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Volkswagen Routan Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 148,127
Did you have a baby, just to get some German engineering? Tell us about it!

Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

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  • chwtomchwtom Posts: 45
    Dark Blue 09 Routan SEL with grey leather seats and RES. Price is 33990 (3000 under msrp) with 0% financing for 72 months.

    Note: I did not have a baby just to get one, but we are having a baby next month.
  • chwtomchwtom Posts: 45
    forgot to mention they threw in a 5yr/100k vw platinum warranty as well.
  • nt31nt31 Posts: 1
    Dark Blue 09 Routan SEL with gray leather and RES (must be popular!).

    MSRP $36990, payed $33750.

    Added 7yr VW Platinum warranty for $1880.
  • glr3glr3 Posts: 2
    Red Routan SEL with RSE, 39390 MSRP, bought for 31600 (cash price, no financing).
  • My husband and I just purchased a VW Routan, black, rse, with 100K mile warranty for 33,500, zero % financing for 66 months. I was also happy to hear that the state of South Carolina (I am assuming to help the state's slumping auto sales) is only charging a flat $300 in sales tax on new vehicles. I can claim this $300 on my taxes next year, thanks to the recent stimulus act of recouping new car sales tax. We looked at Honda, Kia, Toyota, Town and Country, Grand Caravan...and thought the VW had the best interior, best handling, best proclaimed gas mileage, and best financing options out there! And hey...if for some reason Chrysler goes under, and they no longer build the Routan for VW in Canada...maybe this van will become one of those crazy sort of collector items. Who knows...I am just happy VW is servicing the vehicle, not Chrysler.
  • iwantnewiwantnew Posts: 10
    Dear group,
    I was quoted Routan S-with rear seat entertainment for 19,999. Is that a good price?
    how is the quality of van. Are you happy with it so far.
    appreciate your input.
  • Is that OutTheDoor price?
  • iwantnewiwantnew Posts: 10
    price+6%tax+tag (~180)
  • That is a great price. Quality so far has been good.
  • jjho72jjho72 Posts: 5
    SEL with RSE + Navigation + Trim Pack3
    $1380 Platinum Warranty 6yr/60k
    Had the van for three days and everything is great so far.
  • Is $29,989 the drive out price?

    Is the extended warranty taxable?
  • jjho72jjho72 Posts: 5
    $33485 was drive out price. Extended warranty wasn't taxed.
  • Could you please post the state/dealer? Thanks in advance!
  • New to the forum - certainly a lot of resources and information. Currently interested in a Routan - I am wondering what rebates and APR deals anyone is currently being offered? Thanks!
  • jjho72jjho72 Posts: 5
    VA/Lindsay Volkswagen
  • jjho72 - thanks for your information. Another quick question - did you take the rebates they offered and higher APR or 0% APR with less rebates to get to your final number? Thanks!
  • jjho72jjho72 Posts: 5
    I took the rebate with no incentive on finance. Those numbers are what you would be paying by cash.
  • jatmobilejatmobile Posts: 22
    We picked up a Silver SEL Premium with NAV and RSE this weekend. The only option left out was the towing prep package.. We could have bought it for 32,285 + tax + Registration but because we opted for the special financing, we paid 36,285 + tax + registration and 0% apr for 72 months.. i calculated my offer to the dealer as follows... $40,800(Invoice) - $1500(Discount for RSE) - $2000(VWs Cash Back w/ 0%) = $37,300 ... I offerred $1015 under that final amount of $37,300 making my offer $36,285 ... I know there is $500 out there in addition for Owner Loyalty but we don't qualify for that, and there is additional $500 for the NY auto show.. all you have to do is got the VW booth at the auto show, and they will give you a voucher for $500 towards the purchase of a new VW... even without the extra 500 for loyalty and 500 for the autshow, the dealer jumped on my offer of $36,285 + the 0% apr for 72 months... I hope that helps others in the market for a Routan.... I am in NJ and we got the car from Trend.
  • zerodownzerodown Posts: 7
    What's the $2000 cash back with 0%? I thought it was only the 0% without a cash back?

    I'm looking to buy one this weekend.

