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Conversion Vans



  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 840
    I would certainly ask the people who did the job (or was it you?) A "new" engine may need some break in, depending on the specifications to which it was machined, hardness of the rings/cylinders, etc. How many miles are on it? I would expect the oil loss to drop off after 3-5k miles if it was due to the necessity for break-in.

    Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • We're tired of minivans and are considering moving to a conversion. I notice they are all RWD with no traction control available. Can anyone comment on handling in snow/ice?
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    I live in suburban Detroit and drive a '97 Ford/Coachmen.
    I generally find that driving in such conditions is not a big problem. You'll want to have a good set of all season mud and snow tires to maximize traction and minimize hydroplaning. Be careful too, on slick road surfaces with strong cross winds. The full size vans have a lot of sail area for the wind to push on. My personal experience has found that the short wheel base vans are less stable than the long wheel base.

  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    Also consider a limited slip differential. I don't know about typical conversion vans, but I drove ambulances in the worst weather you can imagine. All the weight in the back meant no traction problems as long as you weren't on ice or buried to the axles in mud.
  • Hello,

    I am a 4 time van owner. I started with a cheaper van Mark lll then to the next level a Glaval then to the next Regency and then found Explorer. I talked to the rep and even toured the factory. I looked at 15 different van companies before I chose Explorer. Yes, the price was a little more but the fit and finish is without a doubt the best of the lot. After owning my other 3 vans they started to squeek THAT DRIVES ME NUTS! I have owned this van for 13 months and 18,000 miles and it's just as tight as the day I bought it. If you are considering a van buy an Explorer. I have talked to many Explorer owners and they feel the same way I do.

    This machine is simply 5 star. You can look as I did but you wont find anything nicer.


  • I forgot to tell you. Explorer has a web site. EXPLORERVAN.COM . You can contact them and a rep from the company will tell you wwho has what in stock and will even meet with you and do a "factory deal" I did that and saved some serious money over what I was quoted from the dealers.
  • Hi all,

    Getting ready to sell. Any idea on the value of a 96 Ford E150 Waldoch conversion? Its the Travation trim level with the factory TV/VCR added. Thanks.

    Also, when pricing the chassis on Edmunds, do you ignore things listed there that are also part of the conversion, e.g., running boards?

    Great van, BTW, but time to move on.

  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199

    I'll take a look at the NADA book on Monday. Will make a follow-up post.

  • vletovleto Posts: 1
    Our library does not have a copy of the nada apraisal guide for conversion vans,could you please help me find the value of a 1997 Ford e150 5.4 v8 with a Cobra limited edition conversion trying to make a deal but I know they are only giving me the value for a regular e150 with no conversion. Mileage is at 32,000.
    Thanks for any help you can give me!
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199

    Sorry for the delay.
    NADA book on your Waldoch Travation;
    Orig. MSRP 7,553. used whsle 2,790. retail 3,690.
    Check Edmund's for chassis value.

  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199

    No NADA info available on your Cobra.

    However, in an attempt to "comp" the value, I reviewed 5 other manufacturers and found that used wholesale is 41-43% and retail 56-59% of the original MSRP.
    If you don't have the orig. MSRP you might try giving the mfg. a call for that information.

  • Jerry,

    Thanks for the data on my Waldoch conversion. This really helps me out.

  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199

    Your welcome.

  • I''m looking at a '99 Ford Advantage West conversion. 4,000 miles, demo; $25,500. Anyone had experience w/ Advantage West?
  • I''m looking at a '99 Ford Advantage West conversion. 4,000 miles, demo; $25,500. Anyone had experience w/ Advantage West?
  • I posted my questions on the next topic; but, since I have to figure this out by tomorrow I thought I'd ask here too! Any advice on a 95 Chevy/Sport Van 20 with 37,000 TV, "Tradewinds" conversion? Dealer asking $15,840. ANY HELP SO APPRECIATED!!
  • Currently own a Windstar. Need something that tows more. A simple conversion van seemed likely choice. Have test driven GMC, Dodge and Ford. All comparable V8's. Liked the Ford handling the best. The big question now is how to determine dealer cost. Have used Edmund's site to do van chassis (although guessing at which base model and options to use - 1999 E-150/4.6L V8/43V PKG?). No idea about conversion pricing. It is a Glaval (Universal) conversion and would appear to be the 'Transedan' package. Dealer shows 'List' at 32,995 on sale for 22,995.

