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    NADA values on the conversion;
    LE Sport Top whsle 3,020 retail 4,190
    SE Sport Top " 2,320 " 3,210
    LX Sport Top " 4,690 " 6,490

    Check Edmund's for chassis value.
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    I am looking at a '94 chevy g20 gladiator low top conversion. It has 28000 miles. It has 4 captain chairs electric bed, tv, vcp, dual air, am/fm stereo,mood lighting, class 3 hitch. I need both trade in and retail price for the conversion. Excellent condition second owner.
  • jboaterjboater Member Posts: 199

    Designer whsle 2,980. retail 3,790.
    Halfback 2,090. 2,630.
    Value 1,880. 2,390.

  • dhershdhersh Member Posts: 2
    Dear jboater,

    Thanks for all the great information

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    I am trying to get pricing on 2000 chevy astro conversion vans with markIII option. If you go to dealer sites they do not list conversion vans? Is there any sites with this information? Also are there any major problems that anyone knows of.
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    This is my first visit to this forum. I've read about the last 150 post. Great information. I think my question may have already been answered, but I would like to verify what may have been said.

    First, I am a VERY happy owner of a 1990 GMC Explorer conversion. 185,000 pretty good miles. Some maintenance, but nothing really unusual for a van this old. No real value as a trade, so I might give it to someone who justs needs to putter around town. I'm not sure I would take it on a coast to coast trip, as we have done several times in the past! Everything still works and we have certainly received all the value we paid for.

    Now we are in the market for a fully loaded Explorer 2000 GM or GMC high top. V-8, leather, bells and whistles. Yes, a used van could probably save us a lot of money, but we tend to keep our vehicles for a long time, so we would like to start out new.

    I have seen list prices for a fully loaded van in the St. Louis area from mid 40's to low 50's depending upon the particular conversion.

    On a car it is SO EASY to figure out a fair price. On vans, picking winning lottery numbers might be easier.

    Is there a decent percentage of sticker that you can figure on the van and the conversion part to get to dealer cost? Once I establish that, I can figure out what kind of offer I want to make. Any help pricing this fully loaded van would be greatly appreciated.

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    No info available on the Explorer but, looking at three other mfg's in the NADA book the 2000 models indicate used whsle range 60-63% and used retail range 80-83% of original msrp.

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    What is a reasonable discount that I should go for in the purchase of a new Chevy Express Debut Conversion van? Sticker prices are: base van $29k and 6k for the conversion with a total of $36k before title and taxes. Suggestions for offering price are welcome.
    Thanks- Curt Peterson
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    I'd probably like to end up at about 28k to 29k plus tax. Worst case might be 4500. to 5000. on the conversion and very near invoice on the van. Invoice can be computed on Edmund's site.

  • jboaterjboater Member Posts: 199

    for '99 the following are the possible models;
    GT400 or 401
    HT400 or 401
    SE300 or 301
    SL400 or 401

    The SE is low-end and the GT is the high-end.

    The '97 Heritage

    Orig MSRP 10,150. used whsle 3,530. retail 4,890.
    I recommend Edmund's cargo values for chassis.

  • bdicristofanobdicristofano Member Posts: 2
    I am trying to get as much information on as possible conversion packages. I have been told that explore package is one of the best? I have also look at markIII and midwest packages.So my question are which package has the best value. I do not mind paying more for a package that well last long and have less problems with.Can I also have pricing and quality of warranty service.
  • jboaterjboater Member Posts: 199
    The most expensive Midwest for 2000 is the M-4000 model. MSRP 11,560. used wholesale 7,400. retail 9,990.
    Pricing for 2000 Mark III not available.
    Most expensive 1999 as follows;
    Ford LX Sport Top MSRP 11,999. whsle 6,370. retail 8,530.
    GMC Savanna Sport Top MSRP 12,149. whsle 6,440. retail 8,640.
    No info is available for Explorer.

  • bdicristofanobdicristofano Member Posts: 2
    I have just left a dealer in illinois. I have been pricing and checking out mini van conversion packages. I have determind that explorer packake appears to be the best in this market. I have got a price of $20,650 on a new 2000 g.m.c. safari 2wd with explorer x package with lcd tv- vcp for $6295 I had a chance to meet explorer sales rep.and discuss service and product and felt pretty comfortable with him. I guess my question is does pricing on van and package seem to a good price or not? I have entill 6-26- 00 to respond.
  • jboaterjboater Member Posts: 199
    no pricing info avaliable from Explorer.