    $40,800 seems a bit high for invoice to me. I'm seeing it a little over 37k on carsdirect and edmunds. Did I miss something?
  • jatmobilejatmobile Posts: 22
    The invoice for an SEL Premimum with the combo package PA9(NAV & RSE) is approximately 40,500 +... the 37K u talk about sounds more like an SEL, without the premium... as far as the 2000 cash back is concerned, here is the break down... there is 1500 cash back if you get a Routan with a RSE... now, you can opt for 6000 more in cash back, making the total cash back 7500 if you buy the van out right, without opting for the special finance rate of 0%.. on top of the 7500 you can get an additional 500 for loyalty and another 500 if you are near the NY area for the NY auto show...

    now... if you go for the financing instead, the RSE cash back is still 1500, plus you can get an additional 2000 cash back and still get the 0% apr and that too for 72 months, if you go to a wholesale dealer... the loyalty and the auto show cash still appplies... remember one thing.. the 1500 cash back for the RSE and 500 for loyalty and auto show is VW cash back to you... you are absolutely entitled to it.. the 2000 or the 6000(mentioned above) is VW cash back to the dealer and the dealer does not have to pass it on to you... but in todays market, they are just happy to make a sale and make the basic sales commission on the car which i believe is about $200 plus the hold back... Good Luck....

    where are you located b.t.w.? check this link out -30T23:04:02.390
  • iloveyouiloveyou Posts: 8
    That is an amazing deal: basically 1K less than the dealer cost, is that right? If so, do they take a 1K loss or do they make it up some other way?

    My research indicates the cashback may vary by trim: S (4,000), SE (5,000), and SEL (6,000). That's what it looks like, but can anyone confirm this?

    I am looking to buy either an SE or SE/RSE in Seattle area. Does anyone live in Pacific Northwest?

  • jatmobilejatmobile Posts: 22
    "That is an amazing deal: basically 1K less than the dealer cost, is that right? If so, do they take a 1K loss or do they make it up some other way?"

    The dealer will make up for it through "PART" of his hold back... on top of the cashback figures you mention above, add an extra 1500 for RSE and another 500 if you currently have a VW anywhere in your household...
  • rio_rio_ Posts: 7
    Thanks jatmobile for the great info....a few Qs about your post #21

    You mention that one can get 0% for 72 months (up from 60mo) if you go to a "wholesale dealer". How does one identify a wholesale dealer compared to a regular one. I'm in Los Angeles.

    If you are ~$1K under invoice you mentioned that the dealer makes up for it through part of the "hold back". What is a "hold back"?

  • iloveyouiloveyou Posts: 8
    i just bought an SEL + Trim Package #3 (includes Sun/Moon Roof, etc.)

    it was listed for $36,675 MSRP $34,126 INVOICE


    i got it for over way under "invoice." i can tell you if you want to know - basically they took off the hold back as well as the so called "extra" hold back just to get the van out the door. To get this deal, i had to pick one out of their lot - i could have done without the sunroof, but it was so low we just went ahead with it.
  • iloveyouiloveyou Posts: 8
    Continued from above post...

    I got an email quote from one dealer for less than $25,000 (SEL with no option).

    This was a great price, i thought. But, they did not have the color / trim i wanted and it was a bit far from home. So, i called another dealer who was closer and had a white one. This dealer offered to beat it by a couple hundred bucks.

    The next day we went down to look at the white SEL they had. But, when we actually saw / drove it, we just could not warm up it - we hated the color.

    But we were very comfortable there (really nice folks) and did not really want to venture out to other dealer who might wear us out. Also the dealer offered additional discount if we picked anything from their lot.

    So, after few cups of coffee, we decided to go for a silver one with TP3, which was another two grand. At first i did not care for it because i am over 6' But, sitting in it wasn't that bad. And my wife really liked it.

  • iloveyouiloveyou Posts: 8
    We have had the Silver SEL + TP3 for a couple of days now, and we totally love it - far better than the old technology odyssey or sienna, IMO.

    The word has is not yet out about this fabulous van with the lastest technology designed in by German engineering. it feels like a Volkswagen, and it feels like a European!

    Having spoken to few dealer, i don't think the recent rebate was a huge success in terms of sales, mainly because people did not know about the rebate for this brand new design from VW.

    iloveyoukrisiamthat (i)
  • vanneededvanneeded Posts: 9
    Aboout to close the deal on a new Routan - I am taking the option of more cash off but higher APR. What rate have people been offered for 60 or 72 months through Volkswagen? Thanks!
  • vanneededvanneeded Posts: 9
    Best Routan sales month ever
    HERNDON, Va.—Volkswagen of America, Inc. today announced April 2009 sales of 16,289 units, a 16.1 percent decrease over April 2008 sale of 19,415 units.
    Volkswagen’s European tuned minivan, Routan, posted its best sales month ever with 2,606 unit sales. The New Beetle also performed well in April with its best sales month since August of 2008.
    “Our new products continue to sell well and are helping us gain important market share.” said Mark Barnes, Chief Operating Officer, Volkswagen of America, Inc. “Products like our Tiguan and stylish CC continue to perform well. We are extremely pleased that our seven passenger minivan, Routan, posted its best sales month ever.
  • iloveyouiloveyou Posts: 8
    i just checked carsdirect, and the $6,000 rebate seems to be gone for now. i hope it will come back for the new buyers - maybe in few days/weeks.

