2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GLK-Class Prices Paid



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    Yeah, I would say 10% off MSRP is a pretty good deal. If you give me the options on the GLK you're looking at I can give you the true cost of it as another negotiating point.
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    Thanks, here are options: Panorama Sunroof, Universal Media Interface
  • brown1418brown1418 Member Posts: 8
    I'm listing prices for a 4Matic version. If you aren't looking at a 4Matic, just take $1860 off the price.

    Base Paint GLK350 4Matic w/Panoramic Sunroof & UMI

    - Invoice - $38,256
    - True Cost - $36,967

    Metallic Paint GLK350 4Matic w/Panoramic Sunroof & UMI

    - Invoice - $38,926
    - True Cost - $37,613

    Prices shown include $875 Destination charge

    If you are a USAA member you can get an additional $1000 off.
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    brown1418, thanks a lot for your information!
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    Hi brown1418,

    The Invoice Prices in Edmunds for the 4MAC watic and w/ the two options only:
    Base Paint GLK350 4Matic w/Panoramic Sunroof & UMI is $37,461.00
    and Metallic Paint GLK350 4Matic w/Panoramic Sunroof & UMI is $38,131.00

    The price are $795 different on both of them, am I missing something?

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    Hello brown1418,

    congratulations for this great deal.

    I'm wondering how did you pay for it? You paid cash or you finance.
    If you did finance, what is the APR rate you got.

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    Just had a verbal from a dealer locking in a Black GLK350 4Matic for $35,000 + LTTT. Spec'ed out as follows:

    GLK350W4 $36,600
    040 Black
    101 Black
    R26 19\" 10-spoke alloy wheel (235/50)
    057 iPod Integration Kit $375
    739 Aluminum Trim
    873 Heated Front Seats $740
    917 PZEV-Emission,

    Is this a good deal?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I guess it depends on where you are in the country. I'm in SoCal and around here I would consider 13% off MSRP a great deal (others on this forum have gotten that). Yours is 8% off so I think you have a bit more wiggle room. If you can wait until the end of the month, and talk to the fleet/internet manager and not a sales guy, you might be able to save a couple thousand. But then again, they may not have the exact same configuration that you want and you'll end up having to spend more, so it's up to you.
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    Hi folks,

    I am trying to find a good deal on GLK 350 in Dallas/Fort Worth area. If anyone finds a good deal like 10% off of MRSP, please advise.

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    Hi guys, we're considering buying GLK, but I was surprised to see complaints about brakes in the user review section. Have you guys experienced any issues with brakes? Also what is considered a good price for MLK + P1 & Media package? would you recommend going for a leather? I'll be going for a test drive tomorrow.
    I'm also considering buying sun roof / navigation / heated seats / instead of package to keep the cost lower.. Any thoughts?
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    what should I expect to pay for just a base GLK 350? what's best place to buy in or near phoenix, arizona
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    The only "problem" I've noticed with the brakes is the front brakes create a fair amount of brake dust that is a pain to wash off.

  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    Don't know if they are available for the glk, but there are after market shields that can be mounted on the wheel to minimize dust. Do a google search or ask the dealer.
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    Hey all,

    I've just gotten a price on this pre-owned 2010 GLK from Mercedes-Benz Manhattan. Until this morning, it was a loaner car for 6 months, and I will be the first registered owner of the car.

    Black MB Tex with Black Exterior, appearance package, Premium 1 Package

    Non-Multimedia Package Navigation

    11,992 miles

    $31,250 plus NJ tax (where I'm registering) and fees

    monthly payment $592 and change with ZERO down

    good deal?
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    My dealer offered me invoice + $500 for a 2011 GLK 4 Matic. He indicated the car will come in somtime in July. I am located in Northern NJ and need a car immediately. I didn't want to worry about maintenance costs and he offered a 5 year or 50,000 mile for all scheduled maintenance for $1,900. Any thoughts.
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    2011 GLK will be available for sale this month July. The car will not change much, but there are few noticeable enhancements. You can see all the new 2011 GLK features and options in details here: 2011 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class changes. Also, if you click on the picture - it will take you to 2011 GLK photo gallery.

