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Pontiac Montana



  • pop88pop88 Posts: 13
    The Montana has their park lights(signals) as their driving lights. But be careful because soon one of the lights will blowout and you would think it was a shortige but it just needs a bulb. you would know if you turn on your signal lights and they start going fast when you turn it on. Your clock might go out too.
  • balichbalich Posts: 62
    Anybody out there with a Pontiac Transport with
    a loud fuel pump ... We hear a loud humming noise
    and it was determined to be the fuel pump .. I hear the part is very expensive and the gas tank
    needs to be removed .. if anybody has had one
    replaced .. what did you pay for the fuel pump
    to be replaced ?

    The van has 65000 miles on it.
  • aralpharalph Posts: 1
    Your flasher relay canshould be by your steering column, all right. Remove the trim panel(s) under the left side of your dash and feel for the physical click to find the can. But you may have a 2 trick issue - some relays are affected by the emergency flasher relay,which is a totally separate, and differently located, identical relay on my '90. Cheap enough to change both, but do not until you have checked all bulb filaments first. A broken filament can screw up things, too.
       To be sure, go to Auto Zone or similar, and buy a Haynes manual ($12-18) for your rig. Then look it up. Haynes manuals are valuable because they deal with only 1 model in a limited range of years. These are arguably the finest manual for the general public and independent mechanics. My mechanic uses them.
        Good luck!
  • cigsmhcigsmh Posts: 16
    Hi everybody,

    Just to let you know. I bought Montana 2000 5 month ago. Since then I have got following problems: Broken wipers (do not park), broken fuel tank sensor (gauge shows full tank constantly), leak from one of the break cylinders, coolant leak from intake manifold, high oil consumption
    I have an extended warranty (most expensive one) so yesterday I brought the car to North York Chevy dealership to fix all the problems. They gave me a loan car to get to work. It was yesterday. Today they called me and told that coolant and break leeks are fixed, by my Wipers and Gas Tank Sensor are not covered by the extended warranty so I will have to pay for it. So they want me to pay 200$ to fix wipers and 465$ to replace Gas Tank Sensor. I just wonder whether this sensor made from GOLD….
    I will shop around to find better deal and I know I will. I think they trying to compensate somehow the work they spend fixing parts under the warranty. The never lose.

    Just to let you know that this car is amazing on the road, but I will never buy it again.
    I still have 2.5 years of extended warranty and then I will sell it and buy Sienna.
    I have enough worries in my life, I don’t need another one
    Good luck with your vehicles.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    2005 Pontiac Montana

    Seemed to be a good time to drop the "Transport" in the discussion title too. It'll still show up in searches for Transport.

    More HP anyone?

    Steve, Host
  • balichbalich Posts: 62
    '97 Pontiac Transport wiper problem ...

    My wife's transport wiper blades do not close (point down under the windshield ....
    They work fine in all speeds but when you shut
    them off .. they appear to go down under the windshield but then go straight up and shut off in a full straight up position (both blades do the same thing.... we had this problem 4 years ago under warrranty but the dealer won't fix it again .. we called Pontiac .. they said same thing .. has anybody else had this problem and is there a easy fix ? Under warranty - they said
    they replaced the wiper motor ?? I would think their should be a less expensive fix ?
  • baveuxbaveux Posts: 175
    I cannot help you, but that seems to be a problem on a lot of those van.
    I,ve seen a lot of those van with the wiper in the upper position, samething with the Grand-Prix, there is a flaw in their design, you shouldn't have to pay for that
  • willie340willie340 Posts: 59
    look in the section GM's triplets...they talk about wiper problems there..
  • mivesmives Posts: 1
    I am really lost. We are looking for a vehicle to suit our family of 4. Would like a van, would settle for an inexpensive SUV. We are limiting ourselves to GM because buying with GM card earnings and my father's GM employee discount. Thinking about the Montana or Vue. I know completely different, but need alternative if Montana is as bad as all the postings say. Any thoughts? Lots of long distance travel and like the idea of putting the kids in the way back.
  • ronsmith38ronsmith38 Posts: 228
    The GM vans are a good bet in my opinion. Their reliability is not as good as Honda or Toyota, but not that far behind. I have a 2000 Olds Silo, and am quit pleased with it. Has 47k miles, and no serious problems so far. Because Olds is being phased out by GM, you can get better deals than with Pontiac or Chevy. Someone reported getting the top of the line 2003 Silo Premier for about 25K. If you need seating for eight, go with the Pontiac. You don't want a SUV!
  • jeberjeber Posts: 91
    RE. "bad as all the postings say"

    If you go back a few months in postings for the various gm minivan discussions (they're all virtually identical mechanically) you'll find plenty of people are quite pleased with them (myself included)...any of the vans regardless of brand will have plenty of good & bad experiences described, but if you look at the overall $$$ picture, for example of a gm versus a oddysey or toyota, each with say, ~ 10 or 25K miles, each a year or two old, IMO the gm's are a pretty darn good bet.
  • flash26flash26 Posts: 2
    I am new to this forum, but my sister has a '98 montana that she has had a lot of problems with. The most concerning and major problem happened when they were driving 60 miles an hour on the freeway, then they took their foot off the gas, with no response! It did not decelerate...basically it drives on its own! At first they thought it was a problem with the cruise control, but that wasn't it. Has anyone else had this problem? GM had suggested replacing the intake gasket. ANY help would be really appreciated.
  • My friend has a 1998 Venture LS and they love it. They take it on long trips and now have almost 80k miles, not having a warranty since 36k miles they seem to be doing fine. Personally i like the looks of the "GM TRIO" better than Honda, Toyota, and Chrysler. One thing I'd look at if buying a GM minivan is getting the AWD version. If also thinking about the SUV market an AWD minivan is the perfect combo! also the reliabliity of then now is great! after having a similar body since 1997 the resale value is still good and ALL the bugs have been worked out!!! HOPE IT TURNS OUT OK FOR YOU!
  • will someone say something please???
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Everyone is on their way to Glacier Nat. Park in their Montana.