    How do we find the cost of this vehicle conversion? Any comments on Glaval conversion packages?

  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199

    No NADA book values available.
    I sold a '95 Chevy/Tiara 2 years ago for $13,000.

  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199

    Glaval Corp. has stopped releasing MSRP.
    Last year published was 1996.

    I know of one individual who has had unsatisfactory experience with Universal quality and contends she will avoid this brand in the future.
    I have no first hand experience with Universal.

    You might try comparing value with a similarly equipped E150 Wagon.

  • Does anyone have any knowledge about or experience with Gulf Stream Conversion Vans? I'm considering purchasing one and want to know if there are any bad experiences out there with them.

  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199

    No experience. Manufacturer last released pricing with the 1991 model year.

  • mikey59mikey59 Posts: 6
    I am looking to purchase a Ford E-150 Elk conversion,Avenger package.Is this a good conversion? Also where can I find a Ford dealer that will sell at a fair price? I was at one dealer who stuck to list price and told me if I wanted any thing on buyback or advertising I should buy a dealership. I left along with my check book. Any help would be appreciated.
  • chiefschiefs Posts: 5
    jerry could u please help me with some pricing
    i am looking at a 2000 ford van with the basic
    explorer package with a tv n vcr....the van list
    for 26000...the total list price on the van is 37500....what does the explorer package list
    for??? thank u for any help
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199

    No information available on the Explorer. Some companies have decided not to release msrp and this is one of them.
    Personnally, I think these companies should start hearing from the buying public.

  • sr551sr551 Posts: 1
    Just purchased 1999 regency ford e-150. How does it compare to other conversions.
  • chiefschiefs Posts: 5
    i am looking at a mark 111 le on a 2000
    astro van i was wondering if you had price guidelines to go by...thank you
  • chiefschiefs Posts: 5
    forgot to say its a hightop....thanks
  • tariqtariq Posts: 2
    i have a glaval gladiator conv chevy 20 1995 model excelent conv solid drove about 94000 mile no problem with engin but only had problem with rare axil which needed to be change covered under warrenty at no cost . i compared newer version univer and gladiator best is still gladiator bigger seats rare sofa package solid built good insulation wood trim makes the difference universal has more plastic then gladiator all other accessories are almost same in all conver so do not bother listening to sale person just have a check list and concentrate on seats leather use of plastic and insulation.most of all price
  • dalegadalega Posts: 2
    I've been shopping for a late model used con
    version van for a few weeks now and have run across a few companies that I don't have any information on. Anyone have information on quality, owner satisfaction, web site address, etc. on these converters? Eclipse, Sherrod, Regency, Jayco, American, and Gulf Stream. I can be contacted at [email protected] Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    NADA doesn't have 2000 values.
    the '99 msrp was 7,049. used whsle 3,900. retail 5,240. Add Astro cargo van value to those #'s

  • do4dmmdo4dmm Posts: 1
    We are considering purchasing a new '99 Ford 150 or 250 conversion van. Does anyone have information on the quality of Regency, Elk, or Traveltime conversions? We've looked at several dealers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and all seem comparably priced. Can anyone give me a pro or con for a specific company?
  • ec4himec4him Posts: 1
    We tested 7 or 8 different conversions on several different makes (Ford Chevy GMC Dodge) we bought
    Sherrod and liked Jayco a lot also. We thought the Chevy Express conversions handled the best, The Sherrod ,in our opinion,was the quietest and smoothest on the road. We have about 15k miles
    on ours, we have 5 kids that enjoy it very much also it has lots of room and features for kids and adults.
  • coureurdcoureurd Posts: 3
    Does anyone know of company that makes a conversion on a Ford E350? As far as I can determine, the powerstroke diesel is only available in the E350. Sherrod has ignored my e-mail & voice mail requests for this info so far. It shouldn't be a problem as the bodies are the same??
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    Sorry, I don't.

