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Conversion Vans



  • Am looking for a used conversion van, but can't find any buying guidelines.From the above conversations, I assume that the NADA book gives u guidelines. What is the difference between Edmunds and NADA?
  • Am looking for a used conversion van, but can't find any buying guidelines. From the previous comments I asume that the NADA book gives guidelines. What is the difference between Edmunds and NADA?
  • Am looking for a used conversion van, but can't find any buying guidelines.From the above conversations, I assume that the NADA book gives u guidelines. What is the difference between Edmunds and NADA?
  • Can't find any guidelines on buying a used conversion. What is the difference between Edmunds and n.a.d.a.
  • Am looking for a used conversion van, but can't find any buying guidelines.From the above conversations, I assume that the NADA book gives u guidelines. What is the difference between Edmunds and NADA?
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199

    N.A.D.A. Appraisal guides are merely another well recognized source for estimated market valuations. They publish many different guides, one of which is the "Van/Truck Conversion and Limousine Appraisal Guide". Edmunds site does not presently offer market valuations for "conversions". Check your local library or possibly your credit union to see and use the publication. Another good source for market values in your area are papers like "Auto Swapper" that contain many "For Sale by Owner" ads.

  • We are looking at a Windstar MarkIII conversion
    van. I have the 1998 Edmund's book, but
    it does not list the prices for the conversion
    van. Does anyone know where I can obtain
    a price guide for MarkIII Windstar vans?
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199

    I don't have the '98 but maybe the following will be of some help;

    The '97 Windstar MarkIII Sport Top and the '97 Astro MarkIII LE Low Top have the same values and they are; MSRP 4498., Used Whsle 2440., Used Retail 3400.

    The '98 Astro LE Low Top has MSRP 4948., Used Whsle 2900., and Used Retail 4100.

  • dmjrdmjr Posts: 3
    I have a '90 Chevy G20 MarkIII conversion. like jpoc97, I need a price suggestion for selling.
  • dmjrdmjr Posts: 3
    After sending my last note, i scanned the entire history of comments. so jboater is you're reading, i guess you're the man. again, i have a 90 chevyg20, markIII. lookin for some price suggestions. thanks.
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199

    1990 Mark III whsle, 1480., retail 1950.
    Add these values to the chassis values found in Edmund's used vehicle value section.

  • dmjrdmjr Posts: 3

    thanks for the info. i was a little disappointed to see the base price i had been looking at but i think instead of the standard van i should have been using the beauville g20 plus the markIII conversion. that puts me up near the $8K mark. that's a lot closer to my expectations. thanks again!
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    My pleasure. You might also check ads in an "auto swapper" paper in your area to confirm the market value on your van. Also, if yours is above average it should command above average price.

  • I am considering buying Chevy conversion Express. One dealer asked 27,300(out the door price) for 98 Shadow. Another asked 26,800 for 99 Mark III. Any comments?
  • Jerry,

    Hi you seem to have the knowledge so if you do not mind -

    We are looking at buying a 1993 Ford E150 TMC Stealth II Sport - 41500 miles, very clean inside and out - all power, small v8 - does have have tow package, but we will not be towing. Always garaged, it looks great - they are asking 12500. Is this good or not? Thanks in advance.

  • Which of these are the best buy for a Chevy Express

    1. 98 Eclipse Shadow at 27,000
    2 99 Mark 3 SE at 26,500
    3. 99 Custom Craft demo with 4800 miles at 32,500(by local Custom Craft salesman).
  • Just found a 1998 Express High Top Gladiator(with rear air) for an out the door price of 25,000. Is gladiator inferior to Mark111.
  • I have a 94 Astro EXT with a Gladiator conversion. It is a hi-top with tv and vcr, 4 captains chairs and a power reclining back couch, dual air, reading lights, mood lights, lots of wood. The vehicle has 55000 miles on it. Any ideas on what it is worth today?
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199

    NADA values,
    '94 Astro whsle, 6900. retail, 8800.
    Designer series, whsle 3900. retail, 4900.
    Halfback series, whsle 2900. retail, 3700.
    Value series, whsle 2600. retail 3300.

