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Mitsubishi Montero Sport Maintenance and Repair



  • timo5timo5 Posts: 4
    That isn't as bad as I thought it would. Thanks for the info. She is out of town this week so I will give it a shot next week. I really appreciate this!

  • I have a 1998 montero sport 4x4 xls 3.0 liter v-6 about a week ago it started not wanting to idle the alarm was activated and im not sure how but i kept the drivers door open and unhooked the neg battery cable for 1 minute and then hooked it back up to deactivate the alarm and then cranked the car but after that it woundnt idle when you first crank up the car it runs fine but after u drive it for a few seconds it wont idle anymore ive tried cleaning the throttle body out for deposites but that didnt help any help on this matter would be greatly appericated


    Bud Mckay
  • HI I have been a professional auto tech for over 20 years and i have access to a lot of info including factory tsbs and i had no luck with this problem and this forum solved the 4x4 light flashing on my custermers car and he is very happy
    Thanks and best regards to all
  • chris891chris891 Posts: 1
    Hi, I notice you have no replies yet, so you probably have resolved your issue. I am in the middle of changing timing belt myself and also did the same thing. I have not taken off the timing belt cover yet, will finish it today. What did you find was the result. I am also concerned. Did you find any problems and if so how did you resolve them. My research has found only one possible issue so far: The timing belt may bind because of reverse tension and therefore can skip a tooth on the belt. Hopefully this would not be enough of a change to bend a valve on the next revolution, and the solution is to simply reset the camshafts to their index marks after the timing belt has been removed and the crankshaft is set to TDC?
  • chaikachaika Posts: 1
    does anyone know how to remove the rear wiper assembly so I can take off the plastic lens below (the one with the mitsubishi logo and the lock for the rear hatch on it). I need a new lens and to replace the wiper arm as it is bent.
  • blavertueblavertue Posts: 1
    My husband changed my plugs, wires, and gaskets last night on my truck because I had oil in my plugs. Wow what a mess.. When he finished he started it up and now it will run if you keep on the gas but it stalls as soon as you put it in idle. As it stalls, it lets out this mild sound like wheeew ( air compression or something) ..Please someone help.. I really love my truck ... It has 168,000 miles on it and is Very reliable... until now... Thanks so much... ">
  • I have an 01 montero sport close to the same as yours but the same problem started for me earlier i think, but i took mine to a private mechanic and he just gave it a routine tune up and changed my brakes, sparkplugs and everything and i haven't had a problem since, except for the fact where he unhooked my cruise, which i'm fine without
  • Anyone know of a repair manual for the 2000 Montero
    sport LS 4WD. I have searched Amazon, Ebay, etc?
  • syrussyrus Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Montero sport and the only manual I was able to find was the dealer service manual which costs about 200.
  • Thanks for the info.
  • I had a very similar problem with my 2002 Montero Sport immediately after I replaced the battery. It would start, idled very rough and sporadically. As soon as I would put it into a gear it would want to stall unless i feathered the gas and brake. This continued as I test drove it around my neighborhood. I read many many forums and found one lone post mentioning that they had the same issue related to a dirty Oxygen sensor and when they pulled the battery or terminal that the computer lost any calibration it had learned in order to provide a smooth idle with the dirty sensor. What they said fixed their issue was to again pull a battery terminal to reset the computer then reconnect and run at idle for 20 minutes. Sure enough I did this and my idle issues disappeared. It didn't immediately return to how smoothly it ran before changing the battery but after driving for a week it seemed to be back to normal at that point.
  • Hi everyone, I have a Montero Mitsubishi Sport 1995. Does somebody know how can get the lights of the brakes off. (I bought it used), Also my neighbor helped me to fix the start engine and it caused that the radio stopped working. I have the series number, what is the next step. The dealer's price for making the radio works is $150.00 and for the economy's fault I can not pay that amount. Thank you in advance for any advice.
  • changed oil pump all back together now its time for the belt when I took it off I herd a couple clicks from the cams don't know if they moved what do I need to do to make sure that it is all good before I put it all together don't wan't to have to tear it down again because I made a dumb "A" move HELP
  • I am looking for a used vehicle since mine is dead!! Found a maroon Montero Sport for $3800 and is a 2000 model. Read some of the blogs and other info on here about this SUV and wondering overall what are the things I need to look at and for when I go back and look at it tomorrow. Oh yea, it has 170,000 miles already, a Honda dealer, that i stopped at yesterday said that most people drive around 18,500 miles a year, give or take some, instead of the 12,500 miles a year that i read in the Kelly Blue Book and NADA book. Is this true, and how do I check the timing belt or chain cause i think that is what is wrong with mine. (A 95 Honda Accord LX but can't get anyone to look at it without it costing out the wazzuuu.) I don't know anyone that has owned a Montero and are the parts expensive for them and the labor. Am single and don't have alot of money alot of the time to put into a vehicle. Am dilligent on the oil, antifreeze and other fluid changing. THAT is a must to keep any vehicle running smoothly and maintenance free.
  • Hi,
    I recently purchased a 1999 montero sport with about 120k on it.
    After about 3 months the neutral light started flashing. The transmission would also start to shudder and not shift right. I took it to a dealer (recalls?) and they flushed the tranny and said that if that didn't take care of the problem that I needed a new torque converter. My mechanic got a trouble code of P0710. Is there anything else I can do besides putting in a $1500.00 torque converter?
  • Hello,

    I have had the same problem. I took it to a reputable shop and they indicated that my speed sensors needed to be replaced. I'm not sure if this will resolve the issue. They said that there were no internal tranny issues. Did your neutral light ever stop blinking? Mine stopped along with the engine light.
  • Hi rball1,
    The tranny was giving my wife fits so I had our mech. replace the torque converter.
    He found a place in Indy that rebuilds them and it ran $700.00 installed. It seems to have fixed the problem except for the check engine light. In re the speed sensors...what are they and where are they?
  • KPL949KPL949 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Montero Sport with 177K miles. Tranny was doing OK until it fell into fail safe mode.

