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Pontiac Montana



  • n2lthn2lth Posts: 7
    I get a little vibration when it shifts into overdrive if I am under 55 Mph, then it disappears at 55 Mph
  • bjmeyerbjmeyer Posts: 24
    That sounds like the engine vibrating/lugging under load. What grade of fuel are you using, and does it go away if you use a higher octane?

    If you're using the recommended fuel, and higher octane makes it go away, have the dealer check it out.
  • Well, I took the plunge into the world of finance. I made a deal yesterday on a 1999 fully loaded Montana: Artic White with Grey interior, 8 passenger seating, tow package, power everything, performance suspension package, 1SD package, and more. I will pick up the van tomorrow. Here's the deal:

    $28810 sticker
    $26163 purchase Price
    $ 3628 GM card rebate
    $ 1000 Pontiac case rebate
    $ 450 Free 3 years Oil, Lube, and Tire rotatns

    $29260 Retail price including servicing package
    $21535 Purchase price after rebates
    $ 7725 savings off sticker (26.4% off retail)

    You're looking at one happy camper.

    Best of luck,

  • Congrats, it's about time! Let us know how your likes/dislikes about this vehicle. BTW, what was the invoice price (before $1k rebate) on your van? Was the "purchase price" $200 over invoice via fleet salesman as you advise? Did you consider leasing, or opting for the cheap loan rate? Details, please? Thanks.
  • n2lthn2lth Posts: 7
    I think it is like when you drive a stick shift and you shift into a higher gear to quick things tend to vibrate a littel
  • Hey all;
    Just letting you know I sold my '93 Transport. It only took 8 days. Not too bad. At least I picked up $2,000. more then the dealers were offering me. Ha-ha on them!
  • What is the GM card that you got that big $3600 rebate on?
    Let me know please?
  • The GM card is a MasterCard issued by GM. They give you 5% of all purchases made on your GM Card towards the purchase or lease of all GM vehicles (except Saturn and Geo, I think). You can earn as much as $500 each year of card credits, up to $3500 in a 7 year period. There are special promotions every now and then which allow you to gain more than the $3500 maximum.

    see: href=""

    I have always been good at paying off my credit cards each month. I have no problems spending the $10,000 each year I charge groceries, clothes, gas, everything. I only write checks to pay bills mailed to me.

    In any case, you have to be diligent about paying it off each month. A lot of folks loose tract of their spending when they use credit cards.

    Best of luck,

    MontanaMan... err... ummm... VentureMan
  • dps1dps1 Posts: 4
    Congratulations MontanaMan AKA VentureMan! Sounds like you got yourself a mighty fine deal and I hope you like your vehicle as much as I like mine.

  • tmihotmiho Posts: 5
    I've driven just over 15k in the first 9 months, and with the exception of an intermittent engine compartment squeak and rear window that never opens (no big deal), I love my gray/gray '98 Montana minus only the power passenger seat and leather. Pontiac got it right with this one.

    -no visible antenna
    -power door - GREAT for my 3 year old
    -seats are easy to arrange, remove, and return
    -great looking (for a minivan)
    -pretty decent giddy-up-n-go (for a minivan)
    -cruises great between 75-85mph (wide empty freeways out near Palm Springs)
    -great HVAC (get the rear setup too)
    -decent sound system (for stock)
    -gotta have steering wheel controls (Honda finally offers them)
    -external temperature gauge (it errored over 120 last summer)
    -gobs of room
    -did I mention great looking (for a minivan)
    -comfortable to drive
    -commanding view
    -HUGE side view mirrors (never a blind moment)
    -great turning radius (for a minivan)
    -excellent night vision (monster headlights and fogs - quite unlike Chr/Ddg/Ply)
    -solid ride
    -solid door closings
    -storage galore
    -fits in the garage

    -so-so gas mileage (16.5mpg at 34.8 average mph - probably because I get up and go from stops, mostly city and 10-15 mile freeway jaunts, and infrequent long trips)
    -computer that is about 1 mpg off (17.7)
    -tank that requires more fuel than the computer thinks (average 21.3 gal per fuel up and the computer thinks I only used 19.9) NOTE: I keep good records.
    -above mentioned squeak and window (I'll get it in soon for warranty, its just such a pain taking cars to the doctor)

    -offer GTP package (supercharged 3.8 Series II)
    -power both back doors
    -Monsoon audio
    -17" wheels/tires
    -lighted running boards
    -allow the tailgate window to open separately from the door (for storing/retrieving little things)
    -rear spot lights
    -or just build the Montana Thunder!

