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Toyota Venza Prices Paid



  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Congratulations!!!!...that is a short time....only 2 weeks.....on the pricing , could tell pay invoice plus how much over it for placing the order...or how was the price given by the dealer?..thnaks for any help and enjoy the Venza..
  • mommomk59mommomk59 Posts: 6
    I understand what you were saying, however, I was not in that big of a hurry for the car, the longer I had to wait, the more I made out, because I would call the salesperson and say, "hey, I was thinking.." and it cost them..not me. Only put $500 down and when I didn't get the car when they said I would, they offered the money back to me. They also gave me the option of "another" venza in their lot...I said only if they gave me it for the same price I was paying for this one. Got the price down to $1000 more than what I was paying (this particular car was loaded to the gills), I told them absolutely not.

    The price they offered to me on my trade in was on the low side..I refused as the blue book gave that car a trade in value of $13000, they gave me a price for $11800, I got $12600 for it.

    I called several dealers to see if they had the Venza in stock, and they all returned my call, asking to speak to my husband. I was the one getting the car - not him and I do all the wheeling and dealing..he doesn't say a word, he sits there amused.

    You really do have to do your homework and not let them do a lot of double talk. I had 3 salespeople in the room with us and they were the ones that cried uncle.

    Good luck
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    LMAO......LOL......thanks for your are the second woman that I correspond with that were tough in their negotiations and succeded...good for you least your husband knew your negotiating skills and stayed out.....most of us guys have this "mach" thinkg that inhibits out thinking some times.
    The fact that you had a trade in made things even more difficult, in my case I am buying cash ( no loan and no more leasing for me) and that may make my life more difficult since is less money that the dealer can make and the bargaining process is mopre difficult....but I will try my best.....I am trying to teach my wife in this art....but she beats me in about a 100 others so I can't complaint..this is something that she lets me have fun with...some fun!!!!!..good luck to you....
  • lisa4labzlisa4labz Posts: 13
    Dealer did a locate on a Venza for us on July 2nd and we put $500 down. It was "A" status at the factory and was told 3-4 weeks, now they're saying more like mid to late August. This is not a custom built vehicle - but now we're beginning to regret not placing an order of what we really wanted due to the waiting time. My husband called the dealer and they don't even have a VIN number on it to track it so I have no idea when it's coming.
    We are starting to get a little disgusted; I either would have chose another Venza that was out there or else placed a custom order. Does anyone know the time & process when it's complete at the factory to port then to the dealership?
  • My scenario sounded a bit like yours. We were told 3-6 weeks from Indiana to Texas.Fortunately, received notice a vin# had been assigned (last week) & yesterday our salesman sent us word that our Venza would most likely be in town this weekend or on the 1st. 3 week wait for us :)
    I understand your frustration because I have been on your end b4. Just relieved we didn't have a big hassle this time.
    Good luck on your Venza.
  • raysfanraysfan Posts: 13
    FYI - Venza's are only manufactured at the Toyota plant in Georgetown, Kentucky. Here is the link:

    Just curious - do you have the actual VIN and proof of the ETA? They should be able to provide you with both.
  • raysfanraysfan Posts: 13
    I just went through the same run around. We negotiated on a particular model (color, options, etc). I had the salesman write the VIN of that vehicle on the purchase contract as well as stipulate that the sale was contingent on us qualifying for a $4500 CARS rebate and that our deposit would be refundable (contract originally stated otherwise). I was told that they could not get this particular Venza and they would order one that would be here mid-August. Today when I called the salesman he still could not give me proof of an ETA (Toyoto Customer Service told me they should). He then offered me a different color that just came in with the same options I wanted. I checked on the internet and the VIN for this vehicle was the same VIN he e-mailed me on the sales order for the Venza I wanted. He also told me that the vehicle was coming by boat to Jacksonville. I told him that was not true as they are built in Kentucy.

    I am going to the dealership tomorrow to get my deposit back. Too many games. And they wonder why sales are down. :mad:
  • Nope, no VIN # has been assigned yet. I was told it was 'going to port on July 27th' but I would think the VIN is assigned before leaving the factory.
    With this 'cash for clunkers' thing going on the dealers are so busy so I really don't want to press them but I'm waiting until Thurs. then I will demand to know what's going on.
  • Coming by boat to FL? Sounds like the saleperson needs a lesson on how Toyota works, actually it's humorous of them to think you would believe this. Good luck and let us know how you make out.
  • raysfanraysfan Posts: 13
    I went to my local dealership on Saturday. I told the salesman I need a VIN or I want my deposit back. I hung around just outside the sales office door to hear what was going on as the GM and sales manager were there as well. The GM informed me that there were no Venza's in the color scheme (Trop Sea Metallic, Ivory leather) available until the end of August even though my salesman told me it would be here mid-August. I requested a refund for my deposit which they gave me without an argument. I told them if they can produce a vehicle that matches my request with a VIN and will give me $4500 for my trade-in I will be back.

