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Toyota Venza Prices Paid



  • jxbst15jxbst15 Posts: 21

    Also in MD and also looking at the same array of vehicles to keep up with a growing family.

    A few questions...was value your only decision in going with the Venza? My spouse would be at home on the race track, so I'm [pleasantly] surprised to hear the Venza came close to the premiums, especially given the price difference.

    Any cars you immediately scratched off the list and what was your final decision between?

    My search is narrowed to the Venza, Q5, A4 Avant, XC60, and RX350, and it's hard to argue with the value/feature proposition of the Venza.
  • ffmskffmsk Posts: 5
    Hello everyone:

    When do you think Toyota will do 0% percent or 1.9% on the Venza?

    I just don't understand it. Most of the Toyota and Honda owners I know watch their money. How does Toyota and Honda expect to keep up sales when they don't offer the same low interest rates as GM, Ford, Chy??

    I own all Toyota's and will only purchase Toyota or Lexus - I would like to trade in my Toyota RAV4 but I will wait until Toyota lowers their interest rates. Other Toyota owners I talked to feel the same. Their Toyota will last for years to come but would not mind to purchase a new Toyota if the rates were low.

    This is a perfect time for Toyota and Honda to make up market share on the American brands, yet they just sit on the sidelines and watch kia and Hyunda make up market share. It doesn't make sense.

    I will just have to wait for either the Venza or the Lexus RX 350 to offer low interest rates.

    Toyota still makes one of the best cars and trucks out there - but in this type of economy money and deals talk! :D
  • venzayarisvenzayaris Posts: 6
    They won't offer 0% financing on the Venza when dealerships in Canada have a 12 week wait
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    Hey jxbst15,
    Ultimately, the Venza won the value proposition, but I actually had a higher budget. The most expensive vehicle I looked at was Infiniti FX35 at $52.5k; the least expensive was a Subaru Forester around $32k (everything I looked at was pretty loaded with many to most options). I immediately eliminated the less expensive vehicles (Subaru, Ford Edge, VW Tiguan) because they were missing some features, performance or comfort (I'm coming from a 2007 Lexus RX350). I also quickly eliminated the BMW X3 (dated design) and 328xi SportsWagon (too small). I was surprised that I didn't like the Volvo XC60 more - it was comfortable and solid, but there were way too many buttons on the console and the nav system was the least friendly of all. In the final group with the Venza were the Murano LE, 2010 RX350, FX35, A4 Avant and Q5. The A4 Avant was absolutely my favorite for driving, but it was also the smallest space wise. I would have liked the Q5 more if I hadn't driven the A4 first - then the Q5 just seemed sluggish and unresponsive in comparison. The FX35 was very quick, but also a bit cramped inside and had too many tech features that I would never use (the lane change warning is very annoying). I also nixed the RX350, mainly because I've already owned two RX's and the current styling looks too close to the old RX; and I never really warmed up to the interior styling. In the end it came down to the Murano and Venza both having a good balance of performance, space, features, style and comfort, and they were very comparable to the more expensive models. And the Venza beat the Murano mostly because the Toyota sales folks were more professional and friendly than their Nissan counterparts. So far I'm happy with my decision.

  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 30
    Don't hold your breath waiting for 0% on the Venza. Never say never though
    I did a home equity line of credit loan on mine for 2.99%.
  • ffmskffmsk Posts: 5
    That is interesting. The dealers we have visited have an inventory - including 40 on one dealership in the Minn./St. Paul area. When I was up in Montreal the dealership we looked at had around 15 of them in stock? The one in Richmond Toyota in
    13251 Smallwood Place
    Richmond, BC
    V6V 1W8
    has an inventory - I don't have the exact number.
    They also make the Lexus RX 350 in Canada also!

    A salesman told me the same thing about dealerships in america - it pays to have a patient who owns a Toyota Dealership! You tend to find out where the inventory is.
    I will just have to wait.
    Thank you.
  • jxbst15jxbst15 Posts: 21
    Thanks for the insightful response; I am pretty much in the same situation. Haven't driven the Q5 yet but it's disappointing to hear the 3.2 it has doesn't perform as well as one might expect.

    I'm in Baltimore metro - any Toyota dealerships you advise avoiding or starting with?

    Knowing my wife the Lexus isn't sporty enough and I know she finds the Murano fugly, so it'll be between the Q5, XC60, and Venza.
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    You may find the Q5 is just what you are looking for - it has a lot going for it. I think I would have liked it more if I hadn't driven the A4 Avant at the same time. The Q5 just felt slower than both the A4 and the Venza, and since it was also smaller and would cost about $8-9K more than the Venza, the Q5 was eliminated. Also, the new RX is a bit sportier than the old one, so don't give up on it until you drive one.

