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Volkswagen Routan Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • We also purchsed our new SEL (base w/ dealer installed RSE single LCD package). Basically came out w/ $10K off MSRP and a decent trade-in with our 3-year old crossover/suv. I believe ours was the last one in stock SEL (they practically gave away the dealer-installed RSE, I had only to add about a hundred bucks on top of the sticker price for it). I like Sunnyvale cuz they were straightforward no-BS dealership, I dealt with their Internet manager who was friendly and accomodating.

    I recently received an email from Roseville VW, they have about 9 SELs on stock, mostly loaded w/ RSE and/or Nav. They are advertising $10K off on all remaining Routans. Also learned that the factory-installed RSE package has an additional dealer incentive of $1,500. So if you are in the market for a Routan and in central/northern California, I suggest buying one right now. It should be easy to haggle $11.5K off MSRP on SEL Routans w/ RSE package. But check with Sunnyvale first, they might have more S/SE trims.
  • Just purchased a 2009 Routan SEL for $24853 + tax/title at Hatfield VW in Columbus, OH. Was trying to decide between Honda Odyssey EX-L and Routan. Wife wanted the Routan. Price is $700 under Edmund's TMV and $9500 off MSRP. Happy with the vehicle so far and the transaction was first-class. Also got a 4.02% rate for 72 months (top tier credit). Usually go with Honda or Volvo, but will give this a try. Just traded in the XC90 as it was too small even for our older kids. Like the 36 months of free service. If you can beat this deal more power to you. Good Luck All.
  • What all was on your SEL? Any extras like RSE, NAV, or pkg 3?
  • It was a base model SEL. No extras. Hope this helps.
  • After a nationwide negotiation with multiple dealers, I think I've come to the end of the line and am ready to pull the trigger on our new Routan. The Routan in question is a 2009 Routan SEL with factory NAV and installed two screen Rear Seat Entertainment.
    Price is $33,400 + tax, tag, title with 0% 72mo financing. If I went without the financing they would have taken an additional $4500 off but the financing works out to be a better deal as we are planning on keeping this van for a long time. The best deals will be had before the end of this month, so if you are thinking about buying, now is the time. Good luck and happy negotiating!
  • Does you price 24853 includes dealer fees? Thanks.
  • 24853 +tax/title.
  • abbymabbym Posts: 5
    I just paid $25,225 + tax/title (no dealer fee) for a base model SEL 2009. I would have loved to find an RSE but none around in the color I wanted.
  • Hi abbym,

    Great price! I am working with a dealership in Md that offered $30k on a $40k 2009 SEL Routan. I walked away. Found on Edmunds they are listing it for 28k. How were you able to work it down to $25k with your dealer? I would love to get if for the same price. Want to buy tomorrow to take advantage of the tax credit!

    Laurel, Md
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    zero and what dealership did you get your routans at? do you have the breakdown of your purchase? such as the msrp, the selling price and the incentives that were included (consumer/dealer cash)?
  • Having a hard time with dealers willing to do the 0%/72months and giving deep discounts on 2009 even this late in the calendar/model year. Got a dealer who said they could do both but by the time it got to the general manager for approval it was killed. Any thoughts out there?
  • When they go $10000 below the sticker for high-end model, they don't make any money - VW takes 6K hit and the dealer sells you at below the invoice,

    So, either way (cash or finance), they want to be above that level. i am, however, surprised that the price stayed the same as the Spring of this year.

    That shows there really is no more room....

    We got ours back in April Mercury Silver SEL with that premium jazz package. My wife drives it and totally loves it. The Honda owner turn their heads, and say: Hmmm what is that? a VW? Oh man!