    Basically, the computer does this, puts it in 3rd gear, so you can't damage the tranny, even if its not a tranny issue. Worked fine first thing in the morning then went into fail safe, third gear mode.

    Tranny guy wanted to do diagnostic testing and "let me know." I took it to my local mechanic who said there were 8-9 diagnostic tests which should be done before getting to the last one: OPEN TRANNY AND REPAIR IT!

    He just called me.....It was a simple speed sensor.....$275 installed.
  • I wanted to reply to this forum because it helped me fix this exact same problem. Hopefully, I can help someone out there save some $ with this same issue. I had the same flashing transmission light on my 2000 Mont Sport XLS 4x4. It happened after the same horrible pop with the grinding sound. Either the transfer case or front differential got in a bind. Anyway, light flashing for months. I had front diff and xfer case oil changed, but it did not fix the problem. So, found this blog, went and ordered the part "Freewheel Clutch Solenoid valve" part # MR263723 from my local Mits dealer. It was $85 with shipping. I put the part in myself. I AM NOT A MECHANIC, but I'm a little handy, i.e. do oil changes, spark plugs, etc. It took me less than an hour to replace the part, and bingo, fixed. I started the car, and the light went off instantly. your Mits dealer, order the part yourself if you're having this problem. Do not let your dealership or a mechanic charge you more than one hour's worth of work to put this in for you. ($75 to $100). Hope this helps.
  • my check engine light is on, my car needs a tune up badly. It is losing speed also. I took to a mechanic he said almost 1000 for the tune up and i was wandering is their an easier way to do this without paying so much. I know that you have to remove the manafold for is their another way. If so some one please let me know.
    thanks. Mrsstokes
  • my 2001 montero xls ,i keep hearing a grinding sound ,sometimes i touch the brake it stops ,othertimes i pull over and it clicks into 4wheel drive itself
    what are the switches on the transfer case called ? ,or what are the part nos.,
  • 97 mits montero sport lh bank coil no fire
    causing cylinder 3 and 6 to misfire
    already replaced coil pack and module any ideas anybody
  • The check engine light on my 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport turned on and a couple of days later the vehicle tremble, and surged and shut off when I came to a traffic stop. This happened twice, after that the auto drove normally.
    A day later the car would not move past 3-5 miles an hour and the transmition seem to slip.
    Is there a sensor in this vehicle that can cause a transmition failure? or is there another reason for this?
    Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so, what was it?
  • do you know which sensor it was? There are three, input sensor, output sensor, and speed odometer sensor.

    let me know

  • robbi2robbi2 Posts: 3
    i have a 98 montero sport and need to replace the manual shifter anyone know where i can get one? anywhere but the dealer they suck. or even know where to get a kit to rebuild it.
  • robbi2robbi2 Posts: 3
    do you know where i can find a shifter for mine? nobody has them or can get them mines a manual trans. my email is
  • 52805280 Posts: 3
    I have a 03 Montero Sport Limited and I spent a lot of time trying to obtain and program keyless entry remotes without having to pay dealership prices. I found two (2) remotes online. One on Ebay and another from an online company. I spent $30 for the remote purchased from the online company and $17 for the remote purchased on Ebay. Here are the programming instructions I received with my remote. These instructions worked for me without any problems.

    1. Located underneath the drivers side dash is the DLC (Data Line Connector). The DLC is tapered on both ends. The terminals needed to complete the programming are on the top row.

    2. Insert keys in ignition and leave in the off position. Make sure there are metal contact pins in terminals 1 and 4 from the left to the right and connect the Data Line Connector terminal 1 to 4 with a jumper wire. A paper clip can work as the jumper wire.

    3. Within ten (10) seconds after connecting the jumper wire, turn the ignition switch to the ACC (Accessory) position and then back to the OFF position for one (1) second and repeat 2 times. (Note that as soon as the jumper wire is connected in terminal 1 and 4 you must immediately turn the key to ACC (Accessory) then OFF repeatedly 3 times. If this is done too slow or the programming is not successful, start over by removing the paper clip and starting the process again.)

    4. Press the Lock or Unlock button on the transmitter to be registered three times within 10 seconds. Upon successful programming the door will lock and unlock once.

    5. If there are 2 transmitters, register the first, then register the second (Just the remote button, press 3 times) using the same procedure within one minute. After completing the second programming the doors will lock and unlock once.
    Disconnect the programming wire (paper clip) and remove keys. (Note: Up to four (4) remotes can be programmed to a single vehicle.)

    If I can be of any help you can contact me via email @ johnxhewel (at) yahoo (dot) com.
  • 52805280 Posts: 3

    Your best bet for finding a shifter using a parts locator service. I have used and have been able to find new and used parts for my Montero Sport.

    Good Luck
  • ferjferj Posts: 1
    I am looking for the pinout electrical diagram of the transmission control unit TCU or TCM) of a mitsubishi pajero with a 2.8L 4M40TDI engine and a aisin AW30-40LE automatic 4X4 transmission, any help will be appreciated
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