    BTW, how can you have the "best sales month ever" when it was down 19% from last year? Still, i am happy to hear it did well. it's the best van out there, by far, IMHO. :D

    iLoveyouKrisiamthat (Q)
  • iloveyouiloveyou Posts: 8
    VW-US Snapshot

    Rabbit 610 1,809 -66.3% 2,797 6,860 -59.2%
    GTI 475 1,173 -59.5% 1,957 3,943 -50.4%
    R32 6 399 -98.5% 132 1,603 -91.8%
    Total Rabbit/GTI/R32 1,091 3,381 4,886 12,406 -60.6%

    Jetta Sdn 4,937 7,171 -31.2% 21,684 29,112 -25.5%
    SportWagen 1,084 - 0.0% 3,949 - N/A
    Total Jetta 6,021 7,171 -16.0% 25,633 29,112 -12.0%

    New Beetle - Coupe 1,467 1,585 -7.4% 3,456 4,700 -26.5%
    - Convertible 379 1,218 -68.9% 1,291 3,503 -63.1%
    Total New Beetle 1,846 2,803 -34.1% 4,747 8,203 -42.1%

    Eos 597 1,663 -64.1% 1,969 4,827 -59.2%
    Passat Sdn 861 3,045 -71.7% 3,343 10,342 -67.7%
    Wgn 182 628 -71.0% 790 2,245 -64.8%
    Total Passat 1,043 3,673 -71.6% 4,133 12,587 -67.2%

    CC 1,640 - N/A 6,871 N/A
    Tiguan 1,206 - N/A 4,074 - N/A
    Touareg 239 724 -67.0% 1,299 2,835 -54.2%

    Routan 2,606 - N/A 4,801 - N/A

    TOTAL 16,289 19,415 -16.1% 58,413 69,970 -16.5%
  • iloveyouiloveyou Posts: 8
    i found another forum devoted to owner of Volkswagen.
    But, i hate their software! :confuse:

    iloveyoukrisroutan (Q)
  • vanneededvanneeded Posts: 9
    Hey All - is anyone else having trouble with the delivery of their Routan due to the Chrysler bankruptcy? We are, if so can we share some details? Thanks!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 148,127
    Delayed because the factory is on shut down? Or something tied directly to the bankruptcy filing?

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • vanneededvanneeded Posts: 9
    Supposedly the bankruptcy has interrupted the timely delivery of our Routan - hopefully it is worth the wait!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 148,127
    Interesting... !

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • qpowerqpower Posts: 34
    So I bought an SE-RSE in Pomegranate Red, off the dealer's lot, for 10K off sticker, with a $4500 trade in on a 2001 base Chrysler Town&Country van with 63K miles and some pregnant issues...

    I paid less for this mid-line model with the RSE than I did for the 2001 in 2001 !! Imagine this one was over a $1000 less at negotiated price. Sticker of $33,390, paid $23,390-$4500=$18890 plus tax and registration fees. I took the cash back, not the financing, and I qualified for $500 owner loyalty.

    I like it well enough, cheaper than the similar Chrysler models and stock on hand. My Chrysler dealer has no inventory and doesn't know when he will see those units already on order, let alone a new order... Wow!

    AS to why there would be some delay, my understanding is that VW has around 23K vehicles sitting in lots in Michigan awaiting dealer orders... these were made last October or November and production stopped for VW.
  • jimbob1jimbob1 Posts: 70
    So I bought an SE-RSE in Pomegranate Red, off the dealer's lot, for 10K off sticker, with a $4500 trade in on a 2001 base Chrysler Town&Country van with 63K miles and some pregnant issues...

    I'm trying to picture a pregnant T&C ....
  • On April 28th, in Seattle area, i bought a Mercury Silver SEL with Package #3, which had MSRP of $36,215.

    I paid $25,392, which was $10,823 less than the sticker.

    I did not care for the option package at first, but my wife persuaded me - the option has the sun-roof, remote-start, 3rd row power, and towing prep. i heard the towing prep uses heavier duty parts that is a "good thing" even if you never tow. is that true?

    Anyway, we thought it was the first and the last van we will ever own in our life time. My kids are 8 & 11, and a brand new baby just born this month - you may now guess why we needed a new van....
  • i never cared for vans... in the past... still not sure if i do now....