    Midwest Vans 2 most expensive (msrp) models are the M-1100 SR @ 6,100. and the M-1200 SR @ 7,210.

    Majestic Vans top-end is the LLT @ 8,119.

    A&J Vans 6,495.

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    I have a 1997 Hi top Chevy Astro conversion done by American Luxury Coach out of SC. How can I determine the value of the conversion package for possible trade. Has power sofa, TV VCR,
  • colts5colts5 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 1997 Hi top Chevy Astro conversion done by American Luxury Coach out of SC. How can I determine the value of the conversion package for possible trade. Has power sofa, TV VCR,
  • jboaterjboater Member Posts: 199
    NADA book has no reference to your conversion.

    Some other 97's have wholesale range of 40 - 43% and retail of 53 - 58% of original msrp.

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    This is my first time on this forum and I must say I am impressed. I am looking for a conversion van and have no idea what kind of price to pay. I live in new england. I have looked at a 93 chevy gladiator with 55k. 98 ford E-150 regency wiht 36k. Also, are there any makes I should stay away from. Any questions I need to be asking dealers. Also, what kind of range am I looking at for a new conversion van. Thank you
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    I've been driving a '97 Ford Coachmen for 2.5 years and have been very pleased with it. Bought it new and have had no repair outside of routine maintenance.

    The '98 you looked at might be a good choice if the price is decent. I would guess in the range of 15k to 18k unless it's super loaded, top of the line conversion. Then you might get as high as 22k-23k.

    Mine has the 4.6L V8 and averages about 15 mpg in my daily driving. That's an even mix of city/xway driving.
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    I would like to trade in my 97 Ford van with the Explorer hi-top conversion with all the bells and whistles(TV/VCR, surround sound, Nintendo, dual radios, CD player, leather seats, etc.) The van has 71K miles on it and is in perfect condition. Any idea what I should expect as a trade-in or if I wanted to sell it on my own? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  • jboaterjboater Member Posts: 199
    No NADA values for Explorer.

    Using a couple of others, I compute wholesale at about 40% and retail at about 55% of original msrp. Ad that to Edmund's value for cargo van to get an approximation.

    Might also want to review local classifieds for asking prices on simlar vans.
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    I am considering buying a van conversion. First time. I live in Calif and would like to know if anyone has any info good or bad about California Comfort vans, Inc. Also which make is best of chevy, Dodge or Ford? I need all the help I can get.