  • coldgoldcoldgold Posts: 1
    I would like to order a E150 as an incomplete vehicle, like the van conversion guys do. Then have a few options added. I use the cargo area for my computer repair business so I only need the front capt chairs. I like to have all the trim details that this option (incomplete vehicle) provides. I guess I really want the full deluxe (xlt, chateau) with:
    No windows (except on sliding & read doors)
    No rear seats
    I suppose I could buy the club wagon and remove the seats, but I do not want all the windows.
    Does anyone know a conversion company that could build this type of van?
    Will Ford sell me the incomplete vehicle?
    Any ideas or thoughts ?
    Thanks a bunch.
    Does any
  • led500led500 Posts: 3
    We purchased a Chevy G-20 van (used of course) and
    really love the room (the gas is another thing :-0
    I want obtain some parts for a malfunctioning seat
    but cannot not find Gemini Conversions, Inc. to
    contact them. Has anyone heard of them? Is there another place I can search? (web search did
    no good). Thanks, Lon
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    Check for a phone listing in Elkhart, IN
  • I was able to order a totally empty cargo van from GMC. From there I drove it to a Conversion shop and ordered up just what I wanted. Dealer can arrange this for you.
  • I own a conversion van, but now need to downsize. How do you price these things when it comes time to sell. Not much information out there.
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    Post the year, make, and model of both and I'll try to give a book value.
  • disney1disney1 Posts: 1
    Any idea what a 1992 Chevrolet Astro conversion by Quality Vans in Mesa Arizona might book out at? Mileage is 80k,good condition,fiberglass running boards,custom 3 tone paint,metal spare tire cover,inside running lights,oak. No bed or T.V. Thanks.
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    NADA has no listing for that conversion company.
    Checking a couple of others indicates conversion value 1200. to 1600.
  • chrisleachrislea Posts: 2
    Are there any Van Conversion companies that sell direct to the end-user vs. selling thru an auto dealer?

    If so who would you recommend?

    Any cost savings buying direct?

    How does warranty work?

    We are interested in a GM product and have looked at Regency, Sherrod, Mark lll, American, Quality Coach, and Explorer so far...

    Thanx for any and all info....
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    It seems to me that there were some posts in #26 about this question. Try reviewing there if you haven't already.

  • chrisleachrislea Posts: 2
    I searched for "direct sales" and "factory sales" with zero hits. If you have some information I would appreciate your sharing it here or emailing it to me.

  • vegemann7vegemann7 Posts: 3
    I'm in the market for a 2000 Chevy high top
    conversion van. I've looked at a few different
    conversion companies and "Southern Comfort" seems
    to be one of the better ones out there. As I live
    in Ga. and Southern Comfort's factory is in
    Alabama, is it worth the trip out there for a
    possible better deal? Possible demo or a 1999... Also, how does Southern Comfort stack up against the other conversion packages?

    My comparisons:

    Sherrod - Nice package, a little pricy ???

    Gladiator - Only saw low ended packages...

    Discovery - Cheaply made...

    Quality Coach - Reasonably priced, but no
    attention to detail...wasn't impressed !!!

    Regency - Looks nice on the Internet, but haven't
    found any dealerships around that had any...

    Choo Choo - Only saw low ended packages...

    Reply to: [email protected]
  • semperfi1semperfi1 Posts: 4
    Ok, here goes.
    1997 Ford Econoline Triton V8 engine W/53000miles
    Original owner....van immaculate...totally trouble free. Need to downsize.
    Conversion done by Infinity Motors, Amityville NY
    1998 conversion. Execuitive conversion package..
    All leatherseats(4 captain chairs) ...TV...VCR...Nintendo..all wood trim in polished gloss..ground effects all around base of van..wind < 10K miles...Passive alarm....remote start (great in winter)...special paint job. This van is a traveling livingroom.

    Any idea about wholesale (for trade in) or retail value in open market?
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    NADA has values on these conversions only for the 1988, 89, & 90 model years.

    I have no personal knowledge of the company.

  • xeon469xeon469 Posts: 1

    We are buying our first Conversion Van. We found one locally that we liked. Its's a Ford E-150 with 54K miles, 5.8 V8 - all power, dual air. The body is like new, the engine purrs nicely, and it handles well. Its also very clean.

    The conversion package is by Phonenix. Its a high top with cloth interior, a few oak cupholders,etc.., tv/vcp, manual sofabed. It doesn't have comparents all around on top, headphone jacks, mood lighting above and some of the other extras I've seen. The car is selling for 15K (is this a good price?)

    How is Phoenix ? I've heard of MarkIII, Explorer and others.. Does Phoenix make good quality conversions?

    Also what is typical of a Ford E-150..with meticulous it possible to get 150K or more in milage on such a vehicle? At $15,000 it would be nice to get at least 100K on it.

    Thanks a million for taking the time to read this!


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