    But, with 3 kids now (with all their stuff) living in suburban USA, well "you need a van," or do you really?

    My wife has been bugging me for a long time - she won (again) at last. She just chooses the van (trim, color, etc) and my job is to pay for it. We are a single income family. She will drive it most of the time, so basically it's her car.

    We were all but decided on Honda with all the right reasons you hear about, but at the end we switched to Volkswagen. i don't know... we have all the "logical" reasons for the switch, but there was some emotion too. We always liked the name, Volkswagen, and they just came out with a new van! Emotionally, that alone was enough. My wife is a German, and we both believe in German engineering (i am an aerospace engineer who worked with the Germans), even if it were built in Canada.
  • jatmobilejatmobile Posts: 22
    RIO... how is your hunt for Routan going? hopefully you still haven't comitted so here is a late reply to your questions....

    How to find out if the dealer is a whoesale dealer?? Only one way... and that is to ask them... don't let them tell you that the 72 months is not available... i believe they make a little less on the back end.. that is in kickback from the financing company when they get customers to finance through them...

    What is "hold back"?.... due to the advent of the web, information such as invoice pricing is now readily available... so then if we know how much a dealer paid for the car, how does a dealer make any money? Everyone would want to pay what the dealer paid... there are flat commission fees that the manufacturer pays the dealer regardless but that alone along with minor floor plan support and advertising support from the manufacturer cannot sustain normal day to day business... so the manufacturer has come up with an idea of "hold back" where the base sticker price gets bumped up by 1 - 3 %. The dealer still pays the set invoice price for the car but after the car is sold by the dealer, in about 90 days, the manufactures sends them a check for that 1 - 3 % and thats the hold back... even if the dealer sell the car at invoice price, he/she will still make money on the deal in about 2 -3 months... in todays economy, dealers have opened up to discussing hold back, but normally its kept as something very sacred to them, and seldom do they dip inot that hold back....
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    wow, congrats! that's a great price.
  • Let's see... for an SEL, we have: rebate at 6K and profit at 2K or so, so the total cost to dealer is about 8K below the sticker, right? Normally i would not ask them to dip into their hold back as it barely covers the cost of doing business which i am happy to pay.

    So if they sold it to me at $10,823 below the sticker, where is that extra $2,800 comes from? from the hold back? it seems a lot for a hold back. When i asked them, they were elusive, saying that they are passing on everything they get from Volkswagen.

    Are they taking a loss? or is there something else we don't know about?
  • ifly3difly3d Posts: 4
    Quote for SEL - Premium for $10,500 off MSRP: good price?

    Also, what are resell/reliability expectations of this vehicle? Hope for at/near Honda quality?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 148,127
    The minivan is made by Chrysler... Expect similar reliability/quality.

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • i think it's a pretty good price - about the same as what i paid for.

    With $6,000 rebate, that's still $2,500 under invoice. i wonder how they make up for it.
    Does anyone know?

    When i asked a dealer, they say they take a loss, and i don't believe it.

    My routan is doing fine so far...

    Kris Q^
  • With regard to reliability... here is my 2 cents...

    Reliability appears to correlate with where it is BUILT, not where it was designed.

    Take odyssey for instance, its reliability went to toilet since it was built in USA, instead of Japan.

    i think all vans of all brand are now built in USA.

    So, i would expect the reliability at par with all vans built in USA, and that includes the popular odyssey and sienna, T&C, etc.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 148,127
    Well... that's an interesting theory.. I'm not really up on Odyssey reliability... or Siennas, for that matter...

    But, my point was... It's a virtual twin of the Chrysler minivan, made in the same Chrysler plant, by Chrysler.. That's why I said to expect similar quality/reliability.. to the Chrysler..

    Seems like that's the obvious comparison... at least, to me.. ;)

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • i bought the van with a funny name because it's a Volkswagen.

    And that is the primary reason.

    I always admired German brands (even more so than the Japanese). I am a baby boomer and still have a sense of nostalgia over the old Volkswagen.

    Sorry, but i don't have much faith in American engineering any more.
    And i am an American engineer.

    If the car starts to break down, i will get rid of it, and blame it on Volkswagen.

    The badge gets the pride and the blame (both).
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    you don't have much faith in American engineering anymore but you just bought an American van with a VW badge on it. hmmmm... so the VW "designed" badge was that important... very very very interesting. Now I understand why my 4 year old nephew loves to wear his Superman Halloween costume.
    I'm not bashing your purschase and I think the Routan is a great vehicle.
  • Do you know any vans in American market that is 100% made in Japan or Germany?

    Thanks for the humor...
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