  • jboaterjboater Member Posts: 199
    I don't have nor does NADA have any info on Ca Comfort Vans.
    I really like the '97 Ford I'm driving. 45k trouble free miles. 4.6L V8.
    I don't have any experience with the redesigned GM vans or Dodge.
    I think you will find a lot of helpful info on this topic site. Be sure to review the posts.
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    I have a 1997 low top Dodge Ram 2500 conversion (V6 engine) van. Options include:
    AC, PS, PW, PDoors, cassette player, roof rack, keyless entry
    I would like to know the retail and trade in value.
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    i have a 96 ford econoline full size
    conversion...conversion was done in april 97 and
    unit vbought in may by me...fully loaded, biggest
    v8 made 5.8..lowtop, 27k miles.. premiunm sound
    packagecd/tv/vcr/front-rear air/towing/special
    suspension and oversized trans/crown coach
    conversion.their top of the line package.., cloth interior,alloy wheels,.not a scratch/non smoke/still has new..has premium sound package,cd,disc changer, am/fm/cassette,tilt steering, p/w,p/l,remote keyless entry,alarm, on and on...fully loaded..everything except power seats...rear seat is a fold down 3 pc bed..
    car smell/garage kept/new brakes at 25k, fully
    warranteed up to 100k or 6 years from date of
    sale...what is the fair market value?? this was
    top of the line conversion package that crown
    offered...carpets have been protected by carpet
    plastic since day one...any suggestions on how to
    price this fairly???
  • anonymousanonymous Member Posts: 314
    waiting for a reply...
  • jboaterjboater Member Posts: 199
    Do you have the make and model of your conversion?
  • jboaterjboater Member Posts: 199
    Crown Coaches, Elkhart, IN no info available after 1987.
    Crown Custom Coach, Rosemont, IL no info available after 1995. The '95 Stratford model had msrp of 13,995. used whsle 4,320. reatil 5,760. Add these values to cargo values at Edmund's.
    Sorry I can't be of more help.
  • lookdadlookdad Member Posts: 2
    Am going to sell our '89 GMC Vandura (2500) Infinity conversion and need some help with pricing. Specifics: 119k miles, hi-top with TV,VCR,alarm,all leather, quad captain chairs, accent lighting, cruise, tinted windows, dual air, power fold-down bed, AM/FM cassette, running boards, custom paint, new brakes, battery, alternator, PW, PS, alum wheels, etc. Thanks in advance for your help!
  • jboaterjboater Member Posts: 199
    NADA has no reference to Infinity beyond the 1997 model year.
    My best guess is the conversion whsle/retail value is probably in a range of 12% to 20% of the original msrp.
    Chassis value can be estimated from the '90 model on Edmund's.
    Also, check local classifieds for similar vans.
  • lmac1lmac1 Member Posts: 13
    We will be buying a new van, most likely a Ford E250, in the next few months, converted with a wheelchair lift, etc. We are considering two conversion companies, a local accessibility coverter and Sportsmobile (a RV converter who advertises that the buyer can custom design a van to include wheelchair lifts). Both places appear to use "conversion chassises." I have two questions: (1) what is the dealers cost for a E250 conversion chassis (different, I think, from the cost of a E250 cargo van)? and (2) does anyone know if Sportsmobile comes off their advertises prices?
  • jboaterjboater Member Posts: 199
    Dealer cost is likely similar to other vans. I.E. a cargo van dealer may be 82% of window sticker. You probably can apply the same % ratio to a conversion chassis.
    I don't know about Sportsmobile pricing.
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    This is my first visit so I'm not sure of the process. I have seen and am interested in a 97 Ford Conversion. I saw it after working hours in a lot far from home last night and could not get a good look at it inside and out. I think the conversion company is either LCM, Touristerm (spelling?) or centauris as all of those decals were on the van. I looks like a fairly basic package. I have tried to find some information on the net by doing some searches but not yet had any luck. I am not familiar with the company. Is anyone familiar with the company and has any thoughts about quality, value etc.

    It has a Triton v8 in it (not sure as to the 4.6 or 5.4). I think that was the first year for the tritons in vans. Are there any serious inherent problems with either of these motors especially for that year? SHould I refer to the cargo van retail price or the trade- in price and then add an estimated conversion package cost to that? Thank you.

  • gogophersgogophers Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for all this wonderful information about conversion vans that is so lacking in bookstores, libraries, and even dealerships! I'd like to hear opinions from you conversion van owners out there if you think it makes a difference in taking care of future maintenance or problems with the conversion parts purchasing from a dealer vs. from the prior owner directly. (I'm assuming the part that needs fixing is no longer under warranty.) Do you receive better service if you return the conversion van to the dealer's repair service if you purchased the van from them?
  • gogophersgogophers Member Posts: 2
    One more question. Do conversion vans with the rear wheel drive handle well in the snow/ice?
  • jboaterjboater Member Posts: 199
    I doubt the point of purchase will have any bearing on sevice. Service departments make money on service, not sales.
    Some would say there is no such thing as a good handling van. I live in suburban Detroit and have no objection to driving my van in the winter. Tires are very important. Be sure to use good 1) mud and snow rated or 2) all season tires. I recently replaced original equipped Goodyear tires with Michelin LTX M/S. Haven't used them in snow yet but otherwise I am pleased with them.


    My '97 Ford has the 4.6L V8 now with 47k miles. It has been a good runner and I've had no problem with it.
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    have a 99 chevy 1500 rocky ridge conversion--leather,all power,2 cd players- front and back, t.v, v.c.p. --just under 12000 miles---wife has decided she doesn't care to drive it---since i can't sell her--i have to sell the van---how do i find a blue book value on this???
  • jboaterjboater Member Posts: 199
    NADA has no listing for Rocky Ridge.