    My friends, colleagues, family, and I all like my Montana (Trans Sport). I highly recommend it, especially after searching for two years and test driving the competition. I might reconsider now that the new Odyssey is out (it has steering wheel controls), but then again, its not as good looking as the Montana (in my opinion).
  • tomytomy Posts: 2
    Congrats. It sounds like you got a great deal. What is the GM rebate card? Is that one of those GM credit cards that you accumulate points from purchases or what?
  • Has anyone had any problems with their headlight assemblies fogging up with water? No car I have ever owned has done this, even after going through high pressure car washes each week, unless the assembly itself was broken (loose seal, cracked plastic, etc...)I had the passenger side assembly replaced under warranty no problem, no questions asked, no fudging to get me to believe it was a fixable problem. 2 months later, the drivers' side assembly is fogged up. The van is 3,000 miles out of warranty, but WELL within the years specification, even though I know this doesn't matter. However, Pontiac now tells me that the headlamp is a fixable problem. They say that all I need to do is drive for a consecutive 6 hours with my headlamps on to essentially heat the fog and water away. This would be OK, except for I have neither the time nor the need to drive anywhere 6 hours! They claim that this is normal, that it happens all the time, especially with high pressure washes, but like I said, I've never had it happen to any other car I've owned with a proper headlamp assembly. I told them that a properly installed headlamp assembly, like the one they put in under warranty, won't let water in through the seal, which the new one doesn't. They said, basically, nonsense. I asked them if they would stand behind the assembly even though it was out of warranty, just barely, and they said there was absolutely nothing they could do since it was out of warranty. Now I know, according to the letter of the law, this is true, but they replaced one, guys, because they knew it was bad, but wouldn't replace the other, and they must have known it was bad, as well. Be wary of your service provider, especially at Pontiac, and hope nothing happens to your van out of warranty. If they won't stand behind shoddy workmanship this close to warranty, they must be afraid of something. I have known several other brand dealers, such as Ford and Dodge, to stand behind more expensive things out of warranty, such as transmissions and engines, because they knew they were bad and didn't want negative publicity or to lose an existing customer. Well, Pontiac has lost me as a future customer, as soon as I can sell this van, which otherwise is pretty nice!! Honda service is MUCH better, as I've experienced in the past, so it sounds like I must make a move towards the new Odyssey.
    Let me know if you have had similar experiences.
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    Try a different dealer for service (if you can.) The service manager should be able to get Pontiac to cover the problem (it is a real problem, headlights do not work under water.) The alternator on my 1995 Olds Cutlass Supreme failed 8 months out of warrenty (but only 32000 mi.) and the local service manager got Olds to cover the replacement (no hassle, he said Olds should cover it, and the next day the car was ready at no charge.) Since you had one lamp replaced under warrenty, the same problem on the other side should be covered. Period.
  • I have a friend who bought a 97 Venture with the moister in the headlights, and tail lights. The dealer replaced the lens under warranty, no questions asked. Sounds like one of those new model year problems where the equipment manufacturer build a faulty product at first and finally got it right.

    When I worked for GM many, many years ago, I helped develop a Vehicle Component Verification System (VCVS) that kept tract of which bin of new parts were installed on what vehicles. This allowed GM to narrowly define a recall only to thoses vehicles that had the faulty part installed. I'm surprised that GM did not use this system on the minivans (I worked for GM C/K truck division).

  • I have a 1990 Transport which has been very dependable from its first day off the lot. I have always been convinced it was the best engineered minivan of its year.

    The best aspects have been the engine, drive-train and the car like handling. After 9 yrs the upholstery looks like new, the plastic finders protected us against the many potential dings and tire wear has been acceptable. Overal, a very practical vehicle, but not all aspects of the vehicle has been pleasing.

    The many plastic interior parts (which remains unchanged even in the 1999 models) have been an unending source of grief. I have replace numerious parts and some are so expensive I could not justify the expense to fix. But worse yet, the brake system. In the last 9 years I have spent an average of $500 a year in brake repairs. In the last 4000 miles I have replaced the front calipers twice. And the rear drum brakes begin sticking and causing damage unless I have them serviced (adjusted) every 6 months.

    Still, up until recently my wife and I have planned on buying a yr 2000 Montana. The change of mind is the result of two experiences I had this week.

    The first experience was the 1999 Honda Odyssey. The new Honda is the first time I have been awestricken by a minivan, in my view it has no equal, period.

