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Volkswagen Bug Reborn!



  • GuyPGuyP Posts: 50
    How good of a deal can you get the 2.0L ,5-speed, New Beetle for at this time? Are dealers charging MSRP?

    What are the upcoming trims for this model? 1.8T and 20-valve VR5?
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    GuyP, it was pretty clear that few deals were being made on these early shipments. It was the same way when we bought our Volkswagon Fox -- no deals until they were at least 6 months on the lot. Only 6 cars are coming to the dealer we visited (the only VW dealer in Washington, DC) so it could take awhile before they feel the need to make any concessions.

    IMHO, for what you get, MSRP is pretty good on this car.

    Gordon1, I can't answer your question about diesel and I'm sure someone will be along very soon who can. Lurkers, can you help with this question? Please. :-)
  • gordon1gordon1 Posts: 3
    all the dealers here on Long Island, NY are giving list price. Which I agree with carlady that it is still an excellent price. With all the safety options in this car, you can't miss. The New Beetle has roll over bars in the roof, diagonal impact protection (who else has that?), and six stereo speakers (even the toyota sienna has only four). Also what is standard equipment in the New Beetle optional in the others!

    I have been told by one dealer that the New Beetle will always be available in very limited quantities of fifty thousand per year.

    The color I plan to get is the red!!
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    I'm opting for the diesel, partly due to nostalgia. I owned a 79 rabbit diesel that treated me just wonderfully. 50mpg and when I sold it with 98k on it I had hardly done anything to it. I'm hoping that VW can reproduce this durability with a little bit better performance. (The old one was a challenge to pass with on 2 lane roads.) But I loved that car and wish I still had it.
    Buy that oiler, you'll love it.
  • gordon1gordon1 Posts: 3
    mjb56- glad to hear that your rabbit diesel was so faithful. my current nightmare, uh, I mean my current car is a 91 Mercury Sable. I bought it in 93. It has been one long nightmare since then. Spends more time getting repaired then being driven.

    My first three reasons for buying the new beetle is reliability, reliability and reliability. I was much impressed with the 12 year rust/corrosion guarantee. My 91 Sable needed a new paint job when it was three years old!

    I appreciate any feedback on VW diesel engines.
  • PeterunPeterun Posts: 83
    Hi everyone - Still waiting for my silver/gray cloth New Beetle. Was told it would be in last week. Now I'm told that there's a color with the paint on most of the silver's. Any truth to this? Should I be thinking alternative color??? Should I be more patient??? Spoiled here in 90210.
  • PeterunPeterun Posts: 83
    When I wrote: "Now I'm told that there's a color with the
    paint on most of the silver's." I meant: "Now I'm told that there's a PROBLEM with the paint on most of the silvers." Sorry 'bout that. Too early in the AM here . . and no java in hand! Pete
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    What kind of problem? The floor model we saw was silver and as I mentioned, the rear bumper already had a visible scratch. I' say that's due to the plastic, not the paint.

    Why not ask your dealer and tell us what he says?
  • fccmafccma Posts: 1
    As an old VW fan (and a current '72 Karmann Ghia owner) I went down to the local VW dealer in anticipation of perhaps trading in my Honda Accord with 225K miles. Sure, the new beetle is cute..and I was initially very impressed. But as others, mostly teenage girls, came along, I thought to myself, this is the ultimate chick I really want one?? Then I looked at the mediocre gas mileage, obsolete engine design, small gas tank, with 0 to 60 in a snails pace of 11 seconds and a price no less than a brand new Honda Accord, and concluded THIS CAR IS JUST LIKE AN OLD AMC GREMLIN. Cool for about 6 months, and a joke I wrong?
  • PeterunPeterun Posts: 83
    Well, the New Beetle I ordered in silver . . .actually arrived today. Spent three hours in "get ready," and I went to the dealership to pick it up. The paint is perfect, there is no evidence of a repaint. The car is not a Honda Accord, no way. Drives very similar to many of the BMW's and Mercedes I've owned. Presently own an ML320 and an SLK230. The New Beetle is the most fun, for sure. Tight as can be . . . ultra silent at 70 mph, zero wind noise . . No rattles . .and . . the car has soul. Every aspect of it . . brisles with thought out design. Ergonomically fits as though my tailor made to fit me. Plus the attention, all positive . .is of note. So much good energy, such well wishers. Even here in jaded Southern California. Thumbs up, peace signs . . .smiling faces. I find it relaxing, refreshing to drive. So . . . it's everything I'd hoped for. I paid window sticker, no add ons. Ordered the automatic . . the adaptive transmission is very flexible. Seems to know which gear I want before I do. And holds it in second as I take turns. The car has no yardstick, no comp in it's price range. Anyone wanting a digital pic of the car in my driveway . . just E me. 90210 Pete
  • GuyPGuyP Posts: 50
    I just test drove the New Beetle in a 5-speed trans at my local VW dealership (Stohlman)!