    I live in the Tampa Bay area and it is sad that the only Venzas around seem to be in blizzard pearl white, bronze or black. They had a white one that just came in on Friday equipped as I want it but I just don't want white and for over $30K I feel a consumer should get what they want.

    BTW - the GM and sales mgr used the term "at sea" to describe the Venza I want. When I questioned the terminology they told me since some Toyotas come from Japan they use this term to describe any vehicle that has not arrived at their regional port (Jacksonville) from the factory. Also they are assigned their permanent VIN when they are allocated to a dealer.

    The best laugh of the day was when I informed my salesman that if I cannot take advantage of the "cash for clunkers" rebate that I was going to wait until the 2010 models come out in November. His face turned Barcelona Red! :shades:
  • yurkoyurko Posts: 24
    I love the Barcelona Red part.

    Frankly, since the Venza did not even arrive in dealer showrooms until quite late, I'm surprised Toyota didn't make it a 2010 model from the get-go. Most other cars coming out that late are classified as 2010's. This isn't a big deal, except that it affects future resale value. A 2010 will be worth more than a 2009.
  • raysfanraysfan Posts: 13
    Thanks - I am trying to maintain my humor through what has been a major disappointment and one heck of a pain in the butt. You would think with the way the economy has been and car sales being down that dealers would be kissing our feet for even considering a purchase but that does not seem to be the case. Instead of being upfront and honest with me and telling me that a Venza with the colors and options I want won't be available until late August I was fed one lie after the other. The good thing is I have a lot more info for negotiating my deal next time around and I am hoping to save another $500-700.

    I just read the 2010's are due out in October so unless the Senate approves more $$ for the CARS program I just may wait. There have been some issues with the 09's from what I have read on various forums including transmission jerkiness, warping dashboards, etc. This can be expected with a first year model. You also have to take into consideration that some people join forums like this to find out if others are experiencing similar problems so the info is somewhat skewed.

    I agree that the 2010 models would be worth more but also may cost more - we'll see. I am still hoping to get the $4500 for my 1997 Ford Exploder and drive away in a Tropical Sea Metallic Venza be it an '09 or '10.
  • yurkoyurko Posts: 24
    I empathize with you. I can't understand new car dealers, either. When times are good, they don't need you because there's always a sucker willing to play their game. When times are tough, they still treat you with contempt.

    Have you thought of trying another dealer? I see you live in the Tampa area. I have heard good things about Earl Stewart Toyota in North Palm Beach, although I have not had any personal dealings with them. We're not supposed to list contact info here, but their website is like their name. If you can't get satisfaction in the Tampa Bay area, you might consider them.

    I'm in SW Florida. The 3 Toyota dealers in this area (in Punta Gorda, Ft. Myers, Naples) all love to pile on high profit dealer-installed stuff that nobody wants or needs. Not to mention marking up the MSRP's with ridiculous "Market Pricing Adjustments". Toyota makes great products but needs to instill a little of the Lexus "customer service" mentality in the Toyota dealerships.

    If you find another good -- and fair -- Toyota dealer in central or south Florida, please let me know.
  • robfilerobfile Posts: 9

    I had the same problem trying to get my Venza with the options and color I wanted. In the Chicago area, dealers are only interested in selling what is on their lot and not going through the trouble of locating a car for you.

    I started calling dealers around Chicago telling them what options & color I wanted and the price I was going to pay. I had financing together but mentioned that if they could beat my credit union I would opt for their financing. At least 90% of them told me the car wasn't available or I'd have to order the car in the configuration that I wanted (4-6 week wait). However one dealer was able to locate a Venza and I purchased the car last Friday (I had a clunker too).

    What I learned is that most dealers will tell you they can't find the car you're looking for. This is because they don't have a comparable car to trade off or a good relationship with the dealer that has the car you want.

    I hope this helps you find the blue Venza you want, it took me more legwork then I expected but I did get my Venza and in my case $3500 for my clunker.

    Good Luck! :D
  • raysfanraysfan Posts: 13
    I finally got fed up with the run around I was getting. The final straw for me was seeing a white Venza in the on-line inventory for this dealer with the same VIN as the Tropical Sea Metallic Venza with the same options the sales rep e-mailed me. I called Toyota's Customer Service and explained my situation. The dealer's customer satisfaction dept called me today to tell me the Venza I want will be built on 8/12 and will be at the dealer by the end of the month. The other day the sales mgr told me the VIN would be available on 8/12, the date it was to ship. Again two stories, which is true?