    Second, the dealers first offer for trade-in was $800. I realize the dealer expects me to negociate, but I was so shocked by the opening offer I had to reconsider ever owning a Pontiac again. A nine year old Transport in good shape and rated as low mileage (110,000), but I have to fight to get more then $800 from the dealer. I had to ask myself, "why would I ever buy a vehicle that has no value to the dealer after just 9 yrs?" I just looked at the dealer with a blank stare for what seemed like 10 seconds, a moment of time frozen in my memory. Once I came out of my stuper I realized I had nothing to say, I just walked away.

    I'm going to buy a new Honda this time next year.
  • CharlieH,
    I would guess that your trade may be so low for many reasons which may be: How the dealer is going to do with your vehicle, auction or sell. He will get significantly less at the auction. If it is on a Honda Odyssey some dealerships are trying to get everything they can on that vehicle. It is hot and they know it. Not to many people are in the market for a 9 year old van with over 100k. $800 is low but that is one dealership and one sales person. I have driven both the Honda and 99 Montana. I would say to you to wait and make that decision next year after you have taken a look at both vehicles. I did. At first I was sold on the Honda. After further review and shopping I found that I could get a great deal on a GM van and get more options for less when compared to the Honda. If you have the time and ability sell your vehicle yourself. You will do way better and eliminate one more thing to haggle on.
  • jj86jj86 Posts: 2
    I bought a 97 TransSport a few weeks ago. Couldn't afford a new one. This one has 25,000 miles on it. Nice ride! We are pretty happy with it. Power door works fine. Like the 2nd row captains chairs and all of the options. I do have a few minor complaints though.

    1. a few interior noises and rattles
    2. stereo sound is poor
    3. fit and finish (interior) is not the greatest
    4. maintenance (oil/air filter and spark plug changes)are difficult
    5. brakes squeal (pads are not worn out)

    Other than that, it seems to be a very nice vehicle.

    I'll post more after more miles.
    Oh, yeah. It, too, has moisture in the headlamps, although it doesn't seem to cause any problems.
  • marvylmarvyl Posts: 1
    I'm looking at a '99 Pontiac Montana for $100 over invoice. I just want the regular length and just 3 doors. The option for the 4th door is about $1200 which I feel is much to high. The only reason I picked the Pontiac over the Chevy Venture is the seats and head rests. An upgrade from the stationary head rests is not possible on the Chevy shorty with 3 doors. Right now there is 0% financing on this vehicle which is another factor in my decision. I looked at the Toyota Sienna and the Honda mini van too. I realize they will probably have better resale value a few years down the road. Does anyone out there own the "99 Montana and have a review of it for me?
  • gatorgator Posts: 11
    Look thru the 241 posts in this list for several reviews. My advice is to spring for the extended. You'll appreciate the utility of the extra room and the nicer ride.
  • zim2zim2 Posts: 3
    I've read postings refering to a fleet manager. Can someone explain what a Fleet Manager is.
    As soon as the weather breaks here in Upstate NY we hope to get out there and find a '99 Montana. We too have a GM Credit card credit. At what point do you inform the dealer of this and do you pay tax on the credit? One more thing...$1000. 3.9% financing until 3-31-99. Anyone here if this will be extended or of any other incentive after that?
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    The fleet manager is the person that does the buying for the dealership. If you are going to order a van, this is the person you will sit down with to enter your order. Odds are that some sort of financing/rebate will continue, all previous deals have been, and actually have gotten a little better each time.
  • rs1rs1 Posts: 1
    3 weeks ago I received a quote of 200.00 over invoice on a 99 Montana. This past Sat. we visited the dealer to check out the Montana again as our choice has narrowed between this and the Chevy Venture. The salesman that gave us the quote was not there and we obviously talked to another salesman. I showed him the quote and he took it to another person who handles the bottom line on the vehicles. He gave us a quote of $550.00 over invoice and told us that as of March 1 they lost the dealer incentive on the vehicle and could not sell it that low. When I brought up the topic of dealer holdback he became very defensive. To make a long story short I left there quite frustrated. My wife and I are not sure at this point how we are going to handle this. Any suggestions.
  • mvp4mvp4 Posts: 1
    Regarding message 246: I would ask to talk to the manager, tell him you felt mis-treated (telling him by whom...) and walk out. There are plenty of dealers out there. $200 over invoice is exactly what I paid for mine. I've seen a number of postings here claiming $100 over invoice.
  • We currently own a vehicle with which we are extremely dissatisfied. After 30+ things that have been replaced, repaired, (including two blown transmissions), we are disillusioned with the claimed performance of the Dodge Caravan. We are currently looking at purchasing a Pontiac Montana. My concern is that it so new to the market, that there is not enough long term runnability information out there. I would like to know how previous owners feel about the Pontiac.
  • I've been in the market for a couple of months,
    and researched this board and others fairly
    exhaustively. I've narrowed my choices down to a
    GM minivan (Pontiac, Olds, Chevy) or Honda new,
    and a Ford Windstar, used.

