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Toyota Venza Prices Paid



  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    Not sure why your grilling me, if you aren't defending Toyota.

    But I think Toyota should clean up it's own mess.

    Did you read the article posted here in Motor Trend?
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Ravelsben, unfortunately your expirience is not unique, some dealers in some areas do have that attitude and it appears that it works for them. Don't forget that once the cars are in the dealers hands they own it and Toyota has sold that unit (to a dealer and not you) and if they don't sell it is the dealers problem.
    Yu have to keep shopping and if it's needed to travel to get your (fair) price so be it. A savings of a few thousand dollars will make me travel some distance and still put money in my pocket, but each his or her own...good luck keep trying different places and I hope you succed..
  • lisa4labzlisa4labz Posts: 13
    The dealer located a Venza we wanted but it doesn't have the JBL audio system which I would have liked. Its in the building stage and was told adding it would be tough and might delay it even longer (scheduled to be completed July 27th) so I guess I'm stuck with the standard audio. I'm not too savy when it comes to car stereo things but is there any aftermarket system that may sound similar to the JBL or is it even worth trying to upgrade?
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    One other feature that comes with the JBL system is Bluetooth integration for your phone. As more areas outlaw driving while holding a cell phone (which you shouldn't be doing anyway...), the integrated Bluetooth for receiving and placing calls is pretty slick. Sure, you could buy an add-on, 3rd party Bluetooth car kit, but the ones I've seen are clunky relative to the factory integrated approach.

    If I were in a similar situation (and you may have a huge reason to get the car sooner than later), I'd strongly consider delaying it to get the car that I really want. After I listened to the JBL (and also because I wanted Bluetooth), I kept it on my list of options that I wanted (moonroof was a 'nice-to-have' -- and I ultimately didn't get it).

    With the right amount of money, you could have an after-market system way better than the JBL. But, if you're like me, you probably just want something better than the stock system.
  • emjay1emjay1 Posts: 22
    I'm seriously considering the purchase of a new Toyota Venza, leaving behind my -05 Nissan Murano. The Venza styling and price look really good - at least on "paper". Any advice, other than caution negotiating with a dealership? What about the car itself?
  • sherb2000sherb2000 Posts: 9

    I am doing the exact same deal. 05 Murano for Venza. I hope folks respond. I am almost ready to go. What makes you want the Venza? I would choose Toyota over Nissan any day. Gone are the Nissan/Datsun days of high quality.

    While the Venza nor Toyata are flawless, my 11-year-old Corolla is still running just fine.
  • free2runfree2run Posts: 6
    I bought my Venza in Westport, CT. Have you tried there? They were willing to negotiate.
  • walktofastwalktofast Posts: 10
    still searching for the next car. Working on a deal for a Mazda CX9 but think it will just be out of reach. Going to drive a Venza and Highlander this am.
  • I am looking to buy a 2009 Toyota Venza w a moon roof, leather seats, smart key but the quotes are all for the upgraded radio,camera,floor mats & other options that I just don't' need or can afford.
    They claim because I want the moon roof the cars come prepackaged & you can't pick & choose options,is this true? By the way, is the standard radio of good quality or should I bite the bullet on that option & just get it??
  • lisa4labzlisa4labz Posts: 13
    If you can choose the upgraded stereo it is well worth it. I'm hoping the quality of the regular one is ok because my package order wouldn't allow me to upgrade but it also includes the bluetooth technology. I might just order that and have them install it at the dealership and I'm still disappointed that I can't get the JBL.
    I think they are building certain colors with certain features and thats it for now, probably trying not to mass produce them.
  • We were in same situation, factory ordered Venza on 5/23/09 with all options you desired including the JBL system less leather seats, received car 6/30/09. We planned to have dealer install leather seats for $1500, but now reconsidering as the cloth seats are nice.
  • japjjapj Posts: 4
    I did the same this week (that is: convenience package and JBL but no leather). The salesman gave me the address where they do the after market leather, so I went to the place and instead of charging me the 1500 the dealer would, they said it would cost me 1000. Like the cloth as well though and am waiting for the first big stain that will push me towards having the leather installed.
  • japjjapj Posts: 4
    I bought mine in Danvers, MA. They were willing to negotiate. I got the high end Kelly Blue Book value for my trade-in and the invoice price on the Venza (of course they may have allocated things differently internally but I don't know since I negotiated in an 'out the door basis').
  • emjay1emjay1 Posts: 22
    Actually in looking at all the various "crossover" SUV's on the market, they all have a very similar aesthetic (swoopy shape) and pretty close to the same stats, ie MPG, interior space, keyless ignition, all those optional bells and whistles. Makes it pretty good for apples to apples comparisons. At this point I'm looking for user reviews in re the longevity of the various makes, and Toyota seems to have a pretty strong following. I trust the opinions of people who have owned a given car for years over anything the manufacturer says. Of course anyone can get a lemon - so I generally try to get a cross-cut of opinions to go from. I appreciate all the feedback on the Venza. Still pondering my options...
  • lisa4labzlisa4labz Posts: 13
    If mine would ever come in I'd be happy to give you my opinion. Hopefully within in the next 2 weeks its here. Not many on the road so its hard to find people to ask about the vehicle.
  • yurkoyurko Posts: 24
    Hi, japj. You mentioned that you got "the high end Kelly Blue Book value" for your trade-in. Those values can vary a lot based upon whether the trade-in is regarded as being in "EXCELLENT", "GOOD", or "FAIR" condition. Supposedly, only 5% or so fall into the "EXCELLENT" category, while most fall into the "GOOD" category. Separating the new car selling price and the allowance for the trade-in -- as you did, was "the high end Kelly Blue Book value" you got for your trade-in based upon an "EXCELLENT", "GOOD", or "FAIR" condition rating?

