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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GLK-Class Prices Paid

kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 119,734
edited May 2015 in Mercedes-Benz
What did you pay for your GLK?

Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

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  • Went to the dealer ysted, saw the car GLK350, love it. The interior design is classic and traditional, not fansy tho. The dealer has 4 cars avaiable at the time, and all of them loaded with premium package and multimedia package which drives tag price close to $46,000. Is there any room for price negotiation? :confuse:
  • Just bought a GLK today -- MSRP 47075 -- P1, multi, xenons etc

    Boston area dealer -- negotiated to invoice plus 1000 -- about 44800
    on that car -- 23-2400 off on most cars.

    I think it depends where you are in country tho
  • how do you like the car? is it roomy im pretty tall and have long legs
  • Does this price $44,800 include the tax and title? Think it's a not~~~, but want a supriseing answer~~~
  • this will be my first time buying a car (but not my first car) and i am really interested in buying this glk. only problem is im oversees until april and im basically relying on internet work to get as much info as i can on getting a good price and actual feel for the car until i get home and am able to drive it myself. so my question is basically on price. ive been to a few sites to get quotes and with the options i want they are basically 41k msrp i belive and 39k invoice. (thats what this site said) ive read that you should pay below invoice but i also need to factor in tax and title so i dont know where to start my negations(sp) any advice from anyone or especially the one who just bought it. i dont plan on buying until april so i have alot of time to get as much info as possible and thats what i want to do. one dealer in my area said he had em for about 40k and someone else said 36k. so i wasnt for sure if they came with options or were just standard. still waiting for a response from them.
    thanks in advance :)
  • I've test driven just about every SUV on the market and then stumbled upon the mercedes GLK. One day driving in snow/ice and already thrilled with my choice. Including Premier Package, heated seats, Sport Appearance, running boards, ipod integration, MSRP $43,390.
    I paid $41,240... drive off lot px... 44,800. Low financing rates as well. Was also the most professional and pleasant dealership I visited (Viti Mercedes in Tiverton RI). They treated me extremely well, which is more valuable than a few hundred dollars saved at a lesser quality dealership.
  • congrats benz girl

    Yes Viti is a great dealer

    Up in Boston here, working the price with Chambers was like pulling teeth.

    But salesman actually pretty nice guy.

    Car is for my wife (mostly) Black Black Premium Xenon Mulitmedia Heated seats Ipod and prewire.... MSRP was a little over 47k

    Good luck with yours... what color, etc?
  • Thanks Gavin! good luck with yours as well - I'm glad I don't have to share mine :) Got steel grey / black. Is turning a lot of heads here on Aquidneck Island/Newport... apparently it's the first on the island - sweet! Seen any others up in Boston?
  • Haven't seen any on the street -- saw a few leave the dealership tho.

    I love the steel gray -- MB only offers that on a few cars -- mostly the more expensive sports models . You def won't see many of that color.

    Did you get the running boards?
  • Jessica, if you are in the military overseas you should look into this program, even if the car is built here. Good luck with your negotiations! :shades:
  • GLK350 is ONLY made in Germany.
  • bige43bige43 Posts: 6
    Is anyone else buying one of these or is this whole thread just going to be the three that did slapping each other on the back? :confuse:
  • trent_08trent_08 Posts: 4
    i am currently in the market for a GLK as well. In the southern NJ area and would love to hear about others who have bought and what terms they got.
  • rphmanrphman Posts: 24
    GLK350W4 $35,900
    650 Arctic White
    101 Black MB-Tex
    P01 P01 Premium Package: Garage Door Opener, $3,150
    U80 : 115V AC Power Outlet
    232 : Garage Door Opener
    245 : Rear view mirror with integrated compass
    249 : Autodimming Mirrors
    275 : Power Dr.Seat & Steering Col. w/ Memory
    345 : Rain sensing wipers
    413 : Panorama Sunroof
    536 : SIRIUS Satellite Radio
    890 : Power Liftgate
    320 320 Multimedia Package: Rearview Camera, $3,350
    218 : Rearview Camera
    396 : Voice Recognition
    512 : COMAND with hard-drive Navigation
    810 : Harman/Kardon Sound System
    322 322 Sport Appearance Package: 20" 7-Spok $970
    R42 : 20" 7-spoke alloy wheels
    725 : Aluminum Roof Rails
    518 518 iPOD/MP3: Media Interface, iPod/MP3 $300
    049 : iPod/MP3 Media Interface Cable
    518 : iPod/MP3 Media Interface
    739 Aluminum Trim
    846 Brushed Aluminum Running Boards with Rub $660
    866 Pre-Wiring for Rear Seat Entertainment $160
    873 Heated Front Seats $740
    98T Launch Volume

    SUBTOTAL $45,230
    TOTAL $46,105 Your special internet price is: $43,123 Thank you for using the internet.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I'm still amazed at the fact that GLk has vinyl seats. I actually like the looks of the
    GLK better than the Q5, but the Q5 has leather. then i come to find out that the seat bolsters are vinyl. It makes it hard to compare the two price wise.

