fit base automatic at around $16,500?

    Insight EX at $20,000 ish vs. a Fit Sport automatic at around $18,000?

    My questions exactly! :D I can't wait to hear what dweiser & others who have had both will say after they have had their Insight for month or two. I will be reading this site a lot after the Insight are released!
  • $2,000 is not the only reason to choose a car. Hopefully, the Insight will ride better with the longer wheelbase. It will take years to catch $2,000 with gas mileage. Unless you are really hooked into lessening our dependence on foreign oil and gas mileage is more important. However, you have like looks of any car more than another. That is the key.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    At 15,000 miles a year and 30 mpg average for the Fit and 40 for the Insight (both pretty conservative I think), it will take about 8 years to make up the $2000 difference when gas is $2 a gallon. But if gas goes back to $4 a gallon, as it was not long ago, then it's just 4 years to recoup the difference. I have a feeling Honda is betting gas won't stay at $2 a gallon for very long. I would take that bet also.
  • I have a friend who has a Honda Fit. He is Mr. gas mileage. He is the most conservative driver around. He said he gets 31 mpg for combined (mostly city) driving. I have heard 49-52 for the Insight but that is only speculation at this point. I will know more in May. It doesn't take a genius to know that when China and other countries wanting more oil, OPEC producing less and the U.S. co2 laws, it won't take more than a year for gas to be knocking on $4 again.
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    Dealer (South Carolina) emailed me today (2/9) that they will have three 2010 Insights in late March. Colors are white, silver, and the light blue (don't know its name).
  • won't take more than a year for gas to be knocking on $4 again.

    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////- //////////////////////////////////////

    Crazy as it may sound, I hope right but I think you're wrong. The price of oil is tied closely to the health of the world's economies. Barring a major catastrophic event bringing the price of oil up quickly, we're well over a year away from a healthy economy, and high oil prices.

    Here in the Midwest regular gasoline topped out at $4/gallon last July. It was as low as $1.50/gallon around the 1st of the year and is now about $1.80, due more to local gouging than higher oil prices.

    $3/gallon should be our mid-summer peak in 2009 - probably lower. $4/gallon gasoline will be back, but the summer of 2010 is the earliest it will happen. That's why we need a $1/gallon gas tax to help fund "infrastructure stimulus", at least while prices are low.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..$1/gallon gas tax..."

    Good start but what our government really needs to do is set a target for future gas prices and make it so by imposing taxes incrementally, $10.00 gallon in 2020.

    And use the income wisely, say rapid transit systems.
  • I posted that $4 per gallon gas is coming. Obviously I don't have a crystal ball as to when. The gas tax will come. CO2 emissions will dictate better mileage. China and other emerging countries will demand more gas, thus causing prices to rise. Toward the end of 2009 the economy should start to pick up. All of these things will cause gas prices to rise. $4 is coming. I can't say exactly when. $3 this summer?? Maybe. The Honda Insight looks like a good bet.
  • Don't forget that several states have sales tax exemption for Hybrids and that can save you a good amount of money compared to the Fit.

    Given the rise in the Yen I think it's unlikely Honda can keep the price at $18K. I do think $20K is more likely for base model. I wouldn't pay markup either. If demand is very high though it may be difficult to get one at MSRP in the beginning.
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    The Honda dealer where I bought my 2009 Fit Sport called yesterday (2/25 dinnertime - don't you love calls at dinnertime) to say the manager was adding a $1,000 "market adjustment" to all Insights. I told him to tell the manager I was no longer interested in an Insight from them but to let me know if he recanted. Tonight, also during dinner, they called back to say the manager had made "an exception" for me since I was a former customer. I'm surprised they're playing these games; new cars aren't selling as it is.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,758
    The free market in action. Sort of like an auction. Who will give me MSRP+$1000? If you don't bite, someone else may.

    But yes, it IS an odd time to be playing the game the same way they did in boom times.

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  • moondog6moondog6 Posts: 3
    I ordered an Insight and knew more than the dealership about the "new" model. My salesman, from whom I bought my Civic Hybrid in 2006, says I am the first to order one from big Berlin City Honda in NH. He said it should arrive in May, perhaps late April, and my request for a dark red EX with Navi evoked more questions than answers. He thinks it may be the color of the Accord, tango red, and pricing is still unknown. He has no fliers or information for customers yet. I hope he doesn't try to up the price, and may give me a better deal as a third-time buyer. The Insight may mean a loss of mpg over my Civic, but up here on NY state's northernmost border, the long unforgiving winter drags mpg into the mid-30's. The Insight will be a techie upgrade, but I hope it doesn't disappoint with a cheap ride compared to my relatively luxury-sized Civic.

    My daughter in NC is eager to buy our Civic, and the 7yr/120K warranty will pass to her with it.