    2011 models will have better residuals, so they may lease better, than 2010, but if you're trying to purchase/finance I think you can get better deal on the remaining 2010, because you can take advantage of special APR.

    The car needs to be serviced only once a year. Is service for 5 years/ 50k miles or 4years/50k miles?
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    I'm looking to get a new GLK350 white W/premium pkg and UMI. I'm showing invoice on that car including the $875 destination to be about $39K. Buying it at invoice would only be 6-7% off MSRP. I'm reading posts here about people getting $5+K off MSRP or >10%. Is that kind of discount still available now in July?
    Secondly, I am not experienced at leasing. I am assuming I can negotiate an at or below invoice deal and then turn around and lease. Thanks for the input.
  • storm10storm10 Member Posts: 254
    It's good idea to negotiate the selling price regardless if you plan to buy or lease, because lower selling price will reduce your payments on purchase and on lease. I can give you a few suggestions how to get the lowest price, but first I need to know where you are located. What State and City are you at?
  • tonyinnctonyinnc Member Posts: 20

    Thanks for the assist. I live in Raleigh NC. I realize it is a good idea to negotiate the price down but I am trying to avoid the trap of getting the price down to where I want it and then having them come back with "the current summer lease special is X" which may call for a different selling price.
    More importantly I am trying to get a good idea of what the negotiated selling price should be for hte GLK350 I described. I always that at or around invoice should be a decent deal. However, I am reading other posts where people or getting 10-12% below MSRP which is $2-3K below invoice. Is the market for the GLK350 really that low and can I expect that or is invoice more realistic. Thanks.
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    Buy vs Lease: Usually Buying is better than Leasing if you plan to keep your GLK more than 3 years. With leasing, slick dealers WILL get you somehow at the end of the Lease.

    Prices are regionally different. National wide, automaker increase their price about 3-5%. You can get pretty close to your local market price using web site like Edmunds' TMV. This is a perfect time to get good price 2010 GLK, since MB releases 2011 GLK's around 07/14. However, your selection for 2010 GLK's is limited by now. To get 2010 GLK with customer's spec may be a problem. When you shop take in account that new 2011 GLK's have a price increase of about $900US. You would be able to get a loaded 2010GLK at the same price as a mid range 2011GLK at this time. Get a fully loaded vehicle, you won't regret what you miss out years from now.
  • ds37ds37 Member Posts: 4
    My Dealer is willing to sell a 2011 GLK at Invoice. I live in Northern NJ. Delivery is about two weeks. That's approx 7% off MSRP. Did anyone order a 2011 and can they tell me the % off.
  • jwilliams2jwilliams2 Member Posts: 910
    With leasing, slick dealers WILL get you somehow at the end of the Lease.

    MB is one of the easier for lease returns. The only way they can "get" you is if you damaged the car or went over on miles. In which case you kind of "got" yourself.
  • dcrtvdcrtv Member Posts: 3
    Did you buy the vehicle?
    What are the diffs between 2011 and 2010?
    I am finding no diffs on the MBUSA site between those two.
  • storm10storm10 Member Posts: 254
    Check the post #119. There is a link for you to click, so you can see what changed from 2010 to 2011 GLK model.
  • tonyinnctonyinnc Member Posts: 20
    Yes I purchased the vehicle. Not alot changed between 10 and 11.
  • dcrtvdcrtv Member Posts: 3
    Did you get any further price reduction?
    do you mind giving the options and breakup?