    The GLK incentive that is being advertised includes participation by the dealer, correct?
    Has anybody done better than that. I'm seeing some of you getting $4K off which is pretty decent on a new luxury vehicle. is there another incnetive going to the dealer from MB that we don't know about. $4K off on a $45K vehicle has got to be right on invoice.
  • I was looking for smaller SUV due to garage issues so GLK was ideal for me. I leased a GLK 2 weeks ago with Premium 1, Multimedia &Appearance packages plus heated seats and 20" chrome wheels. Total cost $41560. I love the car; like driving it more than CLK 55 that it replaced though obviously not the same acceleration. Very well built; no issues since I got it. I'm in So Cal and I had 2 dealers fighting for my business with the clincher being 1 dealer throwing in the chrome wheels after lease numbers already calculated. Also came with IPod interface which I did not want since my MP3 could not use so dealer deducted that cost as well.
  • chummychummy Posts: 1
    Bought my new GLK on Tuesday. Worked with 3 local dealers in and around Boston.

    Basically, Mercedes has an offer if you take delivery this month, if you get the Premium & Multimedia Package its an automatic $4000 off list.

    As for my deal, I got $4500 off a $50K MSRP at Herb Chambers in Somerville, MA.
    They had the exact car I wanted, Fully loaded, Met Black, Black Leather. Lighting Pack, MultiMedia, Apperance, Ipod, Heated Seats, Premium, TeleAid, Running Boards. Also my car had the Black Leather with Aluminum Trim rather than the wood. According to the Website, this combination is not possible...but I preferred it anyway.

    A different dealer (Westwood MA) offered $5500 of a fully loaded one MSRP $53K. I didn't want the latter car. It had the rear entertainment screens which I didn't want.
    However they called today, to give me $5500 of one they had in stock MSRP $47K.
    To late for me,...but the deals are out there.

    As for the car itself, the GLK is one solid car. It feels like very well built. I love the ride. Looks are polarizing, but thats why I liked it.

    Considered other cars:
    Audi Q5 - Looked like every other Audi. I saw one with a Tan interior. Not nice.
    2010 Lexus RX350 - Was OK & comfortable however very dull. Ugly Dash.
    New FX35 - Very Nice Car. Ruled it out for NO cargo space. Not even a large suitcase.

    To me the GLK was a no brainer.
  • cosmo31cosmo31 Posts: 1
    I've decided to purchase the GLK after driving alot of cars. There haven't been alot of recent posts least for April. Anyone out there who has purchased in April? It seemed like the GLK was going for around invoice last month.

    Thanks for your help!
    Mary in Arizona
  • nk4glknk4glk Posts: 4
    I bought a black on black, aluminum trim with multimedia package+ ipod interface +heated front seats for 36k+regn. I went through epp so it helped me shave off 1K from the dealer's best offer of 37k. ;)'s invoice price for this 38345
    So I think you can still get one below invoice, if you shop around. :shades:
  • acorvineacorvine Posts: 17
    Thanks for the info. What is epp?
  • Tks for your info. Very helpful.Seems like it's poosible to get a GLK with Multi & prem package for under $40k.
    Could u tell us which state? and which dealer pls? :blush:
  • barry626barry626 Posts: 78
    Maybe rear wheel drive for under $40,000, very much doubt AWD?
    I know car sales stink now but to sell 2010 under cost is beyond ridiculous!
    Multi + Prem is little over $40,000 @ invoice. People should be thrilled if @ invoice?

    Internet is great people can write as they please...doesn't make it so??
  • You'r right. I wanted a GLK loaded with Multi pck+heated seat+panorama for under $40k/AWD, do u think it's possible?
    What's urs? AWD or RW?
  • barry626barry626 Posts: 78
    Mine is AWD & MSRP was $49475 I paid $46000.
    Way u want your car invoice is $39414 so if u go to right dealer?
    I cannot see why u can't get it slightly under your goal of $40000.
    Keep in mind this is a 2010 and most dealers won't take a lot off MSRP.
    All depends if u have a relationship with dealer, if u have a trade, etc.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks for reply. Will shop around this weekend, but not in a hurry to get a new car. We'll see.
    Thinking if "cosmo31" cld get AWD $2k below invocie, i would expect the same :-)

    Good luck to myself too!!!
  • nk4glknk4glk Posts: 4
    I bought AWD. + multimedia + heated seats +ipod interface , but no premium package. I bought from Herb chambers, MA. Dealer price was 37k. EPP is employer purchase program which knocked off 1K. So 36K is the final price...
  • barry626barry626 Posts: 78
    You had a trade in didn't you?
  • nk4glknk4glk Posts: 4
    No. No trade in.
  • cindyhan314cindyhan314 Posts: 23
    That's really a great deal.!
    Just back from one dealer today for exactly same loads, they'r pretty firm @ $40,200. Seems not likely to go further low. Guess need to shop around more.
  • barry626barry626 Posts: 78
    Unreal way anyone could get this kind of deal.
    Count yourself very lucky & more important enjoy your new ride!
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