    As a general question to all, isn't it very difficult to get an "EXCELLENT" condition rating for your trade-in? It seems like dealers often make most of their profits from the trade-in's they take -- i.e. they'll nickel & dime down the condition of your trade-in.
  • japjjapj Posts: 4
    Based on my calculations it was the EXCELLENT value in KBB (which was slightly lower than the TMV on Edmunds for my car but higher than NADA and Blackbook). What I had done is taking the invoice price from Edmunds for the Venza, take the TMV for my car (2006 Mercedes C280) and used that as my reference point. I ended up setting my self a max out of the door amount and stuck to that (even walked away when we were 300 dollars apart.
  • yurkoyurko Posts: 24
    Thanks, japj. You were obviously very thorough in doing your "homework" and it looks like you got a good deal. I hope the Venza works out for you.

    I'm also leaning towards buying a Venza, but want to see what the new Honda CrossTour (or whatever they end up calling it) is like.
  • dturrdturr Posts: 70
    Lost interest on a Venza in Fort Myers as they had all the nonsense options attached and who wants heated seats in Florida? Anyone else having this problem.
  • yurkoyurko Posts: 24

    I've seen many Venzas w/o heated seats at Germain Toyota in Naples, but their pricing policy turns me off. When the Venzas first appeared late last year, Germain wanted $4,995 over MSRP for them. Imagine my surprise when I was subsequently told by COSTCO that Germain is their participating South Florida Toyota discount dealer. I later asked a Germain salesperson how they could be charging so much for someone who walks off the street, yet also be the COSTCO-participating discount dealer for the area. His response, "We've gotta make our money somewhere". Go figure.

    With respect to the heated seats, we moved to South Florida from Wisconsin last fall and there were a few days when the heated seats on our Honda and Volvo came in handy. Granted, it wasn't often. What I wish is that Toyota offered heated and cooled (ventilated) front seats on the Venza.

    In any event, if you belong to COSTCO, you might want to check out Germain. I'm waiting to see what the new Honda crossover is like before I buy.
  • emjay1emjay1 Posts: 22
    In my experience, the only way to get the exact options you want in a car is to order it new from the factory. I have also found that is the WORST deal. I'm sure you know the minute you drive a brand new vehicle off the lot, it drops in value. The manufacturers seem to take a best-guess approach to the options on their production models, and how they decide to distribute them across the country is a complete mystery to me. It's just catch as catch can to find the best combination for you that's available.