    I mostly agree with the above post (Peterun).

    Here is MY REVIEW and CONCLUSION on the New Beetle (2.0L engine):

    1) Off the chart, in terms of 'cool-factor' and overall design, although it is undoubtedly associated as a 'chick car' here, so it may discourage potential male buyers.

    2) Quality is way up, even from Japanese car standards.

    3) Fun to drive (as always with VW!).

    1) This is a big problem...the rear passenger seats are unbearable (a near 90 degree backrest angle with an uncomfortable headrest placement, cramped rear quarters, definitely not for long hauls).

    2) Relatively small trunk cargo space, and no 60/40 rear seat split.

    3) 2.0L engine is adequate but uninspirational in this car. An engine upgrade would be very beneficial.

    I do not have a desire to buy the New Beetle. There is very little technical innovation in this 'modern day' car. It is below-par i.t.o. practicality and performance. I have more joy in looking at other people drive the New Beetle around than in actually owning one myself.
  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    Saw one for the first time today - a black Beetle. It's certainly one car you can't mistake for anything other than what it is, that's for sure.

    I doubt it will take many sales from the Golf/Jetta - it's cute, but I doubt it's practical enough to be many people's only car.
  • marmichmarmich Posts: 7
    Having decided I want one, I'm curious whether anyone has managed to pay less than MSRP. Also, is the CD changer something I have to get from the dealer or can I get something (at what seems to be half the price) at an electronics store?

    Is paying cash likely to give me leverage?
  • nflnfl Posts: 1
    it is butt ugly and is too expensive for something that ugly...
  • marmichmarmich Posts: 7
    In response to an earlier post asking for impressions from test-driving the new Beetle:

    My girlfriend and I test drove it last night. The steering is nice and tight, though the steering wheel feels a little bit smaller than I'm used to. (I regularly drive 3 cars: a LeBaron, a Benz, and VW Cabriolet.)

    Power: adequate, but not impressive.

    Transmission: drove an automatic. Didn't like it, but then I've never liked VW automatics much. A stick shift is sorta the point.

    Ride: fairly quiet. Handles vibration much better than you'd expect in what's basically a Golf. Better than the Golf I drove 2 years ago, in fact.

    Head/Legroom: Ample in the front seats. And the seats have an ingenious mechanism to ease getting to the back. The back seats are okay on legroom (I'm 5 foot 9, w/ short legs.) But even I was banging my head on the rear window and the headliner. Wouldn't want to ride there regularly.

    Brakes were good. The one I drove did not have ABS. I could make it skid pretty easily. Definitely want ABS.

    Only complaint might be that the hard plastic on the interior doors and the bumper. Seems like they'd scratch easily and be expensive to replace.

    Also, the doors are big and heavy. Presumably that's on purpose: they don't want it to feel flimsy. But it means that if you open the door on a downhill slope it's hard to pull closed. The interior grip, which is very thick, is also a little slippery which makes it worse. Oddly, it bothered me but not my more diminutive girlfriend. (Of course, she's completely smitten with the car--in fact I'm thinking of putting a budvase on my chest in the hopes that she doesn't forget about me!)

  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    I also test drove one today as did my wife. We both agree that it's too cool. As one of the other writers to this site has said, it's like driving a piece of art. Heads turn, people smile. As for driving impressions, I thought it was excellent. Handled great, fairly good acceleration, nice ride. Our minivan is an early vintage Pontiac Trans Sport so I'm not real concerned about the dashboard as are some magazines and newspaper reviews. At our dealer you had to wait in line just to test drive it. It almost seems that this may become a cult like classic, sort of like Harleys. And the back seat, I don't buy a car like this to sit in the back, that's where the kids go. The front is extremely comfortable. Fit and finish were fantastic. Nice job VW.
  • PeterunPeterun Posts: 83
    I own the New Beetle for one full week now. Still love this car. Zero complaints . . and I don't work for Volkswagen . . or any other car company. I build houses, own two '98 Benz's: an ML320; and an SLK230. They are beginning to develop cobwebs.