    Steve, Host
  • georgiogeorgio Posts: 3
    Our 2003 Montana is experiencing front disc brake lockup after the brake have been applied 20 or more times (varies). Opening the bleed line fitting on either front caliper relieves the pressure and all is OK for another 20 + cycle. One caliper was replaced recently due to front end damage along with some body panels and the van became a salvage vehicle due to mileage and cost of repairs (34 K out of rental fleet). This is our fourth Montana (second salvage) and all are still great except for this strange problem. What could it be (booster,ABS, or what)?
  • georgiogeorgio Posts: 3
    Followup on message # 851- The problem was with the brake booster. Having two Montana's side by side in the shop, the 'mechanic' switched parts out until the condition went away. First try was an ABS part then the Brake Booster. The shop was for body rebuilding only so they aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer but it works. Someday I hope to hear an explanation what was really wrong in the booster.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    That sounds like the technique most computer techs seem to use - just keep swapping stuff out until it works again.

    Steve, Host
  • dseldersdselders Posts: 1
    Hi there,

    We bought a used 1997 Transport with the montana package about 4 yrs ago with approx. 47,000 miles on it. We have had very good luck with this van. We currently have 118,000 miles on it and runs very well still.

    I do have a question for you guys,

    we have noticed lately that when you are going 60-75 mph and the RPM's are between 2000-2500 that we get a bad vibration/shaking through out the van. I guess the best way to describe it would be that the tires are out of balance but worse. It doesn't happen all the time. I recently bought new tires and had the tires checked again for proper balance twice and they said everything looked good and tight.

    So any idea's on what this might be caused from?? I had a cousin that thought it might be from the torque converter. I plan on taking it in and having it looked at, but thought I would ask you guys also.

    Thanks for your time,

  • koolhatzkoolhatz Posts: 1
    I am trying to find the appropriate after market rear shocks as well as the front strut/shocks for my 1998 Transport Montana with the rear load levelling system. The AC Delco shocks from the dealer are outrageously priced. I have noticed that many auto parts distributors are quoting the Monroe air shocks part MA824 that can be used with the Montana load levelling system. Does anybody have any experience with non AC delco shocks on these systems? Help is much appreciated.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I thought I had the message bookmarked but I lost it. Someone in the SUVs board a few months ago was talking about shocks and how they are designed and engineered to work with one make/model of car or truck.

    Shocks you get aftermarket often are spec'd to work with a variety of vehicles.

    The poster went on to say why use a generic shock from Monroe or Midas instead of getting an OEM replacement that was designed for the van?

    One good reason, obviously, is cost....

    (edit) Found it!

    idahodoug "Toyota Land Cruiser" Feb 10, 2003 9:24pm

    Steve, Host
  • psgpsg Posts: 72
  • ua727ua727 Posts: 2
    How do I get head restraints out of quad seats (1999 Montana)so they can fold forward without hitting front seat. I understand there is a special tool that my GM dealer does not have. Really a poor set-up if you want to maximize space to haul something.
  • jfxckljfxckl Posts: 2
    Hi I have a 1995 transport that has ben bucking for three years now. we have spent thousands of dollars trying to figure it our. sensors modules you name it I feel as if we replaced it. The engine seems to stop running for a split second. You can either let off the gas or hit the gas to get threw it. The latest thing we were told was we needed new tranny mounts . i am no macanic but that does not seen to logical. can anyone help. Thanks Jim, Email me
  • ebirjrebirjr Posts: 1
    Have a question regarding the rear power windows. It seems my rear windows very slow opens and closes. Sometimes when I give a shot of a lubricant it helps but shortly thereafter it gets REAL SLOW again!! Any suggestions as to the cause. By the way my front side windows work fine.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    My driver's side power window is doing something similar. I lubed it a couple of times with some spray oil and grabbed the glass and worked it back and forth. It helped; for a while there it didn't like going up at all.

    I don't know any way to really fix it without tearing into the door somehow and adjusting the tracks. There's probably some fix buried over in Maintenance & Repair somewhere but I haven't played with the search tools over there yet.

    Steve, Host
  • Just when I think that everything that can break on my Trans Sport has broke, they manage to find something new. After my coolant light went on, the dealer estimates $1,000.00 (yep, one thousand) to fix as they have to tear the engine apart. Supposedly, the coolant will eventually leak into the engine and cause real damage. Anyone else have this problem and/or have an opinion on what this should really cost. Thanks.
  • This is a common probem with GM 3.4 v6. You can find a lot written about it.

  • jeberjeber Posts: 91
    the quotes for this intake gasket repair I've seen discussed here seem to be quite a bit less than $1000...usually around $450 - 700ish. You might shop around.

    Unless maybe your in a high-cost area, D.C., San Fran, Boston, etc., maybe that's normal?
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