    I initially contacted CarMax Toyota in Laurel and Fitzmall in Gaithersburg to get email quotes -- they are known for having excellent pricing and it is visible online. Unfortunately, neither had the color and options I wanted in stock. I then checked every area dealer's online inventory and found what I wanted was in stock at Koon's Toyota in Annapolis, so I requested an email quote from their Internet Dept. and they actually had a better price than both CarMax and Fitzmall. All of the Toyota sales people I talked to at each dealer were very polite and professional - seems like they have really improved on this since I last shopped for a Toyota. In contrast, two Nissan dealers were staffed with idiots who were like stereotypical used car salesmen.
  • venzayarisvenzayaris Posts: 6
    Yah, unless you are willing to take what's available on local dealer's lots in Toronto, you're looking at a 12+ wk wait

    We waited about 8 weeks for ours :)
  • toyotaslasttoyotaslast Posts: 15
    I was wondering when you guy's think there will be some used venza's out threre ? i'm not looking to buy until sept. what do you guys think?
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    Hey toyotaslast,
    That's a tough one to predict. There are only a few reasons why there would be used Venzas available: The owner didn't like it for some reason; the owner's personal situation changed - i.e. lost their job, got divorced, moved to an exotic island, etc; the owner put so many miles on it they wanted to unload it before it completely depreciated in the first year or two; or there also might be a salesman's demo available. Having said that, I checked CarMax's online inventory. They have 23, 780 used cars available in their entire network; of those, 344 are from the 2009 model year - none of them Venzas. While it's certainly possible there will be a used Venza or two available by September, the odds of them being in your area and with the equipment you want are pretty slim. A better bet would be to wait until the 2010 Venza's are available and see if you can get a leftover 2009 model at a greatly reduced price. Good luck.

  • md_outback: I have the same options you had listed and I am not sure as to what color youahve but I pruchsed the spl color (Blizzard Pearl with Ivory interior) for $33678.35+Tax and Tags from Fitzmall. There is one (similar to mine) at Fitzmall Chambersburg, PA and they have it listed for $34,487. I actually negotiated on this and they put my name against this vehicle but one showed up in MD before the one in PA and I was able to get. The delta between our price is $439.65 excluding TTL. Hope you are enjoying your vehicle?
  • henry30henry30 Posts: 1
    Hi everyone
    My name is Henry. I am very new here. I intend to buy a 2009 Venza with the following options: FWD ; V6

    EJ: premium audio
    SR: Panoramic sun roof
    CQ: convenience package
    SA: Security package

    I checked in edmund. The invoice price is 28,572 & the MSRP is 32,120. The TMV is 29,609.
    Could anyone help me to identify the out of the door price to buy this car?. What price is reasonable for my case?. I am living in Arizona and I do not know where is the best dealer to buy?. (sorry my english is limited).

    Thank to everybody.
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    Hey sealbeach_la,
    Mine is black w/light gray leather interior. Compared with the Venza you mentioned at FitzMall, PA, I don't have the special color, but I do have remote engine starter - so mine lists for about $300 more than that one. I think you got a fantastic deal on yours! So far I only have about 300 miles on my Venza and have no complaints. I feel the ride is about as smooth, quiet and comfortable as on my Lexus RX350, so I disagree with folks who say the 20" wheels & tires result in a rough ride (I have the Michelins). Also, my dealer has followed up with me three times to make sure everything is good, so they really seem to care about customerr satisfaction.

  • fsbsupervfsbsuperv Posts: 1
    My wife just retired and her lease on her current vehicle is up in Sept. She is interested in purchasing the 2009 Venza. I noted the internet pricing from Fitzmall. Looks great. However, when shopping on the internet and there are dealers closer by, has anyone found that the local dealers will honor a low internet price from another area on a similar car?
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    Hey fsbsuperv,
    The farther your local dealer is from the Internet dealer, the less likely they are to match the pricing. A better strategy is to check online pricing for all the dealers within a reasonable (2-3 hour) drive away. You can locate all dealers using Toyota's web site or Many dealers show their current inventory as well as Internet pricing. Use these prices to negotiate with your preferred or nearest dealer. If all else fails, checkout the price of one-way air fare to Baltimore (lots of Southwest flights to BWI), add that to Fitzmall's price and see if your local dealer will beat that. I believe the Fitzmall folks will do most of the deal via email and phone, they'll pick you up at the airport, you sign the paperwork and then you get to drive your new Venza home. Good luck.

  • goingunsgoinguns Posts: 4
    just bought my Venza
    V6, CQ (conveniece), SA (security), SR (sunroof), EJ (JBL system), Floor Mats

    MSRP was 32,120, bought mine for 29,500 ++ for a total of 32,500 in bay area

    the finance guy lured us into getting the extended warranty and service plan. realized i suckered so told them to cancel that next day. waiting for refund

    did i get a good deal?
    btw, do I need premium gas?
  • ffmskffmsk Posts: 5

    If you don't me asking - what interest rate did Toyota Finance your Venza at?
    We had a ad in this Sunday paper talking about 0% interest on several Toyota cars but of course no Venza.