    Now I get the fun of dealing with the salesman again. Since I have no deposit or contract unless they give me a better deal than I negotiated before I will just walk away and move on.
  • My wife got a Venza Today
    MSRP 34318.00
    Bought for 31708.00
    Muller Toyota in NJ
    I had a work van that I used for a Clunker and got another 4500.00 off
    This is our first Toyota I have been a Ford person all my life
  • wpeasewpease Posts: 6
    how much over inovice was it?
    And where is Muller toyota

    I was at Autoland and someone i was with asked ot see the invoice and said that it was the law that the buyer get to see it. The salespeople were not willing...

    Any info on that?

  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    "I was at Autoland and someone i was with asked ot see the invoice and said that it was the law that the buyer get to see it. The salespeople were not willing..."

    haha thats waaay too funny.
  • How does she like the Venza?
    I know prices vary from dealer to dealer but I also found that trade-in prces can vary too. I don't know if I got the best deal I could on my Venza but I feel I got a very good trade-in price on my car. The other dealership I went to came in almost $1,000 lower so I took that into consideration.
  • Got one to, just curious about if you got a 4 or 6 cyl. and the type of options you got. Mine is a 4 cyl. with leather, auto start, JBL 13 speaker audio, blue tooth phone, auto tailgate. Love it, the ride is great on the 19's, haven't met anyone that doesn't like the styling,mileage is great for such a large vehicle. My first Toyota as well. Also got $4,500 from the clunkers program. Thanks Pres!
  • My wife's is a 6 cyl AWD
    I think it was 1000 over invoice
    They would not go any lower
    Muller is in Clinton NJ
    I went to Autoland they would not give any discounts off MSRP
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    I am glad that I have plenty of time to get my Venza..or not....I was looking at FitZ Automall (they always ahve the best prices specially internet) and to my surprise they are asking sticker as a regular price and $400 off in internet....and they have only 4 V6 AWD nicely equipped (did not check other models)....this C4C has really had an effect on those of us that do not go with the program..good luck to those with C4C program enjoy it..but for those of us with no clunker...we have to wait, the discounts are almost non least in NJ from what I hear in other forums..good luck to all
  • mmccloskeymmccloskey Posts: 168

    I also have noticed the discounts at CarMax (they sell new Toyotas) have seriously declined since C4C. Before C4C, they had 40 or so Venza's with an average discount of 10% off msrp. Now they only have a few left (in Laurel MD) and they are only discounting about 2-3% off msrp. My vehicles are too new (2007's) and worth far more than the 3500-4500 govt. incentive so I could not take advantage of that. I hear the program is being phased out very soon and many dealers have yet to receive their $ from the govt.

    M. J. McCloskey
  • got ours for $300 over invoice @ bell road toyota in phoenix, az. no trade-in, and no clunker -- all in all i think we did ok considering the C.A.R.S madness that was going on as we purchased.
  • mervasmervas Posts: 8
    Hi, I'm looking to buy a 2009 Venza FWD 4 cylinder base in NY Long Island. Best quote I got so far was from a dealer in MA (160 miles away), approx 24300 . Is it too much? I want to finance for 60 MO. Any suggestions would help..Thanks
  • I think that price is pretty good but I take it there are no extras included, as basic as basic can get.
  • mervasmervas Posts: 8
    I'm looking for a basic one as Venza has a lot of features that come standard comparing to other brands. I hope I'll find a good deal somewhere this weekend as it is the end of the month and C4C ended...
  • surrfurtomsurrfurtom Posts: 122
    So Henry did you buy your Venza? You have to examine discounts obtained by others and compare to your budget and desired options and car.
  • I am the proud new owner of a 4cyl/fwd Venza w/convenience and JBL packages. Great deal in my opinion, esp. since I could NOT find this car ANYWHERE. I am a New Yorker, went up there to look and found that they aren't even offering 4cyl models with any upgrades. I was glad I went back to PA. I traded my 05 Murano (first owner) that broke down in the middle of the street last week due to factory recall issue. Got it fixed and drove it to the dealer! Now I need to go to the Nissan site to discuss why Nissan is NO Datsun. Never again. This is my second Toyota. My 12-yo Corolla is in the garage humming like a kitten. I think I am a true fan.
  • I waited 6 weeks for my 4cy/fwd to come in with a moon roof, leather, and security camera that was in "A" status. I really wanted the JBL but actually the standard system isn't as bad as I thought.
    Going from a Camry XLE to this is a bit different but overall we are enjoying the change. I was Toyota builds certain lots of 4cy/6cy/FWD/AWD at certain times and thats probably why you had a hard time finding what you wanted.
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