    I am shopping for 2011GLK in chicago suburbs.
  • ds37ds37 Member Posts: 4
    I picked up the 2011 GLK last week. There was a mix up on my getting a 2010 and the dealer kept the same deal (I have been buying MB from them for 10 years and this will keep me there for 10 more). They charged me invoice price of $43,500 with a MSRP of $46,705. They also gave me some free scheduled servicing. I have an E-Class which I leased from them last year also. If anyone needs a dealer in Northern NJ or NYC vicinity I recommend them. I don't know if you can give out names of dealers here.
  • kennethdmarkskennethdmarks Member Posts: 2
    can you email me their name? my email address is [email protected] i'm in the market for an e-class coupe. just got my 2010 GLK last month from a Northern NJ dealer. Wondering if this is them.
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  • ds37ds37 Member Posts: 4
    Benzel Busch in Englewood NJ. A really nice dealership.
  • be325be325 Member Posts: 91
    Has anyone tried to find 2011 GLK - or place an "order with $1,000 down" for a new GLK and without a Premium Package stuff..... ?
    For example: While exterior, black MB-tex interior ..... that's all.
  • be325be325 Member Posts: 91
    Another question for C-300 owners.
    Has anyone traded C-300 for a GLK and found GLK to be even a better car?
    We were considering trading our 3-year-old C-300 for GLK because we think that GLK is a safer car than C-300. You sit higher in case of a side colision. The GLK has 11 airbags? We only counted 4 in our C-300. Is the roll-over a concern/problem for SUVs since their center of gravity is a few inches higher?
    While our car was in service (under the warranty) they gave us GLK loaner and we were very impressed with the ride ..... very quiet and when we went over the railroad tracks, it just went quietly over .... perhaps 19" wheels helped.

  • storm10storm10 Member Posts: 254
    In post #119 I actually placed a link to a 2011 GLK overview. It also has the part where GLK is compared against C-Class with all the cons and pros. Click on this link and check it out.
  • be325be325 Member Posts: 91
    Thanks for the Post #119 .... is a very good resourse for all interested in C300 & GLK.
    I am still waiting for a response from anyone who traded C300 for GLK and feels safer in GLK.
    Thanks again.
  • doc78doc78 Member Posts: 1
    Hello there, I am planning to buy a new 2011 GLK350 4matic with (panaromic sunroof, ipod integration kit, heated front seats, roof spoiler) and one of the dealer is offering invoice price of 39,155 for the above mentioned options, is that a good price? and is it a good idea to buy prepaid maintenance plan for 3 yrs worth- 769 bucks? I would appreciate if anyone could answer these questions, thx
  • storm10storm10 Member Posts: 254
    The selling price of 2011 GLK will depend on your location. What State/City do you live in?
    Pre-paid mantanance is a very good thing, but not for $769..., because during 3 years - you only need 3 maintanances, which will total almost the same $769 over the period of 3 years - if you service it at the MB Dealership. Why pay up front?
    However, it make sense in the lease, because you can residualize Pre-paid maint. in the lease, so you will only pay part of it. This will save you money.
  • vt_ncvt_nc Member Posts: 1
    Hi Tony - I'm starting to look for a 2011 GLK and its my first time looking at MB. Can you give me your thoughts on the best buying experience in the Raleigh/Durham area and who's a good person to work with? Thanks.
  • tonyinnctonyinnc Member Posts: 20
    I started off looking at the Audi Q5 but did not want to spend the x-tra money. The GLK was not my first choice but I can say I like it more today then when I first bought it so I have no complaints. However, the reason why I bought the GLK is because it had been out a little longer so I found one pre-owned with only 13K miles. I could not find a creampuff like that in the Audi and save the money. I went the the MB dealer on Capital and they were nice enough but did not seem terribly excited about bending over backwards to make a deal. I've seen way better deals being floated around on this blog. I woudn up buying this car through AAA which has a website. Great buying experience, quick, easy, no frills, and they delivered the car for free from Charlotte. Took my trade sight unseen. You can go to the MB on Capital but recommend shoppinng around.
  • cat3212cat3212 Member Posts: 1
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    Got our 2011 GLK 350 yesterday. $46055 MSRP, got $4100 off. Paid $45300 including tax, tag fee etc. Steel Grey, Premium & Multi Media package. The dealer gave us 1.65% APR for 3 years.
  • raleigh2010raleigh2010 Member Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2011 GLK from Harry Severino at MB on Capital Blvd in Raleigh, and enjoyed an outstanding experience from the comprehensive test drive up to a flawless delivery
  • hrocket2khrocket2k Member Posts: 4
    I had a rear-wheel drive GLK, and plan to move to the north, How good the rear-wheel drive GLK handle the snow and ice condition, any comment is appreciated.
  • p0926p0926 Member Posts: 4,423
    Can't say for sure. I don't think they really started selling the RWD models until last spring (my AWD GLK handled this past winter's record snow in DC with nary a problem). The GLK does have traction control so it shouldn't be too bad in snow and ice but obviously AWD or FWD would be the better option.