    He he...
  • Took delivery last night for $20550+ Tax in Ardmore PA - about $9800 off SE with no options. They have 1 more left.
  • Just passing along our information to the group. Did an end of year deal with McKenna VW in Huntington Beach, CA. Bought SEL with RSE, Nav and Trim Pack 3 (Sunroof, adjustable pedals, roof rails, remote start). With the exception of the roof rails, everything on our model is now standard on 2010 SEL for comparison. On the 2009, we got the $10k off MSRP ($42150 down to $32150). We were looking at a 2010 SEL at a different dealer but they wouldn't go lower than $36,800 for the 1.9%, or $35,999 for regular financing. On our 2009, we qualified for 3.99% APR through Wachovia. Other offer from them was $36650 for the 0% APR--if you calculated the true cost over 5 years it was almost equal in either scenario--I took the cash back to keep the sales tax lower (in CA it's 9.75%--ouch). Wouldn't budge on more cash off despite the New Year's Eve purchase. Happy with transaction, everything on the car so far so good. They had a decent inventory unlike many other SoCal VW dealers, but this was the only 2009 SEL with both RSE and Nav, so I think that was part of the reason they wouldn't give additional cash. My gut is if we were buying a 2009 S or SE they would have. On a side note, purchased the extended warranty to make it 7 years/70000 miles. If you plan to keep the car for a long time, I think it's a great deal. Retail price $1500 and they will discount. Happy Routan hunting!
  • Has anyone got a deal on a 09 S model?
    The lowest price I could find so far was 19999 +tax&ttl ( include alloy wheels).
    I think there should be much more discount on 09 S considering the $20500 deal on SE above.
    Any experiences?
  • abbymabbym Posts: 5
    Sorry for the silence, was out of town. I'm hearing they are all going at $10k under sticker at the moment for the 2009. My dealership has none left and I was an out of town purchaser; did it all over the phone. I swear to you, I think the thing that clinched it was I gave the guy my credit card number for a $500 deposit if they took my offer, which was for $25,225 plus tax and title (included dealer fee and delivery to another city a few hours away). They knew I was serious. I paid cash, but could have gotten the same deal with around 4% financing through their VW bank. If I wanted the 0%, I would have had to pay more.

    The sticker was $34, 350 or something (can't remember...whatever the basic SEL plus destination charge is...33,700 + 650 or something).

    There was a $400 dealer prep that they rolled into the price. The tax/title was another $2k or so.

    What you have to do is Google "VW" and a city name. Then search their new inventory. That's how I found mine. It didn't come up in regular autotrader searches and such. I think the cc deposit was critical for my deal. Plus, dealer would have gotten factory to dealer $6k incentive rebate and I qualifed for $1k rebate. None of this came up in our discussion, but clearly it is how they came down almost $10k.

    Good luck all!
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    Taking an out of state delivery of a 2009 SEL with Trim Pack 3 with MSRP of $36,215, selling price is $23,215...$13K under MSRP! No local dealers want to touch this I can do locally was $10,195 under MSRP. The only thing with this out of state deal is that I need to pay for shipping to my house and a notary fee to take care of the documents.
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    How much of a discount did you end up getting the service contract? And is that the VW Platinum Warranty?
  • Got an offer for a 2009 SE + RSE, Remote Start , Navi, Power lift gate for 28,104+TTL. Any good? MSRP was 35,000
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    definitely not. i'd shoot for at least 9-10k under msrp. there should be about $6k off 09 SE's plus $500 for RSE, then the selling at invoice pricing. You should be looking for at least $9k off
  • mlocamloca Posts: 15
    I am looking to potentially take advantage of some of VW's lease specials on the Routan and I want to see if my logic is flawed. They are advertising that they you can get a 2010 Routan S for $289/month with no money down. The MSRP on that car is $26,700. Is it safe to assume the same parameters on a more expensive model. For example a Premium with an MSRP of $43,300 would lease out at $468/month which I find reasonable for this car.

    I feel like I should go to the sales person with a simple sheet of paper that looks like this:

    $289 $468
    ------------ = ------------
    $26,700 $43,300

    Is my logic flawed? Seems to be a simple way to get a basic 36 month lease with 12K miles/year.

    Any insight or buying experience would be great. Otherwise I will report back based on my strategy.
  • MSRP $34,300
    Quote is 28,200 +TTL. I am in DC/NoVa.