    I was surprised that the SC dealer is expecting Insights in March, whereas the Honda dealer in Albemarle, NC told me they wouldn't get them until at least September.
  • rookie60rookie60 Posts: 39
    Seems like some dealers should get with the program. If they are going to sell these cars, they should be aware of what is coming. As for the colors:
    Here are the exterior colors Honda lists for the North American Insights:

    Clear Sky Blue (new and exclusive to the Insight)
    Spectrum While Pearl (also a Civic hybrid color)
    Alabaster Silver Metallic (also an Accord and Civic color)
    Polished Metal Metallic (also an Accord and Civic color)
    Crystal Black Pearl (also an Accord, Civic, and Fit color)
    Atomic Blue Metallic (also a Civic and Element color)
    Tango Red Pearl (also a Civic color)

    The Clear Sky Blue is a very light/bright blue.

    I expect the LX to be $19,995 and the EX to be $21,995.
  • lucien4lucien4 Posts: 68
    Here's collection of Insight info including color combinations and specs (scroll all the way down to see all colors):!A4AE3FB12A26635!952.entry

    Also see here Insight pictures with color red:



    I believe dealers will get the Insights end of March but first customer deliveries may take several months.
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    Rookie60 has done his homework, his list of colors is spot on.
    Rookie, where did you get your US prices if I may ask?
    I assume the $21,995 for the EX is w/o Navi?
    Also, to add something new (and maybe even true??), I was told Honda originally would not sell the Insight until the roll-out date of Earth Day, 4/22 BUT that they have changed their mind and dealers may sell them as soon as they arrive which could be late March thru April and early May. I believe this change, if true, can be attributed to the economy and the need for dealers (and Honda) to sell some vehicles as soon as possible.
  • moondog6moondog6 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the excellent information and pictures.

    I will be calling the dealer about the ETA and the rollout date this week. I would be surprised if they brought up a "market adjustment" markup, knowing it might kill the deal. His sales were off 50% this past month, but of course they're expecting a big bump in sales in another few weeks.

    ha ha.
  • rookie60rookie60 Posts: 39
    The $19,995 was shown on Motorweek a few weeks ago. They say they got their base price from Honda. Honda has said they wanted to keep the Insight under $20,000. At $19,995 they have accomplished that. I assume the EX w/o navi will be $2,000 more. That will keep the price under the Prius and the Civic Hybrid. They need to have that niche pricing.Therefore, $21,995 for the EX w/o navi.
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Posts: 574
    I expect the LX to be $19,995 and the EX to be $21,995.

    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////- ///////////////////////////

    Although these figures are about $1K more than originally anticipated, I believe you very, very close. The yen-USD exchange rate will almost prohibit lower MSRP than the numbers above. That said, Honda will try to hit these numbers including destination charges so the advertised MSRP may end up around $19.3K and $21.3K.

    The EX w/navi should be about $23K plus a $700 destination charge.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,699
    Same price..

    1st one includes $670 destination charge... 2nd one doesn't..


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  • 204meca204meca Posts: 370
    Anyone know if the 2010 Insight will qualify for the Fed hybrid tax credit? If so, what would the dollar amount be? Thanks.
  • moondog6moondog6 Posts: 3
    Any new car, including a freakin' Hummer tank, qualifies for the tax credit this year. Sadly (and foolishly), there is no additional hybrid credit that I know of, apart from the plug-in model offers, or what some individual states might offer.

    My Insight salesman informs me that many other dealers will impose a $1500 additional markup to the price, to which I ask: why? Are they in such demand? Are car sales in general going great? More to the point, are gas prices so high that they can't keep hybrids on the lot? It is totally absurd. I won't pay it, particularly as the Priuses are being discounted to move them. He still has no date for arrival of my tango red EX w/navi, but he agreed that the price is $23,770.

    Has anyone seen any Insights on the Honda lots yet?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    I read a news report the other day that hybrids in general are selling slowly, with a 60-day supply of Priuses for example compared to 2 days last year. There's even a rebate on the Prius now, unheard of in the past. So good luck to Honda dealers who add $1500 to the MSRP of an Insight. At that price it will be competing head-to-head with the Prius price-wise.

    I saw the Insight up close at my local auto show yesterday. It looked like an EX but I'm not sure--there was no moonroof. The dash looked better in person than in photos. It was roped off so I couldn't sit in it, so I have no idea whether the back seat would be roomy enough.
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    I'm #1 on several local Honda dealer's Insight lists but I may not buy one, at least not right away due to their attitude. I think they (wrongly) think there will be a stampede into their showrooms for the new Insight and like backy above, I just don't see that stampede for this vehicle happening with gas prices low again and an economy in the toilet. Besides, what I'd really love to own is a plug-in, not some Prius wanna-be vehicle.
  • PeterunPeterun Posts: 83
    Interest in this new vehicle. . . Wondering if it's best to wait for the new Prius?? It's now Sunday, the 22nd, just two days before the official debut at local dealerships. Anyone know if any dealers have the car yet? Thanks. . .
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