    The '99 Starcraft GT201 (top of line) has a wholesale of 50% and retail of 67% of original msrp.

    You might try applying these % to your original msrp and add to the cargo van values found @ Edmund's.

  • lulu71lulu71 Member Posts: 1
    I was trying to find out the blue book value on a 1995 GMC Starcraft Conversion Van and there is no listing for this type of van. I noticed other vans (i.e., passenger vans, etc. for this year); what would this type of van be considered?
  • pennpcpennpc Member Posts: 1
    Where do you live and what are you asking for your chevy rocky conversion van. I'm in the market for a quick sale. My wifes been wanting a CV for 2 months and I've put it off long enough. Please post or Email me @ [email protected] thanks
  • lukeblukeb Member Posts: 2
    Have checked edmunds value for a 1995 dodge grand caravan se hard loaded and found it to be at 8330. This minivan is a conversion with a dealer price of 10495. The conversion includs hi-top, oak dash and trim throughout, tv, tvp with remote rear stereo cassette, headphones, headphone jacks for both tv and stereo, reading lights, interior lights, built in ice chest/cooler & window shades. The interior is imaculate, and the exterior is in very good condition. Engine runs great even with 87000 miles. Is this a good buy or is the dealer blowing smoke up my [non-permissible content removed]! I dont know the name of the conversion company and after reading this entire topic list I know that it would be necessary for an accurate NADA reading. I was just hoping someone could shed some light as to wheter these options a worth the difference in base price. Also am curious as to why Grand Caravan conversions seem to be so rare--at least here in montana. Thanks for any help and or advice.
  • bronstabronsta Member Posts: 6
    I've just read almost every post on this board and it seems that most postings are from people in need of help in finding the value of the conversion portion of vans (either to buy or to know what their van is worth).
    This guy 'Jerry' seems to be "Da man".
    So, Jerry, can you please help me out. I'm thinking about selling my 1997 GMC Explorer Limited - 5.7L V8 - 40,000 miles - very clean. The van itself listed for 22,907 and the conversion listed for 13,442 for a total of 36,349. Any help would be much appreciated.
  • jboaterjboater Member Posts: 199
    I've not been here for a few days. I'll give it my best shot on the answers being sought.

    There are 5 Starcraft models. Can you tell me which model you're looking at? It should be GLxxx or GSxxx or GTxxx or Heritage.

    For what it's worth, the '95 Starcraft GX310 conversion found on the Caravan, has a book wholesale of 430. and a retail of 580.
    I have no factual idea regarding the rarity of conversions. Seems to me, the buying public does not have a very strong interest in them. Hence, many dealers no longer stock conversion vans.

    Unfortunately, Explorer is one of those companies who choose to withhold pricing info from the publisher of NADA.
    Perhaps as a point of reference the following will be of some help;
    '97 Coachmen wholesale 38%, retail 53% of original msrp.
    '97 Starcraft wholesale 38%, retail 53% of original msrp.
    '97 Luxury Conversions = 37% and 51%

  • makennamakenna Member Posts: 2
    did you sell your van? If not e-mail me at [email protected].

  • makennamakenna Member Posts: 2
    Hi all,
    I am looking for a ford or chevy conversion, upper end (leather etc.) hitop van. A 1997 - 2000. Ready to buy today. Please e-mail me at [email protected].

  • jboaterjboater Member Posts: 199
    NADA Coachmen Countess whsle 3430. retail 4790.
    NADA 97' Cargo van whsle 11,125. retail 13,475.
    Totals whsle 14,575. retail 18,265.

    Blue & Tan exterior, Tan/Taupe cloth interior. 50,000 miles. 4.6L V8, very well equipped and a very nice one owner van. Only 12k miles on the Michelins.

    $15,900. location, northern suburb of Detroit.
    e-mail, [email protected]
  • jboaterjboater Member Posts: 199
    This is a low top and (knock on wood) has never been in an accident.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Have you tried placing your ad in Marketplace?

    Vans host
  • jboaterjboater Member Posts: 199
    No I haven't but I think I will. Actually, I just made the sell decision today and so the response to #327.

  • debrajdebraj Member Posts: 1
    We have had a difficult time trying to come up with a selling price for our 1995 E-150 conversion van. How do you find out what your conversion is worth?
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