    And by the way - I vote a big YES for the cooled seats - we're having a major heat wave here in Texas! But very few manufacturers seem to think that's important - I guess because they're not having to get into a parked vehicle that's 150 degrees inside.
  • dturrdturr Posts: 70
    If car dealers could supply what people want at the right price they would probably increase sales. Toyota with all the silly options they put on do themselves no favors. I have seen Germain marking prices above MRSP and for that reason and others prefer the internet to do a deal. If the consumers tell them possibly they will change. Right car right price that is all most of us ask.
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Southeast Toyota(SET). There are many posts in this thread about them over the months. It does no good to tell the dealers anything, they take what SET decides and you take it or not. Most have taken it over the years and you know where. I will not buy a Toyota in Florida.
  • marqmarq Posts: 7
    Same for me in Texas--If I buy it will be in the Midwest without stupid distributor optons. I want to see if Honda comes out with a good alternative. Has anyone heard if we can expect one in the Fall?
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    I feel the same way as you...I like the Venza but since I am about a year away from buying I will be very interested on what Honda is bringing out. I registered at Honda site for forthcoming news on the release of the new Honda CrossTour or whatever they finally call it. I read that it will be 7 inches longer than Venza and as the spy photos it looks ok...lets see what it really looks like . They are talking release in September as per Honda. One concern to me would be that it is first year realese, even thou is basically an Accord like Venza is a Camry. But still the interior fit an finish has some defects as I read in this forum....will see..Good luck
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    I too am interested in what Honda is bringing out. So far to me it is very confusing. At first I saw what was labeled the Tourer that was a wagon like vehicle similar to the Venza. Now I am seeing a Crosstour vehicle that looks basically like a fast back Accord. Not at all to my liking. One report I read said the Venza like Tourer was for the European market only and won't be brought to the US. If this true a swooping flat rear window fast back will not compete for me with the Venza.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    I feel the same as you do....but by the "spy" photos it looks that it may be an alternative by me....but I guess we all will have to wait until September 09....I will be very surprise if they come with something that really comptes with the me the Accord is not competition to the Camry...lust my opinion...
  • mommomk59mommomk59 Posts: 6
    When Venza first came out, we were able to "build" our own Venza. I did not want nor desire a lot of extra's. I took the print out to the dealer and said "THIS IS WHAT I WANT", they pooh-poohed me and said I had to have this or that. Well, I said I would go elsewhere, and they finally took my order. I have a basic black, fabric seat (did not want leather have dogs), moonroof, and satallite radio..the end! I did not want a GPS (I have one), I did not want mats (they threw them in), I did not want a camera (wish I did at times). The order went in in Feb. I did not get the car until May - the company seemed to have been pushing this special order to the side, somehow, they could not comprehend..when a customer doesn't want something, the assembly goes to the next person in line...hard concept! I was told the Designers in Japan couldn't comprehend, but, the car is built over here!! What is worth having is worth waiting for...just remember, YOU, the consumer has the say in what YOU want. Don't be bamboozled. Good luck, the car is a dream!!
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Your story is the perfect scnario for consumers regardless of what extras one wants or not. I will dare to say that you were very lucky...and most of all patient...the only problem with your expirience (I should not say problem) is by doing what you did a buyer has a 50 50 chance of getting the car they way the want it (regardless of extras or not).
    By placing an order with a dealer one must placed a non-refundable deposit and that takes one out of the buying market thus probably missing on other opportnunities that may be available, ie: the desired car in another dealer, at possible better price..etc....Once you order you are a captive buyer without any flexibility available to you, of course unless you forgo your deposit...
    In my opinion best bet is to shop around until you get your price or as close as posible within reason, by doing that you preserve the "full power" of the buyer.
    But to each its own, this worked for you and you did not mind the 3 months wait.
    I will be buying a Venza soon but I will never lock myself into a 3 month wait at the mercy of the dealers and their different tactics (ie: someone willing to pay more for ordered vehicle than you gets it..etc this you will never know) until you get a vin # and actual possesion you will never be sure you got the promised car.There are many ways to "divert" your vehicle to another buyer, trust me it happened to me and there is nothing you can do about it.
    But this is my 2 cents..and whatever works fou you should be fine...
    Enjoy the Venza
  • I have ordered my aloe vera Venza & have been told to expect delivery on the 12th of August. I am happy to know that by purchasing this vehicle I am helping to keep food on the table of American auto workers in Indiana.
    Thank you everyone for the feedback!
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