    GM's strong point is the reliability of its
    powertrain (engine + transmission). I've steered
    away from the Chryslers altogether due to the high
    volume of complaints about its transmission. I
    can't say that I've seen a single complaint about
    the transmissions in the GM minivans. I have an
    (old) '90 Lumina APV minivan with 169,000, and no
    trans. problems.

    Other than a few rattles and trim issues, the
    owners of the GM minivans seem to have been almost
    universally happy with their decision. See the GM
    reliability thread on this board (compare with
    Chryslers!)--very, very few problems reported
    (less, even, than the Sienna or Odyssey).

    You should know that the GM standard-length 1997
    mini (a Venture) did not do well in the insurance
    industry's rigorous offset crash test. On the
    other hand, injury rates in these vans have been
    very low, and GM has since added side-impact air

    One last point. The current GM models have been
    in production since the 1997 model year (i.e.,
    fall 1996). That is longer than the current models from Ford (Windstar), Honda, Toyota, and Nissan. The only current model that's been around longer is the Chrysler product, and its reliability has been spotty at best. Good luck.
  • DovDov Posts: 24
    I too (as many of you may know)have been long lurking and testing and reading and finally put down a deposit ($500 refundable) for a dark blue GLS which hopefully should be delivered by the end of the month.
  • creidcreid Posts: 54
    I have owned my Transport since Feb98. We didn't have any problems at the beginning but after having 17K miles on the van my wife has been taking the van to the dealer very frequently. We have had constant vibration at 45 to 50 mph. I have taken the vehicle to two tire shop for a balance and check, also relentlessly to the dealer. We have had problems with the power door, parts falling off from the interior, wind noise from the windshield at highway speeds, the sliding doors rattling on the hwy over small bumps and especially high on the drivers sliding door. Of course the dealer can never find anything wrong. Now the drivers pwr seat track was defective and is broken. If I take a turn to the left the seat will have a tendesy to lift slightly due to the track system broken. The dealer is getting a part mfg but It's been about 4 wks. I really question the reliability of american manufactured vehicles, I purchased the van w/ a GMC suppliers discount (thank God) and paid about 24K with all except auto suspension & alarm. I am concerned of keeping the van with pmts of $470 per month and having additional problems. Any thoughts?
  • Creid,
    I have been in the market looking at all models. My main concern is reliability and also front seating (wife only 5'0"). Haven't you escalated the issues to the service manager and then to the regional office? They may be of help. Maybe you can remind them that the company you work for is a GM supplier and that you will undoubtably spread the word on how efficient the service and parts supply for GM really is.

    BTW, we also have just applied for the GM supplier discount but have no information yet. Could you elaborate on what they provide?
  • creidcreid Posts: 54
    I can't quite remember the numbers but it's like 15% off of base MSRP for the Venture & 18% from the Transport (or Montana now), then it's I think 18% off of all total options for vehicle. Then the dealer adds 2% for mark up plus the delivery. The MSRP for my van was 27100, I paid just at 24K. The nice thing about it there is no sticker dicker or pressure sale just hand the approved paperwork over the figures are done then you walk out. Me and my wife when we bought ours last year were at the dealership a total of 30m, the longest time was getting the vehicle washed & prepped. When you apply for the program the vehicles will be listed that you can purchase and the percentage for the base and total options deduction. You cannot purchase a suburban, yukon, corvette and saturn.
    I haven't had much luck with the managers and such all we are told is no problem found, the parts issue is the parts are suppose to being manufactured but it's been over a month and still waiting. Me and my wife today looked at the new Odyssey and fell in love with it and the consumer reports ratings are phenominal. I'm really questioning to continue with american made vehicles due to the problems with mine, I only listed a handful on the previous post.
  • shaqshaq Posts: 2
    If you buy a vehicle under GM's supplier discount, you are getting a good deal, but you shouldn't assume that you also get preferential treatment if you have problems with the car.

    In fact, the last thing YOUR company wants is its employees complaining loudly about the cars made by their major customer (GM).

    GM has the economic leverage with most of its suppliers, and remember your competition is always ready to step up if GM gets pissed off at your company.

    If you are a GM supplier, that relationship can't be contaminated by the supplier's employees demanding special treatment
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