  • ddostertddostert Member Posts: 1
    Last month,I tried to buy the last remaining 2010 GLK on the lot (which had a dozen new 2011's) in south Minneapolis. This GLK was advertised as new but had been used as a demo and had 5800 miles. The salesman insisted this was a new car and the best he could give me was was $1000.00 over invoice. The salesman never seemed to take me seriously and seemed more interested in a windfall. I walked.

    Please, when you find a good dealership that wants to move inventory, put the name out.
  • p0926p0926 Member Posts: 4,423
    That's crazy! Who's going to buy a year-old demo for $1k over invoice? $1k UNDER invoice is still more than I'd be willing to pay in that situation.
  • cjbrowncjbrown Member Posts: 29
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    If you are a premium member with AAA they have a car buying service wherein they have dealers bid for the lowest terms through their fleet department. Most or many are at or below invoice. I've bought at least a dozen new cars over the years but have never gotten such a good deal.
    MSRP 38175 with roof, aluminum trim
    Cap 35563
    lease rate .00215 & 56% residual
    $4170 drive off with cap cost reduction
    39 X $430 plus tax

    I didn't need or want all the fancy electronics so I was thrilled to get this model for that payment. Excellent buying experience from Fletcher Jones in Newport Beach.
    They did try to sell me their service and add-on packages, everything from wax, to fabric protect, service contract, tire warranty, lojack, etc. Declined them all, just the car please.

    They did try initially to bump my lease rate but when I paused they dropped back to their 'buy rate' to make the deal. Price through AAA was $500 under invoice.

    Very happy new MBZ owner.
  • bullsmentor123bullsmentor123 Member Posts: 11
    I have been offered about $5k off of MSRP for a 2011 GLK 4Matic w/P1+Multimedia, which stickers for about $45+ (it most probably has the heated seats as well). Is this a deal I should say YES to outirght, or is there some more wiggle room, considering it is end of year, etc? Invoice according to this site is a little over $42k.
  • cjbrowncjbrown Member Posts: 29
    If you want the car buy it. If you're getting it for two grand under invoice you're not going to get any better than that.

    I didn't want all the options, if you do and it's the right color then go for it. 4-matic is for snow country.

    JMHO of course. :)
  • bullsmentor123bullsmentor123 Member Posts: 11
    It does feel like a good deal to me but since I am not familiar with any potential dealer cash-backs or any other incentives available on the 2011 GLK I thought I'd ask, just doing my DD. I was looking for 2010 leftovers (bigger discount) but there weren't many left (and none configured the way I would have liked).
    Thanks for the fast reply, appreciate it!
  • txb19txb19 Member Posts: 2
    We've been looking since last September for a white GLK with almond/black interior, multimedia package, parktronic and not much else. Turns out most GLKs with MM also have the premium package, appearance package, heated seats, and rear seat entertainment pre-wiring, but not the parktronic. Eventually, we decided to also consider those, even though we don't care for most of those features, and installing the parktronic after market. Our dealer in El Paso did not have any of these cars, and he would have to get one from Dallas with us paying the shipping. That did not appeal to us, plus we did not get a good price on the car (white, almond, P1, MM, $2053 off MRSP).

    Then we decided to spend the holidays on the beach in SoCal. On the one rainy day, we saw MB of Southbay, who had a the following GLK, arctic white, almond/black, MM, parktronic, heated front seats, Sirrius for $36,483 (that's $4,897 off MRSP). So, we had a great vacation and drove back with the car we wanted. Turns out the heated front seats are the feature my wife loves the most. We couldn't be any happier wit the car so far.
  • cjbrowncjbrown Member Posts: 29
    Congrats. MB of Southbay is a nice dealership, there's another one in Long Beach.

    The heated seats are the only thing I miss from my old truck - a 2003 Chevy Duramax. I did find aftermarket seat heaters though for about $200. I would have to remove the seat covers to install them, and wire them to the dash switches. I can see why they charge what they do for the factory install. Not sure I need them now, it's never very cold here in so-Cal.

    I've had mine a month, has 1300 miles, and we are just loving it. Mileage average is 19 overall, 24 on the hiway and 18 around town. Mostly use the sport mode, starting is 2nd gear feels just a little lethargic.
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