    To date, there is not one single rattle . . nor any reason to return to the dealership. And . . I can't keep my eyes or hands off this car. Very beautiful, drives great. Icey air conditioning (LA). Tomorrow I drive to San Francisco with my dog. We're both happy pups. . . Pete in 90210
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Good for you, Pete! Just beware of people following you home. :-) Warren Brown, Auto Editor for the Washington Post, did a test drive for a few days and the first night three cars followed him home. "You don't mind, do you, we just want to look at your car!"
  • PeterunPeterun Posts: 83
    Quick post to say that the NB performed great . . .not the best mileage . . . 25.8 360 miles at a steady 70 to 80mph. 18 miles were LA city driving. Rock steady, zero wind noise . . very stable. Here in San Fran the car is a veritable media event . . .everywhere I go, literally. Too over the top . . . perhaps it would be better waiting until more of them are on the road. It can be a bit annoying . .tired of having to tell people what I paid. 90210 Pete
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Hey, it's California, right? Tell them you don't know what you paid. You'll check your credit card statement and get back to them. :-)
  • PeterunPeterun Posts: 83
    Has anyone noticed that there is not one single mention of the "New Beetle" name on the car?? This must be the only car or truck made today this way. I guess that's because one could be vision compromised, across a football field on a foggy day . . and you'd still immediately know which car this was. Pretty classy that VW decided to lay low on this. Had my good buddy drive the NB today here in San Fran. . . thought the car was grossly underpriced. Pete
  • DanaRDanaR Posts: 37
    Dana's rating of the Beetle's colors:

    1. bright blue - brings out the biggest smile in me. fresh-looking.
    2. white - brings out the car's style, and is easy to maintain.
    3. yellow - makes the car cuter -- maybe too much so for me.
    4. red - a bit of a disappointment, just okay.
    5. black - looks sharp when new but will degrade quickly if not maintained.

    not yet rated:
    6. silver, dark blue and green. haven't seen any of these yet. Has anybody seen these - if so, please give your impressions. Thanks.
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    Our local VW dealer got their first allotment, 1 car. Which they are not selling, only for demo purposes. They're so small that they only get an allotment of 1 per month. Fortunately, the total allotment for next month belongs to me (1 bright blue TDI with tan interior. The first few days that they had the car displayed in front of the dealership they virtually had waiting lines to test drive it. I didn't see anyone going away unhappy. Local paper wanted to do a feature on it but the dealer requested not to. Didn't know what to do with the people they already had. Dealer complained to factory rep that VW " finally gives them a car they can sell with their eyes closed and they won't give them any. 3 weeks till mine arrives. Can't wait.
  • PeterunPeterun Posts: 83
    I returned home to LA yesterday . . having my first 1000 miles on the NB. Terrific trip. Picked up about 23 mpg while in SF . . and only 25.8 to 27 mpg on the road. Automatic trans.. Ran incredibly well ........ engine runs at high rpm on the freeway, but very quiet . . no buzz, no vibration. By the way, there is this major ad campaign in SF. Very, very saturated . .bill boards, bus signs . . . This is a wonderful car . . on any level. Pete
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Another satisfied customer! I love it!
  • kchanuskchanus Posts: 26
    Hi, everyone. I have been following the new beetle since the new concept one in 94. Yesterday, I finally saw a blue one on the road. The paint looks great. I just can't wait for a test drive.
  • tdubtdub Posts: 2
    Stopped at a VW dealership yesterday on way home from food shopping to see the new Bug on display. My wife was so enamored with the car that we bought one that just happened to be available at the port for delivery within 10 days. Unfortunately, we were unable to drive a demo, but the dealer agreed to make the sale subject to a test drive prior to delivery. Both my wife and I owned Beetles and must say that we were quite impressed with the quality and styling of the car. My main concern is the engine. Is it sufficiently powerful so that you do not loose speed going up-hill for instance. As priced the Bug seems reasonable, but the extra expense for the 150 HP engine, sunroof and ABS would bring the price to a level that may not be warranted for the intended purpose of the car i.e. a third car for around town fun and nostalgia. Of course, others may feel differently especially if the car will be the primary means of transportation. I also do not like to buy a car in its first year, but somehow i feel that VW is really getting its act together and this Bug will be quite relaibble. Would appreciate objective observations on the power of this car with the 2.0 engine and the front seats vis a vis the long extended dash. Thanks.
  • TDeanTDean Posts: 1
    Ordered a silver, with black leatherette waited three weeks, for delivery and then decided it is just too small. And the dash and mirror are visual burden. However, I drove a black, 5 speed and loved the pick-up, suspension and handling are great, clutch and shifting fine too, not spongy like the golf. In the end the SUV's drove me from my dream car, I don't want to die like that. I am a chick
  • PeterunPeterun Posts: 83
    Hi . . . 90210 Pete here. Trip back and forth to San Fran from LA. Major climb on the 5 Freeway through the grapevine, up to 6000 miles. I have the 2.0 gas engine . .with the adaptive transmission. I also have an order for the turbocharged 1.8 which I shall cancel. The standard engine is a gem, the adaptive transmission knows what I want before I do. This is a third car for me. Works PERFECTLY. Not one complaint. Not a rattle so far. I think you'll be very happy. Incidently my first car was a '70 bug given to me upon graduation from undergrad. school. Enjoy!!! Pete
  • PeterunPeterun Posts: 83
    On the previous post . . in the sentence " Major climb on the 5 Freeway
    through the grapevine, up to 6000 miles.", what I meant was "up to 6000 feet" not miles. Sorry. Pete
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