    How does this offer sound? I would really like an sel because of the engine but can't find an 09 SEL with RSE and the 2010's are out of my price range. I have found a 2009 SEL for $33xxx and they can add one DVD drop down screen for $700 plus labor but I am losing the nav (which I really dont care about) and the back up which I do care about. However, how does the dealer installed RSE compare with factory? Thanks for any feedback.
  • ed108ed108 Posts: 39
    Yes your logic is somewhat flawed.

    Money factor and residuals differ from model to model. The S could have a residual of 45% and MF of 0.002 while the Premium is 50% and 0.0025. Or vice versa. Or any combination. It's possible the numbers would run the same way, but not likely.

    Besides why are you making an offer based on what is advertized? If they're advertizing $289, offer $249 which would make your $468 be more like $403. Start low and if you have to work up, but don't start out high with your first offer.

    My wife and I test drove one about 3 weeks ago. Went back to drive it again, the mileage was the same as it was 3 weeks ago. And as we were leaving the sales rep said "you would not believe how much we're discounting these". And I said, yeah if I'm the only one to have test driven in 3 weeks I imagine you're discounting a heck of a lot.

    Personally I still think even $10K off msrp is too much to pay for a Dodge with a VW badge. But my wife likes it and we'll probably end up getting it. But only if they discount the living daylights out of it.
  • mlocamloca Posts: 15
    I am right there with you on going low. My expiring lease is an Audi Q7 which I got or more than $100 less/month than the advertized price 3 years ago.

    My wife too is the one that wants the Routan. Seeing that it's a Dodge with maintenance/warranty for 3 years I assure you I don't want it in 3 years. It seems like they will give them away.

    I'm going to test the waters on the negoatiating front and will post my results.

  • Great deal. what city/state did you get the routan from? The best I can find on an 09 SEL is $23890 without the trim pack 3. That's 10k under MSRP and they said there is no more room. Thanks
  • mlocamloca Posts: 15
    I just test drove a SEL with RSE & NAV and they quoted me the following numbers
    MSRP: $39,300
    $2500 down (they have some matching down payment program)
    Net of $69.44 + $388 or $457/month
    36 month lease with 12K/year miles

    Money factor of .00099
    Residual Value: 48% residual
    I think they can easily lower the price to $440/month.

    Any insight into this price?

  • I think that is a decent deal. what price did you negotiate to? I have been getting buy offers of around $4k under invoice but when lease comes up the payments go through the roof. For instance, I was offered $500/month for 3/12k for an SE w/RSE. w/ nothing down. I am intrigued by the matching down payment program. What city? thank.
  • $39K MSRP for a VW badged Chrysler Town & Country? Seems a tad high. I would consider......anything else. At least you'll have the VW signature fake plastic leather.
  • I have been reading this thread and doing some other online research, as this is my first time leasing. The Dealer here in Bristol already tried to pull one (more like several things) over on me. I am glad I have done my research. I am looking at his only Routan on the lot, a 2010 SE w/RSE with a MSRP of $33,400. At first he tried to play coy and told me I could have my payment under $300. He "assumed" I want to put my ENTIRE trade-in ($7500) as a down payment. Uh, NO! His "deal" was lowering the Cost Cap to $32K, Residual Vaule of $16650 and a money factor of 0.0008. He also was including tax (3% for NC, where we live and are tagging the van) title, and a $399 Dealer Processing Fee into the payment. His total was $419 a month. I told him I do not want to pay interest on tax, tags or fees. He also told me there were no fees till I started asking for details then he said he forgot the dealer processing fee. I think he was backpeddeling here.

    After much discussing with my husband I went back with the following offer.
    $2500 down (either from my trade-in or cash we have on hand - which is better?)
    Capital Cost of 30K
    Wave the $399 dealer fee
    making the payment $339 per month
    All taxes and tags paid upfront

    What do you all think? Was I too soft? After reading some of the posts here I think I could have gone lower. No word from him yet...
  • beedadabeedada Posts: 3
    What do you think of following:
    2010 Routan SE w/ RSE & Nav - grey on grey
    36 mo 36k mi lease in NY/NJ area
    $1000 total due at signing (incl tax, 3 yrs NY tags, 1 mo lease payment)
    $438/mo (including tax)

    I thought this was a good deal until I started reading this thread..
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