  • No one seems to know any web sites for information on conversion vans. I looked up the and was decent. I can't believe that there is not more websites. Any suggestions. I am looking a dodge just because our neighbor sells them and he sold us our Chrysler Town & Country lxi. We are wanting something with a tv, but heard that the conversion vans aren't that much bigger than the extended minivans. any comments/
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199

    Ford Recognizes Top Quality Van Converters
    4 March 1998

    Ford Recognizes Top Quality Van Converters

    DETROIT, March 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) today
    announced the results of its customer satisfaction survey for 1997-model
    Econoline conversion vans.
    The Ford Van Conversion Top Ten Quality Awards are given annually to the
    converters rated highest in customer satisfaction, owner loyalty and quality.
    This year's winners:

    1. d'Elegant, Inc., Schoolcraft, Mich.
    2. Coachmen Vans, Elkhart, Ind.
    3. Superior Vans, Louisville, Ky.
    4. Tuscany Motor Coach, Shipshewana, Ind.
    5. L.A. West, Lagrange, Ind.
    6. Seven-O-Seven, Ind., Elkhart, Ind.
    7. Eclipse Conversions, Elkhart, Ind.
    8. Companion Vans, Inc., Kosciusko, Mo.
    9. Mark III Industries, Ocala, Fla.
    10. Osage Industries, Inc., Linn, Mo.

    "These converters have excelled in customer satisfaction and moved the
    quality needle forward," said Jerry Mittman, Recreation and Specialty Vehicles
    Sales Manager.
    The Top Ten Volume Ford Converters for the 1997 calendar year were:

    1. Glaval Inc., Elkhart, Ind.
    2. Mark III Industries, Ocala, Fla.
    3. d'Elegant, Inc., Schoolcraft, Mich.
    4. Eclipse Conversions, Elkhart, Ind.
    5. Explorer Van Co., Warsaw, Ind.
    6. Chariot Vans, Elkhart, Ind.
    7. Waldoch Crafts, Forest Lake, Minn.
    8. Sherrod Vans, Jacksonville, Fla.
    9. Tuscany Motor Coach, Shipshewana, Ind.
    10. Phoenix Motorsport, Inc., Elkhart, Ind.

    SOURCE Ford Motor Company

    P.S. I like my '97 Ford/Coachmen
  • mrh3108mrh3108 Posts: 41
    Check the Edmunds reviews/specifications.

    The Chrysler TC LCI extended length has 163 cubic feet. Compare that to a regular length GMC Savana with 267 cubic feet.

    The Dodge won't be as large as the GMC/
    Chevy's or the Fords. Test drive them all. I'll bet you'll find considerable difference.
  • I need some input here. I will be selling my '96 Chevy Galdiator with the hitop Designer Series package - leather, power seats & sofa, 40K miles. It's the new body style. I think GM changed in the middle of the 96 model year.

    What could I get for this van if I sell it on my own as oppesed to trading in at the dealer ?

    Thanks for any help.
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199

    96 Gladiator Designer II
    whsle, $7,010, retail, $9,290.
    G10 Express whsle, 14,475, retail 17,025.
    G20 Express whsle, 14,875, retail 17,450.
    G20 Extended whsle, 15,725, retail 18,350.
    Mileage is average.

  • Jerry,
    Thanks for the help. I just put an ad in the paper asking $22,500. If anyone is interested they can see the ad at

  • I'm looking at a 24000 tag for a Primetime Dodge conversion by Glavel. Includes power tri-fold rear seat, dual stereo, AM/FM/Cassette/CD, front and rear heat/air, TV,VCR, and video game hookup,
    wood trim, (although the front stuff seems like plastic), and I'm a little put off by the lack of leg room in the front seats. Also has cruise and power windows/locks. Does this sound like a reasonable deal? I haven't been able to find a Ford or other model to compare. Need help soon...hoping to make a decision ASAP. Thanks all.
  • Does Eclipse Conversions has an internet address?
  • I am trying to find out what the resale value is of a 1990 Ford E-150 hi-top conversion van. The conversion was done by a company called Tri-Teck located out of Ft. Worth, TX. Van is in excellent condition and was top of the line model with a superior paint job, front and rear a/c, automatic transmission, power windows, pleated mini blinds & curtains, 351 V-8 engine with approx. 75,000 miles. It includes hi-top console cabinetry with TV, VCR, storage over front captain chairs. Center Front, overhead console w/mounted stero am/fm radio w/cassette, CB and rador detector. Map light, engine console with cup holders. Rear mounted stero AM/FM independent radio w/cassette in rear cabinetry storage area. Privacy headphones (can also be used for TV/VCR). (4)Captain chairs, rear electric sofa that converts to a queen size bed.

    Any help you can give would be appreciated.
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199

    NADA doesn't list that conversion company and I don't have chassis value dating to 1990.
    Any chance an "auto swapper" magazine could help?

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