    I was wondering what anyone is getting for interest rate finance with Toyota for the Venza???

    Thank you.
  • goingunsgoinguns Posts: 4
    we used the HELOC that we have at 4.24 but we did ask toyota about financing and they said something about 7.99% APR (no specials on Venza)
    hope this helps
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    I was wondering when you guy's think there will be some used venza's out threre?

    There may be dealer demos that hit the market towards the end of the year. I'm a little suspicious of "brand new" used cars -- makes me wonder why someone would take the financial hit and trade it.

    For what it's worth, I just came back from Las Vegas and did not spot a single Venza, which mirrored my experience at home (other than mine, of course).

    Granted, most of the vehicles driving in the touristy areas of Vegas are rentals or taxis, but I did see at least two 2010 RXs driving around (one of which, interestingly, was being used as a taxi).
  • lal_cltlal_clt Posts: 27
    I ordered my Venza on March 13th and it came in on May 13th but I was out of town and picked it up yesterday. Blue, with Prem Pkg #2, JBL Sound Pkg, Tow Pkg, and Pano Roof. It's beautiful and handles really well. Interior and exterior are good - no mis-aligned panels. Paired my Iphone 3g up in no time. I'm short (5' 1") so I'm still trying to figure optimum sitting position but the seats are way comfortable. Found good storage for all my stuff and the console works as an armrest even for me with the seat pulled way up. Didn't get Nav because my Garmin will work just fine, but I love the back-up camera for backing into the garage.

    I bought my car at Scott Clark Toyota in Charlotte and paid $31,483 + TTL and doc fee. MSRP was $35,300. :shades:
  • ffmskffmsk Posts: 5
    Were you happy with the deal you received along with the interest rate?
    How did pari your iPhone 3G up?
    Where does the backup camera monitor at?
    Did you order the FWD or AWD with V4 or V6?
    Thank you very much for your help.
  • lal_cltlal_clt Posts: 27
    I was happy with the deal I received - checked with FitzMall and CarMax first, got their prices, then dealt with dealers locally. Went to Truliant Credit Union and got interest rate of 4.45%. I like to support local businesses when possible. I paired up the IPhone using instructions from Toyota Lets Talk website; there was a label on the car audio directing me to that website for Bluetooth. The backup camera shows up on the information display - it's small but useable. I ordered the FWD V6. Thought I might want the I4 but after seeing some write-ups about noisy engine and tires that are hard to replace, I decided to go with the V6. My car came with Goodyears and I wanted to change out to Michelins, but everything that came in lately to the dealership has had Goodyears. So there was no other car for swappping tires. It rides fine though.

    Hope this helps. :blush:
  • jxbst15jxbst15 Posts: 21
    It happens.

    I bought a new wagon last year for the wife after we had our first child, and didn't plan to have another child for a couple years, by which point we'd trade in my commuter and I'd get her car.

    God had other plans, now the wagon is too small when you factor in there'll be 2 car seats and 2 strollers (or 1 huge stroller) to lug around, so I'll be bending over and taking a beating on the trade in for a low mileage, 1 yr old Audi we love.
  • sns1sns1 Posts: 4
    Ordered my Venza on March 16 in St. Louis, MO., came in May 8th. What an ordeal it was, I was trading in an 07 Camry Hybrid which was hit by a 16 year old in a Starbucks parking lot the morning of the 8th. Two hours after she hit me, I got a call that my Venza was in-what a nightmare. A week later the dealer took the hybrid as is and the insurance check.
    I LOVE my Venza! It is the best car I have owned!

    Panoramic Roof
    Convenience Pkg
    MSRP $34,500
    Paid $31,300
    APR 7% (Not as good as the Camry, but I added a year which made it jump up from 6.4%) Can be paid off ahead without any penalty.

    FYI- the I4 has a lot of pep and I don't think the noise is that bad (all cars sound a bit loud after you own a hybrid).
  • free2runfree2run Posts: 6
    I picked up my Venza and I love love love it!!!!!!!!!! I got the back-up camera, the 6 cyl., leather seats.....I'm not sure what the package is called, but I'm VERY satisfied!
    This is going to be the hottest car on the market!!!! :)
  • toyotaslasttoyotaslast Posts: 15
    I just test drove the i4, and im a little surprized after reading some reviews, that this was an excellent experince. It was smooth and very powerful for a i4. The engine noise was what i would say normal. I will be getting mine soon, i can't wait. I'm looking to get about 10% off the MSRP, is that about right?
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    "I'm looking to get about 10% off the MSRP, is that about right?"

    The best way is to compare apples to apples and OTD price.
  • atlantabennyatlantabenny Posts: 735
    Does anyone have a sense of dealers willing to deal more on the 4 cyl now that it's been out a while ?
  • dixiejilldixiejill Posts: 2
    I am being offered a Venza with 3000 miles on it for the same price of a new one $31,500. The most they would take off of the price is 300....10 cents a mile! Does this sound like a good deal? New Orleans, LA
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