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Conversion Van Pricing



  • I just bought a 98 brand new Dodge Conversion Van by MarkIII, So far its so good but I think I was cheated because on the sticker it shows the mileage is 14 MPG City and 17 MPG Highway, but actually the highway mileage was only 13 MPG just below of the sticker of 14 MPG.
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199

    You will probably need to put 5,000 or more miles on your van before your mpg levels out. My '97 Ford sticker say 15 and 20. It started at 13 everyday driving and seems to have setteled in at 15 everyday. I too had hoped for better efficiency. I had hoped to achieve 17 in my daily driving.

  • jim61jim61 Posts: 1
    My son is looking to purchase a van (not a high top) with a strong towing capacity. V6 with all dealer options except leather and moon roof. He would prefer six captains chairs. If rear wheel drive, limited slip differential is preferred. What van would you recommend? Where can he purchase this van? Would prefer to trade in the Jackson Tennessee/Memphis area. Will tade a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport with all dealer options except leather and moonroof. 110,000 highway miles. Asked for a quote on a Duarango SUV as a secondary choice from and got a 30 second time out notification. Sent message to system administrator.
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    To G Grant,
    Mine is a 97 Ford with the 4.6L Triton V8 and auto trans. Now has 14K miles on it. I don't expect any further improvement in fuel economy. The 95 Chevy I drove had a 5.7L V8 and managed 14 to 15 mpg.

    PS E-mail was returned
  • budnybudny Posts: 1
    I am trying to locate a price comparison sheet for used hi-top conversion vans
  • For those of you looking for new conversion van prices; I just called the company that makes the conversions and told them that by using the internet I could find the dealer invoice for any production automobile. If they would like for me to purchase one of their fine vans then I would need a copy of the actual or invoice cost of the conversion. Most allowed me to talk to a sales rep. They provided me with the invoice and some were even happy for me to purchase it direct. PS Haven't bought yet but still looking.
  • You can all add these conversion company websites to jboater's posting #33:
  • flrcvg:

    I am curious as to what conversion companies you
    contacted. Was Explorer one of them?

  • I contacted Explorer back in early September but ended up placing an order through a smaller, custom, conversion shop about 5 hours away from me.

    The custom conversion company is a customer of the bank I work for. They were substantially less than Explorer's direct price and probably much better in quality. I took the tour one Saturday afternoon with the owner-- very enlightening. They were very meticolous in every aspect/detail. He sold me on the quality issues. I'm sure Explorer is also very good but they are more like an assembly line. I've been waiting 6 weeks for my van to be completed. Explorer promised delivery in 2 weeks. A lot of this is back log, but some is in the detail.

    I still haven't asked my converter how GM and dealers feel about direct through the converter purchases/contacts. The van must be purchased through an authorized dealer-- in my situation the dealer will make a small amount (holdback--maybe part of the dealer cash) because it is essentially found money for them. Still, I believe larger companies like Explorer must have rebates back to the dealer. The price they gave me was $3-4000 over what is should have been but still a great, no haggle, price. By the way, the Explorer rep wouldn't negotiate on price and got miffed when I told him what his competition was.

    Explorer advertises in the classifieds of local papers. Good luck, my van should be ready late next week.
  • I've been looking into custom conversions, but I'm looking for a company that will do the entire interior to my specs, not just the options. Who is the converter you are using, where are they located and did they do the conversion as you wanted it (ie. not a standard conversion with options to your liking).
  • Sorry, I'm new at this. #49 was for mrh3108
  • I'll need to get the converters OK to give out his name. The best thing to do is to check with dealers in your area to find out who the custom converters are. Then call them directly.

    The Chevy or GMC web site gives a partial list of authorized converters and I think also links to their web sites.

    In my situation the van I've ordered was to take 4-6 weeks. Last word was it would be closer to 9-10 weeks. I'm now hoping it will be ready for pickup in the first week of Dec. Something to keep in mind when going this route.
  • MRH3108:

    We've been to a couple of dealerships that carry
    the Explorer Conversion. The "limited" and "X"
    packages seem to be priced between $11,550 and
    $13,500 -- just for the conversion.

    You mentioned knowledge of Explorer's direct
    prices. Is this truly Explorer's price or
    the dealership's mark-up The dealerships won't budge on price.

    I am thinking I need to find a different conversion company.

    Thanks for any information you can provide.
  • I was quoted the SE package at $12,500. This came with cladding (hidden running boards which they call Medallion wrap) leather and wheel upgrade -- they might all be standard on that package.

    Add that on to the $22,000 invoice price and your at $34,500. Then subtract whatever you can get of the dealer cash--hopefully all of it (currently $1000 but the dealers likely won't admit to it), then subtract the consumer rebate or take the low cost financing. This is a GM full size quote by the way. GM has a press release on their web site dated in September that gives current financing rates and rebates good through 12/31.

    Good luck
  • The SE price listed above is for a low top and included a $650 package discount. I've been told a high top costs $1500 more than a low top so I'm not sure how the $650 fits into the pricing scheme.
  • We are looking at a 1998 GMC Savanah with am Imperial Custom package. I notice that the invoice is around 19,000, but I'm unsure as to how to go about finding the cost for the conversion package. I'm ready to talk price with the dealer so I need ome information fast. They're offering the vehicle at 25,900 and calling ti a no-hassle price. I want to talk them down to 22,000. Do I have a chance?
  • mrh3108

    As far as I know or can find out, there are no converters in my area (New England-If anyone knows of one please let me know). If your converter wouldn't mind you divulging his identity, I'd like to know it. If there is some problem, perhaps you could send it via my e-mail. Also, I have no problem with a waiting period before delivery as long as I could have the van built to my specs. Thanks.
  • I just noticed this new topic and am glad it is here. I've often wondered how to baseline a conversion package. The basic van is easy through various internet sources but how do you get an idea of invoice costs on conversion packages? I assume there is a very high dealer markup on these packages.

    Any comments?
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    The NADA book indicates that Imperial Ind. in Elkhart, IN, commencing with the 1995 model year, no longer wants pricing information released.

  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    Many of us find the same problem. See my post #58.
    Comparison shopping is important, both new and used. The NADA book might be found in your local library or your credit union.
    There is a lot of good information here too, by others who have posted.

  • I just paid 26K for a 98 Glavel Gladiator high top(before the 5K GM card rebate).
  • fburatfburat Posts: 1
    please give me some idea on the dealer cost of the conversion package-also the dealer cost of the ford van before it was sent to be converted-factory rep mentioned mark iii receives a stripped down version of the cargo van to convert
  • nationnation Posts: 1
    We are looking at a 98 Grand Caravan with high top conversion. The dealer is asking 26,900. Is this a good price or a rip off?
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    On the surface it sounds somewhat pricey. Is the van a base model, LE, SE, or ES and how many miles are on it? Also, what is the make and model of the conversion package?
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    Also, look for major options such as all-wheel drive and rear air.
  • Any experience with a Ford conversion called the GTRV Westy, or, GTRV Grand Tourer? They look good but are quite new and I don't know anyone that owns one. Any dealer recommendations and suggestions on a reasonable price? Thanks.
  • coxeycoxey Posts: 1
    I'm looking for the cost of a Mark III SE conversion on a Ford van 1998 or 1999(Full size). We started looking and the dealers list the conversion at 7 to 8K. The van price was 22K plus conversion at 8k puts the package at 30k. By just talking to the salesman he will sell the van for 24K. Need to know what the true mark up is in the conversion package. Thanks
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    NADA doesn't show anything for the Mark III on the '98 Ford chassis but here is data for the '98 Chevy chassis.
    Low Top MSRP 4198. Whsle. 2250. Retail 3170.
    Sport(Hi)Top MSRP 6298. Whsle. 3380. Retail 4760.

  • I need some advice on a Chevy Chassis Mark III Hi-top conversion van. I am currently looking at a LWB LE Model. The MSRP on the van itself is 25,162 with destination. The invoice total is 21,727. The van with the conversion listed at 41,210. The dealer is selling it at 30,210. is this too much to pay? What is the MSRP and INVOICE for The Mark III conversion. The options are Pro air, Exect seating, Removable mid-seats, Game ready hook-up,& Rear AM-FM Stereo. I also noticed a destination charge of $350 just for the conversion. I want to negotiate quick. Could someone please help me.
  • I have recently moved to Indiana. In starting my research on custom vans, I discovered I live 1 hr away from custom van mecca -- the Elkhart/ Mishawaka IN area! Hooray!! Can anyone give me any suggestions on custom companies in northern IN that they really liked? Price is important, but I'm particularly interested in a quality conversion that will last with kids and big dogs.
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